May 5, 2016

Dear Division 16,

What an exciting week for Canadians.  The census came out!

This description is from the government website

“What is the census?

The census provides a statistical picture of a country and its people. Almost every country in the world carries out a census on a regular basis.

The Canadian census collects information, in five-year intervals, on every man, woman and child living in Canada. This does not include non-permanent residents, foreign diplomats or foreign military.”

You may remember from our Student Vote study in the fall that the Conservative government had dramatically changed the census by eliminating what is called the “long form” or more detailed census.  The new Federal government has returned to the long form census and has updated the way data is collected.

Please read the article here about the response from Canadians and Statistics Canada to the return of the Census.

For your post, please answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. How might detailed information help the government or other organizations make decisions? Please give at least one example that supports your thinking.
  2. Do you agree that the census should be mandatory?  Why or why not?

I look forward to your responses!




  1. Amythest

    1. I think that detailed information definetly helps because if someone says for example if there’s a drought again and someone said “we don’t have enough water source in Vancouver” or if someone says “There’s a drought again this year and we have to be prepared for some possible forest fires and what we can do is warn everyone for safety” something like that. In my example I said one really detailed one which also has solutions for a drought and one that isn’t so detailed. I think that it is so important that the government gets detailed I information because there the government first of all and if someone were to just say a few words you can’t really do anything about it just because you don’t really know enough.

  2. crazymemeslol123

    1# I think for example:a lawyer helping a person who might or might’ve broken 1 law and is helping the person to tell that to the judge that he is not guilty then do lawyer stuff I don’t know about then the person might be in jail or be freed of the fake crime he committed. The way I think that can help the government is by mailing him emails that how he should help all of Canada but not stupid things like a leaking pipe,something more useful like helping companies that actually are useful like I don’t know recycling garbage and stop cutting down young trees.

  3. Den10@Sea43


    I think it can help with a lot of things like who you are going to vote for or what you think about a certain political topic that can help the Canadian government with decisions after all this is a democracy and a fair Country.

  4. The Baconator

    I support the decision to have a woman on the 100 dollar bill because I think that it would show change. Women have been rejected for a long time. They have had different rights and weren’t respected for who they are. Having a woman on something as important as a bill worth 100 dollars would show that we are all equal, no matter what gender. It would show that women can do the exact same things as men. They can be equally strong and able.

  5. The Baconator

    I think that it would definitely help the government make decisions based on population because they would know how many people are in the city and if they need to make changes to fit every ones needs. There might be kids that can’t go to school because there isn’t enough school space. Without this research the city would be chaos.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great example, Baconator, statistics about population helps the government put infrastructure like schools and roads where they are needed! It also might help identify when people move!

  6. Ginger

    I definitely agree that the census should be mandatory as it gives us a look into the lives of Canadians and helps us understand our country and fellow citizens. I am so glad that the Liberal government has brought back the census because I think that statistics like the ones from our census are a very important part of being a government that works to make everyone feel safe, happy and healthy. Statistics can help a government make things more equal for lower income families and help decide on big issues such as admitting more Syrian refugees and raising the minimum wage limit. I think it should be mandatory for all families to complete the census because it is inaccurate if only some people complete it. If people who want to complete the census are the only ones that do, many assumptions will be inaccurate. Overall, I am very glad that the government has reinstated the census and can’t wait until I can fill out a census of my own!

    • dickensdiv16

      Ginger, you’ve hit on an important and complex part of survey bias – and the solution – that ensuring all residents are represented! Informed decisions are always more well considered!

  7. super cheese cake

    #1 I think it definitely helps because you’ll need really detailed information to tell the actual situation because it could be misunderstood sometimes. A detailed form can let the government know the percentage of each different group in Canada. For example, when there is an event or something like that the government can easily know the percentage of the people that speaks different languages and get the staffs that can arrange and offer assistants to them. Also when it comes to voting, the government can know which kind of background in different part of the coutry and send the right representative to that area.

  8. Crazychicken lover

    I think it is very mandatory because this is about how much people in the country. Canada is a very big country and has a huge amount of land and habited places and having a census is important because if people need to calculate the number of money used in a year or help lift the economy they need to know how much people in the country or roughly the amount of people who live in this place. Without a census you wouldn’t know how many people don’t have a job and wouldn’t know important statistics that are very important.

  9. Smallbrowndog

    1 I think that a census helps because the understanding about peoples lives and there income is critical in making nation wide decisions because if you know what people are living off you can create things that will benefit them such as raising the minimum wage which already needs to be raised but the census could convince them to raise it. I also think that the census could be very useful when the government commissions new buildings because it could tell them what they need more of and where jobs could be created. I think that based off the census the government could be convinced to create more social housing and housing for refugees fleeing from Iraq and Syria. Because we are letting in 25000 refugees to Canada this will tell us how we can make cities like Vancouver more livable and not as pricy.

  10. smeagaleater

    1# A way that the census might help the government or other organizations make decisions is by understanding all of their people’s needs. For example, helping the Syrian refugees find shelter or jobs. Generally the census helps the government get a better look at their nation up close so the government can make more informed decisions.
    2# I agree that the census should be mandatory mostly because it helps the government run the country smoother. It could help the government run the country smoother because the more information the wiser the choices.

  11. Rouge

    #2 I agree that the census should be mandatory because we need a wide variety of people and population to take the census if we are going to get an accurate result. By making the census mandatory almost everyone in Canada is taking the census and so therefore the government gets more results and those results can form an accurate public opinion or public need. I also think now that the census is mandatory more Canadians will be encouraged and supported to take the census, and people will have a better point of view after taking it so that they can share their opinion to the government and to others in Canada and around the world. These statistics and needs that are being collected can help the government understand what needs to be done around: poverty, the minimum wage, drug use, education and so much more. When everyone takes the census it helps us understand what we are doing well in and what we need to change to make our home a better place.

  12. Joaquin

    .#1I think that detailed information like the census can help the government make decisions about where hospitals, schools, community centers etc are needed by knowing the population and the needs of people.

  13. the Dude

    From a census, the government can get a lot of important information. For example, if you have a particular neighbourhood and there are a growing number of kids in the neighbourhood, then there will need to be a larger school or an extra school. You would know that from the census. If you have a census from my family, I have a sister who babysits but doesn’t have a real job and a mom who makes the real money because she is a teacher. This is useful information for the government because this way they can know who in the family is paying the bills.

    #2. I believe the census should be mandatary because we can get a lot of important information from the census that you wouldn’t know without it. I also believe that everyone should fill out the census because there are people who are less fortunate and have less possibilities (they could be homeless – some of those people can’t fill in the census because they don’t have an address) and we need this information too. For example we need to know how many people are living in one room apartments and how many people are homeless and how many children are not going to school.

  14. Soccerboy123ABC

    #1 I I think that because our country is growing it would help for the government to have detailed information to fit people’s needs and to judge if we need more of something or less and if there’s a car accident then you could get detailed information from peopleach around the accident so I think that it would help a lot in some circumstances stances.

  15. baconguy

    #2. I don’t think that the government should make the census mandatory, I think that they should just highly suggest the people to take it. It shouldn’t be mandatory because some people might think that the information that the government is asking is very personal, or connects to a past that they don’t want to share with others.

  16. 14A Dinosuar

    I feel that the census should be mandatory. The purpose of a census is to gain information to make decisions for Canada. With this information, the government can make better choices for the population. For example, if they figure out that a lot of people have mental health issues, they can build more clinics or support centres for people who need the help. If the census is not mandatory, there will be very little people who actually fill it out. In 2006, the census wasn’t mandatory, and only 69% of people responded, versus 94% in a mandatory year. I personally think that we should make the census mandatory so the government can make the best decisions possible.


    #2 I think that the census should be mandatory because if people do have a choice of doing it or not doing it I think that some people won’t do it they might think that it’s too much work. Someone else might not do the census because they think that it’s not very important, and another person won’t do it because they couldn’t care less about it. However if you say it’s mandatory people might think that since it’s mandatory it’s important and that I should know some more about this. I also think that it should be mandatory because this is helping the government learn about how many jobs they should have and how many can work but don’t speak English so they might need a different job.

  18. Arcticowl

    2# I think that instead of filling out the census every 5 years is mandatory.We could make it that every 5 year you can fill a census but every 10 years its mandatory to fill out a census. So basically every 10 years you need to fill one out but every five years you CAN fill one out. Because you don’t really need to know Canadian stats every 5 years but it should be mandatory for a family to fill one out every ten years.

  19. balloongirl123

    I think the census should be mandatory because probably all of the government can make the world a better place.I think that mandatory is really important so probably everybody should know about mandatory.

  20. Sr.fruitcake

    #2 I think that the census should not be mandatory I think that it is great that our rates have gone up, but I think that people who have personal information they would rather not be shared with the people in the government should be able to do that. I think that some times the government makes decisions like this to get more information which is not a bad cause, however what happens if someone who looks at that information has different ideas about its uses? That’s a lot of personal information to put on the line and now it’s mandatory. I think that especially with the new government, people would be unsure (for good or bad reasons) that their information is being used for something other that its purpose.

  21. TechNerd

    #2 Yes, I agree that the Census should be mandatory. I think that it should be mandatory for a few reasons. It should be mandatory because It provides the government with very precise information, if you are honest and truthful to yourself and fill the Census out with honesty. The Census can really help us improve our community’s and tell us what needs to be changed. The information given by Canadian citizens can be priceless, they can make a huge difference. The information will also guide the government through what needs to be done to have a better community.

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