June 8

Dear Division 16,

Please read the article from the Courier listing 5 things that make Vancouver awesome this week.


For your post tonight, use this format to reflect back on the school year. Please post your reason why 2016/2017 was an awesome year. It might be a personal achievement or a memory, an event or a friendship.

Here’s mine:

“2016 / 2017 was awesome because we developed some principles of learning early in the year that I saw reflected in the learning of the students throughout the year!”

Remember if you use names, please use the initial and ***.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. S.P.E.W

    2016/2017 was awesome because I had made a closer friendship with someone I already was friends but we became closer then before.

  2. Touchdown

    2016/2017 was awesome because we got to do another segment of student vote and I learned a lot of awesome stuff!

  3. the Time traveler

    2016 / 2017 was a great year because this year was the first year that we went up to our cabin during the spring when it was snowy because A. i got to spend time with my grandparents B. me and my grandad went ice fishing AND CAUGHT A FISH. and C. i got to eat a lot of great food.

  4. Amythest

    2016/ 2017 was great because I learned so many new facts about food, for example, where it comes from, how it’s transported, how much food is wasted, and what goes into food.

  5. Flying Mandarin

    2016/2017 was awesome because I meet all of my new friends in Division 16 – 17&18. Also it was awesome to be in J***’s class! (Division 16)

  6. the engineer

    2016/2017 was awesome because of how well we worked together. In former years there were many classes where I hardly ever had a group project. I really enjoyed working in teams.

  7. Spamlington

    2016/17 was awesome because I got to experience the different emotions that come when you’re in grade 7 and preparing for the new opportunities high school will offer.

  8. purple pom-poms

    2016/2017 was an awesome year, because I got to do student vote and since I’ve been really looking forward to it before I came to this class, it made this point in the year, very memorable. I really enjoyed learning about political issues/topics and the process of democracy.

  9. ArcticFox

    2016/2017 was a great year for me because i got to know L*** better. She didn’t talk a lot to me or to others the past year but this year we’ve become close friends.

  10. Pink Pickle

    2016/2017 was a great year because we are doing a very creative project this year, it’s the 3d model p[orject were you had to build a 3d model out of junk you find. I liked this project because unlike all the other projects were supposed to do, in this project it was less research more building whereas in the other projects I’ve done in this class over the past three years it was more research less building. I find this project much different and much more fun.

  11. crazymemeslol123

    2016/2017 was a great year because we are doing a project nobodies done before with our 3 classes i can’t wait to show my groups creation with the class.

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