January 25, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Today’s blog assignment is co-written by Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down (DLTMGYD).

Please read the article below and then answer ONE of the following questions.


Please think about which of these items you or someone you know has in their house.

  1. Do you think that the knowledge about these items will change people’s buying habits?  Why or why not?
  2. What do you think should be done to prevent these toxic items from entering people’s homes.  Who do you think is responsible for this?

We look forward to your responses,



  1. Amythest

    1. I definitely think that their sales will go down after this article because now everyone knows what is in the products that they may have bought before. I also think that it really will affect the dollar stores because now people who have read that article probably won’t really want to go there anymore and give them more money which the dollar stores could actually use the money that they make, to buy more bad stuff. I think that the people who work at the dollar stores know all of this like what’s in everything and they just want to get more money so they’ve been trying to keep it a secret but now probably a lot of people know because of that article I’m guessing that the dollar stores aren’t happy about the article. I just think that it is horrible that the dollar stores would do this to all the people who go to the dollar store and trust that the dollar stores have good stuff. But out of personal experiences the quality of their toys and everything isn’t good at all because all the stuff that I would get as a kid it would break in about 5-6 hours of having it and maybe if I was lucky they would last a day.

  2. PandaTush

    2. A way to prevent these items from entering your homes is to try and get more people aware of the hazards that come with these items. It’s really bad for little kids who want to grow up to be healthy and normal because if they are surrounded by all these chemicals it can really affect their future and their learning abilities. And because dollar store products are really bad quality, they are known to break easily and when things break, we throw them away. I’m positive most items from dollar stores are not recyclable which will cause harm to our environment. If children can get affected by this, nature can too. Not only will the future of the human race be affected but the place we call home will be damaged too. If this article was read by the government, it might help to get this known. I’m not sure exactly who to blame because it can’t just be one person behind this. If I were to blame someone though it would be the companies that make these items with chemicals knowing that they cause harm. I don’t know anyone who would do such a thing and to support it too. If people were more aware of what can happen with innocent looking materials from the dollar store, I’m sure something would change.

  3. super cheese cake

    #1 I think this article will keep people from buying and using dollar stores’ stuff because thy might not be in good quality or even toxic. People will probably stop buying all those stuffs because those things really harm us and no one wants to hurt themselves. But in that way this company will lose their costumers and dollar store might go bankrupt. What they can do is to set up a tighter standards for their suppliers to follow. In that case those stuff won’t be that cheap and they’ll have to change their name and that could cause a lot of money. If there is no dollar store people will have to bring a lot of money when they need a lot of stuff.


    #1 I think that the companies that benefit from the profit made don’t deserve the money. The knowledge that these products are harmful and even can cause death will possibly make it so that companies do poorly (literally) :D. I think that this will also cause people to look harder and spend more money in order to get their money’s worth on a product that lasts longer, works better, and is safer–instead of something from a dollar store that breaks 2 days after you get it. Another difference is that while dollar stores are more local and you can walk to them, sometimes to get a better product you’ll have to go to a farther store. What makes the dollar store worse is that the dollar stores’ plastic products will end up using more oil than it took to drive to the better quality store.

    #2 The most effective way of peacefully letting a store know that its community doesn’t like/want your business is by boycotting them. This tells the company that no one is interested in buying their product and that they will probably make more money and please people somewhere else. If they don’t change, they will probably go bankrupt. Another thing that might work is protesting against companies’ products, because then they might see that they will make more money buy selling stuff that isn’t disliked by the people of the community.

  5. den10@sea43

    1. I think that it will decrease the amount of people that buy there products but not by much. Because what I think is that the reason that dollar stores get those things is because they don’t have enough of money to get any thing else and they sell things that it is hard to get anywhere else

  6. Crazychicken lover

    1#I think that the dollar store sales will plunge because people will start to realize why it is so cheap in dollar store and some of those items that were listed as hazardous are things we use everyday and people will start to realize how much this can affect the next generations and on and on. People will start to look at the item they want to buy more carefully and people will not trust at all the things in the dollar store even though things tend to break and other stuff like that

  7. Rouge

    #2 I think that to prevent these plastic, toxic products from our homes we should spread awareness. There should be more articles like this and lots of public talks about what these items can do to your mind, body, and your family. I also think that on the product labels there should be a warning or a caution telling the consumer what is in the plastic and what the risks are of using this product. I think that the dollar stores and sellers should take responsibility for the result of what their products have caused and reimburse the customers and pay a fine on top of that money. I also think that the owners of the big chain dollar stores should caution and alert their staff of what they are selling to people and how the products may affect their health working there. That way the workers are aware and know what the risks of the job are and how they might be affected. I also think that the products should have to pass a safety test and a quality test which will hopefully take some of the harmful products of the shelves and out of people’s homes. This way people will be able to live a healthy, safe, and harmful-plastic free life.

  8. Shadow145

    #2 the people responsible for this should be the people who made these toxic items that could harm children when people buy these items without knowing they were really toxic the dollar stores should remove all toxic items to prevent this from happening or tell people you know to stop this from people who are buying these kinds of toxic items.

  9. crazymemeslol123

    #1 yes because this needs to be known to the wide world they should put this in newspapers online articles or even in CBC news or something I don’t know we have to tell this to everybody maybe is this one of the reasons why people have cancer or those other bad stuff even if they are pretty to little children they should be tolerated out of these doller stores even if they lose there busness it’s good for better people and I think they should get rid of these sorts of plastics in there toys and utensils because who knows how many people use these stuff for birthdays and celebrations or even anniversarys it will not make the world at peace with cancer going around still.

  10. smeagaleater10

    2# I think what could be done to prevent these toxic items from entering your home is for the government to examine every single item in the stores of Canada. They will see if they can find any toxic contamination within the item. When they find the toxic items, they will be sent to an area where nobody can reuse them. I know that inspecting all the items in every store in Canada is a lot of work but they are the government and they are responsible for everyone’s health and safety. I think the manufacturers should take the blame because they know what’s in the product but they are still producing it to earn the money!

  11. DancingPorcupine

    2. Something that you could do as someone who has read this article is to share it with other people so they will know and hopefully it will get spread around that way and no one will own these products anymore. I think that it is mostly the fault of the person who buys it because they made the choice to buy it. It is also kind of the store’s fault for trying to market it to people.

  12. Koshka2

    1# At my house we have those ‘silly starws’ Gut I don’t use them anymore. With all of the dollar store stuff my whole family’s know that, they are really bad products… If anyone saw this article and use ‘ s the dollar store a LOT pretty sure, they will most likely they will not use it that often. (Anymore) OK soo I sometimes use those starws when I am broad 😑 they can be fun and good SOMETHING. Instead of using n the dollar store my family uses (not going to tell it) It’s very good.

    Be safe at the dollar store.

  13. A.ayewthelegend

    1 A few of the items on the list made me wonder how many households own these products? I think that sometimes with these things they might be like ” don’t believe everything you see on the internet ” so it could be hard to reach out to them and tell them to get rid of the products. I really want people who have the products and read my post to get rid of those products, because it could harm you permanently.

  14. Purple Pickle

    #1 I think the knowledge of these items will change peoples buying habits because I don’t think any sane person would want to buy any of these items if they knew they were dangerous. knowing about this stuff will also make people much more aware that different store way very well have these kinds of toxic chemicals in them and will stay away from certain stores it will as well make people more cautious about what they buy and search or ask other people if there not sure if the certain item is safe or not.

  15. Joaquin

    #1 I think it will change the peoples buying habits.It will make them more aware what they are buying and maybe they will go and buy things that are not toxic.

  16. Ginger

    I think that sales of these items will decrease immensely due to the negative publicity they have received recently. Many products in dollar stores are purchased for children yet they aren’t always tested to the same level that products in bigger stores are. Adults and parents might restrict their children from buying these items which will lead to decreasing sales in specific items. Also, if students teach our siblings, families and friends about these harmful products, they might choose more wisely about the things they buy, leading to a safer and healthier community.

  17. Sr.Fruitcake

    #1 I think that the sales on those products will go down or in my opinion should go way down. I think that so many people in the world have those basic things and many of them turning out to be toxic would be a big deal to anyone. I wonder though, how many people who have bought the supplies mentioned in the article will see that article. I also wonder how it would be interpreted I wonder If the sales on those products would go down in general and not just in dollar stores because of a wrong interpretation of the article. I think that those ingredients should be banned because not only do they appear to be quite toxic I cannot imagine that the process of using those chemicals to make the aforementioned products is good for the environment.

  18. The Baconator

    #1 yes I do think that if people see this article they will try to avoid these items because they hold the risk of sickness. If it were me, I would do my best to let it be heard that dollar store items are toxic.
    #2 I think that to keep these items in homes is to try to convince the owners that they are selling items that are dangerous. I would give other selling ideas so that they are not toxic. Whoever is responsible for this is probably driven by money but all people can change their thinking.

  19. arcticowl

    2# I think that the people in dollar stores need to see this article. It might change their thinking about these items and take them out of the shelf’s. People that have these items in their house might start to think about why they even bought these items after reading this article. The person who made these items will have to think deeply about making these items so that they are better and not toxic .

  20. baconguy

    #1. I think that it will depend whether or not knowing that some of the stuff that dollar stores sell can be dangerous will change people’s buying habits. If your someone who has been shopping at dollar stores all your life, than it would be hard to stop going their. But most people only go their once in a while, and I think that they would go to dollar stores a lot less.

  21. iron lanturn

    #1 I think that knowing what’s actually in a product will make a difference to people’s buying habits.also, just because it’s in a dollar store doesn’t mean it can be somewhere else [the prodect]. the outcome of this will be a drop in price and people won’t buy the item

  22. the Dude

    Even after people figure out that these things are terrible for you, they probably will still buy them because they are cheap. They may not be good quality, but they are cheap. Maybe if this information was out in the public more it would help. Just having the info posted on a website isn’t enough. People need to talk to people about this. Some people don’t have the kind of money to make good, healthy choices. Sometimes you need a spoon ladle to make spaghetti, and you get it from the dollar store because it is cheap.

  23. balloongirl123

    1 I think that reason people buy stuff from the dollar store because its cheap but but probably some stuff at the dollar store is dangerous because people would never know what would happen. But if someone dose not have that money to buy the stuff they cant afford so the dollar store is a pretty good place.

  24. Soccerboy123ABC

    #1 I think that because it concerns health issues I think that more people will recognize the affects more and listen to it more also and alot of people have them in there home like the plastic christmas balls , there fun and I don’t think that people realize that there not the best for you and so if they have them and they have small children they might be more causus about using them.

  25. The Bean

    #2 I think that it would be great if the government would pass a law or regulation that all store owners need to find out what kind of materials are included in items they sell. Or even better, if a store receives shipments from a bigger company, the company has to notify them of any potentially dangerous materials in products. This way if someone is harmed by product the distributor or even thebigger company can be held responsible.
    If the people who are selling the product know some of he dangers in their store, and they’re good owners, they may even stop selling the product all together. This might cause less sales of the product, forcing the manufacture to either change the product or stop selling completely.

  26. TechNerd

    1. I believe that some people may stop buying these harmful things fro the Dollar Store, but still not all will stop. The reason is actually quite simple, the main reason people buy these things from the dollar store are not because they prefer the dollar store but because of the price, indeed. The price of these items are way cheaper than any other places where you can get these items, people buy these things from the dollar store because a) they are cheaper b) they save people more money and people are happier. If people bought the item from another place, they would pay a lot more but, they would be paying for a better and safe item, which they can depend on.

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