May 30

Dear Division 16,

Did you find the news about the provincial government?

For your blog post tonight, please respond to one of the following questions:

  1. What kind of compromises do you think will be necessary for the parties involved in our new government?
  2. What do you think the most significant change will be over the next few months?
  3. Were you surprised?   Give reasons for your answer.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. The Baconator

    I wasn’t surprised at all that in the end the greens would side with someone but was extremely surprised that the NDP decided to work with the greens. During the debate it seemed that they had such contrasted ideas but I guess that to win they had to do it.

  2. smeagaleater10

    I was very suprised that the Greens sided with any party I suspected that the Green Party wouldn’t side with any party and it would be another election. The reason I thought this was because during the debate any other chance I got to look or hear about the party’s platforms seemed so different I couldn’t see the Greens side with anyone. Even though the parties ideas were so different, I knew if the Greens were going to side with anyone they would side with the NDP, I knew this because in my opinion the values of the Greens and the NDP were a bit closer together than the Greens and the BC Liberals. During my theme book studying I learned that the Liberals had 2 NDP had 14 and the Greens had 22 environmental promises, this could’ve been the fact that made the Greens side with the NDP. I’m not saying that the Greens are a single problem party, I am simply speculating that the fact might have pushed them in favor of the NDP.

  3. lordofthepies05

    3. I thought that the greens were going to join the liberals and was very supprized that they mended with the BC- NDP instead. While they were talking at the debate it seemed that the liberals were “targeting” the NDP and that the NDP was mainly “targeting” the liberals.
    And since Andrew Weaver and John Horgan were arguing so much I figured they Green Party and the liberals liked eachother more that the NDP.

    • dickensdiv16

      The campaign part of an election can sometimes be quite adversarial and it can be difficult to imagine parties working together! This election has been full of surprises, that’s for sure.

  4. Amythest

    3. I wasn’t really that surprised because the Greens plans and ideas didn’t really match up with the B.C. Librals, but a few ideas and plans matched up with the NDP. Also for the debate Andrew weaver and John Horgan seemed to not agree with each other, and overall not like each others ideas. Also part of it might just be because the Greens wanted change.

  5. Touchdown

    2. Andrew Weaver has repeatedly said that public education is his first priority so one eager change that I think is going to happen is public education we be better funded.

  6. Flying Mandarin

    I was suprised because before this news came up I thought they were enemies. I thought that because at the debate they were fighting to get people vote for them. But now they working together to defeat Christy Clark.

  7. super cheese cake

    To be honest I wasn’t that surprized because nearly everyone wanted to get Christy Clark off the stage. If the Green party know that they will be changing the future of the government, he will do it. Plus he gets to choose whether he agrees or disagree with him and influence how John Horgan is going to change Vancouver.

  8. the Time traveler

    The change will be heavy because for a long time we have had a right wing government and now we have a left wing government. People are definitely going to have to get used to it. The Greens and the NDP said they were going to make funding for public schools better. Christy Clark did a lot of cuts to hospitals and the NDP said they were going to change that, so that is going to change people’s lives because everybody has to go to the hospital.

  9. Joaquin

    #3 I wasn’t surprised at all. I had a strong feeling that the NDP and green party would join seats because i felt like the green and the NDP don’t like the liberals and they mite see eye to eye on a lot of things . I see this quote as what John horgan did when he partnered up with the green party. I destroy my enemies when i make them my friends-Abraham Lincoln.

  10. the engineer

    I think one of the biggest impacts over the next few months is job loss. The pipeline and the Site C hydro electric dam project will be canceled. That means that everyone who works in those projects will struggle for jobs because they can’t work on a project that’s canceled. But on the bright side the environment will be saved and I’m pretty sure that most of the construction workers will just move on to something else to construct.

  11. crazymemeslol123

    ## it didn’t surprised me as much because if the greens decided not to side with any other party the liberals would win which will be the downfall of B.C because of Christy Clark’s crazy taxes plans for people who rented there first home and the greens weren’t as stupid so they chose to side with a person who won’t ruin B.C’s economy.

  12. purple pom-poms

    #3 I noticed that in the debate, John Horgan and Christy Clark really took advantage of the time, to criticize each other, where as John Horgan and Andrew Weaver didn’t as much. Not many people payed attention to those tiny details at the time, but now the’re more important and people look back on them, like what I’m doing now. I think that it was always a bigger chance that the BC Greens would join to the BC NDP then the BC Liberals, if they chose to join up with a party, so it was not a surprise for me that the Greens chose the NDPs rather then the BC Liberals.

  13. Arcticfox

    1# I think that if two parties come together and join a minority government, that they’d need to compromise a lot. For their beliefs, they’d have to shape it so that they can do both of the things they wanted to happen to work. Also that they’d have to form who is in-charge most of the time. Who leads the plans? Theres a lot of things to be sorted out if that happens. I cant wait to see it happen

  14. Pink Pickle

    #2 I think that one of the most significant changes will be that Kristy Clark will either resign have a vote of confidence or will be replaced by the new government. I think the most likely thing to happen would be that Kristy Clark will call for a vote of confidence because I Don’t think that she would want to just resign and let NDP and Green take over, no I think she would probably put up a fight, and I don’t think she would be replaced because she would probably call for a vote of confidence sooner than getting replaced.

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