May 12, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Today’s blog assignment is written by Smallbrowndog

Please read this article about the new Mayor of London, England, Sadiq Khan and this article about a new Member of Parliament in the Philippines.

These two articles describe newly elected officials in England and the Philippines who are changing people’s perspectives.

For your assignment this week, please answer the following question:

“How can we as a society encourage more people who represent diverse groups to put their names forward in municipal, provincial and federal elections?”

We look forward to your responses,

Jody & Smallbrowndog


  1. Amythest

    I think that society does it because everyone is different and everyone can help society in different ways. I think they might also do it because choosing someone from one place all the time is kind of offensive to everyone else because they might think that they won’t let them be apart of it just because of where they’re from or what they look like. Or it could just be because it’s good too have different cultures experience that kind of thing like municipal, provincial or federal elections.

  2. The Baconator

    I think that a way to encourage people to run in different levels of election is to make them feel comfortable in trying. Taking a risk like this can end up great or horrible. It could end great if everyone supports their ideas and likes them as a person. It could go horrible if people don’t like their ideas and people discriminate them for who they are or what they want to do to the country. They might not want to do it because of the risk but if we comfort them it will build their confidence and it will make them a stronger person.

  3. The Dude

    To encourage more diverse people to join the political system, I think we probably should just show other people of difference races and background that we trust them, respect them and will encourage them to join our electoral system.
    Probably one of the reasons why these people don’t join the electoral system is because when they look on the evening news on the TV, they see guys who look like Donald trump and Justine Trudeau. The more people see people who look like them in power, the more they will join in.

  4. Ginger

    I think that one of the ways to encourage diverse groups of citizens to put their names forward in elections, is to have more advertisements to educate people about politics and offer an inexpensive course to help guide new politicians. If the Canadian Government was to create an introductory course that anyone could take, more people might become interested in politics and possibly inspire more people to become Mayors, Premiers or a Prime Minister. People who are different, or identify differently, might feel like others don’t want them representing their home country, province or city, but I don’t think that is true. Especially in Vancouver, we have a very diverse group of people from all around the world and most people appreciate the chance to learn about and participate in new cultural traditions.

  5. den10@sea43

    I think that we could help people learn about politics in schools and all around the would so that little kids that come from different countries can ask there parents about the political system here. And if we can get people interested in the political system here then they might want to run for office.

  6. Smallbrowndog

    I think that e can encourage people to run in parliamentary elections if we let people like sadiq Khan advertise about how we need the parliament to be a diverse and different parliament to other places in the world. This I think would cause people to get more involved in democratic process rather than just voting. The mayor of London should know that London is a diverse city and that for every 1000 people from a nation he should want 1 or more people running in the election.

  7. Rouge

    I think that a way to encourage diverse groups of people to run as a leader in an election would be to have more education around the topic of government. If there were programs at schools and community centre’s about running for office and “how to start a campaign” more people would be educated in this area which means that more people would run in upcoming elections in their city/country. I think that some people are scared to run for office because they feel as though they won’t have enough support or they won’t be voted for because they are unique or special. In our community and country everyone is equal and if in different levels of government and in different places around the world that same law applies more people will be encouraged to run because they know that they will be treated equally and fairly with the other people running against them. We need to support one another and put differences and negative beliefs aside and treat everyone with mutual and equal respect anywhere including politics.

  8. Crazychicken lover

    I think that it is important to acknowlege the diverse groups and to be careful how you address them and think of them and in this way i think more people will put theyre names forward in the election and just think of everyone as equal. Starting from early ages you should be encouraging people about equality and from early age i think that it would be good to tell them that everyone is equal.

  9. super cheese cake

    Well I think we can reserve some seats for the different race people to give him/her a chance to speak up for their groups. So they can show their influents and capabilities. Next time people will vote for them……..Also we can hold some of the events like pride speak or cultural festivals that can let everyone know that people from different background aren’t that bad and can know more about their life, thinking, culture, faith and even needs .


    I think that one way we can get more people from diverse groups is to have free courses in places where people can get to them easily. They can specialize in certain areas like a deaf community centres, places like Q-ummunity, churches and all different types of schools (public, private, elementary, high school, university/college) that can teach people about politics. They can teach about the importance of politics and that lots of people can become a politician you just need some education about it and hard work.

  11. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that one way is to if you are in university that there could be courses to help people get to know them and make it so that if a deaf person runs for a position that people won’t vote for them just because they have a disability or something that isn’t normal . I also think that they should add an extra seat for people with disabilities or other things like people who have a clubed foot . Now that Sadiq Khan is in a seat in think that it will encourage other people like her to run.

  12. smeagaleater10

    I think the first step to encourage people of different or diverse groups to engage in politics is to eliminate discrimination. This is important because the people of diverse groups will have no people to alienate them, which will help them to build more confidence and run for elections. The second step should be is to get coordinators to set up programs and classes that build confidence for the people of the diverse groups and as an option inform them about politics and campaigning. After that there will probably be more representatives and runners for a place in a government to make the world a better place by looking at things from a different perspective.

  13. Joaquin

    I think that if we teach people in school that people who represent diverse groups can be involved in politics they will grow up thinking this way then they will want to put their names forward in municipal, provincial and federal elections.Or we can have posters all over Canada all year round saying some thing like we need you in politics and be the one who change’s politics.

  14. baconguy

    I think that we can encourage people by doing that sort of thing ourselves. If you look at the articles, then you see that people are being inspired by the two politicians, especially the one in the Philippines because of how much courage they have.

  15. crazymemeslol123

    I think we could give people the chance to be courageous to Speak up to people with the higher levels of respect like mayors and administration officials and tell them or at least ask them if they could help small businesses and give them support or something like that it’s just that you can encourage anyone to be brave and strong they can do anything they want well except anything illegal or you will be sentenced to jail for 20 years.

  16. THEMANGO404 mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    I think the best way to let LGBTQ people know that they can run for an office is if people just don’t get angry when they say. ” I want to run for a riding”. I just think that people should leave the doors open to LBGTQ people who want to have a bigger voice in politics. In my opinion every different person of class gender age religion should be able to talk about what they want for the future. And I think that a first Muslim mayor and a transgender Philipine M.O.P. .

  17. TechNerd

    I think to encourage them, we need to make them believe and trust us. We need to let them know, that if they are doing the right thing, we are with them. And that we are also with them through all of their proposals and or changes that they bring forward in office.

  18. Sr.Fuitcake

    I would say that to encourage that we would have to have some leaders pushing for this who of different ethnicities. I think this would help to encourage the people of different countries to run in elections and get involved in the politics of their residential country. I wonder what kind of change that would also bring to the voter turnout. I think it significantly raise the amount of people who want to have a say in who gets to make the decisions in our country.

  19. Arcticowl

    I think we can encourage more diverse. people to put their names in for elections. By kind of reaching out to them in a way like telling them its ok to feel different especially in economy. I think we sould compfert them. We have learned to respect people’s differences. Make sure they feel like if they want to be in elections they can. If they don’t it fine.

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