May 15

Through our studies of genetics and STEAM, we have talked a lot about developing good hypotheses and testing.

At this link, you’ll find an article about the area of twin studies, as NASA is undertaking them.

Please read the article and then respond to ONE of the following questions:

  1. Beyond the examples given in the article, identify one thing you think we can learn from identical twins?
  2. What factors do you think scientists ought to keep in mind when studying humans?

We look forward to your responses!



  1. The phantome blade

    I think some factors are don’t make anyone do anything that is outside of their comfort zone and make sure that you have their permission before hand because people can have second thoughts about whatever you might be making them do.

  2. Arty-choke

    I think that there is many factors that scientists need to keep in mind when studying humans. For example, if the situation they were studying the twins in, was them actually, physically being taken samples from, then the scientists need to make sure the twins feel comfortable. It goes the same for if they are doing anything mentally related, like scanning their brains to see how the twins are related mentally. Plus there is factors that are genuinely more obvious, like making sure that what the scientists are doing is safe, and making sure that nobody is harmed. All of the new information we learn about how different humans react to different things and are related in different ways are important, but I think that it is the most important thing is that we all understand that, although we are all different and unique,we are also all connected in many ways.

  3. Santiago

    (#2). I think that you should be very careful and get consent from the person, and that they have the ability to say no at any time. Also they should be a medical personnel nearby I case in the unfortunate happening that something goes wrong. and that is my blog post.

  4. black circle

    we can learn the differences between identical and non identical twins like chance of disease and health. also they can learn about how they feel living with basically a clone of themselves and their overall attitude.

  5. blackcircle

    I think we can learn about the differences between identical and non identical twins such as health and age. Also we can learn how they feel with a identical twin and how their attitude toward life with a twin.

  6. electroe05

    I think having an identical twin would be different. But would there genes both cary the same disease or same sort of feeling as a sibling would have. for example do the feel comfortable with twins or does it get annoying this is what I think experiments like Nasa’s can teach us tons.

  7. Flying pinguin

    I think that we can learn that identical twin does not have the same DNA and all people have different DNA even if they are twins or not.

  8. Amythest

    2. I think some factors to studying humans are that you need to be so careful and cautious at all times because humans are very delicate (kind of depends on the age a bit) and if anything goes wrong then that person could be at risk of some sickness or worse. Also the person being studied on, needs to be okay with everything the scientist is doing, so nothing should be totally out of their comfort zone.

  9. Spirit Heart

    I think scientists should make sure that the people their studying are conferrable with that,like you can’t just say to someone hey, we are going to study you and your twin for a little bit to see what happens when you stay in space for a year. They would probably think this, but i dont what to be studied, and they dont actually say that out loud. so instead scientists should say can we study you for a project?

  10. chiefblobfish

    Identical twins usually do not have the same DNA/personality
    like the twins in our class do not have the same DNA because no one has the same DNA. They deffinitely do not have the same personality. so we can identify their hair color.

  11. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that when humans are being experimented on that people need to keep in mind some boundaries and make sure that they are comfortable and okay with the experiment.

  12. mistacheeseman

    I think that you could study how similar or different their personalities are to learn about what determines the person’s personality. Its different with identical twins rather than two random people because they have very similar DNA. For example, if one twin lives in the city and the other in the country then their personalities might not rely on the twins DNA. Maybe the twin that lives in the country likes playing outside and doing activities outside and the other twin that lives in the city likes to go to the mall or something.

  13. Day Dreamer

    I think some things scientists need to keep in mind while studying a human are they should not hurt the human unless that person said you can, do not forces the person to do anything and if they don’t want to do it find someone who would do it, and you should not post anything that the person is not comfortable with you posting.

  14. Smeagaleater10

    2. It is a given that when experimenting on anyone that the experimenters don’t violate any human rights. Also, before every experiment, twins have to give the scientists permission to do the test if one of them or both are in the subject of the experiment This way they can leave if they are unsure or not comfortable about the test.

  15. the engineer

    I think that it is good to learn from humans but keep in mind that they are real people and not rats or something like that.

  16. hockey 101

    I think that one thing we can learn from this article about these identical twins is the way their DNA can change in different environments and we learn your environment can be just as powerful as DNA at shaping how you are as a human.

  17. Awesomeness

    When studying humans, people should keep in mind that they are still living things, and have feelings too. Also, the people/person should feel comfortable and know what it is that they have to do. Just like when our class did gymnastics we had to feel comfortable about what we were going to do, and not do something that you know you are not capable of doing. Another thing to keep in mind is, if they gave you permission to do what people need you to do. If they did not, people should not force anyone into doing something they didn’t agree to do.

  18. game master 2018

    I think identical twins could be used for a few purposes. For example I thing we stand to learn about psychological differences for example how do the environments the twins where raised in effect there personalities? Same thing with there bodies how does different environments effect different bodies? well I have never met any identical twins but I am shure theres is a lot we can learn from them.

  19. Snort

    I think a few things that scientists should keep in mind when they are studying humans are they should get permission by that person and their twin so they’re aware of someone studying them. Also these people are still living things so if they’re not comfortable with something than they should stop.

  20. IM_PICKLE_RICK!!!🥒

    Some factors they AKA scientists need to know about might be sweat I guess you could do DNA with it. Or bones? Other wise I think it’s a good idea to do blood cells or saliva.

  21. PUG_LIFE

    i think that to help to keep in mind scientists would be knowing that they know how to collect the DNA of humans like sweat,blood,spit and more.

  22. Narwhalz

    I think that there is many factors in a human like where they live, what they eat, how old they are, Ect… Also other factors like how willing the human is and if there allowed to do this.

  23. bow tie 12

    I think when they study humans they should remember that there are actually studying on us. They should make sure that the people are comfortable with the study but also what the data will be used for. They should not be forced too. And when they do there study’s I think they should make sure that they don’t just sample humans from one place or etc, and that not everyone is the same.

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