Here are some links to things we like:

Vi Hart’s YouTube page – math videos that will make you laugh and sing and think

real time world statistics – a site that updates worldwide statistics every second.  Fascinating!

VSB webcat library catalogue – Check the VSB library system for books

Cheriee’s blog – Our beloved Teacher Librarian’s book reviews and musings

TED talks

The Story Of Stuff Project

National Geographic Kids

Health Canada Food Guide

David Suzuki Foundation

Vancouver Public Library


  1. Aldwyn2000

    checked out World statistics link, found out some really cool looked at it to,thought it was pretty cool to.

  2. mario2

    Jody what is your email? Can you email to me? I think I sent you my homework but not sure if I sent to the right email.

  3. Aldwyn2000

    I just looked at the National geographic web link and it was pretty cool. I love how the organize their info! see U all soon and I really hope that carl will respond to all of our blogging!

  4. Aldwyn2000

    did U know that the Spinosaruas is bigger than the T.rex. It was what scientists say the crocodile ancestor.

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