March 27, 2017

Dear Division 16,

We are starting our new project on Student Vote today and it’s important to get to know our electoral district!

This blog assignment is aimed at helping you to get thinking about the upcoming election on May 9.  The school is located in the electoral district (used to be called a “riding”) called Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

The CBC has been doing a series of “Get to know a BC riding”, where they profile each of the 87 British Columbia electoral districts.  You can find the article about Vancouver-Mount Pleasant here.

Please read the article and then post your response to one of the following questions:

  1. Share a statistic (a number and a unit) from the article that you think is interesting and explain what you think it tells you about the electoral district.
  2. The article identifies many issues that are concerns for residents in the electoral district.  Choose one of them and explain whether or not you agree that it needs to be addressed.
  3. Choose a quote from Melanie Mark, the current Vancouver-Mount Pleasant MLA about her experience or thoughts and explain why you chose that quote and what it tells you about her.  Remember that when you quote someone, you need to give credit to the speaker, use quotation marks and include the whole quotation.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. crazymemeslol123

    #2 well i just learned that the riding that the NDP have Vancouver-Mount Pleasant has never been lost to other candidates like the liberals and conservatives and that there were drug overdoses and i agree that they should try to make other places safe too which is very intresting because i never knew that you can take a riding from another candidate and they are trying to make ridings safe but we don’t know if we are safe or not because that just sets an alarm warning that its probably not safe in some other ridings Vancouver in my opinion feels very safe because we don’t have much crime here but there are a lot of overdoses probably because they are addicted or they just want to end their life which is sad.

  2. The Time Traveller

    I chose these two quotes to do because I feel that she is an important political activist for indigenous rights and I think this shows that – it is very challenging in opposition to try to and advocate for change without any power. All I can do is keep raising the issues keep raising the flag and say something has to be done but fundamentally its up to the government .”

  3. Flying Mandarin

    #2. Melanie Mark was the first Female to be indigenous MLA. She thinks there is major social, economic and environment issue. One of the issue is that Vancouver housing rank 3rd most unaffordable. This will affect me when I group up and needs to be addressed.

  4. smeagaleater10

    2# The problem that I chose was housing affordability. I think this issue needs to be addressed because the current housing prices are unaffordable for the average household income. Mount Pleasant citizens had an average income of $23,900 yearly in 2006 and $48,394 in 2011. On top of that, because the house prices are expensive the rent charged are expensive too. Family sized rental suites and home mortgages typically cost $3,500 monthly. Don’t forget that there is the cost of food, water, electricity, and insurance that add to these expenses making living costs unaffordable. If the elected government could do something about the housing affordability, I’m sure that everyone will thank them.

  5. Spamlington

    #3. The quote I chose to talk about was “Work hard, play hard, do as much as you can in one day, do the best you can. It’s been one year, and hopefully the constitution can see I’m still in this.” I think this shows that Melanie Mark and the NDP are willing to work really hard to win an electoral district that have been in possession of for so long.

  6. super cheese cake

    #2 I learned that there are such things as “never lost seats” which is kind of weird because if you think about it, all the prime ministers and presidents, their time to give up their seats is always in 4 or 8 years. I agree that we really should try do help those people that are addicted to drug uses, because more and more people are dying each year caused by drug overdosing. Most of them are caused by teens seducing their friends for trying them out. It is a easy way for the dealers to earn lots of money because an addicted person will be willing to do anything for drugs.

    • dickensdiv16

      Good points, super cheese cake, it’s true that many elected representatives are in office for one or more terms. Do you think it makes sense for our representatives to remain in the role for a longer term than that?

  7. GamingPickle84

    #3 “When you grow up the way I did … I grew up without a lot, with a single mom in poverty. I don’t take anything for granted,” Melanie Mark.

    I chose this quote because it tells us a lot about her life and what she has been through and what she will be like if she is elected I imagine she would be very kind to everyone and as she said would take “nothing for granted”.

  8. Amythest

    3. “When you grow up the way I did … I grew up without a lot, with a single mom in poverty. I don’t take anything for granted,” said Mark, who is B.C.’s first female Indigenous MLA”. Melanie Mark.
    I chose this because seeing where Melanie Mark is today she had learned some of her life that she won’t take anything for granted, and she will be thankful and grateful for what she has. That is such an important lesson to have your entire life, and be able to not take everything for granted. Having a single mom can teach her many lessons as well because she can learn to work your hardest as I’m sure her mother did, if she does or ever does have children.

  9. Touchdown

    2. I think that I it is great that Mark is addressing China town because a lot of people’s culture is there so to leve it the state that it is would be very sad for many people.

  10. the engineer

    In 2006 people in our riding received only an average income of $23,928 per year. That is the lowest average income in all B.C. ridings. This tells us that our riding is very poor. I found that interesting because our riding doesn’t seem poor. For example there are no slums. So doesn’t that make you wonder why our riding is so poor?

    • dickensdiv16

      the engineer, I think you raise a good point, that within a riding there are different and diverse neighbourhoods. This is part of the challenge of a representative democracy!

  11. lordofthepies05

    Melanie Mark said:
    “Work hard, play hard, do as much as you can in a day, do the best you can. It’s been one year, I hope constituents can see I’ve done my best to be out there.”
    This makes me think that she try’s to live life to the fullest and is a really hard-working person.
    It seems likes she does the best she can and accepts life isn’t perfect but doesn’t complain.

  12. Joaquin

    #2. The one I chose to answer is housing affordability. I agree with this because housing is very expensive and it is hard to find places to live in Vancouver either for renting or buying. I remember before we moved our rent was reasonable but then when we had to move, looking for places was stressful. They were very expensive and now we are paying so much more for rent. Not everyone can afford to pay high rent so we need to take care of this problem before it gets a lot worse.

  13. The Baconator

    I feel that one of the largest problems in Vancouver is all of the drug overdoses. I people are losing their lives to something that can easily be avoided. I think that if people came to talk to kids about drugs then maybe it could help them make better choices in the future.

  14. Soccerboy123ABC

    #1 the Liberals had just 11.3 % of the votes and I think that shows that they either didn’t have a very good platform or they didn’t advertise them as well as the other parties. The things they were going to do not many people wanted so they didn’t vote for them.

  15. sparkle sloth

    #3 “It’s very challenging in opposition to try and advocate for change without any power. All I can do is keep raising the issues, raise the flag, and say something has to be done, but fundamentally it is up to the government.”- Melanie Mark. I chose this quote because to me it is really true and i think that if you are in her position that is all you can do. I think it is important to do things like that because if you don’t express your opinion like that, no one will know that is what you think and you have a better chance of getting elected if you “raise the flag.” To me, it shows that she is confident that people will agree with her and that she really tries to do the best thing for her riding.

  16. S.P.E.W

    3. “It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our diversity in this province, how far Indigenous people have come”-Melanie Mark. I chose this quote because I agree that indigenous people have come so far from being treated like they aren’t worth anything to being treated like what they deserve and more. This quote says that Melanie Mark is a strong powerful woman and is pushing for equal rights and to have everyone free from poverty living a full meaning full life.


    #1 I think its interesting how the front runners for the riding have always been the same. I wonder if this is because of shared interests and dislikes among the top candidates.

  18. Pink Pickle

    #1 I found it interesting that in 2009 and 2013 the Green Party was very low and mostly below the liberals or very close to them, but in 2016 when the NDP went down percent the green party went up percent, so think this means that most NDP voters second choice is Green Party, also saying that NDP voters are very environmental.

  19. Arcticfox

    3# “When you grow up the way i did … I grew up without a lot, with a single mom in poverty. I don’t take anything for granted,” Said by Melanie Mark. I choose this because i think its something we can all relate to even though it seems like it wouldn’t be, it is. If your not taught i certain way or you grow up in a different environment then you think differently. When you grew up in a place with things other people didn’t have. Thats my perspective on this, you may have a different opinion.

  20. purple pom-poms

    #3 “Work hard, play hard, do as much as you can in one day, do the best you can”. Says Melanie Mark. I found this quote and I think that it’s really interesting, because in my opinion, its another version of: “life’s short, spend every second of it as if it was the last”. They’re both quotes talking about that you should live life to the fullest potential and not waste life on little, unimportant issues, which I agree with because whats the point in living a life where every tiny detail turns to a problem? I think that this is a very thoughtful quote and it’s really well done.

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