May 15

Dear Division 16,

I came across this article that shares photographs of Vancouver at an earlier time.  Take a look at the pictures and read the article:

Based on the information in the text and the photographs, please post one inference you can draw about how the lives of people in Vancouver would have been different at the time these photographs were taken.

Some examples of how things were different include lower prices for things like gasoline and hotels, less security and less property development.

Your post might be about a conclusion you drew from information like these examples, or it might be something else you think from “reading between the lines”

I look forward to your responses!



  1. The Baconator

    An inference that I can make is that people lived a much simpler and not as wealthy life. From the images I saw I noticed how run down the buildings were which makes me think that the owners just didn’t have enough money to update them. I think that these photos were taken in the time just before Vancouver started to develop into an extremely well known city.

  2. Touchdown

    An inference that I made was that people that lived in that area at that time did not think that where the are is very special or exiting but now when we look back we think that it is pretty cool!
    the reason that I think this is because he said in the article that people would question why he was taking that photo but now we realize the beauty of the photo.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting inference, Touchdown! I think he also mentioned that about how our views about old cars change with time! Your point is one of the big ideas of the article for sure.

  3. The Time Traveller

    One inference I can draw from this is that probably not Many people saw these pictures because there was no Internet so people across the country couldn’t see these pictures easily . At the Time peoples lives in Vancouver would have been very different because A lot of these old buildings would’ve still been around back then but now most of those places have been knocked down so I think that the lives of vancouverits would have been different because their seroundings were different . So people would grow up with different values for instance keeping old things.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice, TTT, I like how you factored the availability of the internet into your response. Where do you think people went to look at photographs in those days?

  4. super cheese cake

    An inference I made was that people back then probably really liked fancy lights and certainly used a lot of neon signs. They might thought that they were attractive and will get more costumers???
    I did some research and looked at some more pictures back then and Vancouver actually looked like Las Vegas! There were lights everywhere. Just the buildings were old fashioned and awesome!

  5. Flying Mandarin

    I was not born in 1972. My dad works near the waterfront and it completely looks different from the photographs.

  6. purple pom-poms

    If you think about it, we think of the agriculture this time as normal, modern day things, for example, cars, buildings etc., but so did people back then and so will people in the future. I thought about this for a bit and I realized that the time we all live in now is both the future and the past, its the future because when people who lived a long time ago thought about us and our creations, they would think of this time as the future, where as its the past because in the future they will be thinking of us as the past. Its kind of confusing but wants you get it, its actually really interesting.

  7. Amythest

    I’m very surprised about how different Vancouver looked, and just what the buildings looked like. An inference I could find was that, in the 1970s and 1980s not many people could afford buying and building really nice, colourful buildings. I think that overtime Vancouver changed into the colourful busy city it is today over many, many years because Vancouver is still changing, I remember just last year we did a blog post on how buildings are being painting very colourful and with nice designs.

  8. Spamlington

    I think that a difference between the Vancouver photographed in the1970’s and our Vancouver now is, in my opinion, that Vancouver didn’t have the same problems that it does now. I originally thought of this because of a part in the article that said “Back then, you could walk along the city’s waterfront at night and watch the shipping container terminal and the fishing docks. Only occasionally would a customs or police officer stop him and ask what he was doing.” This proves to me that the old Vancouver wasn’t nearly as worried about crime around the docks as the new Vancouver is, and I think this is because back then, Vancouver didn’t have to worry nearly as much about problems that are more common in bigger cities, like crime, drugs or housing.

  9. Joaquin

    Some things i noticed are that the pictures don’t look like Vancouver at all. Second every thing seems dirty like the roads and buildings. Third i noticed there are no people in the pictures and it looks like everyone in side which is weird because now days there are a lot of people outside.

  10. lordofthepies05

    One inference I can draw from these photos is that people obviously didn’t have much technology when these were taken. They probably had to trust each other much more because they didn’t have Ai to make sure they paid for things. There wasn’t even enough technology to have on gas meters!

  11. S.P.E.W

    I think that this Vancouver is nothing at all like the one I know today, I also think that photographer might have taken photos that were more popular back then or they were personal favourites of his. I think that these photos were taken around when Vancouver was known as the city of lights.

  12. the engineer

    I think that the pictures show the industrial world back then. In all of the pictures everything was covered in soot, which is probably from smoke and emissions. Also the cars and boats were rusted, which probably means this town was less rich than now.

  13. crazymemeslol123

    back then i don’t think people would have the money to rework the buildings or add extra security around there ship cargo like what Girard said when in the documentary and the post so he could basically do what he wanted around other peoples property without getting much people to ask why or what he wanted to do here and there.

  14. smeagaleater10

    An inference that I made was that the quality of living was worse. Because in the modern days there is innovations and technologies that made live easier and could do a lot of things. Judging by the shape of the buildings and hotels there wasn’t as much effort put into them nowadays.

  15. Arcticfox

    I thought that the population was not very large. Considering there wasn’t much land being taken up. They had planned for more people though. Since there were multiple condos and hotels there. They did look a bit run down and old though, like someone. It also looked un-environmental and looks a little run down. Its odd how a city can get GREENER then it was before. You’d think it would get worse but i think that shows the world that if you try hard enough, the world can be greener than ever.

  16. Pink Pickle

    I think that back then there were really no wealthy people living in Vancouver, it was all probably lower middle class people, gangs, homeless people and probably a lot of bad people like drug dealers. there were probably nearly no tourists coming to Vancouver and there was a lot of pollution.

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