November 14

Dear Division 17 and 18,

Today you did some interesting work with Courtney and Simon around perspectives in group work.

You thought about the role you most closely identified with when you work with others.  The choices were:

  • Action-oriented
  • Detail focused
  • Caring
  • Big Picture

For your post tonight, please write which perspective you identified with and give one example of how you’ve showed this perspective.

We look forward to your responses!



  1. snapshot10101

    I think that I am caring because in a group, if there is a person sitting at the side, not doing anything. I go over to him and include him in what were doing (explain what were doing, ask what he/she think, etc.etc.).

  2. The phantome blade

    I think that I am detail focused because in our drawing of our perfect school I would not put my pencil down I would just keep drawing and drawing until Tami/Jody said stop and even then it was hard to put my pencil down.

  3. Helga

    I identify with caring because like snapshot10101 said when we are doing group projects doing work I always make sure everyone is contributing.

  4. Amythest

    I think that I’m detail- oriented because I pay attention to small details in ideas, and work for group projects. Even in my writing I pay attention to detail because I try to put in every bit of punctuation, just to make my work the best it can be.

  5. smeagaleater10

    The perspective I identified the most with was detail focused. My example is, when ********* and I were working on the food project together. We were very detail focused because we researched extensively and portrayed the best and most relevant information in the final product. We knew that if our presentation contained detailed information and worked hard we would get a good mark. Since we had quite a lot of time to work on the project we created an awesome poster, a bold power point and a powerful script to go with it. The poster, power point and script were all very good only because we paid attention to the details.

  6. black circle

    The perspective I identify the most is detail focus. example is that whenever I do group work I always try to get all the details and to get it all right in a way you could understand.

  7. Flying pinguin

    I think that I’m caring because I always try to help people find something to work on at that time when you are working on your group project. For my example, if someone was wondering around when everyone else is working. I try to tell them to find some work that needs to be finished.

  8. Awesomeness

    The perspective that I identify more with is caring. An example to show that my strongest perspective is caring is, I look to see if anyone else has ideas if we were in a group, and if they do I would combined all the ideas so know one would be left out of the discussion we are having, and if my group and I do that, we would see that that person had a really good idea that we might have never thought of before.

  9. chiefblobfish

    I would have chose caring because if someone is left out I always encourage them to come in the group that I’m in.

  10. ThePlatypusLife

    The role i most closely identified with was action-oriented, because I usually just start doing some thing once I have the idea, rather than planning out every detail. for example in our remembrance day art, once I knew what to do, I just started, instead of carefully drawing each tree.

  11. Narwhalz

    I think I am Detail focused.
    If were building something I like it to also look good if I can or if were drawing something I will make my drawing as detailed as possible

  12. Dark-type_trainer🖤

    I think I might be big picture.🌠
    Because people like my friends and parent or other adults relatives think I have a big imagination🤔💭 😃!. And big picture also seems like art to me😍🖌🔖. Big picture is like painting drawing sketching or any art skillz🖌✏️📝And i seem like I’m all of them if you guys don’t know me well I LOVE art my room is full of sketch paper📝 And art supplies🖍🖊🖌. I also like to draw and write 📝. I like to draw more🏞🌌🌃🌉🌅. So big picture means creativity to me🤔💭?😃!📖📝🌌!🤗.

  13. hockey 101

    I think I am big picture because per say we just started a big project and I have one week to finish the project. I would want to think of the things I need to present in my project an the things I need to do get ready for the presentation.

  14. Mystery

    The perspective that I identify the most is detail focused. How I have shown this perspective is when I was in my EWB group there was something that we left out that was important, so I told my group to go back and finish that area.

  15. the engineer

    I think that i am action-oriented because I like to get things done. When you get something done early then you dont have to worry about it later on. Or if there is a big project, you probably want to start it right away because you don’t want it to be due when you’re not done yet. Also if you start work early then you will have enough time to make it really good and detailed.

  16. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that I’m a detail oriented because in project chief we had to plan multiple different food and recipes and it took a lot of time and planning and switching things around.

  17. Blue snowflake

    I think that detail- focused would be my perspective because I really can’t just make a project without it having the details and the small things included. For me, I won’t be satisfied with just a flower, I need to see the shape of the petals, the light texture, and the pollen on it. I noticed that I was detail-focused whenever I draw, write, or say something. But I was sure that I was detail-focused when I did an activity from a read aloud book last year, we did this project where we were suppose to choose what character we felt connected to the most. And I decided to do the cover as something that was only mentioned a few times in the story, something that showed the character’s past. And when I was about to print the story, I accidentally typed in a character’s name wrong, so I tried to fix it once I realized it. But the computer didn’t fix it so when it was printed it was spelled wrong again. That went until 3 pieces of paper were wasted, when it was finally fixed, I gave it in, but I still fixed that little mistake until it was entirely fixed.

  18. Spirit Heart

    I think that I’m a big picture person because if you have a class picnic I would check the weather for that picnic.For example say it was raining we would have a under cover area to stay dry.

  19. bow tie 12

    I had two for mine one was big picture and the second was detail focus. But the one I’m going deeper about is big picture. When I get a project criteria I get a hole bunch of ideas. Most of the time I Allred have an idea in my head and I try to incorporate the criteria into it. Or some of the time I gust have a way I’m going to take my project.

  20. Joaquin

    I think that the best suits me is Action-oriented because when we have a project I try to get right in to it and try to some thing different

  21. Jet

    Mine was detail focused. Mainly because i tend to care about how the little details all connect or look good together in the final product. I love organization.

  22. hippodude2005

    The one i am closest with is caring because i will always try not to leave anybody out and i will always be sure to make sure every body`s opinion has been included and considered.

  23. Catzrule

    I think my perspective is action-oriented because with most projects I just get right into them instead of stopping and planning. Even though I plan sometimes, it’s not really a thing I enjoy doing because I get eager to start whatever we’re working on.

  24. sleepingsquirrel64

    I am “big picture” because I don’t care about all the little details as long as it is presentable as you can see I am not action orientated (this is almost late) I am caring about my work (so I can hand it in)but “big picture” over all is my skill.

  25. BananA

    I think that I’m detail focused because whenever we do art I find myself working for hours on making it perfect, and failing every time.

  26. mistacheeseman

    I think I am action oriented because when I get up in the morning I go straight into the things I do in the morning.
    For example: when I get up I go straight downstairs to getting dressed, brushing teeth and having breakfast.

  27. Lightning Bolt

    i chose ” Caring” because i wan’t people especially new kids in the class to feel like their involved and helpful. So they can do the same when it’s their turn to do this role.

  28. Snort

    The perspective that I identify the most is caring. For example if we’re in a group and someone is in the corner not doing anything I would encourage them to come and help out with what we’re doing.

  29. Day Dreamer

    I think I most closely identified caring because when I am in a group I try and make shore that everyone has a say and that everyone that is in the group can say their opinion or else they might not do any thing so it will be like they weren’t in the group. In my old class last year I was one of the oldest kids so my teacher would put all of the oldest kids in different groups so we would have to make shore every one said their opinion and every one was included.

  30. Spongebob

    I identify as caring because I always make sure everyone is contributing and has a chance to say their opinions on things

  31. SC30

    I choose Caring because I care about everything in my life and of course I care the people around me and I care about their love and care for me

  32. electroe05

    As much as i was not there from what i have read I believe that i would fit in to the big picture column because I like to plan ahead and know what the final product will be.

  33. Arty-choke

    Even though I was not there, I tried to fill myself in with the text above on what you guys were doing for this activity. From those options, I believe that I would be Big Picture, because instead of going into every last detail, I can take it from a bigger perspective. For example, a Summery instead of a Reflection. Though it can change depending on what we are doing or working on.

  34. what the what!

    I think i’m detailed- focused, because in are last perspective activity where we were in our EWB groups. We were doing the hypothetical questions I looked at all the little details.

  35. Timbit

    I think i’m caring because every time for dinner i scoop the rice and count up all the chop stick for our family, I also sometimes cook meals for grandma and grandpa. :3

  36. DairyKing07

    I think in action-oriented because. I like to get down to work right away so I can have time later to do activities.

  37. game-master 2017

    Personally I would say I am detail focused because I always consider the details before making a decision . Today I used this perspective because I had to consider the details of specific fundraising ideas. I had to think should we specifically talk to kids we know have scooters and skateboards? Should we go door to door? What could we use for storage? Could there be a place in each classroom to put them? Big questions.
    Looking forward to wonder by the way!

  38. The Baconator

    I chose action oriented because, looking back at my work, I usually go with my first idea unless it really is terrible but I feel like if I dismiss that first idea and that I keep thinking until I come up with an idea that really speaks to me, I usually come up with better work.

  39. Mouk

    I think im caring, because when im in a group and i find myself doing all the work to myself and im the only one contributing i ask if anyone else has an idea and to say it.

  40. Lam

    I am definitely Action-Oriented because, when we did the spagette towers I chose the first idea that we came up with, got all the materials, and started to billed.

  41. Naruto fan boy 1769

    I think I am big picture because when I’m doing work or something I look at my whole schedule and see when I need to complete this. Also I look at what if I cant finish and backup plans such as I ll do it at school.

  42. aqua ant

    I am detailed focused because I believe by including all the details rather than rushing ahead you will benefit for the better by having everything planed out. I like to have everything very detail to unsure I am more successful, and have more knowledge and learning resources.

  43. SC30

    I think im caring because most of the time I care about my things and also the people around me(example….Hey you alright you need help)

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