May 16, 2016

Dear Division 16,

You probably remember that during our time studying for Student Vote that the Liberal Party of Canada ran on a platform that included election reform.

Please read this article about electoral reform and answer the following question:

What is the biggest problem you see with our current electoral process? (How do YOU think elections should be run differently?) Give reasons and use your own words.

I look forward to your responses.



  1. cooperraine

    With our current electoral system of ‘first past the post’, the problem is that many votes don’t count. If the candidate that they voted for doesn’t get many other votes, they’ll disappear, or if a larger party gets a landslide of votes, that party get all the seats. This is a problem because big parties like the Conservatives or the Liberals can win seats with a fraction of the votes, and the other voters are not represented. I think that elections should be different by using the ‘Single Transferable Vote’, or the ‘Instant Runoff’ system. In this system, your vote always counts because if the party you voted for first gets knocked out, your vote goes to your second choice. This means that everyone is represented fairly. The source that I used for this answer is CPG Grey’s cool video, Politics in the Animal Kingdom. Check it out!

  2. The Baconator

    I think that the biggest flaw in the election process is in the product. Right now the winner of the election is whoever wins the most ridings not who has the most votes. Right now all you have to do to win is take over the country with the most ridings. But if you take all of the people that voted and you make that a percentage it could be more of a majority.

  3. super cheese cake

    I think the biggest problem is, for example, within the big riding the elected MP could only get votes mainly from a small place which is urban area. At the urban area live a lot of people. So in this case the other areas within this riding can’t get their voices out, since there are no people representing them. I think the possible solution is that we can combine several ridings to create a bigger riding. In this riding there are several seats, for example, three. so some places can focus their votes on one candidate so that at least they can get one seat to represent them.

  4. crazymemeslol123

    I think that most of the people in Canada are not responding and I think most of the young adults mostly 18 to 20 years old are voting cause it is an amazing opportunity to do and I thing the old adults around 30-40 are problems are like this happens every 5 years it’s so boring so the young people get the chance to do it instead of them.

  5. Amythest

    I think that the voting age should be 16- 17 because for 18 year olds that is your first time voting and I think that if you’re younger you might have done the student vote when you’re in grade 5 or 6 or 7 so then you’ll be more likely to remember and be very knowledgeable about voting. So basically the voting age in my opinion should be 16 or 17 because you’ll be more likely to know and remember about how to vote.

  6. Smallbrowndog

    I think that the problem with our electoral process is that there isn’t many opportunities for people in remote locations to vote I think that it could be done online or through the mail.That would let people who were in remote locations because they wouldn’t have to travel to the nearest town or city to cast a ballot. Another thing that could be included in the process would be to have the seats of the parliament be decided on the percentage of votes and not who wins which riding.


    One of the things about our electoral process that I don’t like Is that kids can’t vote.I think that everyone 11 and over should be able to vote because if only adults can vote than the government is not considering a whole bunch people who want to vote on the future of their country. And the reason I think the voting age should be eleven because it is the age I think kids can make a good decision when they vote. I also think that whoever gets elected prime minister should be able to hold office for 7 years not four because prime ministers should get enough time to try to do everything they promised that most people agree with.

  8. Rouge

    I think that one of the big flaws in our current electoral system is the distribution of the separation and borders of ridings. Whichever party in power of Canada gets to decide the different areas of ridings and how big or small each riding is. As an example if a certain part of BC or Quebec votes very Liberal the Liberal party might choose to make many ridings exist in that area so that they have more Liberals voted in and so more seats belong to the Liberals. This gives the party an unfair advantage for the next federal election. I think that to change this problem the council that makes these riding decisions should be made up of people from all the parties so that the decision is mutual and fair. If the group that makes the riding decisions had people from; NDP, Conservative, Green, Bloc Quebecois, and Liberal there would be an equal and fair distribution of the ridings in the end result.

  9. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that the biggest problem with this voting system is that some people just vote for the party that wins every year in there riding because there is so little people that vote for other MPs . I think that it should be that to win in a riding you have to have the most votes not the most riding and I think that a lot of people in Canada are youth and kids so I think that kids should be able to vote for what they want there future to look like .

  10. baconguy

    One of the biggest issues for me in the current voting process is over/under representation. I think that a solution to this problem is the double vote, where they have a vote, then vote again with the top two parties. This would help because it really shows who the country wants as their representative.

  11. The Dude

    ….I really don’t think PTTP is fair. Fot example, you have a 100 to vote . 29 of those people are vote for guy named Greg ,another 21 vote a woman named Julie, but then 25 vote for a guy called Phil – the Government just says ” okay Greg won, cos you have more votes than the others.”

    Then the Government says to Julia and Phil, your voters don’t count. This is really unfair to the people who voted for Phil and Julia.

    To make it fairer – if this happened in real life, we could have Greg being PM because he had the most votes, But then, we could have Phil be Secretary Of State and then Julia could be the Vice-Minister.

  12. Joaquin

    I think that biggest problem with our current electoral process is that in the east coast hands in they votes 5 hours a head of the west coast which mite make people think if i vote it wont mater but it does.I think allover Canada all the ballots should be handed in at the same time then i would be fair .


    I one thing that I disagree with in the electoral process is the fact that you need more ID then you use to making it harder for people to vote and having a smaller outcome. I think that they should not have to have all this extra ID so it can be easier for more people to vote and to have a larger turnout.

  14. Ginger

    The problem I see most prominent with our electoral system is the “first past the post” system. By using FPTP, only the candidate with the most votes goes to the House of Commons, and the other candidate’s votes are terminated. If the Canadian Government was to try a type of Proportional Representation, such as Direct Party and Representative Voting, there might be a fairer and conclusive government. Direct Party and Representative Voting is a system where a voter would get to vote for there local MP, as well as the party they want to govern their country, which means that a voter can vote on their riding candidate based on personal preference, but can still make a change in the whole countries leadership. Using this method not only lets you make better decisions for your community, but also lets you vote for parties such as Bloc Québécoise and the Green party that might not have a local representative.

  15. smeagaleater10

    The biggest problem in the electoral process for me is the winner take all rule. The reason why I think this is the biggest problem in the Canadian electoral process is because sometimes a big majority of the population is not represented. For example, the candidates names are Greg, Parker, Joe, Fred, and Charlie. On Election Day Greg gets 19%, Parker, Joe, and Fred all get 20%, and Charlie gets 21%. With Canada’s “First past the post” rule Charlie would get a seat for his party, but 79% of the voters would not be represented.
    My idea to make the election process more fair starts with putting ten seats per riding. Ten seats per riding would mean that there would be 3380 seats in the House of Common. The reason why I would put ten seats per riding is because more of the voters would be represented. The first key rule for my idea is that every 10% of the votes a politician receives during an election = 1 seat. Because there would be 3380 seats in parliament an MP can hold from one to ten seats. If a candidate gets 19% it would be a bit unfair because the candidate only needed 1% more to get two seats. Here is where preferential ballots come in, if another person got 21% and at least 1% of their voters second choice was the candidate that got 19% the candidate who got 21% has to give his 1% to the person with 19%. The reason why I added this rule was because to avoid MPs having 1.9 seats. You may be confused how laws are made and passed with 3380 seats. When it comes to laws, all MP have an equal say in the creation of laws. When it is time to votes on laws, each MP can cast the number of votes equal to the number of seats they hold. My idea means all people who voted in the election are represented by multiple MP per riding and laws are passed with more fairness due to proportional representation within riding and across Canada.

  16. Arcticowl

    I don’t really see many problems in our elections. I just have an opinion on how election could be run differently. Maybe in the voting stage, voting should be mandatory. Why that is? Because this year so little amount of people actually voted from east Vancouver I think it should be mandatory to vote in federal elections. It would make it so much easier

  17. Sr.Fuitcake

    I think the biggest problem with our current electoral system is the wasted votes problem. I know its a very well known one but I think there is a reason for that, I think that if we were to give seats regarding the percent of votes collected for the entirety of the party. I think this would also allow for a more organized campaign because the whole party could design one that shows there views instead of talking about individuals. I think that the government will have a rough time finding a solution everyone likes but I think that they should change it some way because everyone seems to have an opinion on how it should do that.

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