June 5

Dear Division 16,

Spring Fling and Conferences are over, now it’s time for some fun, creative blog assignments as we approach the end of the school year.

Please take a look at this article from Discover magazine:


For your post tonight, please think about what legacy you’d like your name to represent.  In other words, what sort of measurement would you like to bear your name into the future. In your response, please indicate what new measurement you’d like to be responsible for and what it would be called.

For example, I might invent a scale that measures the volume of skateboard wheels on pavement in order to address the reaction that some dogs have to that sound.  It would be called the Polukoshko scale and would indicate the sound on a scale of 1-10.  We could then lobby the skateboard industry to produce low Polukoshko-scale wheels to support harmony between dog walkers and the skateboard community.

I (really) look forward to your responses.



  1. Touchdown

    I would invent a measurement that determines optimal spin on a football to get a perfect spiral. It would would be one to ten and it would be called the Boyland scale. It would NFL and CFL coaches on draft day to determine what QB’s would be the best to draft.

  2. super cheese cake

    I might invent a scale that shows how many downloads a popular app had per month from the first month to the 20th. It it would go from 1 to 1 million. It will be called Hu ( who? ) scale. Markets could use what is so called “Hu” scale and put up the most popular app on recommendations or even charge for the download.

  3. Joaquin

    I think i would make a scale that shows how much home work teachers can give students in a week it would be out of 1-10
    so kids can complain if there home work gos over the javier scale

  4. The Time Traveller

    I think I would make an anger rating scale from 1-10 so that way we could understand just how frustrated people are.

  5. Amythest

    I would invent a dance scale. The scale would show how far you’ve traveled in your movements, and would be one up to one hundred.

  6. smeagaleater10

    I would invent a scale that measures how good of a picture you have taken with your camera. The scale would be called is-this-a-good-picture scale. This scale would be from 1-100. I think this scale would be useful because you could see if you might become a good photographer.

  7. Spamlington

    If I had this opportunity, I would make a scale called the Get Good Scale that measures how well a student is doing in the different subjects at school. This would help for teachers to mark students scores more accurately and to help the students, parents and teachers better understand what needs work and what doesn’t.

  8. Flying Mandarin

    I would like to invent a slime measurement called Slimtic. From how soft to how hard and how stick the product is. Measurement sale 1-5 is how soft and 6-9 how sticky it is.

  9. crazymemeslol123

    i would like to make a mobile app where there is a scale of 1-10 for a good market with local foods and it would be called “Do” it.

  10. the engineer

    I would make a measurement that looks at how bright a light is. The scale would be called the ***** Scale which would measure brightness on a scale from 1-100 (1=darkness and 100=direct sunlight). The ***** Scale reading could be part of the daily weather report to warn people about the need for sunglasses. Also the ***** Scale rating on lightbulbs could help people choose which lightbulbs that they want to buy.

  11. S.P.E.W

    I would make a measurement that measures how much you move in your sleep. It would range from 1-100, I would call it The Watch What You Sleep.

  12. gamingpickle84

    I think there should be a economy scale showing what the economy in different cities and country’s ect.. is.

  13. Pink Pickle

    I would invent a scale to determine how light/dark something is (it isn’t albedo because albedo is how much light is reflected by something) 0 would be it’s so dark that if you look at it it doesn’t look organic or real and 1 would be so bright that it would be really damaging to your eyes to look at it (kind of like looking at the sun but if it was about 10x brighter)

  14. purple pom-poms

    If I got this opportunity, I might choose to make a scale to tell if the fruit or veggies you’re about to buy were organically grown or if it had GMO’s built into it. This could help many people, because it not only keeps them healthier from eating organic food, but it also supports organic gardeners, and pushes farmers who use GMO’s, to work organically.

  15. ArcticFox

    I would create a scale that helped detect earthquakes/tornadoes before they happen. Here there isn’t much problem with either of those but in other places this could stop a lot of deaths. Just thinking logically.

  16. lordofthepies05

    I would make a scale on how good your art or photograph or digital painting is in the eyes of a buyer.
    It would be based on five different “subjects” which each have a 1-20 rating.
    The subjects would be 1. Effort (how much time you spent on it, how carefully done it is etc..) 2. Creativity (how much imagination is it the piece, if you used a reference or not, fiction/nonfiction etc…) 3. Detail (background, foreground, lots of little things that make the piece more interesting etc…) 4. Skill (is your art realistic, do you pay attention to shading, is it professional etc…) and 5. WOW (is it attractive, do people want to buy it, others think it’s attractive. After you would add up all the totals to get a certain number that’s 1-100, and that would be your score. My scale would be called, The procedure…

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