June 23, 2016

Dear Division 16,

It’s the end of the year, I can scarcely believe it! And what a year we’ve had! For your last blog post of the year, can you please think back over your year in Division 16.

Please post your favourite moment of the year.  It could be a moment of personal learning or success, a relationship that helped you connect to a project, a moment where you felt joy or happiness or excitement or belonging.

Remember, if you want to refer to someone, please just use their pseudonym or the first initial with stars instead of their actual name.

I’m looking forward to hearing your highlights of the year!

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Amythest

    I have two highlights of my fist year in division 16 and I’m sure next year I’ll have much much more. My first highlight was today, at Playland, I absolutely loved it. I chose Playland because I’ve never been to Playland and it was my first time ever, I had so much fun on the Swings, The Atmosphere, Break Dance, Pirate Ship, Mini Rollar Coaster and much more. My favorite ride that I went on was The Atmosphere, I’m not actually sure what I loved about it but that one was the best by far out of all the rides I went on. The scariest ride that I went on was probably the Pirate Ship because I was on the very back of the pirate ship so I was fine when we were at the bottem of the ship, but I found it a little scary when we were at the top of the ship because it seemed like I was going to fall out, even though my favorite ride was the Atmosphere and the scariest ride was the pirate ship there is a BIG height difference . I’m actually shocked that I would say Playland because I actually didn’t really want to go, and I didn’t think I would have a ton of fun there, but it was incredibly fun and I loved it. My second highlight is actually during school has to be probably when we did our Art Project recently. I chose that because I learned so much about art technique and I’ve also always just loved art so much so I was incredibly excited for the project when we were told and it ended up being incredibly fun.

  2. super cheese cake

    My highlight of this year was the same as amythest, I love Playland and its my first time going to Playland. It’s just I went on “The Beast” the first time, which, btw, was the scariest ride of all, because the highest The Beast can go was 34m or so but the angle can go up to 120 degrees. I freaked out and spent an hour to calm down and balancing, but still I had so much fun on other rides too. I think that the best ride I’ve went on was the pirate ship, I was sitting at the very back. The pirate ship will just toss you around. You can just sit there and enjoy the ride. Also I would recommend if you want to go on The Beast but it’s too scary for you, you can also go on the crazy beach party ( a small version or The Beast ). Fortunately I get to go to Playland again when I am grade seven. Next time I want to try out Hellivator and Atmosphere.

  3. Crazychicken lover

    I had lots of fun and there is so much to say but my real favourite was the track meet and it was so much fun because i got to run lots and i would have done that a billion times. I got to compete against other people and i also got to run! Also the ultimate tournament was also very fun and I got to play a lot and eat lots and socialize and I thought that was really fun and also get to compete against 24 other schools and i sorta am the compeititive type and i tmought those were my 2 bigbest highlights of the year.

  4. Rouge

    One of my favourite moments this year was when we were working on the hydrosphere project and my partners (S and K) and I had just started the momentum and process of the project. I feel like that on the amount of time we worked on the project I learned so much about both of them and I think that we became closer as friends and classmates. But my individual favourite moment didn’t happen at school (it was a result of school because we were working on the project at S’s house.) We had been working for a while and we were taking a break, we started laughing so hard and someones food napkin fell on the ground and well the story of Napkin was born (you really had to be there to fully understand the situation.) In that moment I felt so happy and full of belonging and I know that I will always remember that time. Without this project I would not have been able to connect with them in such a hilarious (but educational) way, and this project helped us grow and bond with each other and as individuals as well.

  5. Pandatush

    My favourite moment of the year was doing the art project. I learned so much and I think it really challenged me in my learning, and it brought out my true potential. I found new ways to demonstrate the criteria in unique ways and it was fun to do because I love art. I also really loved making new friends this year and it’s going to be hard saying good bye when the year ends. All in all, this was a good year and I’m excited to see what journeys I take in the future!!!!

  6. Joaquin

    I really liked the wall projects because it was the first project i did in the year and we had to come up with a what we were going to do.

  7. The Dude

    One of my favourite moments of the year was back in October and we were going to be marked out of 10. I got 9/10, and I was very proud of myself. Another highlight was that the final art project turned out well. I started getting all stressed that I had done it wrong, and it turned out I did great.

  8. smeagaleater10

    I had two favourite parts of the school year, the first one was the year end field trip to playland. The group that I was in had me,J*****,S**,and O*****. Our group sometimes split up to let the group members go on the rides that they prefer. My favourite ride of the ones that I went on was The Beast. At first I was scared to go on it but S**** said it wasn’t as scary as I thought It was that convinced me to go on the ride. S**and I waited around fifteen minutes to get on to it, when I finally got on I realized it wasn’t that scary and that it was worth the wait. The way The Beast worked is that it had a very long arm connecting to the circle of seats, the arm would go side to side and than it finally got the seats high enough in the air you felt like you where upside down, on top of all of that it was spinning.
    My second favourite part of the school year was the studio sessions for the art project. A reason I enjoyed it was because you got to try out some of the aspects of art like positive and negative space and focal point. Another reason I enjoyed it was because it didn’t give much stress so you had time to think about it so that you could put more thought and time into the art.

  9. crazymemeslol123

    My favorite moment was when we had the pancake for breakfast with the 3 classes it was so fun and everyone was happy we got to connect to each other by sitting with friends and eating our pancakes.My most favorite field trip was our last field trip was was play land I never went on any rides because we couldn’t afford the money back then but on the field trip I had a lot of fun with most of the scary rides like The Beast was my first ride ever in play land so I was ready to try every ride there but sadly we ran out of time so I missed one scary ride which was the hellevetor and plus the seats were full.

  10. Ginger

    I have had so many amazing moments within the past year that it is extremely hard to think of ONE moment. But after lots of contemplation, I have settled on the moment that my amazing group, consisting of Smallbrowndog, theBean, THEMANGO404WAFFLE and myself, presented our Hydrosphere project to all 3 divisions. Though I know that everyone else also had to present, it was a special moment for our group because we had spent so much of our after school time and weekends working together, in person or over e-mail, and learning about the Ganges River, that when we got up in front of everyone, it was awesome to see both teacher’s and student’s reaction to our knowledge. Everyone in my group was hardworking and contributed equally, making it a really special experience to work with them.

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