March 10, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Today we did some thinking about our community assets.  For your blog assignment today, please think about some of the community assets we listed on the whiteboard through out discussion.

Choose one of these assets or choose a new one and write your response about the importance of this Community Asset on your life.  Please include details about how you might use this asset to make positive change in your community.


Be specific and include as much detail as possible.

I look forward to your responses,




  1. Amythest

    I think “Hospitals” because when ever anyone is sick or hurt you go to the hospital so they can cure you from a sickness or heal you from a injury. If I ever broke a arm or leg or fractured something they would put a cast on it and it would heal aventually and if I ever got a really bad sickness they’d probably would have a cure for me so I could go back to living my ordinary life. In my community it would just heal or cure everyone and with ambulances they will help you much sooner.

  2. The Baconator

    In my community, I think that the most important asset is the Child Run. I think this because having an activity that brings people together because they believe in the same thing is great. It also helps and raises money for people who can’t.

  3. Crazychicken lover

    I think that the most important community Asset is school because it is when you get to learn new things and make new friends because you make the most friends in high school and elementary. Also because you will not know how to socialize with people and you wont be able to read or write and you wont be able do do many things in your life. But with school you will be able to read and write and have a chance of having a career. There are sometimes things that are organized out of school like the spring fling and the hop n nosh.

    My own personal asset would be my shoes.We dont really have a car so I use my shoes for everything, like running distances of 3-8 k to get to my friends house or running to no frills to buy groceries. I always need my shoes and my feet and i will never take it for granted because you never get another foot if you lose one.

  4. PandaTush

    I’m choosing a new one, courage. I choose this because courage is one of the most important things in life. Most decisions start with courage. Are you brave enough? Will you be able to do it? Courage sets it all. Without courage, everyone would be in their own shell , and what would we be. I would use this asset to help me and my community get through the problems that we’ve noticed in our world. We will stand up for what we believe in and nothing can bring our hopes down because we have what I like to call, courage. Courage is like a shield no criminal or government can bring down. When your sad or you want a change, courage will be there for you. Terry fox had the courage to run across Canada, and look at what that did. For everyone with the courage to stand up against Steven Harper, our government has a new face. Courage is something everyone has, so use it.


    I think that teachers are very important because they teach us things that we don’t know or expand more on what we know. They are really helpful because they teach things that we can’t just learn from the Internet. I think that they can also be like volunteers if they have a fundraiser with there class and make money for the school to help with Field trips like what we did at the spring fling last year.

  6. Shadow145

    I think that school is an important asset because it helps us with education It helps with making friends. If we didn’t have school we wont be able to make any friends and we wont be able to learn or read and we also wont get a job without education if there was no school it really effects a lot when there is no school.

  7. The Bean

    I think one of the most important assets to me and the community would be the School. Almost every part of my life is somehow affected by school. Most of the friends I have, I’ve met through school or have met because of people at school. All the connections to other people in parts of our community are based on or strengthened by connection through the schools which is why they’re such a huge asset.

    The most important reason that the school is an asset, and probably the most obvious is for the education. At school all the things we learn help us develop assets within ourselves and with others, which are arguably the most important kind. We gain some of the most essential ones like teamwork, cooperation, trust and knowledge. We are taught to problem solve, think for our selves and formulate opinions which you always use later on in life, no matter what you do.

  8. super cheese cake

    I think the most important asset is school because when your at school you make friends, we study together with our classmates and we kind of make lots of friends that way. If there is no school we won’t be able to learn stuff and make a lot of friends, without school we can’t even get a job or read a book so I think school is very important. And without friends our life can be boring. Sometimes we plan playdates after school and there will be a lot of kids hanging out after school. It’s like a community center.

  9. Ginger

    I think that honesty is very important asset in my community. During the talks we had in class, we talked mostly about concrete items such as places and specific necessities, but I think that the most important assets are the ones that you cannot hold in your hand, such as virtues and values. When you think back on a time where you have done something wrong and mischievous or have just made a simple mistake, it always feels better to tell someone and be honest with them, than to keep it tucked back in the corner of your mind, nagging at you to tell someone. When people are honest with me, I feel like I am trusted, and to be honest (no pun intended!), it feels pretty great to know someone trusts you. I think that the Dickens community is a very forgiving and trustworthy community and most of us respect our neighbours and block-mates, so this makes it very easy for us to be honest with people in our community such as teachers, neighbours, friends and family. Sometimes, rude and harshly written statements are left as vandalism and destruction in our communities which can be very upsetting. I think that if people were more honest about their feelings and could safely own up to their mistakes, we might have less destruction of our community spaces.

  10. Rouge

    I think that democracy is an extremely important asset in my community and in other communities and neighbourhoods. Democracy is an asset because it allows us to have a voice and speak up for what we believe in and what we want to change or support in our lives. I use democracy regularly in my life and almost every day. For example in our class we always share different ideas and sometimes we don’t completely agree with each other’s statements but in conclusion we can always come to a consensus or near agreement. This asset allows me to have an opinion on world problems and issues in my life that need to be corrected or resolved. Democracy also allows me to disagree or agree with a politician or a person’s idea or solution to a potential problem. This asset can help people in our community come to a conclusion in arguments or brainstorming fairly because everyone will be able to share their opinion and everyone will be fairly listened to. I think that democracy means that decisions are made up by the people in the community (or country) and not by one person. I don’t think anyone wants their live dictated by one person who thinks they know what is best for everyone. Doesn’t it seem fair that the people who will be affected by this decision have a say in it.

  11. Joaquin

    I think hospitals are the most important asset within a community. Without hospitals there would be a lot of sick and injured people as well, a lot more deaths per year. This is important to my community because it keeps us all healthy. It is important to me because if i did not go to the hospital I would not have known that i broke my ankle.

  12. smeagaleater10

    The asset that I chose was the fire department, the way that this community/municipal asset can become important in your life is: if you are in a fire, at least one person can call the fire department and they would put out the fire and save your life. The way that this asset could make a positive change in your community is if there is a fire (which usually happens of a regular basis) you could call the fire department and they would put out the fire and save the victim of the fire. A good quality of the fire department is that you know that if a person reports a fire you can always rely on them to come because that is their job.

  13. Smallbrowndog

    My asset is my bicycle because with ought it I couldn’t get around. Also it is good for yourself as you are getting excersice when you travel to work,school or just getting around. A bike keeps carbon emmisions out of the atmosphere and keeps you in shape. I couldn’t get around quickly if I didn’t have my bike.

  14. iron lanturn

    I chose school because we need school to have an education and to make friends so you could do more things like making projects and fundraising for cancer lemonade stands and more so having schools in our community is a great big asset

  15. den10@sea43

    I am doing mine on family and friends.
    I think family and friends are the most important because those people are the people that are there for you the most. they are the people that love you and care for you the most out of any person in your life. they will always love you no matter what. they know you the best so they know whats best for you. Also they know that you are always there for them and giving them comfort to all your family. What is also great about family is that they bring life to you and your world and to your life. so I think that they are such a community asset because of that.

  16. the Dude

    A big community asset for me is my judo club because it lets me hang out with other kids, learn something new,
    learn how to defend myself, and make new friends. And its not just good for me its also good for the community
    because once you join the Kensington judo club your officially part of the Canadian Judo association.

  17. Purple Pickle

    I chose health care because we need it to be healthy and well and if we didn’t have it we would probably all be sick all the time and that wouldn’t be all that good, health care serves a very important role with making our community positive, if we didn’t have health care (as I said) we would all be sick and that would probably serve a negative affect on our community, also if people are sick and they don’t have any health care they would probably be scared and sad, but if they did have health care they would be scared and sad but with the right equipment they could get better and that would make them relieved and happy because the proper health care made them better.

  18. crazymemeslol123

    I think cloths and hospitals are more inportent because cloths will keep you warm and cozy so you won’t get sick but hospitals will help too because when your injured or have a really bad sickness like high fevers or something they can help you out but the cloths will protect you from the cold well at least some of them.

  19. Soccerboy123ABC

    I am doing mine on family and friends because they help you get comfortable and relaxed in the surroundings like school on your first day the more friends you already know out of school or other community organizations the less nervous and there always there for you and they what’s best for you because you love with them and are connected to you your whole life they love and care for you and you do the same back to them.

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