June 5

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

For your blog homework this week, please read the article here and respond to one of the following questions:

  1. Do you think that scientific discoveries or artifacts should be sold?  Explain your thinking and determine whether you think there are any exceptions.
  2. Describe one or more challenge you think could arise from a scientific artifact being owned by a person or a company, rather than by the community.

We look forward to your responses!




    No I think it should not be sold. Because it’s a piece of architecture or ancient and nature. When I read the article thought that no one could by a €1.6 MILLION dollars 💵 worth of old and extinct animal bones💀🐉. While it can be put into a museum for everyone to look at. And if the private buyer brought it where would he/she store it? Unless if their house is colossal of course. But they would eventually get bored 😐 of it . So the truth what I think they should’ve not brought it. They should’ve kept it or place it in museums for entertainment and art.

  2. Smeagaleater10

    1. I think that remains of the ancient past country could be sold, unless it has anything special that could lead to further research or discoveries. My reasoning is why would a scientist test want to look at any remains the are identical to ones previously discovered.

  3. the engineer

    I think it is okay for these artifacts to be sold because we have already learned all we can from them.

  4. Day Dreamer

    I think some challenges that some one would come across when a person or a company buys a scientific artifact are: the person or the company can do whatever they want to do with the artifact they could even paint it purple or green if they wanted to, where would the person put the artifact/how would the person move the artifact if it is big like the dinosaur, and even if the person in the article said he/she would put the dinosaur some were everyone can see it or show it to the public not every one who buys a scientific artifact (even if its not a dinosaur) will promise the same things the person in the article said or promised.

  5. Narwhalz

    i think that no these artifacts should not be sold, but with the way are world works, I cant really think of a better way to do it. The world should share them but with all are politics and stuff there isn’t really a better way to do it.

  6. electroe05

    I think that private retailers should have no right to own dinosaurs as Dino’s lived on public property. Could you imagine selling humans for lots of money? how would you feel? over all I know I would feel horrible so i think they should not be aloud.

  7. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that these artifacts being sold and yours is cool but not right. I think that this stuff should belong to the community and not individuals because it could cause problems like if you break the artifact. Also these things need to be taken care of a certain way.

  8. black circle

    I don’t think that dinosaurs should be sold to private collectors because it may be valuable to the scientific community and sure it might be kind of cool to have a nine meter long dinosaur skeleton but if it is not treated carefully it might be very costly to paleontologists if it breaks or is damaged.

  9. The phantome blade

    I don’t think that dinosaurs and their bones should be sold for 2 reasons 1 because they are a part of nature and all things natural should belong in natural places🌲 and a museum or a private buyers place🕌 And 2 the not completly serious reason is that it could go into the wrong hands👐👎 and they could bring it back to life as they are doing with the woolly mammoth.🐘

  10. Arty-choke

    I think that it depends on what the situation of selling artifacts is. For example, if the artifacts were to be sold to a museum for others to learn about and look at, I think that would be a good situation to sell artifacts in. But if the artifacts were sold to people for the purpose of getting money, rather then being able to study them, then I think that would not be a good situation. Although there would be some expectations if any artifacts were to be sold in any situation. For example the artifacts would need to be taken care of and be kept in a safe, suitable place that they would be kept them out of harm. I personally believe that the artifacts should be able to be studied and examined. Which is why I believe trustworthy museums would be the right place for almost any artifacts to be in.

  11. hockey 101

    I think the buyer did the right thing by lending the Dino to a museum but if it was given to scientists it could of bin studied more so they can get a better under standing of that Dino.

  12. lordofthepies05

    I don’t think that it should have been sold because then there is a fewer chance of palaeontologists and scientists being able to research it. If it was given to a museum, then it would’nt belong to anyone so no one could demand over it, but it would be housed in an area full of people who would know what to do with it.

  13. bow tie 12

    I don’t think it’s ok to be sold before scientists or other people that do this for living study it. So they can get info from it for other stuff. I also think if it’s important to some peace of time that it should not be sold because they can still use it.

  14. game master 2018

    I think that the artifact should be either sold or put in a museum based on its scientific and historical importance as well as value. for example I think that if the artifact where to be a greek kings crown then it could go to a museum, but if it where say a solid gold samurai sword then it could be sold. I also think if the artifacts are part of a specific culture country our religious group it should be given back to them. Though personally I think that the scientist should have been able to keep the skeleton it could have been valuable to science.
    Anyways this is my last blog post so… its been a pleasure.

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