October 17, 2016

Dear Division 16,

There are two parks in Vancouver that do not yet have names. One on Yukon and West 17th Avenue and the other on Main and East 18th Avenue.

You can find information about the process and the parks here.

The city has a process where individual citizens can propose the names for city parks. They will accept names in the following categories:

  • Neighbourhood, geographic, or common usage identification
  • Natural or geological features
  • Historical figure, place, event
  • Other instance of historical/cultural significance

For your assignment today, please choose one of the two parks and propose a name that fits one of these categories. Think about parks that you know about already and what you like in a park name!

In your post, please indicate:

1. Which park you have chosen to propose a name

2. The proposed new name

3. Which category of names it falls into

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Touchdown

    I know this isn’t very original but I think the one on Yukon and 17th should be called Yukon park. This falls into the category of “Neighbourhood, geographic, or common usage identification” and I would rather it be Yukon park then 17th park.

  2. The Baconator

    I am choosing to talk about the park on main and 18th. I think that this park should be called Nature way Park. I chose this name because of its unique look. When I first looked at it, it reminded me of a passage way. I chose to add the word nature in to the name because it looked like it had been surrounded by plants and trees. It made me realize how much a park needs green in it. I think this name fits in with the natural or geographic features because of the modern twist and the trees and plants

  3. smeagaleater10

    The park name that I suggest for ‘Poodle Park’ is Maple Park. I think the category that the name falls into is either Historical figure, place, event or historical/cultural significance. The maple leaf is a Canadian historical symbol that symbolizes unity, tolerance and peace. The park could also be named after another Canadian historical symbol for example, Beaver or Moose park. I hope if the city names the park after another Canadian symbol that it would bring togetherness and peace to the surrounding communities.

  4. flying giraffe

    I chose Yukon and 18th park to be wood park because in the picture it looks like the park is made of big pieces of wood. I think the category it goes into is common usage identification. but if there not big pieces of wood then I agree with touchdown it could be called Yukon park.

  5. the engineer

    I think the park on Yukon and 17th should be called Cambie Village Park. This falls under the neighbourhood, geographic, or common usage identification class because it is named after one of the main streets we all know. The reason I chose this name is because it is right beside Cambie street and the name sounds good.

  6. Sushi Monster

    I chose the park on main and 18 because I like how it is a park like in the middle of the city. I think it makes our city look nice’r
    and greener with the trees and nice new grass. The name I choose was Green way park. From the picture I saw I think it looks like a green park and I also I think what makes it more green is that looks more like a sitting down and relaxing park then a playing park.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great work, Sushi Monster! Thank you for explaining your choice and also your answer so clearly! I agree that it’s more of a relaxing park and your name is a nice reflection of that!

  7. crazymemeslol123

    I think Yukon and 17th park should be could named pleasant park because it fits under the category Neighbourhood, geographic, or common usage identification it sounds like a very pleasant place to be at when your sad.

  8. the Time traveler

    I chose the park at Main and 18th and I would call it Raindrop Park or Trudeau Park. I would name it Trudeau park because both the Trudeau’s are part of our history and part of how we see ourselves as Canadians. As for Raindrop park, a big part of Vancouver, whether you hate it or love it, is the rain. If you see rain falling off the red climbing structures in the park, you will be reminded you live in Vancouver.

  9. Amythest

    I’ve chosen the park on Yukon and 17th. I would name the park Wood Vally Park because in the photo it looked like it has been build with mostly wood. I think the name would fall into the category of Natural or geological feature because of the natural wood. I chose the name because well there’s a lot of wood, also because it looks like that playground could really fit anywhere in the world because it looks so natural with all of the wood.

  10. Joaquin

    I choose the one on Yukon and West 17th Avenue. I would call it green way park. It would go under Natural or geological features because of all the grass and bushes and the play ground that is made of natural materials

    • dickensdiv16

      It is a very green park for sure! Your name is especially appropriate because it is also on a bike route and blocks car traffic from traveling through this neighbourhood!

  11. Flying Mandarin

    I chose the Yukon and 17th.
    And I suggest Yukon adventure park. That goes into the neighbourhood category. Because it’s a place to relax and play.

  12. purple pom-poms

    I chose the park on main and 18. I chose for the name to be Giant straw park, because if you look in the picture there is a art piece that I always describe as giant red straws put together. I think it falls under neighborhood, geographic, common usage identification.

    • dickensdiv16

      This totally made me smile, purple pom poms! I have wondered at that piece of art often, and I think you’ve given it a name that many would easily recognize! Very interesting!

  13. French waffles

    So I choose Yukon and 17th. I think it should be called wooden treehouse park. It’s high and mostly made of wood its in a neighbourhood so it’s sorta like a hangout it’ll be soon a relaxing place.

  14. super cheese cake

    I chose the new park on Yukon and 17th street. I think it should be called Nature grass field Park because when I search up the images of the new park on Yukon and 17th, there aren’t any of human made things such as plastic slides and seesaw, metal swings with chains. In the park there are fewer trees but mostly grass. Even the structure is made out of wood only! I think it really falls into Natural or geological features.

  15. Pink Pickle

    I think the park on Yukon should be called woodworks park because it looks to have a playground focal point completely made from wood planks and it doesn’t seem to have any plastic or metal things in the playground I think this name falls into the category of neighbourhood, geographic or common usage identification because as I said the main focal point of the park is the kids playground completely made of wood.

  16. Arcticfox

    I’ve chosen Main and East 18th Avenue. I struggled with the name then I came across Main Veiw Park. So that’s the name I’m going with. I think it goes in to Common usage identification. Also neighbourhood because its a view over the park and its on main.

  17. random student

    I would name the park on Main and E 18th ave Wood Way Park, because I saw lots of wood in the image so I came across it. It’s also listed in the natural or geological features

  18. Soccerboy123ABC

    I would name the park on yukon Timber park because there is a lot of wooden structures there. It would fall into the categorie Natural Geological features .

  19. grass

    I think that that we should just name the park the name of the street because i think that’s kind of easier to do because its sometimes really hard to think of park names.

  20. lordofthepies05

    Yukon and 17th should be called “Bark Park”. In the photo provided it seems there is a lot of wood and greenery in it, so a name with “bark” in it seems to fit!
    This would fall in to the category common usage and identification and also naming after trees would help recognize the 20/20 goal for Vancouver.
    If not this than I would agree with touchdown’s idea of naming it Yukon Park.
    (Also, the name rhymes!)

  21. S.P.E.W

    I have chosen Yukon and West 17th. The name that I have come up with is Side Street park, I chose this name because the park is located on a side street .This name falls under the category of neighbourhood, geographic or common usage identification.

  22. sparkle sloth

    The park at 18th and main should be called The Bendy Straw Park because in that park there is a big sculpture that looks like a lot of bendy straws put together. It fits into the neighbourhood, geographic, or common usage identification category.


    I think the park on main and east18th should be called James Naismith park. James Naismith was the inventor of basketball and was surprisingly, from Canada. This name falls under the category of historical figure, place, event. Bonus points if there is a basketball hoop in the park.

  24. Spamlington

    I would name the park by Yukon and 17th Yukon park not only because it’s on Yukon street, but also because I think it pays tribute to a lesser known part of our nation.

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