May 9, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Yesterday was Mothers Day!

Please think about the important role that your Mother plays in your life.  For your post, please list one important thing that your mother has taught you or helped you to do, and what impact that has had on your life.

Try to think about something that is specific to your Mom and no one else.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amythest

    My mom has tought me how to tie my shoes which is incredibly important because all the shoes I have are sneakers which all have laces and it doesn’t just count as shoe laces it also counts as strings on dresses, or on presents. My mom also helped me on how to read before I came to school that has a big impact because for quiet reading every day, reading to my kids in future, reading to my little buddies and for my job if I’m a teacher I would have to know how to read. I’m pretty sure my mom has also helped me learn how to write which comes in very handy for writing stories, taking notes in school obviously in high school, university and my job and much more. This isn’t what she’s tought me but when ever I’m not feeling so well or sick she always comforts me and helps me get better. There’s obviously much much more things that I could list off but that’s all I’m going to say.


    My mom has tought me how to be able to socialize and how to be able to talk to strangers. This is a very important thing that she tought me because without the ability to socialize I wouldn’t have very many friends or I wouldn’t have the ones I have today. Being able to talk to strangers is very important because this is how you make friends. You have to be able to talk to someone you don’t know and to do that you need to be able to talk to strangers. Without the help of my mom I never could have gotten up the courage to talk to one of my closest friends. She has tought me other things but so far this one is one of the best.

  3. The Baconator

    My mom has helped me do a lot of important things but one of my most memorable moments was when I learned how to ride a bike. I learned how to ride a bike when I was 4. My mom helped me get through this when I thought I had no hope. She encouraged me and told me never to give up and eventually, I learned to ride. Even though I had no faith in myself, my mom still did and I am very grateful for her help.

  4. Shadow145

    My Mom has taught me how to write in Chinese and she has also taught me how to read Chinese this is important for me because it is a part of our culture it also lets me know what the Chinese words say when I go somewhere like china town or if I ever go to china again I would understand what they have wrote my mom has also taught many other types of things that I know now that I could list off right now but that would take too long.

  5. Pandatush

    My mom has taught me that nothing is impossible. She taught me that with hard work anything can be accomplished. It’s important to me because every time I hear something that sounds impossible I can just think about my mom and I can remember that nothing can’t be done. My mother has accomplished everything she’s ever dreamed about, and it really just shows that with persistence you can achieve anything. I am really proud of my mom and I know she’s proud of me too. Thank all the mothers in the world for giving us that hope and love we needed.

  6. super cheese cake

    My mom taught me how to do the blog post when I first came to Jody’s class. This is really important to me because well I just came from Taiwan, My grammar isn’t that good when I first came to Jody’s class. It’s my mom who taught me how to write the blog post step by step until I was done. This really means alot to me a lot because without my moms help, I probably won’t be doing blog post. And without doing blog post I could miss a lot of chance to learn. Of cores she taught me a lot more things but I just think this is the most important one.

  7. Crazychicken lover

    The thing that my mom taught me was endurance and discipline and making right choices. She taught me that somehimes tjat you have to work for something you dont want and that making excuses is another way of saying you cant do anything. She taught me a lie is a poison that makes not happiness. Most important of all, she taught me how to run well.

  8. the Dude

    My mom taught me to treat everybody equally and with respect. My mom also taught me to believe in yourself in every situation. My mom taught me that if you go up to bat in baseball and you strike out, it doesn’t necessarily make you a bad baseball player. It just means you are having a bad day. My mom is important to me because when I am sad she makes me feel happy.

  9. Rouge

    My mum taught me to exceed the expectations and to always do more than less. This helped me acquire my work ethics and some of my strong and meaningful values. She has always encouraged me to go beyond and out of my comfort zone which is sometime hard for me to do and she always wants me to do my best and to enjoy the challenge along the way. This advice helped me because it taught me how to work hard and how to do my best but still have fun. My mum also helped me along the path of learning to read and how to read out loud. I find this very important and meaningful because reading is a huge passion of mine and it makes up a big part of my life. I was very shy when I was younger and so by reading I found something that I could connect with and something that could connect me to others. My mum helped me to first read and she helped me find an outlet or an important skill that will last me for my whole life to come.

  10. Ginger

    I think that one of the most important things my mom has taught me is “work before play”. My mom always encourages me to get my jobs (chores, homework, piano practice) done before doing the nonessential activities. This is very important to me because when you don’t finish the most important jobs or chores before you relax and have fun there will always be a limit or damper on your fun. Having fun is a lot of “fun” and I think that when you can finish the most important things first it is much more gratifying and deserving to relax and play. This is something that I don’t think I would have figured out if my mom didn’t think it was important, she really helps me make the right choices so that in the future I can make better choices for myself. My mom is an amazing person who has thought me so much and is still teaching me new things every day. Happy Mothers Day Mom!

  11. GamingPickle84

    My mom has taught me to be organized without that I wouldn’t have a clean cubby or know what is going to happen next at different times. and without her advice, I wouldn’t have had a clean room. so being organized is relly important to me and my mom it also helps with school work because I know what needs to be done and know when it needs to be finished.

  12. Arcticowl

    My mother has taught me many things. The most important one was how to walk. Of corse walking helped me in the future If I couldn’t walk I wouldn’t be alive. Walking is a must have in life. I also remember that my mom taught me how to bake cookies,cupcakes and lots more.Baking can help you in the future because baking stuff can be a good hobby and if i ever become a baker it can help my job.The important thing is mothers help you out in life because they are amazing.

  13. balloongirl123

    my mom taught me a lot of stuff on how to ride a bike clean up after are self and more. My mom would always tell me if i make a mess in my room or anywhere I have to clean it up because that is my own mess I did. She also would help at homework when i was younger.

  14. 14A Dinosaur

    my mom has helped me in many ways but the way i remember the most is she tought me how to to organinize my work alot better then i used to and that has really helped me in my everyday life
    thanks mom

  15. crazymemeslol123

    My mom taught me to walk when I was a baby it was very important because without the help of my mom supporting me I would fall down each time I try to walk so I guess this is important to me the most.

  16. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that the most important thing my mom has taught me is manners and how to walk because if you don’t know either of them you won’t be as successful in life . Those are just some of the things my mom has helped me with .

  17. purple pickle

    My mom has taught me a lot of different things but the most important thing she has taught me was to challenge my self and try to push my limits, that has helped me at school because it pushes me to do better work, teaches me to think big and be creative.

  18. Joaquin

    My mom has taught me how to be respectful to everyone no mater what the scenario is. This helped me make friends in school when i was a in kindergarten and this will also help me in the future to be a nice person.Thank you moms all over the world for teaching us the important thing’s in life.

  19. smeagaleater10

    The thing that my mother taught that had an impact on my life was her teaching me virtues. The impact that it had on my life, for example if I was angry at a person I would not accuse the person and raise my voice I would ask the person their motive in a calm tone than forgive the person. The virtue that I described was tact and forgiveness. After I forgive the person I do not hold a grudge against them.

  20. DancingPorcupine

    My mom taught me to be myself. This is very important because you need to be yourself to be happy. If you’re not yourself then people will like you for someone you aren’t and no one will know who you really are and what you’re really like.

  21. Smallbrowndog

    My mum taught me to respect everyone as they are which really helped when I had to accept difference when I was younger because I was always ready to be open and have an open mind towards other people. It also helped when my friends moved away because I could see reason of course I would still be sad but I wouldn’t be mad.

  22. den10@sea43

    My mom taught me how to take care of people and how to love them like how she loves me. Like she tough me that you need to get over fights with my sister or how to treat my dog and many other people the right way.

  23. LinhAsTheWind

    My mom taught me how to be Nice, never to be mean to anyone, be helpful to anyone, manners and most Importantly….
    Always be kind to others around you.

    This has changed my life a lot, because I’m not that mean (maybe once in a while….) helping other around you is always a good person. I have been helping pretty much everyone since then, this is school, if we bump into each other there is always Oops sorry or just sorry, everyone has manner which can lead to a nice person…

  24. baconguy

    With my mom, I always find her to be very helpful. When a job comes up, she is always ready for it and will always be ready to do anything or help anyone.

  25. THEMANGO404 mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    The most important thing my mom has ever taught me is to work hard no matter the situation. This has helped me a lot because if I am having a hard time working with a group, I know that all I have to do is put in a good effort, and the project will turn out really good. This has helped me a lot in life. Also my mom has taught me that things in life that are hard are worth doing because you always earn something good out of it.

  26. Sr.Fuitcake

    My Mom taught has taught me my manners, I don’t really think I need to say why these are important but I’ll list a few of the more obvious ones.If you have good manners you make a good first impression, you can interact with people in a more comfortable way and you can always get along with grown ups.I’d say that the fact that I have learned these from my mom has changed my life significantly because I find it much easier to get along with people of any sort.

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