May 1

Dear Division 16,

Take a look at this polling information. It’s from a few days ago but I think it’s a really interesting representation of some results.

Take a look at the results from this poll and answer one of the following questions.

1. What impact do you think poll results like this have on voters? Explain your thinking

2. Do you agree with the results of this poll? Compare these results to your feelings about what you expect the outcome to be. Be specific!

I look forward to your responses!



  1. The Baconator

    From what I saw in the debate (from what I saw) Christy Clark stayed away from insulting the others and let the other two battle it out. Personally I don’t like her but I do think that she will get a lot of votes. I think that the actual vote will end up the same, the liberals on top then the NDP and finally the greens but the NDP may come either really close or not close at all.

  2. super cheese cake

    #1 I believe that different voting projection could have different effect on different people for example if this person really admires this candidate if that candidate has slim chance to win, the voter could get really upset. And since he\she knows that that candidate is going to lose anyways, he\she might as well just stay home and don’t vote. If this person saw the projection and decided that the candidate the wanted to get elected is going to win, why not just stay home and relax, thinking that one person doesn’t matter yet if 1000 people does the same thing and thinking the same thing the vote turn out could easily change.

  3. Flying Mandarin

    [#1] I think this poll impacts us when you see what people are voting on. This may impact on the people’s decision on who they will vote.

  4. Amythest

    1. I also think that this poll impacts citizens voting choices, because this information would affect who everyone thinks is more likely to win. So if you were planning on voting for The Green Party (as an example) and you saw that the poll showed that they have the least amount of chance on winning, would you still vote for them? Or would you change your vote to a party that you think would more likely win?

  5. smeagaleater10

    I think that the poll results can have a very big impact on voters. For example if you were going to vote for the libertarian party then you saw the polls, you might not vote at all. So the results can have a big mental impact. I think a way to counteract the discouragement is by thinking about the good things the party you support has done and believe that this time that they will form a government.

  6. Spamlington

    #1. I think that the polls could affect voters because they could look at the statistics and change their vote simply because they don’t want someone to win or they feel like they want to go with the majority. For example, someone could want to vote green, but then change their vote to liberal because they really don’t want the NDP to win, and they figured that the liberals had a better chance than the greens to beat the NDP.

  7. the engineer

    I think that the impact these polls have on voters is that people will panic if they don’t like the majority party based on the poll and vote for the opposite party. They might be so panicked that they wont understand the consequences of the party that they are voting for. For example, say someone really doesn’t like the NDP; so then they vote for the opposite party which are the liberals. But maybe the liberals don’t actually fit their expectations. The liberals could win simply because they are the only other choice.

  8. Imgonein2months

    #1 I think that this will affect voters because let’s say that you are voting and can’t decide who to vote for but with these polls you can vote for a party that looks like winning. For example if you were either going to vote green or ndp and you were equally torn but you wanted to give a vote for a party that would be more successful in the seats they win. That could be why John horgans election campaign was “don’t waste a vote on the greens”. Both party’s have fairly similar platforms so he’s saying if you want a party that still addresses the environment but actually has a chance to win you should vote ndp.

  9. Touchdown

    1. Think that these have a huge affect because if you look at this and see that the NDP will win then you don’t want to vote green for example because you feel like you have no chance. Even my dad did not vote liberal for the 2015 election and voted instead for Don Davies because he had a pretty clear win in this riding.


    The affect this pole might have on voters is that people may look at this and say hey the NDP have a lot of seats might aswell vote for them so that for example the lebrals don’t win. Because a lot of people really believe in stats so those people would probably take this seriously.

  11. Apple juice-Injury

    #1 I think if you’re a Green Party supporter then you will see this and think what does one vote do when you down by so muche. If you vote for somebody else then they will have more votes and you don’t want that, you want you’re party to get as many votes as they can. If you’re a liberal fan then you see that you could get in front of the NDP so you want to encourage everybody to vote for them and you believe you can win. I think overall it really affects the voters who are undecided because the information could sway their vote easily.

  12. Joaquin

    #1 I think the impacts it has on voters is clear, its going to make them vote smart and if they were going to vote green to keep out the liberals they’re probably going to vote NDP now because there is a higher chance of them winning then the green party.

  13. purple pom-poms

    #1 I think that when people see these grafts/charts and they see one candidate really ahead and winning and they will probably feel either pressured to vote that party or they will want to vote the leading party. I think this because it feels better to say “I voted with the leading party” then to say “I didn’t vote the party that won” so whatever party is leading might end up being the one who wins if this theory happens.

  14. crazymemeslol123

    #1 i think the impact on voters are like the people who have families or need a home will have a high chance to have voted for John Horgan other then Christy Clark because when the 3 main party leaders spoke Christy Clark sounded as if she was gonna put extra taxes for the people who have rented homes and would help rich people while John Horgan wanted to help people who rent homes for only a $1 `and childcares who parents would only have to pay $15 a day.

  15. lordofthepies05

    I think if the results turn out bad, for example, the greens, then the person who might want to vote for the greens get discouraged and possibly not vote. It also may change their decision about who they want to vote for, seeing that their original preference was probably not going to win anyway.

  16. Pink Pickle

    I think a poll like this could have a strong impact on voters because they would see that BC wants the NDP government more than the liberals by vote average. so maybe if liberal supporters saw that the province prefers NDP at the moment then maybe they would change their vote to NDP.

  17. Arcticfox

    I think this poll has an effect on green supporters. They seem to not have as much votes, so they have to choose. Maybe some don’t like Christy Clark and maybe some don’t like John Horgan. So they have to change their votes in the real election.


    1. I think the impact it will have on voters is telling them to get out there and make a descision because this is the moment when your vote matters. I think if people read this they will think “Huh maybe I can be the difference in this election.

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