March 29, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Today, our blog homework is co-written by den10@sea43!

For your first blog assignment after the break, please read the article below:

Please choose ONE of the following questions and post a response.  Remember to use full sentences and to edit your work.  Before you post, make sure that your response answers all parts of the question.

  1. Why do you think it took so long for SeaWorld to make this decision?
  2. Do you agree with the decision to stop the Orca breeding program?  Why or why not?

We look forward to your responses!

den10@sea43 & Jody


  1. Amythest

    2. I totally agree with the decision to stop orca breeding because it’s much better for the whales to be living in the big ocean where they can be free instead they are forced to do shows which I’ve seen. I think that the shows are mean to the whales because they’re forced to learn tricks and perfect them when in the ocean you can swim and be free and if the whales want they could teach them selves how to jump out of the water and show off to the people who go on whale watching boats or just a normal boat. Also being in the ocean is better because they probably get more food then at seaworld in the ocean their food is fresher, they probably get better food in the ocean.

    • dickensdiv16

      Amythest, you’ve made good points about the quality of life of the Orcas in captivity vs in the wild. Do you believe that the research that aquariums do is worth considering?

      • Amythest

        I’m not sure what they have found out or anything but I do think that they probably research very helpful things and we should definetly consider them.

  2. den10@sea43

    I agree to make them stop the orca breeding because as from what I learned from “Blackfish” the documentary is that it is so weird but also so obvious that orcas will act like this in Sea World because of what they are put through. Also I learned that if you put a group of orcas together that are not family will be terrible because in there family there are different so they always stick to each other. But when they are put into groups that they don’t know they start to freak out and really hurt each other. There is way more to this so I really do encourage you to go check out Blackfish!

    • dickensdiv16

      Thanks for the post, den10@sea43, and thanks for recommending the documentary! I think there are many layers to the way that animals respond to captivity and I appreciate that you’ve described a few of them here. I will certainly give “Blackfish” a look!

  3. Arcticowl

    I really think they should stop orca breeding now. If they don’t stop now Blackfish could happen again.They just shouldn’t keep orcas in captivity like they do.Its wrong in many ways.I checked out Blackfish Don’t check it out.I feel like blackfish should of happened.Because if it didn’t then the trainers would of not thought twice about orca and orca breeding.Though i do feel bad because of blackfish.

  4. Rouge

    #1 I think that Seaworld took a very long time to make this decision because they wanted to keep making money off of the Orcas and selling tickets for visitors to see the marine animal shows. I also think that the owners of Seaworld were intimidated by the documentary “Blackfish” and they probably thought by doing nothing to change the theme park they would give off the message to the public that nothing is wrong and that no one needs to question what happens within the park. I have seen Blackfish probably five or six times and everytime I watch it I see more in depth of how they are harming the Orcas, and how they capture babies from the wild to breed and train for shows. The owners and high up operators don’t care about about how they treat the Orcas because their main priority is to make money and advertise and they think about the animals needs close to last on the list. I am happy about the announcement of stopping the capturing and breeding of the Orcas, but I still feel like they might find a loophole or a way to keep bringing in more animals without the workers and public knowing. At this time the amount of visitors and tourists coming to Seaworld are slimming because we are spreading awareness of the problems and errors occurring at Seaworld. I think that Seaworld decided to stop breeding the Orcas so that more people will come to their shows and so the result is that they make more money and have more sold out shows.

  5. The Bean

    #1 I think that the Orcas should have been out of sea world a long time ago, but if I were one of the people who had to make the decision I would understand why it took so long. Even though the publicity about how they treat the whales caused them to lose business, the whales are still definitely their biggest attraction. So having the whales and making less money, is better then not having them and making no money at all (from a financial viewpoint of course). A big business like sea world would take a real long time to make a major decision like this, but that means the only real reason they’ve been keeping the whales for the last few years would be financial. Which shows how the people that run sea world feel about the quality of life for the animals they have at their parks. Then if people can realize that, then they’re going to expect that all of sea world’s animals are treated this way which will probably mean a lot less people visit sea world. So the sea world company has probably caused themselves to lose a lot more business just because they didn’t value their animals as much as their money.

    • dickensdiv16

      The Bean, you’re right – Sea World is big business. Do you think there is a way for companies to have good ethics about animal quality of life, or are those two things mutually exclusive (meaning that one can’t exist together with the other)?

      • The Bean

        I think in the case of big companies like sea world it is definitely possible, since they make so much money. Hopefully what has happened to Sea World will show other businesses like it how important having good ethics are, especially if living things are involved. The businesses have to imagine what its like to be in the animals situation, and that after all these creature may have been through in their lives that the least they deserve is to be in their natural environment.

  6. Pandatush

    #1. I think it took really long for SeaWorld to make the decision because the orca show probably made most of their profits and was a main show there which caught people’s attention and brought them there in the first place. Making the decision must have been hard because you’re taking a big part of SeaWorld away and they had been doing it for so long, so just deciding that it’s going to stop, it’s hard think about it like that.

  7. Crazychicken lover

    1# I think the main reason why they didnt stop for such a long time is because they wanted more money and so they kept selling tickets because they thought that they could make more money but actually as they keep on doing that more more orcas will feel depressed and they won’t want to live anymore and so that their health level keeps on worsening as the trainer’s beat them more and coax them and give them food that theyt aren’t supposed to eat. But I think the main reason the real why they stop breeding orcas is when they found out that the main head leader of the pack is starting to die and so this doesn’t even help the orcas at all knowing their main leader is going to die

    • dickensdiv16

      Crazychickenlover, you’ve made some great points here about how the negative impact of things like captivity can increase over time. It’s never too late to make changes that improve the world!


    #1 I think it took them this long because they thought, ‘well if we keep the orca breeding and shows, we will make more money, but if we stop the breeding and the shows we will lose tons and tons of money, because it’s our most popular event.’ So they just decided that they want more money so they will keep the breeding and shows and no one will even care. As was in the article, less and less came to shows, so they thought, ‘well we already have pretty bad publicity, because of Blackfish and we don’t want more, so let’s just stop the breeding and shows to get better publicly.’


    #2 I agree with the fact that they should be removed because it would be like if I was eating my dinner and then someone grabbed me and through me in a cage. Then, to make situations worse they would the force and expect me to make other people of their kind entertained , and then if I didn’t make people happy and interested I would be shut in a darker cage and be starved. this is the kind of thing that happens to animals every day. This is wrong and whoever invented zoo’s and aquariums is cruel and mean, so I think that people should free the orca’s if not stop breeding them.

  10. the Dude

    #1 I think it took them a long time to make this decision because they obviously waited a while to see if there was any consequences to breeding more orcas and over a period of time there was a lot of problems with them. for example: a person who worked at one of these places was drowned by one of the whales. Also another reason is that scientists started to realize that most animals in captivity who aren’t meant to be in captivity usually don’t live as long because they aren’t used to the environment, or they just get sad and sick. #2 Yes, I agree with the decision to stop the Orca breeding program because the life expectancy in captivity is not that long because they feel uncomfortable or sick and it just isn’t very good for them. Also I think that whales shouldn’t have been in captivity in the first place. All the animals, underwater or on land, are part of the food chain. So if you put a whale in a zoo, you disrupt the food chain. Another reason is for the safety of the people who work there because there were a lot of law suits due to that person who got killed. For all these reasons, I agree that the Orca breeding program should be stopped.

  11. Shadow145

    #2 I agree with stopping the orca breeding program because people have captured orcas or other types of fish and keep them in a life of captivity just to keep us entertained while they stay in cages when they finish entertaining people. How would you feel if you were taken and put into a cage just to entertain other people for the rest of their lives.

  12. smeagaleater10

    #2 I agree with stoping the Orca breeding program. My reasons for being against the breeding program are it is cruel to keep these animals captive, animals kept in captivity can become highly dangerous. It is cruel because they have been kept in isolation and calves born in captivity will never experience the wild. There are examples of dangerous killer whales, like Tilikum at SeaWorld, who killed 2 people. Allowing these whales to breed can pass on their dangerous behaviour which probably would cause more deaths. The reason the scientists said why Tilikum killed was long term isolation. I think Orcas born in captivity would probably have a similar trait as Tilikum.

  13. Ginger

    I think that the decision to stop Orca breeding is a really important milestone in North American Orca history. Since 1985, SeaWorld has been breeding and artificially inseminating their whales and it is amazing that they have finally decided to stop! At SeaWorld, trainers have no responsibility over how the Orcas are treated other than how they personally treat the whale. The people making decisions about the Orcas’ schedules, diets and health routines are the CEOs and managers who don’t actually spend time with the Orcas. When you actually know an Orca, you don’t think about how much money you can make, or how many visitors your facility will get, rather, you think about what is best for the whales and how your decisions affect them. I think that the CEOs of SeaWorld have been focussed more on revenue and less about their animals.
    It would be horrible to be taken away from your pod and put into a tank just big enough for you to swim circles in, but it would be just as bad to be born into a tank and live your life knowing nothing other than the walls of the tank and having people constantly staring at you. I’m not suggesting that all the worlds’ aquariums and theme parks should instantly release all captive cetaceans but I think that if the CEOs were to stop and think about how captive breeding affects animals, their decision to stop breeding would have changed a long time ago. I know that some people will be upset with me for saying this, but personally, I do not think that SeaWorld is a terrible institution. They have done significant research with their captive whales that has helped save many whales in the wild. Due to new research techniques like using drones, taking tissue samples for genetics and capturing vocalizations, most of today’s research can be done in the wild. I hope that in the future no whales will live their lives in captivity.

  14. baconguy

    #1. I think that the reason that they decided to stop breeding orcas only now was because they knew that while business wasn’t going so well, taking away the orcas would be a chance that it would only make it worse. I also think that they were maybe waiting to see if sea world would get back into business, and when they saw that it wasn’t going to go anywhere, they just gave up.

  15. Joaquin

    I do agree to stop the Orca breeding program at sea world .It is so cruel to have such big animals in such small areas and making them preform for food it is not right they should let them be free.

  16. Sr.Fruitcake

    #2 I think that it is a great choice on sea worlds part even though it is only a partial victory. I think that now that it is stopped people might relent a little bit though and i think it would be better to keep pushing because Orcas are just one of the many marine animals being kept in captivity which should be out in the wild with their kin. If people keep protesting than we slowly do what we done here and hopefully fase out the captivity of wild animals that should stay there.

  17. TechNerd

    #1 I think it took them so long because they make a lot of money annually with their killer whales, and people from all over the world have come to just take a look at their whales all year long. SeaWorld is unique, there are very little other company’s that do the same thing as SeaWorld which makes them first in their class. I personally disagree with SeaWorld. They have so many whales in captivity, which should be in the wild right now if they hadn’t caught them from he wild, although most of them are SeaWorld born and of they are feed to the wild, they will instantly die because they do not know how to live in the wild and how to survive because they have been at SeaWorld all their lives and there fish is thro into their mouths and caught by humans for them. Most of the Wha,Es are descendants of the whale that was captured long ago, in the wild when he was just a little baby whale even though he was already 4,000 pounds when they caught him. The whale that has killed 3 people in its lifetime and is now fighting lung disease. The answer is, Tilikum. Who first came from Sealand in Victoria Canada after he killed a trainer there and Sealand sold him SeaWorld. He killed 2 other people at SeaWorld.
    #2 I really agree with stopping the orcha breeding program. Because it will mean that in a little time once there are no more whales at SeaWorld, no other whales will have to face what other whales have faced. Some people say that Tilikum, the 83 year old killer whale is psychotic. If we wish to see orchas or killer whales, we should not see them in captivity, forced to put on shows and dance. We should go and see them living their life in the wild.

  18. Smallbrowndog

    2 I think it was the right decision to make because no animal should be kept in a limited space. They are wild animals they should’nt be in a glass cage. Animals like that who will never see the wild and others wild animals. They won’t be able to learn how to fish or do anything else besides doing tricks for an audience. It makes me feel sad knowing that while I am able to move freely for further than 100 metres without being put back in my cage.

  19. The Baconator

    I think that it took SeaWorld so long to make this decision is because nothing severe had happened and once something did they realized their cruelty they decided to change.
    I think that they made the right decision to let them roam free. I highly doubt that it feels great to be locked in a room doing things for other people’s amusement.

  20. crazymemeslol123

    2. I agree because whales being trapped in a a small habitat is maybe pretty uncomfortable for big whales the size of 2 school buses I think it would be much better if they catch their own fresh fish or whatever they eat in the oceans they are the king of the oceans they aren’t suppose to be in a aquariums fishermen are suppose to see the whale hunting with them.

  21. soccerboy123ABC

    I totally agree with the decision they made to stop orca breeding because like it mentioned in the”blackfish” documentary that a trainer was killed and I think that the orcas themselves are telling us that they don’t like what the trainers were making them learn or do so they reacted violently. I also think that it is unnatural for them to be with so many others like in the tanks at the Vancouver aquarium there were like 50 sharks al together everyday and I think that they need more room same with the orcas because they are such big mammals they need an ocean not just a tank .I think that when Tilikum killed 2 people it will pass on to the next generation of whales and will continue to be more reckless out in they wild which may get themselves killed because if there not careful it might change the way animal population goes which might decrease there species or might decrease food species and make it harder for them to breed .

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