January 7

Dear Division 16,

Every once in a while there is an article that just seems like it was made for a blog assignment.  I feel like this is one of those articles.

This article describes a process where NASA is beginning to consider options for a deep space habitat for astronauts exploring Mars.  The author of the article notes that: “At this point, the agency pretty much has a blank slate as to what the habitat would look like and how it would function. Shielding astronauts from space radiation while also maintaining a light weight will be one of the major challenges.”


Your assignment today is to write a short paragraph explaining one thing you think the habitat should include.  Keep in mind that the astronauts would be traveling in the spacecraft for 6 months and will need all aspects of daily life to keep them safe, healthy and sane.

Describe your suggestion to NASA and explain why your suggestion would be necessary for the astronauts.  Give enough detail that it can be easily understood by other readers.  Be creative!

I look forward to your responses!



  1. den10@sea43

    I think that they would need some sort of space station along the way to mars because there they can refuel there materials and they would be able to talk to different people to keep them sane. they would also check there health to make sure they are healthy and to make sure that they can go to Mars. Although I don’t think that they have that kind of money.


    I think one thing that they will need is wifi. Because then that way they can keep in touch with there family. They can be by themselves for a little quiet time just watching some tv and relax. Listen to some music with the other people on the space craft. Play some games for fun and to also keep them busy. I think that being able to have wifi is very important so that they can talk to other people then just there crew mates.

  3. Amythest

    I think that it should have…
    A fridge and a freezer that are attached because all the food that you’ll bring has to be in the fridge or freezer or in a cupboard so the fridge and freezer are much more important than the cupboard. All the food that is normally in a cupboard can go on a shelf maybe. If there isn’t a fridge then you’ll just have to have room tempeture food all the time so if it gets warm you can’t have some cold food instead you have to have room tempeture food everyday and for every meal. I mostly always have food from my fridge so I would get really bored of having room tempeture food and never ever having cold food and all my favourite foods have to be in the fridge. Also you probably should have healthy food during those six months and fruits and vegetables have to be in the fridge. Those are all my reasons.

  4. Crazychicken lover

    I think that water and food would be the most important things, because u cant live without it, and also a radio station thing that has a very long contact rate and also that it would have air conditioning suits for ventililation. But the most important thing would be having another life form with you because then if your injured, then u dont have to fear anything because u have the feeling that someone is with u. My suggestions are important because they are main necessities u might need if you are in a space station. They would probably need a type of mind voodo therapy everyday to keep them sane and healthy.

  5. balloongirl123

    I think that astronauts need to be safe cause sometimes they can get hurt really bad but if people go up to space they need a lot of important stuff to keep them protected and really safe.

  6. Purple Pickle

    One habitat I think should be on that space craft should be plant life, this would help the astronauts survive and it would keep them sane because it would remind them of earth, it would help them survive because (if the space craft would have the right plant life sustaining atmosphere) they would be able to grow there own fresh food and not have to eat that dried food stuff for the rest if there lives,the plant life would also reproduce certain seeds so you wouldn’t run out of food if you know how to grow food properly.

  7. Rouge

    I think that the space habitat should include a small room filled with activities and things to do. It would be just a little room the size of a closet or so and it would provide:board games, drawing supplies, books and other things to make and do. I think that this would help the astronauts feel closer to home and to stay connected and busy with little activities. These astronauts will have a big and very important mission to complete and that will take up most of their time on Mars but I think that it is necessary to do normal everyday things to keep them happy and mentally healthy while on their faraway trip.

  8. A.ayewthelegend

    I think the space station should include a farm for animals so that the meat is not packed all the way from Earth. It could also help them with helping them feel at home so they can have things to do that are not experiments. If I was an astronaut on Mars I would want to have a way to connect with my friends and family back on earth. I think that there could be a large satellite that sits in between planets so it could increase the power of the signals.

  9. PandaTush

    If I were to go on a space station for six months in space and I could add one asset to the stations interior self, I would add capsules for the members aboard. The capsules are like beds, but more cozy and can contain stuff more safely. The capsules itself could act as a bed being around 7-8 feet tall and with 4-5 feet of width. The interior walls would be covered in soft material for comfort and cabinets to store the passengers stuff. Oxygen tanks would click to the side and blow in oxygen when needed. I think the capsule could not only be used as a safe and personal place for the person but could also act as an emergency escape pod. If for some sort of reason the habitat were to be in some sort of accident, the pod would have an emergency mode to keep anyone inside safe. An emergency kit would be stored away in one of the cabinets including all needed items.The possibilities and other uses for this are endless and can be modified for other reasons. And of corse a computer based software would be installed in the capsule to provide entertainment. How cool would it be to have a holographic computer in your bed! Plus wifi, this is the 21st century. And my last detail to add, it would be painted blue! Oh such a lovely colour.

  10. smeagaleater10

    If I was cooped up in a space for six months, I would want a pet to accompany me. I would want to have a pet to keep me sane and happy. If the crew members were not very social, I could talk to the pet. It would remind me of earth and m family. If I were to choose an animal to come with me and my crew members, it would be a trained monkey so it could come in handy with the mission.

  11. super cheese cake

    The astronauts would need a safe shelter to help keeping them worm because it is really cold in space. If they catch a cold there will be no doctors in space. The astronauts also might need emergency oxygen tanks just in case. If there were a emergency rocket, that could be used if some think happened because we don’t know what exactly will happened. They would need a lot more stuff and some backup because if something is lost on space it would be impossible to buy more stuff in space.

  12. Soccerboy123ABC

    MY MOM !!!!!! now seriously .I think they would need to fist build a space station on the way to Mars so they can refuel take break from traveling you would also be able to meet other people so you won’t go insane then it might make the 6 month trip seem shorter so you won’t notice how long it is from there families .I think it would also be a place where you could keep extra stuff in the space station for your next trip to Mars.It should also keep like a pet for your journey to and from .

  13. crazymemeslol123

    I think it’s better to bring some card games or some out of activity to keep them sane from going into insanity and I think it’s a good idea to bring extra oxygen before going to space for 6 whole months I think it’s better to protect them from space radiation and protect the main parts of the spacecraft that keeps it moving or meters will crash into the main engines then the spacecraft won’t move that would be very bad and I think they should bring some sort of a life form like some tomatoes and potatoes so they will have more food with them them and I think they should add in thrusters like medium size ones so they can boost there way out of the milky ways or a meter herd or something like that and they should add in wifi so they have connection from earth and friends and family that’s another way to stay sane.

  14. Ginger

    I think that it is amazing that NASA has a possibility of going to Mars, but there are some very big risk factors when going on such a long distance trip. One of the main risks is that when the astronauts land they will have reduced muscle strength and bone density due to bearing no weight for a long period of time. A few years ago, I listened to an interview with Chris Hadfield who said that one of the hardest things when he got back to earth was that he couldn’t walk for a whole month. To stay fit, the astronauts would need to practise resistance training using elastic bands and pulleys. They could not use treadmills or stair climbers because those require gravity which they do not have. Exercise would also help pass the time because they will be in the space craft for over 6 months and this will offer them another activity. Overall, I think this could be a risky trip, but it could also be very fun and informative to all of humankind

  15. Joaquin

    I think they would need an attachment called the Mars Lifesaver.They would need this because it would hold extra water, food, fuel, oxygen, health kits and more which can come in handy when you are 225 million km away from Earth. This can detach before they land and parachute down into a location close to the the spaceship. I think that if they have an offsite emergency supply location, it could save lives.

  16. baconguy

    I think that it would be good to have a small room that is used to grow food like the purple pickle said. If they grow healthy enough food and a wide variety of different foods than they could live off of that. This would improve the spacecraft because than it would make it lighter if they didn’t have to pack a whole lot of food.

  17. The Baconator

    I think that the most key thing to have on a space craft would be water. If they don’t have water they would get dehydrated and thirsty. They would start to feel lousy and it would be harder to do their job and in a space craft everyone has a very important job.

  18. iron lanturn

    I think all the people who go to mars must have their own private space so they won’t have to stay together all the time. think about it all people fight all the time and they might not want to see each other
    for a while so they could go there to there for a while. and you’d want your own space to place your stuff.

  19. Sr.Fruitcake

    I think that the module would need some sort of weights that work in space these would have to be designed but in order to keep the astronauts healthy they would need some sort of non drifting around athletic work so gym might not be a bad idea. I also think that having several different cars-like on a train-would give people the personal space they need to feel happy or at least sane. i feel like this is good idea but it will take a lot of work to find the right solution to all those problems.

  20. koshka2

    HELP OUR SHIP IS ABOUT TO CRUSH!! MAYDA MAYDA!!! In a state like this you should all ways be really, this is out of 10.5 out of 100 for this to happen In SPACE. Alrighr alright, everyone like: Okay you team ‘Billy the kitten’ has everything DO NOT worry. -In space- HELP WE ARE GOING TO CRUSH IN A METOR!!!! Then everything is now right, to keep yourself safe MAKE sure you have everyTHING you have. Make SURE you have everythinf. You are going to be in space maybe 2-3 weeks or more! -ALL ASTRONAUT- Please be careful in space, also Try not to get hurt :3 Also i beg you to get Escape plots or what ever there call!?!?!

    Safeness is only Key. Be safe

  21. Arctic owl

    One thing they will need is beds . Because they cant just not sleep , also they cant just sleep floating on air . Another thing they will need is a place to store food and it would have to be huge to store food for six months . The last thing they might need is a safe place to get out of the craft encase there is a asteroid hits the ship causing them to spin around like crazy . they will need one more thing a emergency pod so that if that happens then they can get out of the ship .

  22. the DUDE

    I think that if you were on Mars, one of the particularly important things would be an Ipad so that you can read books and look at pictures of your family members. These things are important because books will keep the imagination going and pictures will help you remember and think of your family members.

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