March 3

Dear Division 16,

Please read the article below about New Westminster becoming the first school district in British Columbia to call itself a “Sanctuary School District”.

This means that children can attend school in New Westminster even if their families have not resolved all of their immigration issues.  The concern is that families who feel unsafe or uncertain in Canada may not choose to send their children to school for fear of being arrested or deported.

Vancouver is not a sanctuary district, although discussions are leading in this direction.  Instead, Vancouver has adopted a “Access Services Without Fear” policy which achieves some of the same goals.

For your post, please consider the impact such a policy might have on a school.  Make sure to explain your thinking and choose one (or both) of the following questions to answer:

  1. Who will be affected by this policy and how? What issues this might resolve and what issues might be caused
  2. Why do you think such a policy was undertaken by the New Westminster School District?

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amythest

    2. I think that the New Westminster School District has started this policy because, some of their staff had maybe immigrated and had a hard time during school or a student and their family have immigrated and had a hard time in school. Or someone just had some family who immigrated or that just think that it would be a thoughtful thing to suggest, for everybody to feel safe everyday at school. I hope that this will inspire other school districts to try this out, to help families feel safe and happy.

  2. crazymemeslol123

    #1 maybe the people who have been here in Canada that live in the New Westminster are maybe really happy that the young people who just started to start a life there didn’t have to write on lots of documents so that they could have passports and so that their children don’t have to wait for education but with this rule people that had immigration could let their children go to school without the fear of non proper education and the school at New Westminster is maybe filled with students right now of that rule perhaps we should have this same rule for all the schools so no one can feel like they don’t belong in the school we just have to be welcoming like C****** D******.

  3. lordofthepies05

    I think new Westminster started this policy so not only that kids and family’s world have a safe school but also so that people who immigrated would feel comfortable being hired or being a teacher there even though they might have a different race or skin colour.


    2# I think the policy is great idea. Recently in class we have been talking about immigration and how it’s hard to find education and life Inow your new home. I would say mostly education. Kids need help if they immigration (Not only immigration, other people too) they would be able to pick up on life in theit new home. Skin color is also a big deal in school. People get bullied for being a different a race of skin color, in this school there will MOSTLY be no bullying about people’s colour and race. Being safe is the #1 thing about bring school. You would be in a comfortable place. I’m glad New westminster stared this school and policy.

  5. Flying mandren

    #1 l think that it affects the school and the teacher that is working at that school. If there is enough teachers and class room for the children to attend it would be fine. If there is no education for the children, they may get in trouble as there is no chose for them. Education is very important for the kids and the future growth of Canada.

  6. The Time Traveller

    The people who will be affected by this policy will be the immigrants that are coming into this country who have children who should get education The way they will be affected is the fact that those children can now get education. The issue that would be resolved through this would be that immigrants would be less scared to send thare kids to school. One issue that might be caused because of this would be that the schools might be breaking regulations and the governments could still technically shut them down

  7. the engineer

    I think the policy was undertaken because some people with unclear immigration status wouldn’t bring their children to school in fear of being sent back to their home country. So basically the policy is for refugees. It allows children of the refugees to get a education and it makes them feel welcome.

  8. Soccerboy123ABC

    #2 I think this policy was taken in by the city of New westminster because a lot of immigrants are living there and if they know they’re children won’t be harmed and thier personal immagration information will not get shared publicly. With one less thing to worry about for the parents it will be an easier time on them. Some people don’t send there children to school because of there worry of family separation and with this policy in place it prevents that from happening.

  9. Spamlington

    #1. I think that the people who will be affected the most are the teachers at the New Westminster schools. This would be because the teachers would have to take a very important role of making sure the immigrants don’t get picked on. I think this would resolve the problem of safe schooling for kids while they what to see if they are approved for immigration, but it would raise the previously mentioned problem of the immigrants being bullied. Of course, that problem would not apply to all schools, but for some, that could become quite a serious issue.

  10. Purple Pom-poms

    #2 I think that new Westminster school district chose to have this policy because so many innocent people were coming to their country, town,city etc. and having to deal with a bunch of problems going to school or finding homes. So new Westminster decided to help make that easier for immagrents and also to set a positive reputation for themselves. Hopefully other places will start doing this because in my opinion what ther’re doing is super good and responsible.


    I think this policy was a selfless act by the new west school board to make immigrants have easier access to education that requires less documents. I think it it enables many fearing refugees to feel safe in a public community.

  12. Touchdown

    This is an amazing act because I think that some people immigraned to Canada because they wanted a better life for there kids so the kids being in a school will really help that because they are getting a proper education.

  13. Sushi Monster

    #2 I think the reason why such a policy was undertaken by the New Westminster School District is because they want all kids to have a right to an education. So this made it easier for immigrants to have an education that they might not of had before. This would help them feel more welcomed and hopefully other city’s will do this to. I think this is a great step for New Westminster School District to do every bit helps to make our world a better place.

  14. PinkPickle

    #2 I think this policy probably came into place because of all of the Syrian refugees coming into Canada, their were so many of them and when their children went to school maybe they were bullied a lot more than anyone else because of the ism’s (racism and classism mostly) so new Westminster took action and created the sanctuary school either by making some kids leave schools or by teaching them about the Syrian refugees lives before they came to Canada. So they could learn to not hate the Syrian refugees but hopefully make them feel more at home.

  15. Arcticfox

    2# I’m considering that this policy was made because they want people from all places, who have immigrated to Canada to feel better about their school community. they might feel pressured or scared about this because it would be scary. It was made for them to feel safe. For immigrants to feel welcomed to their new school and encouraged and helped.

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