June 6, 2016

Dear Division 16,

I came across these two articles this weekend that both represent media attention about youth and a focus on the importance of youth point of view.  I’m thoughtful about the comment made by “The Bean” earlier this year that now, more than ever, youth voice is powerful and has the ability to make real change.

For your assignment tonight, please read the two articles below and answer the question:

Magee Secondary and climate change

The Tyee’s new initiative

In your response tonight, please consider the following question and reply in full sentences.  Make sure your point of view is clear.

Why do you think that the media is interested in the voices and opinions of youth?  What is changing in the world to allow this to happen?

I look forward to your responses,




  1. Amythest

    I think that everyone is listening to youth’s voices now because there are a bunch of programs like Adopta School and more, that invite classes (like ours) to go on field trips for free like The Children’s Festival, and they ask for feedback and youth have a lot to say about a lot of things, but don’t always get a chance to speak in this case they do. It also might be because the programs decided that it is always adults or teachers speaking and maybe the programs relize that youth have voices and everyone can let the youth speak, because everyone always has something to say wheather that say it or not.

  2. 14A Dinosuar

    I think the media is interested in the voices and opinions of youth because now kids are treated more like adults. I believe this because the internet allows kids to learn certain things, that children in the past may not have had access to. For example, you can learn a lot about science or math from youtube alone. Also, kids can be very creative. For example, one of the youtubers I watch said, “some of the 12 year olds I play videogames with have better communication skills and are more creative than the 30 year olds I play with.” This is like how Mckenna was ‘blown away’ by the innovation of the high schoolers she talked to.

    The internet allows for an equal playing field where age isn’t as important, because you can say anything and don’t have to say how old you are. I think this has led to kids having more say in the world, because you can join conversations online and people will listen to you because they don’t judge you on your age. Instead, they judge you on how you speak, and what you say.

    • dickensdiv16

      Dinosaur, are you saying that the anonymity of the Internet allows some of the stereotypes and prejudices about youth to be challenged? If so, are there other places where youth can challenge stereotypes about their ability / skills / opinions?

  3. Arcticowl

    I think people have become much more interested in what the youth have to say, probably because problems that are happening in our country aren’t changing. Think about it I mean things like problems like gas, house pricing and many more things haven’t changed. They’ve talked to many adults about this and it still hasn’t changed maybe a little,still it hasn’t got rid of these problems. So I guess now they remember talking to youth and getting ideas to help solve these problems and they’ve came back to us looking for more great ideas that they are gonna get. I dunno what they were expecting from us but I think we’ll take this to a whole new level.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting perspective, Arctic owl! I agree that youth can provide much needed perspective on social issues! What places might we increase youth participation for this purpose?

  4. den10@sea43

    I think that they are trying to get opinion from everyone about almost every single issue that is a big problem. Also because we care about all of these issues as much as they do so they are trying to let us help.

  5. crazymemeslol123

    Well I think it’s because we never have a chance to do anything Importent like the adults do so the social medias try to help the youth to have a chance and think about worldwide issues there are a lot of them like the carbon dioxide and the poor getting treated badly all of these can be solved if we think all together all of humanity’s problems are probably gonna go away well for awhile but now we need to show our thinking and let what we know about world crisis and be in the part of the youth voices and speak together.

    • dickensdiv16

      I like the idea of choosing new ways to participate! Social media really does allow for a more inclusive voice in the world, especially for youth. Do you think adults pay enough attention to social media?

  6. Crazychicken lover

    I think that people have got more interested in the lives of young people because of all of the events that have happened like suicide teen suicide on the news and the psychological mind of young people and what they’re thinking about people are starting to pay more attention to things because of all the things that are happening globally and modern and they are starting to understand how important young people are to the society. Connecting to PG14 dinosaur said about the internet more people are talking on the internet and the internet is a vast network of connection and how people can share their feelings and people are looking at the articles of written by young people on seeing how lonely they feel.

    • dickensdiv16

      I think you’ve raised an interesting perspective here, crazy chicken lover. One way to think about it is that people are hearing youth’s opinions, but the other is that they are noticing the help that youth are requesting as well. I hope that the adults pay attention!

  7. super cheese cake

    #1 I think that the reason that the media have become much more interested about what youth have to say is because that youths are the next generations and can do many things for the future after we grew up. They will become the future voter. What the youths shared now will most likely be the things that will happened in the future.
    #2 What is letting the world to allow this is because democratic is a common value in the world, more and more countries has more progress toward democracy, so that everyone respected and everyone’s opinion will be valued.

  8. Pandatush

    I think the media is interested in what us youth have to say because we are the future of our world. Who knows, my brother might become prime minister. We are also very open minded to new opportunities in life. But what matters most is that I think the media now understands just what youth can accomplish because of past achievements. We can do anything we can dream of. Just depends on how big these dreams get. The youth have big ideas for the world and they need a way to get the word out. Maybe the media is stuck on ideas and needs fresh minds. Whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re taking our opinions because it’s our chance to contribute to our communities.

    • dickensdiv16

      Fresh minds and ideas are always a good thing! And yes, I agree with you that there is so much potential in the youth. As teachers, we see it, and hope others do too!

  9. the Dude

    Obama was the youngest Presidents of all time and Trudeau is the youngest Prime Minister of Canada ever. I think the media are starting to care what the youth think because people are just starting to know that age doesn’t necessarily come with wisdom. I think the media and adults care more than ever what kids think because now we have the Internet and kids can find out any information and engage with that information and have grown-up conversations with adults about things like politics and child poverty.

    • dickensdiv16

      Some excellent points here, the Dude. I think it’s a great parallel to point out that the public in both Canada and the US placed their trust in younger candidates and this is a good example of that trust.

  10. Rouge

    I think that adults and the media are interested in youths opinions and ideas because we are the next generation. In the future the youth of today will be politicians and scientists and other amazing things that will help keep our earth clean and healthy. Elders are listening to us and our ideas because they want to teach us about these world problems, and have our input into these issues because eventually we will be the people making environmental decisions and plans. Also if our opinions and thoughts are heard and used to help, we will be interested and committed to the topic and solution of climate change and fossil fuels. This way from a young age we will be brainstorming ideas and possible solutions to these extreme global problems. I think that communities and countries are becoming aware of the impact we can have on green gas emissions, and the impact we can have on solving and helping to erase these problems. Others are also becoming more open to youths creative and diverse ideas, and they are starting to paint a picture of how we can help and support the earth and the people and animals inhabiting it.

    • dickensdiv16

      I agree 100%, Rouge. If you see your own ideas and values reflected back in policy and solutions and laws, it makes you much more likely to participate again!

  11. smeagaleater10

    I think that one of the big reasons why the media is interested in the opinions of youth is because the youth have a new perspective which can help solve world problems. Another big reason that I think that the media is listening to youth is because if you put the new perspective and the information that they have access (through Internet and social media) together, it could evolve humans enough to have more perfection in the world.

  12. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that adults and the media are listening to you that voices more now is because there are programs that invite school classes to come for free and then they ask for feed back so I think that they are starting to pay attention to youth voices because youth are going to end the next generation and every year there will be more youth and less adults and because of that we are the people that will be making the decisionsame so if we start putting in our voices now we won’t have to change as many things. I also think they are paying attention more is because they are realizing that youth have a newer point of view to the world and other events thing so that adults have looked at for so many years.

  13. The Baconator

    I think that people are starting to listen to youth more because adults have made problems and need a solution. Kids today will eventually become adults and we are just being prepped for the problems we will have to face later on in life. I think that they believe that if we are aware of these problems when we are young it will help us find a solution. People have tried to make the world better but have just made them worse and if they can’t figure them out they send the problem down to the next generation.

    • dickensdiv16

      All true, baconator. Sometimes those who create the problems can be challenged when it comes to the solutions. Each generation has a different take on the world, and thank goodness for that!

  14. Smallbrowndog

    I think that adults will listen to kids more because they want to know how kids will run the country and what issues they will focus on and put resources towards. I think that is important because that gives us a chance to address world problems and sub problems. (e.g. Climate change and factories) I really think that if adults give kids a chance to share what they want fixed or improved they have a good idea of how the country will do for itself economy wise.

    • dickensdiv16

      I do like the idea that adults are planning forward to put things in place for the future of today’s youth. I hope you’re right. I certainly do look forward to a future where you are all in charge!

  15. DancingPorcupine

    I think that people are more interested in the opinions of youth because they know that one day we will be the people that make up our government and the school board and we will nave to make important decisions so if our opinions are wanted now we are going to be more comfortable with sharing our opinions when we get older and have to make important decisions.I think that articles that are aimed towards kids are helping with our opinions being heard because they give us new opinions on important things that most kids wouldn’t usually think about.

  16. Joaquin

    I think why the media are asking kids a lot of questions because we are the smarter generation and they want us to give them are onset opinion to the questions they ask us. Adult see that we have good ideas and they want to hear them.

  17. baconguy

    I think that people are paying more attention to youth because we look at things differently. Instead of looking at a more straight up way to solve a problem, we look for a more creative way around it, and I think that in bigger problems like climate change, having more creative interpretation could be very practical. I think that youth creativity is getting more noticed because less stereotypes about us. A lot of youth were discriminated before because they automatically were being called dangerous and while stereotypes are not unheard of, I think that there are a lot less of them and as a result youth are able to express their creativity.

  18. Ginger

    I think that the media and researchers are suddenly interested in the voice of youth because they are finally coming to see that we perceive the world in a different way. We think about how we will be affected in the future by everything that is happening around us in the world. I think I speak for more than myself when I say that youth are starting to become worried and distressed about the current events that will effects us in the future, such as Global Warming and International Politics. As a society, we have come to learn that every single thing we do will effect our impending circumstances, and youth have decided that we want things to change. There are now youth centered groups that are led by teens and help North American teenagers get more involved with current issues and events, such as “Youth against Racism” and “iMatter”. These groups have made youth much more involved in their community and city, which has made the media much more aware of how important we find these issues and how much we want our voices to be heard. I think that it all probably started with one child speaking to the media and gradually adults started to see our unique point of view, that is much less subjective than people that have been in the wold much longer than us. As one might say, youth are the future and we must start today if we want to make a difference in the world tomorrow.


    I think that the media is interested in youth voices because we’re the future not the adults and they want to know if we’re thinking about the future. I think this is because people are starting to think “uh-oh climate change, uh-oh terrorists and refugee crisis and uh-oh resources are depleting”. And adults are looking to us kids. I also find that kids are important to talk to because they are the ones who, for example are sad when they cant have a water fight because their country bans unnecessary water use. Because of depleting recources.

  20. Sr.fruitcake

    I think that the media are interested in the youth voice because we are the next generation and people are starting to accept that we will have our opinion heard. I think that our voices have a certain value now because the media and the world are talking about how we are the ones who will lead the next generation and the ones who will have the chance to deal with the current issues that are the center of our politics now. all of the things that grown ups are worried about now will be what we are worrying about in a decade, and we will be the only ones to solve them.

  21. Purple Pickle

    I think the media is interested in the options of the youth because we are the leaders of tomorrow and because since we grew up surrounded by technology they think they can use our ideas to better the world. I think whats changing in the world to allow this to happen is that people see that being selfish and thinking everything is about you isn’t getting us anywhere an now that they have realized that, they’re trying to get different opinions from different ages & cultures to try to better the world and make it more diverse.

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