June 12

Dear Division 16

Over the years you have done some excellent work on Student Vote and have been leaders in our community.  Here is a project that is resulting from the leadership of a group of students in a Calgary Middle School regarding clean drinking water for First Nations communities in Canada, which they hope to raise awareness about this year.  Please take a look at the project and the response of the community.

Here is the website for their project: https://www.cleanwaterbirthdayproject.com/

For your post, please share a project that you think reflects the needs of Canadians in Canada’s 150th year of confederation.  Make sure you connect an issue that is important to you or to Canadians.

I look forward to your responses,




  1. Amythest

    I think that the clean water project is a great idea, especially as a gift for Canada’s 150th Birthday. I just think that there should be clean water for everyone all year around, every year. But I was sad and surprised that there are 98 First Nation communities without clean drinking water and they need to boil water.

  2. ArcticFox

    I think that having a Multi-gendered washrooms would be great for Canada’s 150th, Bathrooms have either been for girls or boys and i think that’s just discriminating against all the other genders out there. There’s many MANY more genders then Boys and Girls. So i think its important that we share that.

  3. Flying Mandarin

    I think that water is important but also there is another thing that I think that is important as much as water which is… Food. The reason why I think food is important is because, if we don’t eat food we won’t grow and we will starve. This is another that we should learn or teach how to make food.

  4. the engineer

    I think that the food bank is a good example of the needs of many Canadians. It’s not exactly a project, but the fact that so many people rely on the food bank everyday shows that food is really expensive. When I go shopping with my dad a bottle of juice is sometimes as much as $8:00. Also a good project linked to this is the term 2 food project.

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