May 11

Dear Division 16,

I’m sure you have had a chance to check out the results from the Student Vote election, despite our oft-failing internet at school.

If not, here’s your chance.

Take a look at the results from the Student Vote parallel election. The home page shares the provincial results in terms of seat count as well as vote count.

You can break the results down into electoral district and further into schools by clicking on their names.

For today’s assignment, please choose two sets of results and compare them.  It might be comparing the student vote between two schools, two electoral districts, or comparing the vote count to the seat count.

Explain how the two sets of results are different or similar and explain why you think those two sets of results are interesting to compare.  Make sure that you clearly indicate which sets of results you are comparing.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. smeagaleater10

    For this blog post I will be comparing the seat count and percentage of votes between the NDP and the Green Party. The NDP got 60 seats while the greens only got 14, I think this is very intriguing because the NDP got 38.97% of the vote while the greens got 28.48% of the vote. The NDP got 69% of the seats but only with 39% of the popular vote, and the Greens got 28.50% of the popular vote and only won 14 seats. This is the perfect example of the problem of the Canadian first past the post system.

  2. Flying Mandarin

    I am going to compare. . . Charles Dickies Elementary school and Lord Selkirk Elementary school.One thing that I noticed was that in Charles Dickies Elementary school almost everyone voted for NDP also Lord Selkirk Elementary school.And another thing that I realized was that Charles Dickies Elementary school election only 4%voted for independent. But Lord Selkirk Elementary school election 14% voted for independent. It surprised me by in Charles Dickies Elementary school only 4% voted for independent. And Lord Selkirk Elementary school voted 10% more then Charles Dickies Elementary school.

  3. super cheese cake

    I compared the bc green and the bc liberals. I realized that last year almost everyone voted for NDP yet liberals still had more vote than the greens. Its probably because now that most of the people in our school watched the debate of the leaders and some people thought that what the green party said really makes sense and really agree with them ( like me). As for the bc liberals, the action they made before the vote really changed a lot of people’s thinking about them. Some parent told their kids hoe horrible the bc liberals are so that the kids would have second thoughts about voting for them.

  4. Spamlington

    I will be comparing the votes of Conny Lin from the BC Liberals and Melanie Mark from the NDP, who both ran in the Vancouver Mount Pleasant electoral district. Melanie Mark won the vote, and I think this is because students heard her backstory, and thought she would be a good politician.

    220 1048

  5. Amythest

    I chose to compare the NDP with the Green Party’s seat count. The NDP received 60 seats, while the Green Party received 14 seats. The NDP received the most seats out of the Green Party, BC Liberals, and the Indipendant Party. I was surprised that the Green Party received more votes than the BC Liberals because it has been the Green Party with the least amount of votes, second BC Liberals, and normally NDP with the majority of the seats. Even when you convert the seats into percentages NDP got way over majority of the votes, the NDP got 38.97% and the Green Party got 28.48% of the votes.

  6. the engineer

    In Vancouver Mount Pleasant the NDP won by a landslide. In fact most of B.C. districts had NDP as their winner. I think this is because the Green Party isn’t very popular and most of the other parties are small. The only party that stood in the NDP’s way were the Liberals. But after they caused the teachers to strike, I doubt very many people wanted to vote for them, especially students. So that left nothing in the way for the NDP to win.
    I compared Vancouver Mount Pleasant (our riding) with West Vancouver Capilano. As we know the NDP won our riding. But did you know that Capilano elected Liberals? My guess is that Capilano is not lacking in money, so they prefer the Liberals because the Liberals help rich people.

  7. Apple juice-Injury

    I am comparing the electoral districts and how many independants had a seat. Surprisingly there was only one seat and in there real election there was quite a few more and I thought it was really surprising because a lot of ridings corresponded with the real one except for these and a few more. Our riding has been NDP for a long time and every time it stays that way, for NDP in our riding Melanie Mark got a substantial win. In our riding there was no information on Mike Hansen and was a little more I think more of them could win seats in the future.

  8. Joaquin

    Today i’m gong to talk about two student vote electoral districts DELTA SOUTH and VANCOUVER-MOUNT PLEASANT. The reason delta south caught my eye because its the only electoral district that voted in an Independent candidate which is very interesting where in most of the vancouver electoral district was won by the NDP. I wonder why

  9. The Baconator

    I found it really interesting how the NDP won 60 seats in the legislature but only 38% of the ballots cast were for the NDP. You’d think that they would have gotten a higher percentage of the vote but I remember that this happened in the federal election. I remember that the liberals won a lot of seats but not a lot of votes. Maybe this is actually really common.

  10. Touchdown

    What I found really interesting is that Fleming the school that my Mom works in and are school voted almost the same. Of course they voted BC NDP but they also had a big verity in there too.

  11. purple pom-poms

    Both Charles Dickens and Florence Nightingale had really different Student Vote votes. I noticed that Nightingale voted 28 votes or 43.08% for the BC Greens, while our school (Charles Dickens) voted 66 votes or 22.84% for the BC Greens. I also noticed that at Nightingale they voted only 26 votes or 40.00% for the BC Liberals, but our school voted a whole 192 votes or 66.44% for the BC Liberals! I chose these two schools because I noticed how big of a difference they had on their votes, which I found really interesting.

  12. lordofthepies05

    I am going to be comparing BC NDP and BC liberals.
    I noticed that the amount of votes for these two party’s, didn’t reflect what happened in the provincial election at all really because of how much more votes NDP had.
    I also found it suprizing how little votes the liberals had.
    It’s odd to compare these two party’s because of the fact that liberals won the election.


    I am comparing the results in the real provincial election and student vote election in the riding of Kelowna-West. I found it funny that in the real election the riding went heavily Liberal but in student vote it went NDP. I think it shows that the kids had their own opinion and were not swayed by the bias of the adults the live with.

  14. Pink Pickle

    I am comparing the vote count of Abbotsford west to Vancouver mount pleasant. I can see right off the bat that both Abbotsford and Vancouver have the around the same vote percentage of the Green Party, 20% for Abbotsford and 23% for Vancouver, the Liberal party won in Abbotsford just by 1% whereas in Vancouver NDP won by 34%! Abbotsford had more votes for other than mount pleasant had for Liberal, and in Vancouver green came second to the NDP and in Abbotsford green came 3rd to NDP.

  15. crazymemeslol123

    i am comparing Lord Selkirk and Vancouver Christian School because both are way different from each other when it comes to vote in VANCOUVER-MOUNT PLEASANT because while Lord Selkirk has 599 votes accepted and Vancouver Christian School has no votes even when 59 ballots were sent to their school.

  16. Arcticfox

    im comparing Vancouver False Creek and Vancouver hastings. i noticed there was a huge difference in the votes counted between districts. about 3000 to around 600. I think thats because of the population. there tends to be be more people in Hastings area i guess because its more popular? The more logical answer is theres more land and more city area there. False creek may be a big riding, but its mostly just the ocean. Its very busy there and more city populated so its less likely theres schools there. Thats my thinking on it.

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