May 24, 2016

Dear Division 16,

This weekend I was at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  While I was there, I saw many inspiring things that connected me back to your studies and made me very excited about seeing your Art Movement and Style mini-projects.

I saw two quotes in the galleries that I would like to get your take on:

Please think about which of these quotes inspires you the most.

In your post, please explain what you think it means, and make at least one connection to the learning you’ve done so far in the Visual Art Project.  Make sure it’s clear in your response which quote you are discussing.

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Amythest

    Over spring break I actually went to New York and went to the Museum of Modern Art. However I may have seen both of those quotes, but I don’t remember exactly. I’m going to be talking about the quote with the title of, “What Is Painting”. I think that that one is a very unique quote at least from what I’ve seen because it is about well obviously what painting is. Whenever I read the quote I think of friendship because the quote “Do you sense how all the parts of a good picture are involved with each other, not just placed side be side? That’s the part that makes me think of friendship because friends always do almost everything together and they don’t just stand side by side and it’s never awkward but when they’re actually involved with eachother that is what equals a good friendship. The connection that I made to our project is just that in every studio lesson we learn how to do whatever were going to do so for example the colour wheel. That we used paint for and we took a lot of time talking about the paint and in the quote it was talking about what a good painting is.

    • Amythest

      Sorry I got confused I actually went to the Metropolitain Museum Of Art. So I didn’t actually see the quotes.

  2. Ginger

    I think that the quote about painting is very true and can be applied to most beautiful artwork. Although there are some paintings that are completely standalone, the artists that I appreciate most, are the ones that make everything interconnected and involved with each other. One of my favourite paintings is the Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, everything in the landscape is connected and blended which makes all the colours standout against the contrast. This quote makes me think of the Studio Session on the colour wheel, because art is made up of different colours and shades that overlap and connect to create something that almost everyone can find meaning in.

  3. super cheese cake

    I think the quote on the right side means for example: A building in the community really stands out and the style blends really well into the community, it can inspires the neighbours. It could affect the community and everyone could renovate their own houses too! Then the whole community could change!!! Also it inspires me the most because in the visual art project, say, one of our classmate’s art piece is very creative and special, maybe someone might follow his/her art style.Well you know it’s cool right? So when a person joins the line of that new piece of art many more people could join and eventually it could spread out. It can effect the community!!!

  4. Rouge

    I went to the Museum of Modern Art last fall and I loved how they had quotes up all around the museum, because they make you stop and contemplate art and its existence in our society. I think that the quote about architecture is a fresh and interesting opinion that is in many ways very true. I agree that architecture is both a private and social issue because it effects everyone. I think that the quote is putting a message across about how architecture can have many positive and negative effects and outcomes on: communities, emotions, and access. This form of design is a private and social issue because individuals are creating the work but it is set out for the society and community to see and connect with. This quote reminds me of the emphasis/ focal point studio session because the techniques and effects that we learned to use are a big part of architecture and the designing of buildings and other public spaces.

  5. Crazychicken lover

    I agree 100 % with the painting quote because it shows that art can only really be described by the eyes and i think this is very true because it’s difficult to describe art in words but it’s easier when you look at it with your own eyes I also agree with the fact that the quote says that the painting must be involved with every single brushstroke and i think that if art isnt involved with each other and painting is not mixing in the big picture than its not even a painting at all.Painting is a style of art that must be looked carefully at and is easily judged.

  6. Joaquin

    I think that what the first quote is saying is that art is something that can be seen but it can also be expressed with words. Also all the pieces have to come together for the painting to be complete. When we learned about Emily Carr and movement art, we had to make sure that the art made sense and that all the pieces went together in the painting.

  7. DancingPorcupine

    I think that the quote about painting means that to create art you need to be creative and not make it simple. I agree with this quote because I think that if you make simple art people aren’t going to respect you as an artist as much becase what you did was something that anyone could do. The theme for my project is abstract impressionism and I think that this quote connects to that theme because abstract impressionism is not something that you would think of when you think of art so, you have to be very creative and make it something that is meaningful to you.

  8. Smallbrowndog

    I think the first quote means that all the art has to be involved in each little bit of the art so that when the person comes along to look at it they feel as if it is a whole and not in different peices that don’t align. No one really wants to see many different parts because they look like different peices of art put together. However with the impressionists paintings all of the strokes of the brush seem to merge together.

  9. The Dude

    I like the what is painting quote: To me this quote means. what makes a good painting is all of the components that go into it, like the paint, the type of paper, the shapes and the colours. They all work together to form a piece of beauty.. For example , there’s Picasso painting of a woman and a of course since its Picasso, he incorporates several different shapes into the face. At the end it doesn’t really look like a woman, but we are still feel in awe of it.

  10. smeagleater

    I think that the ‘What Is Painting’ quote means that good paintings have interconnectedness and flow with each other. I also think it means that art is meant for a person to see and can be beautiful enough that words can only graze the surface of the paintings beautifulness. The way the quote connects to my project on woodland art is that the animals and shapes in woodland art seem to fit in perfectly with each other. It seems like that from the biggest shape to the smallest detail it all seems in agreement on where everything is and how they flow together.

  11. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that the what is painting quote means that sometimes when you see a piece of art or as an example if you have a feeling and it’s a new one and you can’t really explain it it’s the same with art .sometimes when you see sometching you can’t find any words that come to mind on your thoughts about the painting you just feel a certain way. It connects to yarn bombing because you are doing something that you don’t know is legal or not and you can’t really describe what your doing if someone asks you.

  12. The Baconator

    I will be reflecting on the quote by Ryue Nishizawa. I am doing my art project on a form of architecture so I have learned much about this topic and what it can mean to people. I think that this quote is about how when someone is making art they have to think about how it might affect anyone that looks at it. They could look at it and immediately take it as an insult or really appreciate it. Art can be very powerful and can produce very pure messages that can be taken the wrong way.


    I pick the quote on the right because it talks about how all the parts of a picture work together. For example, while I was looking for a topic for my art project, I saw food art paintings and sculptures and I noticed that the artist or sculptor made the fruits and vegetables work together really well to make a human face. The only hint that I can give to help uncover the real meaning of the art is. ” The artist is maybe trying to tell us, the picture is showing how there is little smaller life inside larger life.

  14. baconguy

    For the What is Painting quote, I think it means that you have to have everything connected to make it meaningful and beautiful. This connects to my project because I am doing Celtic art and all the shapes and lines are all involved with one another.

  15. Sr.Fuitcake

    I will be reflecting on the “What is Painting” quote, I think it means that in order to be a good artist and to make a really powerful painting you must build off yourself so that everything in your paintings makes sense within itself. I think that in order to achieve this you have to think about how every part of your painting must revolve around everything not just the focal point.


    I think that the what is panting one is about inerconnectedness. The quote says how all parts of a good picture are involved with each other is talking about inerconnectedness and how good things are all connected in one way or another. This quote also reminds me of the emphasis and focal point because that is quite eye catching thing.

  17. Purple Pickle

    I’m going to respond on the first quote, I think the quote is trying to tell you that to make a good piece of art, you have to have all of the aspects of the picture connecting with each other so it doesn’t look like everything is in a different reality from each other. I can make a connection with the second part of the quote with my art topic because I studied Symbolism for my mini project and I learned through research that Symbolism can be expressed through symbols and/or words to express your thoughts so to me I can hear the quote referencing Symbolism there!

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