May 2, 2016

Dear Division 16,

You’re probably aware of the discussions about the new Canadian $100 bill. Having one’s face on the money of a nation is surely an indication that you represent, in some way, that countries’ values (according to the decision-makers of the day).

Please read the article here and also here and the additional information at the Bank of Canada website and answer one of the following two questions:

  1. Which of the women on this shortlist would you choose if it were up to you? Give reasons for your choice.
  2. Do you agree with the decision to have a woman on the new $100? Why or why not?

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amythest

    2. I actually had no clue Canada was going to have 100$ bills. I think that there should be a female on the new bills because I don’t have every kind of bill but from what I do have there’s only a female on 20$ bills. I also think so because there just should be different genders on dollar bills. I find that it’s quite important because if you want anything most likely is going to cost money and everyone looks at money and notices who is on the bill wheather it’s a female or a male.

  2. 14A Dinosuar

    I think that we should put a woman on the 100 bill because women’s rights have always been a problem in our society, and it’s finally getting better. For example, men used to think that they were better than women, and they used to not allow women to vote, go to school or work. Now, women are allowed to go to school, and work wherever they want and vote in elections. Our money should reflect this, as the Queen is the only woman on our currency. I think that if we had a woman on the 100 bill, it would make women feel more connected to the country, and feel more comfortable in their everyday lives. It would symbolize that women are equal to men, and have a place in our country’s past and future.

  3. super cheese cake

    #2 Sure, I agree that the Canada bank should have a female on the $100 dollar bill, I mean why not? Anyone can be on the bill, as long as he/she contributes to the community. But some people just think that it has to be a famous people. I kind of agree with them though because you really don’t want some random people on the bills. I think that is unnecessary to limited the men or women on the bills for example 2 men 2 women. You just have to see who contributed to the community the most, because if we limit the amount of men or women and put some female that didn’t contribute to the community that much, some men that contributed a lot to the community will be left behind. I think it’s unfair and will symbolize inequality in the meaning.


    2. I definitely agree because the only bill that we have a women on it is the queen and she is not as important to Canadian history as Emilly Carr or Lucy Maud Montgomery. I also think that since it’s a hundred dollar bill people will think that women are worth more and can do anything that men/boys can do. Since men are on four out of five of the Canadian bills then a women should be on the hundred dollar bill. Even though many people will not have hundred dollar bills, because that’s a lot of money to be carrying around in your wallet or purse, at least there will still be more women on the Canadian bills. Women have much of a harder fight (some still are) to get where they are today like with the right to vote or the right to be in the Olympics and to be a loud to anything the a man can do so I think since they have had such a fight to over come all of this that they should be represented on the biggest Canadian bill there is.

  5. the Dude

    I think it would be really good to have Nellie McLung on the $100 bill because she really fought for women’s rights and she helped get women the right to vote. I think she would also be good because although i really like Emily Carr and she inspired so many people, I feel like there should be a political person on the bill because money has quite a bit to do with politics. As for the other question, I really do think a woman should be on the $100 bill because a lot of the women on this list fought for the right to be honoured when they died by being on a bill.

  6. THEMANGO404 mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    #1 I think that two of the people who should be in the final three are Emily Carr because she brought a whole new perspective to art which is movement, and it has really inspired people to think about art in new ways which is really cool. Also it is really fun to draw because you take things that do small amounts of movement and exaggerate for example the sway of a tree. I also think that Nellie McClung because she fought and earned the right for women to be considered peoples. This really shows how she thought something was unfair and she worked hard to make it fair for all.
    #2 I think that the decision to have a women on the 100 hundred dollar bill is really powerful because it makes people think. ” Wow it’s not only men who shaped Canada and I should acknoledge women and LGBTQ people that made Canada a better place”. Another opinion I have is that I feel sad because it took Canada at least 150 years to wake up and realise that women matter just as much as anyone else in Canada.

  7. crazymemeslol123

    2# I think they should add famous woman in the olden days to be added on to the 100$ bills.because there are about 4 Canadian bills with a man’s face on it they should make that it might be able to make a fare amount of bills with men and woman’s faces on the bills I say they should try adding more bills to the Canadian dollars.

  8. Pandatush

    #2. I completely agree with having a woman on the new $100 bill because I think it’s time for a change. I find that sometimes woman don’t get recognized enough, so taking this big leap forward and placing a woman on our country’s money is a great way and I feel that it really shows equality. As they say, woman can do everything that guys can do, and sometimes even better. We have a new prime minister, we got new curriculum in shcool, so why not have some new faces on our money! It’s time for a change Canada!

  9. Ginger

    #1 I think that it is amazing that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has decided to commemorate an important woman figure on our new 100-dollar bill. Having the face of a role model can be very inspirational and commemorative to the deeds that someone has done for the good of others which is why I think that Viola Desmond should represent Canada in this very monumental way. Viola Desmond was one of the many black women to struggle with racial segregation in her home province, Nova Scotia. In 1946, Viola Desmond was told she was not allowed to sit in the better seats of a film theater in her home town, even though she could afford it as she ran her own successful business. She decided that she would sit where she wanted to sit and chose one of the better seats on the main floor. She was forcefully removed from the theater, arrested and kept in a jail cell overnight. She went on to fight against racial segregation and helped to change the minds and rules of many people. Desmond inspired Nova Scotia’s civil rights movement and was pardoned for her conviction 63 years later due to the injustice of her conviction. I think that Viola Desmond’s story clearly demonstrates why she should be commemorated by this huge honor. Viola Desmond inspired many, at the time of her arrest and still today.

  10. Rouge

    #1 I think that the woman on the hundred dollar bill should be someone in Canada’s history that did something empowering and important for women not only in Canada but also around the world. When I think of someone like that my mind immediately goes to Nellie McClung who spent her whole life standing up for woman’s rights and especially for woman to get the vote. She worked so hard for a very long time with some other woman to convince the government that woman are equal to men and that we should have the same democratic (voting) rights as they do. I think that she should be on the hundred dollar bill because she is brave and intelligent and she stood up for all the women of Canada and she inspired many others around the world to stand up and take action too. We wouldn’t be able to put a woman on the hundred dollar bill if it weren’t for Nellie McClung and her perseverance for women and men to have equal rights. She changed our country so much in such an amazing way and I think that she should be commemorated in this way. However I was also very disappointing to not see Laura Secord on the list because I think that she is was an amazing Canadian woman who told the army that the enemies were coming to battle and in the end she saved lots of peoples lives. I do think that any of the women that end up on the hundred bill deserve it and they should be honored for what they have done for Canada.

  11. Soccerboy123ABC

    #2 I totaly agree with the decision to have a woman on the front of a bill because I think it shows that in the past we weren’t accepting woman the same as us and I think that as woman became to become more equal we started recognizing them as the same as us. I think that a lot of people that have changed history have been woman and I think that sometimes we focus and recognize men a lot more than woman and I think that by putting a woman on the front of it bill signalizes that we are focusing and recognizing them more like in our art project alot of the people we do our studio sessionspace on are woman and hope we continue to recognize woman.

  12. naslithony

    2# I agree with the decision to put a woman on the new $100 bill because people might be more encouraged to help the fight for feminism when they look inside their wallet. If this happens to more Canadians as a nation we can more fully embrace feminism.
    1# My answer to this question is a compromise. Some Canadians are making a big deal about the final choice that the finance minister is going to make. So I think that they should dedicate certain parts of the bill to the last three nominees so that the population will be content.

  13. The Baconator

    I support the decision to have a woman on the 100 dollar bill because I think that it would show change. Women have been rejected for a long time. They have had different rights and weren’t respected for who they are. Having a woman on something as important as a bill worth 100 dollars would show that we are all equal, no matter what gender. It would show that women can do the exact same things as men. They can be equally strong and able.

  14. Den10@Sea43

    I absolutely agree that women should be on the bill but not how you think. I love that they are putting women on the bill but I don’t think that they have to make a huge deal about it. I mean if he or she is inspirational and is necessary to be on the bill I don’t think that it maddens that they are women and are going to be on the bill I think that we should just forget about are genders and pick the right person. But don’t get me wrong I love that women are going to be on the $100 bill and I have not a thing against that!

  15. Smallbrowndog

    2 I think that women have been excluded from democracy and other important jobs for to long. I hope it is not the queen who get to be on the 100 dollar bill because she has no importance to Canada and she never personally comes to see out any important issues I think that this is a great time to get rid of our traces to the monarchy in Canada. The only reason that the British monarchy has a place in our country is through force it is time to end that with this 100 dollar bill. We also need women who will prove to people they can be on a dollar bill just like anyone else.

  16. Shadow145

    #2 I agree with having a woman on the new 100 dollar bill because it shows that men and woman are equal to everything we do no matter what kind of gender they are or what they do. Many men were in the other dollar bills so it would be fair and equal for woman’s to be in the 100 dollar bill.

    #1 I think that Nellie McClung Should be the next 100 dollar bill because she spent her entire life standing up for woman’s rights and trying to get the right for woman’s to vote and so she did get the woman’s rights to vote.

  17. Joaquin

    #1 If it where up to me I would pick Emily Carr, she was one of the best artist in Canada at the time and one of only woman artist in Canada . She is well known in Canada and all over the art world.She is the perfect person to go on the $100 bill.It is very smart of Justin Trudeau to do this because it time we put a anther woman on a bill.

  18. baconguy

    #2. I totally agree that women should be on the next 100 dollar note because I feel that Canadian women are a lot less appreciated. For example, the only woman I knew on the listto be on the of representatives was Emily Carr, and I have my own reasons for that. Even though I didn’t really know the woman nominated for the note, when I read the descriptions I was amazed at what they have done, so I definitely think that they deserve to be on there.

  19. Arcticowl

    2# I think it’s a great idea to have a women on the front of the Canadian $100 bill.Why so? Because there are so many amazing women around the world. Those women had effects to our future generations.Without these women today we would have not been able to vote and do much more we need to thank them, and this I belive is the way to do so. That is why I support the dessision to put a women on the front of the Canadian 100 dollar bill.

  20. Crazychicken lover

    2# First of all i want to clarify i never knew anything about women on the 100 dollar bill. But, I think that women should be on the bill. It’s kind of disappointing that most of the time there arent very much woman who are appreciated and maybe people arent treating woman as they should be and i think that Justin Trudeau has done a very good job to help girls and women achieve the status they deserve.

  21. purple pickle

    #2 I think women should be on the $100 bill because women have had a very sexist past (not being able to vote, and before that not being able to work) also, men are on all of the other Bills, (except the queen right?) so I think they should be on the $100 to make it even, also there are lots of women that have done very memorial things that the world is very proud of, so I think they should be recognize memorial Canadian women by being on Canadian bills that we would like to change.

  22. balloongirl123

    #2 I think that it is going to be interesting to have a new 100 dollar bill because there is going to be a female on it because for bills there is only one female on a bill so I think it is going to be a little different. Almost all the bills have males in it which is kind of unfair to some of the females/queen I think.

  23. Sr.fruitcake

    #2 I think its great that there will be a woman on the front of the 100$ bill I think that it is a huge step toward gender equality. I think that people will really respect the women who’ve done huge things for our country. I think that when people see that the government is respecting the women in our country than the masses will also.

  24. TechNerd

    #2 I completely agree to have a women on a $100 bill. It tells us, that this is the 1st century and not that only men can be on money bills. Having a women on a $100 bill represents change and shows us how much our society has changed. Our thinking and our minds have changed and we shall not repeat what happened in the past, but think about the future. Think open mindedly and see the big picture. If I am not wrong, Queen Elizabeth’s face is on the $20 bill and 25 cents coins. So it really does not matter, if we have a women’s face on a bill.

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