January 6

Dear Division 16,

Thank you for your focus and energy as we start our final Food Project!

We have been thinking and talking a lot about equity related to food and also to thinking about food security, which, in short, means a reliable access to food.

When Erin visited us from the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, she talked about how much food different countries imported.  We found this article yesterday that gives good information and some statistics about food security and food importing around the world.

Please read the article below and then answer one of the following questions:


  1. How do you think countries and citizens are affected by having to import large amounts of food?  What impact would that have on a country?
  2. Do you think that countries who import large amounts of food do so out of need or want? Use examples in your responses.

3.(Challenge) Do you see any issues with the way that this data is reported? Explain your thinking

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Touchdown

    2. I think they would do it out of need because if they had enough sued to supply their own people then they wouldn’t have to import food. Also it would save them a lot of money to just use there own crops.

    • dickensdiv16

      Good point, Touchdown. Do you think that the decision to import food is always made by a government, or could it sometimes be made by individual people or companies?

  2. Arcticfox

    2# I think countries would do so out of need. Need for the money to be able to buy other foods from possibly the same country they shipped it to or a different one, also to make their company bigger and stronger. It may seem like not such a smart thing to do but it does actually save money in a way. By compacting more food into the airplane means they would not of had to make two separate flights. Shipping does cost quite a lot of money, so in a way it is smart although it has its pros and cons its interesting to think of it in a different perspective than others.

  3. super cheese cake

    I think that the countries which import large amount of food is both want and need. Want is because they already have great places to grow stuff that their country could like apples that could be grown in Canada. Second need is because certain country doesn’t grow certain foods like USA doesn’t grow guava and Taiwan doesn’t grow kiwi, so it has to be shipped from other countries.

  4. smeagaleater10

    #2 I think that countries like the USA, China and other top ten listed countries import more food than they need out of want. For example, if you look inside a USA supermarket in the winter, you would probably see a mound of watermelons or avocados which do not grow locally but people still want different food than local food and buy them. I think the reason why countries like the USA and China import more food than they need is because people there want more food and different types of food than they need.


    2- I think that’s the countries are not importing food they need, I have seen business in Canada fail due to most imported food around, the world that nobody needs. Sure they are imported food around the world that is use for medicine which doesn’t fail. But the such large amount isn’t worth it, just a fair small amount no matter how much you need, just start small.

  6. Amythest

    1. I think that importing large amounts of food effects countries because of all of the fuel that goes into the air but that is a problem with importing food in general. Plus the cost of the plane, boat, ect. that is bringing in the food would be a lot and how much food is imported is affected by how much money the government or city has. My last idea is because the country has a small population then is going to be hard for the food to be eaten which means it would be wasted which as we know isn’t good for the earth, and if the country has a large population there might not be enough for everyone.

  7. crazymemeslol123

    #2 most countries need food so when people need food they can generate fast enough to produce food so they governments/presidents need the food for their people so they do it and it costs a lot of money so now they are trying to lower the cost by growing there by growing more food of there own not out of want because they have there own reasons.


    #2 After watching a video for research on the food project, I learned that trade is a way for people from one country to benefit by buying from another country. I think its a scenario where both countries gain, because a simple producer gets money and consumer gets product makes sense. In my opinion both ways have their benefits but trade helps form good relations between countries.

  9. purple pom-poms

    #2 I believe that it changes because sometimes countries need food if they don’t have the right climates to grow the food they need for themselves to stay healthy, but other times the governments/presidents could get more then they need and that might cause more food waste to happen and as I said before they also need it (the imported food) but it also costs money of course so if certain countries are able to grow fruits and veggies then they should try to as much as they can so that they don’t have to pay as much to get food imported.

  10. Soccerboy123ABC

    2# I think that some countries really need large amounts of food such as places that are really dry because they don’t get much water so they can’t grow a lot of plants that need lush environment so they can’t grow the food they need to survive .Other countries just want the food because they have the money to buy them and I think that they are greedy but they may also be buying food cheap and selling their food for more so they make more money by buying food they already grow.

  11. Flying Mandarin

    #1 I think countries and citizens are affected by having the import large amount of food. If the country that supplies,could not supply the food or had a shortage, they will not have the enough supply.

  12. Spamlington

    2. I think that countries who import a lot of food do it out of want. I say this because for the food project, my friend L*** and I were looking at that table and another to try and figure out how much food the average American wastes. What we found out was that they actually could survive on growing there own food, they just choose not to. I don’t entirely blame them, though, because I think it’s hard to judge how much food you should have when your keeping track of that many people, and they would rather have too much food rather than too little.

  13. the engineer

    I think that countries import large amounts of food because they both need and want it. For example in the article they mentioned that the United States import large amounts of food as well as Japan. I think the United States can grow enough food for themselves because they have so much land, so they import because of want. They may import food instead of growing it because either its cheaper to import or they are making trade agreements with other countries (example: they may trade cars for coffee beans). Japan however doesn’t have very much land to grow crops, so they import because of need.

  14. Time Traveler

    If countries are constantly depending on other countries to give them food and supplies, then if there’s a war between them, or tensions are high or something – then maybe that foreign country might refuse to give food to any other countries. Then the countries in need won’t have enough food because the shipping has stopped. Taking in food from other countries can have an effect on the people in those countries because bringing them from overseas can increase greenhouse gases, which is bad for the environment.

  15. Pink Pickle

    #1 I think it would effect the country and citizens economically because it costs money to import food and if you have to import large amounts of it through the government that costs them money so they will use taxes and who pays for taxes? the citizens so it would bring the countries economy down a smidge but would cost the citizens more money than usual and if the citizens of the country are poor then they might not be able to buy the food causing it to go to waste, so the country would’ve basically payed for more poverty.

  16. Joaquin

    #1 I think when a country imports large amounts of food it effects the whole country. Countries who import a lot probably make a lot of money from it and have a stable economy. However sometimes countries buy things that they don’t need and that they are actually able to grow by themselves.

  17. GamingPickle84

    #2 I think when countries import a lot of food I think they need to do it because lots of countries need to export food to live and have a healthy economy.

  18. Sushi Monster

    #1 There might not be that much of that food left because that place ordered almost all of it. Most places try to buy local food cause its cheap and better for the environment. So if the large import was local food than some places might not have a choice to buy local food. This would make also of methane and would pollute the air.

  19. sparkle sloth

    I think the way it impacts citizens is that all the money that countries are wasting on importing food would be better used for things like helping the homeless, building roads and houses and paying wages to people who get paid by the government.

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