May 30, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Today, I’d like you to think about the ways that we record or remember important events.

This article describes how Simon Fraser University is studying the oral tradition of Aboriginal people to learn about climate change.

Please read the article. In your post, please choose one aspect of our current culture (an artefact) and think about how a future researcher might interpret it. Describe the artefact and explain what you think it would tell about our world today.

If you need a bit of help, think about what questions someone from the future might have for a Canadian of your generation.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amythest

    I thought that was a very interesting article. If I were to show anyone anything from our generation I’d probably show/ tell them about a device because all of the devices that we have today are advanced but they’re just going to get more and more advanced. There are already devices that our generation think are old, but for the people who were an adult or teen at that time thought that they were very normal. Just like Apple they’re coming up with new and advanced devices every single year. A future researcher would probably take it apart and look at all of the different/ old pieces.

  2. the Dude

    One thing that I think will talk a lot about our ecosystem and how we screwed it up is the big box tv’s from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s that have a ton of lead in them. What people would learn about our society from that is that we did not take care of our air supply the way we should have. The tv’s will also tell people that we used to ship large materials for these tv’s across the ocean. They will figure out that because of that, places like China are really toxic and people have to wear gas masks.

  3. Rouge

    I think that in the future researchers would look into artifacts and remains of: old chargers, plug-ins, and cell phones. Looking at these items would help people of the future get a better understanding of how we have created so much e-waste and garbage over a short time period of time. The generation of today (myself included) go through electronics very fast, and after the remains of it build up until we have so much garbage created from devices and their chargers that it starts effecting our climate and ecosystem. The researchers hopefully will look into the electronic remains and they can build more sustainable and long lasting electronics that don’t cause problems like e-waste and pollution. If they learn from our mistakes they can create a healthier and more environmental friendly future.

  4. crazymemeslol123

    I think it’s a great thing that we had better technology then the olden days where everyone had low tech which probably was a good thing cause the computers might’ve costed as much as they need to rent a apparent meant so kids had have to go outside and do sports and maybe they don’t even have a ball to play with.Now that’s we have all kinds of technology around us (mainly Apple,Samsung,etc) some are very in portent like trains port which costs way more now because we have lots of different cars some are very old and rusty but still sells for a lot because it’s still transport but it’s slow but better than walking and running but don’t conserve energy.

  5. Crazychicken lover

    If i would show something to a future generation I would show them a tree. Because probaly we wont have trees in the future we screwed up the whole world because of climate change and greenhouse gases and because trees are just unique and beautiful
    and are great for lots of things.

  6. Smallbrowndog

    I am choosing a water pistol because I think that in the future archeoligists may believe it is a weapon or it shoots a toxic liquid. I think this because most of the pistols won’t have dissentagrated in 200 or so years because the plastic is hard to erode. As well the water will have evaporated so the only way to discover how or what it is is to fill it with water and hopefully it still shoots!

  7. naslithony

    The topic that I chose was advertising. I think the way that a future researcher might interpret would be like “The people who lived in 2016 used mostly adds on billboards and peoples electronic devices to get the consumers to buy their product”. The artifacts I chose was an electronic billboard and a electronic device. The artifacts would probably tell the researcher that people where probably out in their car going somewhere and would see an advertisement or be on their electronic devices.

  8. Purple Pickle

    If I were to choose an artefact from our time I would choose a flat screen television because in the future people will probably have like a holo TV like in star wars or something and they would be fascinated by how different our broadcasting would be in our age, they would like to see how we made this “low tech” television that was created so long ago and would like to see how sustainable we made it and how they could make their electronics more sustainable. (if they aren’t already)

  9. DancingPorcupine

    The artifact that I chose was phones because I think that phones are always evolving. An example is, I have an iPhone 3 and there are so many things that it can’t do or that it doesn’t do as well as the newer phones that my friends have. I think that a future researcher would look at current phones as limiting because there will be lots of new features added to future phones that people today haven’t even thought of yet. I think that phones today would tell people in the future that we were using complicated technology for our time but they will have grown up with technology that much more complex than the technology that we have now, so they would see it as very limiting.

  10. Joaquin

    I think that television sets tell a lot about the world today.I think that it tells that we have come a long way in technology for having a television sets the sizes of a computer screen to having televisions sets the size of couches. This shows that the human race is always evolving in technology. Maybe a future researcher would think that the television sets we have know are old and big like the one that from 1980.

  11. Soccerboy123ABC

    Th e artifact I would talk about are forests because I think theyes symbolize so much and so many people and animals depend on them for food,shelter and just living in general. I think it shows that we really care for forests more now because we are realizing that without trees we cannot survive. I also think when people in the future get told myths or stories about trees and forests when there are none left they will not believe it.The reason I think trees and forests are so important is because .they have helped so many generations and without them life and the world won’t be the same .

  12. den10@sea43

    The artifact that I choses was are phones and apple products in general. I remember when we went to free geek and saw so many old phones and apple products that I have never seen before. To look at this and think how much are technology has evolved of almost 2 years is amazing! So to think about what I will have when I am an adult is amazing because we have gotten so much more evolved in technology in 2 years so to think about what there will be in 20 years is mind blowing!


    I think that in 1000 years If baseball was still around, people would look at a base ball we have now and say. “Oh yeah this is the version of the baseball that sports officials banned 500 years ago. This kind of baseball got banned because baseballs hit in hotter weather go further. MLB players, because of climate change were hitting 1 out of 3 out of the park, so they started making heavier baseballs”. Future researchers could get more evidence about global warming from this.

  14. Articowloo

    If I were to tell someone in the future something from our generation it would be something like how technolagly work back in our generations I’m not JUST talking computers, iPods , phones or iPads. I’m talking cars and boats, teleportation. All these things so that othe people can see our technolagly and figure out how to improve them or take parts of them and incorporate them in to their technolagly.

  15. baconguy

    If I could choose an artifact from today and preserve it for a future researcher, I would choose a book. I would choose it because in 1000 years, all books will probably be read, or maybe listened to on the latest Apple product. They would probably look at it and either find it really boring or almost impossible to read.

  16. Sr.Fuitcake

    I am going to choose the cell phone. I think that though this is a modern device in a few decades we will be using holographic images or something else equally futuristic. I think that this could be of the most strange contraption to the next generations the same way we find it impossible that computers used to take up whole rooms not to long ago. Technology in particular advances so fast that I think when people look back on something like a cell phone they will be amazed at how well something like this could work. the same way I sometimes feel about how people in the past have done things in a way that is actually more simple than how we do that thing now.


    The artifact that I’m choosing is magazines. I think that they would think it is a bunch glossy pages with lots of boring adds that are useless in their time and some pictures of radom strangers. I think that they would interpret them similarly to how the people in the Uglies had interpreted them. I think that it would tell them things that we were struggling with now like trying to find a cure for cancer or the cure ALS.

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