January 30

Dear Division 17 and 18,

I found this awesome article about Vancouver’s first newspaper. Please read about it below:


I enjoyed thinking about what kinds of articles the newspaper had in it, and it got me thinking about what a future reader would find looking back upon an ancient Vancouver newspaper from 2018.

For your assignment this week, please write a short descriptive paragraph (3 or more sentences) describing an ad or an article a writer from the future might find in a newspaper with today’s date.

Make sure you include the title of the article or ad, what the article or ad would be about, and what message the article or ad would convey to its readers.

We look forward to your responses!





    I think that article📰🗞 about the “Vancouver weekly herald” looks kinda interesting. I read the subtitles and most of the subtitles has different country because I saw “china” and “India” and something like that. The ad might be something in down town or east van? because it said Hastings street I think it can’t convey readers because the article is pretty old but somewhat it can maybe… convey readers because it’s antique.

  2. Awesomeness

    What I think a reader from the future might see in a newspaper form now is, an article that is set later in the year, 2018. The article’s headline would be this: NETFLIX RELEASED NEW TV SHOW CALLED ANDROID EMPLOYED, WRITTEN, DIRECTED AND CREATED BY JEM GARRARD. The article would be about a local tv series called Android Employed and how it was a big hit. The show is a mockumentary about robots in the work force, so people wanted it to be on Netflix, and then it was released on Netflix. The massage in the article would be that you should check out Android Employed on Netflix, and that it is directed, written and created by a strong female role model. (By the way the tv show actually exists, and it is written, directed and created by Jem Garrard. So you should check it out online!! AndroidEmployed.com)

  3. Amythest

    I think that in the future someone will most likely find an article on technology, because technology is only getting more advanced and will probably be in the newspapers. To be more specific I think that it would be about Apple creating a new IPhone which in the future could be the iPhone 20 probably, with the tittle of “Apple Just Relesed Their Newest IPhone, the IPhone 20” written by a smartphone or technology user. It would be about how different they think the iPhone 20 is from the rest of the IPhones that have been created and how amazing and functional it is.

  4. Day Dreamer

    I think some one in the future might find a ab that is titled
    Never Look Further! It would be a ab that sais never look further when you walk. Pay $10 a hour for some one that will hold your arm and guied you through the streets of Vancouver while you look at your phone the hole time. I think people would need that because I see lots of people that walk while there on their phones and its not safe.

  5. Smeagaleater10

    The title of the advertisement that I will be writing about is called OH DEER. What the advertisement says is OH DEER ITS HARD TO SPEL WHEN YOUR HUNGRY IF YOU KEAP MAKING TYPING MISTAKES GRAB YOURSELF A SNICKERS FAST. What I think this advertisement is saying is that when you are hungry it is hard to focus, so if you are hungry eat some snickers bars.q

  6. the engineer

    My ad comes from the globe and mail and the date is Saturday, February 3, 2018. There was an ad about helping out by donating money to cancer research from Canadian Cancer Society. I think future people would think that this is stupid because they already found a cure for cancer and had gotten past that.

  7. black circle

    I think someone from the future might see a article about rising gas prices and be very confused. The article would say that gas prices were 140.9 and people in the future might look and think that’s cheap because all prices of things are going up as more money is printed (but in the future the might not use physical currency). In the future gas might not even be used as more things convert into electric so that is why they would be confused.

  8. game master 2017

    If it had to be an add then Id say it would probably be something to do with new tech products. Apple Microsoft and other brands of tech are getting more and more popular and there adds are getting more consistent. And if a person saw that add in the future. they probably wonder why it was so small and then go back to playing on there 2 foot long I phone 17s.
    PS this is a different computer then I usually use so this might look different
    PPS this is Kyle

  9. chiefblobfish

    my article is about 3-D printing.
    Like if someone from the future would be like if they used a regular printer they would be all confused because they are used to having a printer that prints an actual water bottles not a picture of a water bottle on a sheet of paper.Also imagine your working for a company that takes peoples stuff away and switches it with more early stuff like taking an iphone 15 from someone and replacing it with ipone 5 and then you tell them and give there phone back just imagine that reaction.

  10. electroe05

    When I think of articles from our current time I found many many adds and articles about electronic devices. one I thought would really confuse someone from the future was about electronics beginning to take the jobs of humans. This is because the would all ready be taking everybody’s jobs. I liked this post lots! thanks!

  11. Snapshot1178

    I think when people look back on 2018 adds they will find lots of electronic devices adds. they will also find lots of stuff about laser hair removal and tattoos. they will also find lots of adds for fast food claiming to be dine in. I think they will think evrything is out of date.

  12. Santiago

    I think about stuff like safety and. we might be fine with it but I bet in the future people will see it and think “how did those people deal with this stuff?”. I bet they that they thought they we were unsafe and thought that is a mystery that we did not think of this. Ironically the article you have to read was in my media literacy project.

  13. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that this is a very cool. I like the subtitles and the old fashion print is super cool to look at from 2018. I think that the ads are so different to todays ads because all the ads we have is stuff for electronics. I saw some stuff about china and India. I wonder if we gave our current ad to someone back then want reaction that person would take?

  14. Blue Snowflake

    An article that someone in the future might find in a 2018 newspaper could be called ” FOREST FIRES ENDANGERING ANIMAL HABITATS” and it would be for raising awareness about how forest fires are damaging the environment, air and especially the animals and their habitats. It would mention where the forest fires are starting and what the main causes are. It would also say what we can do to help, what we should stop doing or continue doing in order to stop forest fires. And it should definitely say the consequences to forest fires as well as the benefits if we stop them. I think this article would be able to help people think and do things to help stop the forest fires. The readers might even give a few reminders to children, friends, neighbours or just people in their community. And if the article is motivating enough it might cause people to protest about the amount of oil, gas, and basically the pollution to companies that use and waste it. If I was the one who wrote the article, a message I would want to convey to the readers is ” think about the world you live in, is it good enough? If it isn’t what can you do to make it better?”

  15. mistacheeseman

    February 5, 2018
    2017 was the second hottest year recorded even though it was expected to be a cool year.

    This article is about global warming and climate change. Climate change is affecting our world as we know it. Climate change is causing global warming which is melting the ice in Antarctica and the glaciers, and when the ice melts it will turn into water and the water will go into the sea and when that happens the water level will rise and cause floods. Some animals are used to cold weather like polar bears and penguins but when it gets too hot outside the animals that like to keep it cool get too hot and if they live were its icy there homes will get destroyed.

    By: Hezmarelda coochinae.

  16. ThePlatypusLife

    Maybe an article like: OIL SPILLS DISRUPT SEA LIFE YET AGAIN!! would be found, and it would be about how the oil spills are disturbing animals and their habitats . This could be possible because the would is being damaged and effected by humans in many ways, including this one, which is why I think a article like this would be found

  17. Narwhalz

    someone reading a 2018 newspaper add in the future would probably find it hard to understand as most adds you need to know the company. Like they don’t say “These Burgers Are Good.” They say: “YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT” With a picture of a burger. they are also really bold and that might look weird in the future. Or it might be the opposite and the BOLD today might unnoticeable who knows?

  18. The phantome blade

    I think that nearly all newspapers would be confusing in the future.They will look back on what we have done and discovered and think that everyone knows that kind of information today.If I had to pick one I would choose a discovery newspaper because everyone will know that in the future.

  19. domoking101

    I think that in the future, a reader wouldn’t even now what a newspaper would be. I think everyone would receive the news digitally3. Especially the ads would be confusing because for some you need to know what their companies are

  20. Jet

    I considered that people in the future might not like the same stuff we like today, like clothes and such. There are some things that will be apart of every generation. To some people reading stuff about current world events is ”boring” and to some they find it interesting. I think everybody likes to read about small eye-catching fun topics. Maybe ”EVER WANTED TO FLY?” , underneath it would say ”read more here”. I think titles that continue in stories are more interesting than just ”climate change is getting really bad” and then pretty much just saying the title again.

  21. DairyKing07

    The article I chose is about Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. The people from the future will remember this article because Donald Trump coming into office was very controversial. Even right now Donald Trump is normally in the news every day
    so that’s another reason this article can show up to a person in the future.

  22. hockey 101

    Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics 2018
    I think an article from a newspaper dated February 5th 2018 would
    Discus that this years Winter Olympics are starting next week in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. I think it would talk about the Canadian athletes, where they’re from and what sports they’re competing in. Another thing it would tell us about is how many athletes are veterans and how many first timers there are. It could convey how many people were excited for the games.

  23. Arty-choke

    I think that a human in the future would be surprised at a lot of titles and topics of media and newspapers/ads. Then again, they will probably be confused what newspapers even are in the first place. But I think some titles they would be really surprised at could be articles about things that in the future are made much simpler to do. For example something that in this day we find a “shortcut” to make life easier, but in the future new discoveries will be made on much, much easier ways to do things. I didn’t find an exact media piece discussing this topic, but I believe it covers a lot of topics of media sources.

  24. aqua ant

    I think that in the future there will be an article about the new features that car companies are putting in there car, every year they come out with amazing features. I believe the article will talk about how some of the features are not practical. Like a seat that massages you or a diffuser that you can choose different sents in your car and a garden in your car for better air. I believe that also some of the articles will say that they are running out of practical ideas but, car companies are still trying to come out with new features to make their car look better and be top in the market.

  25. Lightning Bolt

    I think an ad about the enormous impact with the food waste issue from this century. The possibility of someone in the future when reading the articles they will see how the issue changed over the years if it increased or decreased.

  26. Flying pinguin

    There has been lots of changes in he past if people from the future reads the news today. People from the future may write news differently from how we read the news. They may have a robot to read the new, maybe.

  27. hippodude2005

    I think that an article that somebody in the future might find in a 2018 article is GLOBAL WARNING IS TAKING HUGE TOLL ON CLIMATE and it would talk about how people are putting so much gas in the air then it would give some examples showing how bad climate change is and that we should fight back against it.
    It would also tell you what you can do to help stop it and probably list of a few organizations that you could donate to or join to help stop climate change.

  28. Naruto Shippuden 1769

    There might be an ad about a game called Final Fantasy and how it’s so realistic and fun as well as the future of gaming. The header could read “best game in the world for only $69.69 BUY NOW!!!”.It will also say you won’t be disappointed and how this is such a cheap price for the superb quality of the game. I think when people read back they would be reading this from a virtual reality game or a trilogy to that game. They would think 1 k graphics are really bad and the game is not immersive enough as well as fun. It’s a bit sad to think of the future if you know what I mean but the following quote is a future bless from me “good luck in the basketball game”.

  29. lordofthepies05

    I think that a future vancouverite might be interested in a ad for a sale on an Xbox or video game or something along that line of products, that advertises a cost for the “new cool game” or “new consol.” I know for one I was always interested in how much the cost of things like model airplanes and groceries have cancpged in the past few decades. An obvious example of that is the price of LEGO, which has climbed very very much in the last decade due to increasing popularity and more currency being made. It might also be interesting to see what trends were like back then, and especially how technology had evolved. When I look at old TVs from, like, the 70s, compared to what we have nowadays I’m amazed by how advanced they’ve become. Think about how evolved things like that might be in, like 2500.

  30. Lam

    I think future citizens of Vancouver would find an article on politics like Donald Trump or North Korea because that is what most of the articles are about. An ad they might find could be an apple ad for the latest iphone available, or something that has to do with technology. Another ad could be about clothing and whats the latest trend.

  31. bow tie 12

    This article would be called
    It would be about stuff that we have today. And how when is article is out (future) all the stuff we have today will not be needed.
    People would want to read this so they can chach up on what they need and not need.

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