December 5

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

Please take a look at the article in the link here

Fred Herzog was a photographer who worked in Vancouver in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  This article, called “Lost Vancouver”, shares some of his best known images.

Choose the one that stands out the most for you in this article, OR do your own research and find a different image of Herzog’s.

In your blog post, indicate the title of the photograph you have chosen and the year it was taken.

After that, please use at least 3-4 sentences to explain what you think this image tells you about Vancouver, being specific about what parts of the image give you this information, or what supported your inferences.

Here is mine:

I chose to write about “Squatter, Railroad Tracks, 1961” because it shows a side of Vancouver that we still rarely see in pictures.  I think this picture shows how Vancouver’s waterfront has come to mean so many things, and how surprising it is that the most valuable real estate in the city was once home to squatters and homeless people who built their own shelters.  I see more evidence for this in the fact that the shoreline across the water is also empty, which tells me that the development of the city was happening in places other than the waterfront.  I see some industry taking place on the other side of the water, and I’m curious about what is being made there.  I also notice that the railroad tracks are shiny and clear of weeds which helps me understand that it’s used frequently and maybe is a main method of transportation or industry.

We look forward to your responses,



  1. Day Dreamer

    I chose “Squatter, Railroad Track, 1961” because it shows what Vancouver used to look like and a little bit what it looks like now with the factories in the back ground and the smoke. From looking at the picture I think its a older community because the houses look old. When I look at the back ground I see some kind of pile of salt or another mineral that is waiting to go in a big boat so I think the people work really hard. In the back ground I see lots of trees so that probably means there was not as many people there as there are now and there is was no won at the beach. It looks like it is spring because the person was not wearing short sleeves or a big winter jacket and all the leafs were still on the trees and there was no snow on the mountains.

  2. Flying pinguin

    I chose “Howe and Nelson, 1960 because you can see the difference from 1960 to now. The stores before are much smaller and simpler. In 1960s the stores looks simply made out of wood and are not tall. Now most of the area in downtown there are a lot of tall building that are made out of concrete and lots of glass.

  3. electroeo5

    I choose “Hastings and Columbia Street, 1958” because it shows the clothing of that time period as well as how much bustle it can be in Vancouver even in 1958.You can also see the businesses of that time and how small they were. I wonder how much they made in an average day? You can also see the newspaper in the back ground that is saying something about a decent quantity of money. Another thing I loved was the store signs and even though they were so simple they were still unique in a way. Maybe it’s just that it is 2017 and I am not used to 1958 signs but I don’t know. I also noticed not a single person had a phone on them! Don’t see that in 2017! I loved this blog post.

  4. Amythest

    I have chosen to write about ” Rooming House, 1975″ because the image shows some older buildings, and I have a lot to infer about the image. My first inference is that the photo was taken in the fall because it looks like there could be a storm, but it’s still a bit sunny, so maybe early to mid fall where it’s still a bit sunny. Adding on to the last one or that it is getting late in the day, like it’s the evening because the sky looks kind of darker. My second inference is that the photo was taken in a rougher part of Vancouver because the buildings look kind of torn apart and just that they are really old. My next inference is that the houses are across the street ( the front of the image) from a hospital or a library or a school or something else because there is a parking lot, which normally means that there is some sort of important building there because there probably wouldn’t be a parking lot there for nothing.

  5. Awesomeness

    For my post I chose “Elysium Cleaners 1958” because I think it shows how much vancouver changed. For my first inference I think that the painting on the side of the building is an old version to billboards we have today. Some are on seperate boards, some spin from picture to picture and now we even have electronic billboards. My second inference is the frame of the window I think is made of wood instead what is often used today like, aluminum frames, vinyl frames, and lots of other tipes of frames. There are still wood frames now, but they are better protected. This last inference stands out to me the most. The advertisement on the wall is to sell cigarettes, I infer that the people who made it did not know yet how bad it is because the cigarettes were popular then, and now on boxes for them there is pictures of people getting cancer from them, now the boxes don’t say “You’ll like Buckingham cigarettes they’re so good tasting.”

  6. game-master 2017

    Good news I got the link working! Now to the point. I think I liked the Nelson and Howe 1980 one. It shows how fast modern life was evolving back then. We half to remember Vancouver was not always like this. its changed since the 1960/70/80 and its going to keep changing

  7. The phantome blade

    Hastings and Colombia street 1958.I think that this photo tells a lot about how the culture has changed over the years and developed into a really equal place to live but back when this photo was taken usually men walked around while the women did the chores and cooked meals.

  8. DairyKing07

    I choose Boy on the shed because it reminds me of the old world with the wooden house and kids smiling and playing before technology swept the land with video games and consoles. My dad was born also around the time the picture was taken so he experienced life differently when he was younger than now.

  9. Santiago

    I think that Elysium Cleaners, 1958 stands out to me because of the cigar ad because in 1958 people didnt know that smoking can (and will) kill you if you smoke to much so they also had ads for cigars and the ad in a 1950’s style.

  10. Blue snowflake

    Hasting and Columbia street, 1958
    I think this photo stood out to me the most because everything seemed so different compared to the downtown i would see all the time. I noticed that there were many people like now but the streets look like they have less space compared to now. I think that the image tells us that Vancouver was a place where people can still get along like they do now. I also think that it tells us that Vancouver was filled with people who had interests in arcades and places like that, as well as the fact that there was a place where friends and family or groups could just gather together and enjoy their time with one another.

  11. Do it for da Hwin

    I chose the squatter, railway tracks 1961 because its a great site to see and its very detailed. I like how it looks like the pictures that you see on the internet. It really connects to me because for my famous Canadians project, I did Sir Sandford Fleming who was the chief engineer of the Canadian pacific railway and it looks like that.

  12. the engineer

    Boys on shed,1967
    I like the boys on shed picture because it shows that Vancouver was a much more rundown place than it is now. As you can see the driveway is muddy, the houses are run down and the shed is ramshackle. The picture also tells you that the kids are having fun on the roof because they are all smiling. That means that even though the people didn’t have much money back then, they were still happy.

  13. hockey 101

    Hastings and Colombia Street 1958
    The reason I have picked this picture is because the Smiling Buddha Cabaret for short S.B.C is where I skateboard today. It is one of the few indoor halfpipe skate spots. Also I think the down town east side has changed so much since then. It was way more vibrant and a bit more inviting now it’s a lot different. Now it has big buildings and a lot of people who have troubled lives. Hopefully we as a community, can change that.

  14. hippodude2005

    I chose newspaper readers 1961 because it shows how much times have changed because nobody even buys the newspaper anymore let alone read it in a shop window everybody just reads it on there phone.
    It also shows how long ago it was because no shopkeeper would normally put newspapers up on there window it’s just not something store owners do anymore.
    The last thing about it is that all the old people in front of the store might not have enough money to buy the newspaper so they go for a walk to see whats on the front cover through the window but that’s just a theory i could be wrong.

  15. chiefblobfish

    Squatter,railroad tracks,1961.

    This is the one I chose because it has the factory,s in the background and the close up river. and if you look closely you can see that the the picture was taken a wile ago because of the old houses.the man walking lives around that area and he is an older man I noticed by the cane he is holding. and all that was in one picture 56 years ago in Vancouver.

  16. Spirit Heart

    Squatter, Railroad Tracks, 1961:
    This picture has all these pretty colors that go well together. I wouldn’t think that green, blue and brown would go so well together. It’s a very pretty view.

    If you live in and know Vancouver you can actually see how much the city has grown or changed. The buildings are tiny and look so old.

    It’s easy to see that there was less pollution in those days, unlike now, when we have more pollution in the water.

  17. smeagaleater10

    I chose Elysium Cleaners 1958
    This picture shows Vancouver’s society’s careless attitude towards smoking. The words on the billboard “They are so good tasting” shows that there probably hasn’t been any reasearch on the topic or people have just chosen to ignore the news that smoking is bad for you.

  18. ThePlatypusLife

    I chose Hastings and Columbia Street, 1958, because even though a lot of these scenes would never be seen today, this is still a picture that could be taken around BC and vancouver. it is a busy street with small busy shops full of people. although you might not see those type of shops anymore, (Arcade, Billiards ect.) you may still see similar images in parts of downtown and other places.

  19. blackcircle

    I chose white ship 1967 because it is a good example of an old 1960’s steam ship. it also shows the construction of something on the lions gate bridge and the lions gate bridges old deck.if you look at it you realize there is no port on the north shore area and instead you see forest. this shows you the way Vancouver use to be like.

  20. Lightning Bolt

    Rooming House, 1975
    This picture shows that we were social with our neighbors. Vancouver has come up with different ways now to construct our city then before. Vancouver is a rich city, before they used the outdoor air to dry their clothing but now we use high tech washing machines and dryers. The houses then were built with poor material that could collapse as the years go by. When now there is a more modern material to build nice houses.

  21. mistacheeseman

    I chose two pictures for this assignment.

    The first is called Studio and Kids taken in 1960 because my grandma told me a store in this picture belonged to her Dad. The store is called George Sparling Sporting Goods at 929 Grandville Street. Can you find the skier? My grandma used to work there in the summer. This picture shows me that downtown Vancouver was very busy in 1960.

    My second picture is of the Paris Cafe, 1959. If you look on the menu the prices are super low but now something like that would cost about 10 bucks. Since the prices are so low it shows how much prices have gone up in the past 50 years to eat out now in Vancouver. If you look at the menu you will see food you don’t see often anymore like: Liver, bacon, and onions but if you look at what Santa’s holding, its Pepsi Cola and that stuff is still around.

  22. Narwhalz

    Boys on Shed, 1962
    I think this family is very poor if you look at the state of the shed. And also that all the boys are brothers because family’s were bigger then. But also the house in the background is nice so maybe they weren’t so poor after all.

  23. Arty-choke

    #1 I chose to do “Elysium Cleaners”. It is a photo of an add painted on the side of a building that says: “You’ll like “Buckingham Cigarettes, there so good tasting” and in the caption below it says that at one point Fred Herzog was a Medical Photographer by day and roamed the streets at night for pictures, and I found it kinda funny that if he was a Medical Photographer and he was taking a picture of a sign saying that cigarettes were so good.

  24. The Baconator

    I chose ” boys on shed 1962 ”. I think that this shows that these people lived a poor life. if you said Vancouver I wouldn’t think poor but there are poor people everywhere and I think that is overlooked and needs to be addressed. I think that this image shows how paranoid our society has become. these houses don’t have fences and you could practically walk into the garage. nowadays everything is locked up so people cant steal anything.

  25. SC30

    I chose boys on shed 1962 because I can relate with the boys on the roof because in the Philippines me and my cousin always likes to see the old days and we would always remember our past and we are happy to look back in our memories

  26. Jet

    My picture was called ”Family on lawn”. So what I noticed was that this family looks very poor you could see the poorly made glass windows and if you looked inside there wasn’t a lot of furniture. it seems almost like this family was almost unhappy. It reminded me of modern life.Because i could see them sitting up in an apartment and those small kids had no space to play. this would make them unhappy. possibly stressed because i feel like life back then would be more carefree. Now there’s bad people in the world that make it unsafe to be carefree about your children.

  27. snapshot10101

    I chose Paris Cafe, 1959. hence the name of the café I think it is soposed to show the variety of cultures being held together by Vancouver. to make that official the menu on the window sill has stuff like fried rice which is something i would not expect to find in Paris cafés. (I’ve never been in Paris) 🙂

  28. Mr Blog

    I chose Boys on Shed, 1962 I infrance that the fmailys or family of these kids do not have the time to look after them because there are no adults in the picture. The family that lived in these houses might have been poor

  29. Naruto Shippuden Fan boy 1769

    I chose “News Paper Readers” because you now never see people wear that type of clothing or hat. This makes me inference that this photo was in the nineteens, since the culture was very popular during that time. I also think the people were staring at a meat shop in China Town because they were Asian looking (I do not mean any racism by this statement). Most citizens in China Town are Asians, (again I don’t mean any racism). I’m sorry if I offended you I really hoped not, for the third time I really really don’t mean any racism to prove it my parents are from Vietnam.

  30. bow tie 12

    I choose “Howe and Nelson” ,1960. In the photo there’s old buildings, houses and cars. In the very back a big building. It looks new and it’s the only modern building . In vancouver there is still some old buildings like the ones in the photo.( Houses too) An inference I made was that this was the peak of big skyscrapers and morden buildings. Well modern for them.

  31. Lam

    I chose “Boys on Shed, 1962.” in this photo I saw kids kids in the photo, the houses looked old and run down, the house was made out of wood. I like this photo because it shows how young kids dressed in the olden days. IT also showed what the house stile was.

  32. Timbit

    I chose this because i can connect to it because my grandpa used to take long walks to china town to read new papers on the wall and bring home pork for lunch my inference is that this photo was taken in 2008-2011 because my grandpa always walked in those clothing during cold mornings

  33. aqua ant

    I chose the Family on Lawn, 1959 because I found it very unique to see how our housing deigns and materials have changed through out the past years. I inference that the family that was living in that house were maybe a little bit less fortunate than others but they were still a happy and a joyful family. This made me think of the quote money cant by happiness for they seem to be as happy as they could be.

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