November 10

Honouring the spirit gives our lives a sense of meaning, purpose and depth. Honouring the spirit also means respecting the dignity of each person and being thankful for the blessings we have. This strategy also encourages us to make time for the things that we need, whether it is reflection, reverence, prayer, meditation or connecting with nature and beauty.

It also encourages us to participate in arts such as painting, dancing, singing and writing, etc. Honouring special events and sharing our stories helps us to connect with the meaning in our lives. We can also honour the spirit by being of service such as volunteering for a cause or helping someone in need. Reading or watching something meaningful can also help us find inspiration and honour our spirit.

What are some of the ways you and your family honour your spirit? Please explain in few sentences.


  1. crazymemeslol123

    I honour my spirit by doing a Vietnamese martial arts and doing for the good of my heart and to let my parents be proud of what I’m doing.

  2. Flying Mandarin

    I honour my spirit by going to the Japanese school and taking the test. If I do a great job on the test, that makes my parents proud and happy.

  3. the engineer

    I honour the spirit of nature and family by going on hikes in mountains and forests once in a while with my parents and brother. My family likes music and we the honour the musical spirit by listening to music and playing it on bass guitar, guitar and piano. Thirdly, we honour the spirit of our elders by visiting my grandparents both in Germany and in Toronto every year. Honouring the spirit makes my family have a richer and more meaningful life.

  4. Amythest

    I also honor the spirit of my family to always go hiking. When we have time we always go hiking or sometimes we go on trips just to hike and get out to see nature.

  5. smeagaleater10

    I think that a way that I honour my spirit is by volunteering some of my time to being a library monitor. I think that I am honouring my spirit because I am helping other people find a book and making M*****’* job easier. Because I am volunteering my time in that way it makes me feel like a better person.

  6. Spamlington

    I honour my spirit by going camping with my family. When we go camping it’s a great experience all of us to get to know the nature in British Columbia just a little bit better.

  7. the Time Traveler

    My family and i honor the spirit by my Dad dong a Buddhist chants before meals, because it lets us think about the fact that we are healthy and we get to eat – and be thankful for that and think about people who don’t get to have all that.

  8. Sushi Monster

    I honor my spirit by going kayaking with my family. kayaking as a family is a great lesson to learn to work together to make it as fun as possible. Also to enjoy the beautiful nature. It makes me feel like our family is getting even more of a strong bond.

  9. S.P.E.W

    My family honors our spirit by playing board games together, this practices our strategy making abilities and gets us thinking in different and creative ways. Another way we honor our spirit is by relaxing and watching a show together this honors our spirits by giving us all little break for reality and stress to just relax and have a
    laugh together.

  10. Pink Pickle

    My family and I honour the spirit by doing art, my dad makes sculptures, and my mom and I do Incostic painting sometimes.

  11. Soccerboy123ABC

    I honor the spirit of nature by going hiking,mountain biking,biking.I also honor the spirit by playing soccer ,throwing a basebal and playing with games and activities with each other.

  12. The Baconator

    I honor the spirit by making sure that I spend time with friends and family. I grow as a person by socializing and learning to participate in conversation by listening contently and talking mindfully.


    I think I honor the spirit very well in terms of physical activity because sometimes I go on hikes with my family and other times I go out and play sports with friends. Another way I think I honor the spirit is by reading for a long time each day.

  14. purple pom-poms

    I honour my spirit by respecting nature and being kind to animals. Sometimes I have to make decisions on that, and my family respects that about me. I enjoy being with nature and I’m grateful for being respected like how my family does.

  15. Joaquin

    I honer my spirit by going to light house park every year. We do it on august 16th the day we put threw my grandpas ashes. I really like doing the hike and seeing the ocean from the spot.

  16. Xaxo045

    I think we definitely try to maximize our time together because when we look at it we don’t really have much time at all to spend together. Which is important so people can connect and do what helps them feel good

  17. SKOULE

    I honour my spirit being blessed by god, I won a award for servering in god spirit . By being near him you will be able to feel your own spirit

    Hope. In him.
    Strength. In him.
    Alive. In him

  18. Arcticfox

    My family honour our spirits by God, Every Sunday we go to church. Sometimes they may ask us to think of what he has done for us. To be thankful to be Kind and loving to him is honouring him and our own spirits. Even when we don’t go to church because we are busy, We still think and honour our spirits.

  19. sparkle sloth

    my family honours our spirits by going to my grandparents’ house and celebrating holidays with the whole family.

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