November 19, 2015

Dear Division 16,

For this post, I’d like you to consider the issue of the names chosen by sports teams.  It has been an ongoing discussion whether team names that are intended to represent Aboriginal people are appropriate, and since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the profile of this issue has been raised in Canada.

Please read the article below and respond in your post to ONE of the two following questions:

If you are looking for more historical information and a more challenging read, here is an optional, longer, second article:

  1. Consider how it would feel to have a sports team named after a stereotype about your culture.  What effect do you think this would have on your family or your community? Explain your thinking.
  2. Do you think that government should make a decision about this issue and make rules about team names and mascots?  If yes, what level of government do you think should be involved and what rule should be made?  If no, what process do you think should be put into place to address this issue?

I look forward to your responses!



  1. Amethyst

    #1 Well normally stereotypes are bad things or mean things said about someone, something or in this case a culture so to have something named off of a stereotype that probably a lot of people will hear on your culture is kind of offensive to that whole culture. I think that it could effect a lot of people because maybe some people who support your culture if they hear that name they might start being rude to you or make fun of you just because you are part of that culture. Also it’s just saying something mean that is now going around the world while people are getting offended which is not very nice.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thank you for your thoughts, Amethyst, I think we do always have to think about how things like this affect people. I do agree with you that stereotypes can be really harmful!

  2. den10@sea43

    before I start I just want to say thank you so much jo** for picking one that relates to football!
    #1 I think that it would feel so annoying for people to say bad things about the name because if you where part of that culture you would probably want to know that it was offending to your culture. Also there are so many people out there that some people is going to criticize you for bad language or something because I think that there are way too many things not say and stuff like that.

  3. Crazychicken lover

    #1 Well honestly i think that naming a team an inappropiate name is not ok, but it depends on how bad or rude that name is. I would feel horrified if someone named a team the yellow asians, and that is certanly an not ok thing. That would probably make my dad get very mad and my whole family will be quite shocked if there was an actaul team named that. I love my culture and i treasure it and i wont feel good if they teased us like that.

    #2 I think that they dont need to change that issue because its not like those teams want to offend whatever culture that its team mascot or team name is. Because if that name is a little bit rascist and u look at the trophy when you won it you feel a rush of pride and nobody can take that pride away. If someone calls you a rascist word then just say it back at him with pride in whatever rascist name it is because honestly if those people are so easyly offended by just a word i will be more shocked than if someone calls you something rascist.

  4. Rouge

    #2 I think that the government should enforce a lot more rules about the Aboriginal sports team names and how to manage that problem. I think that the federal government could enforce broad rules like no names including or disrespecting the Aboriginals skin colour or culture. However I think that maybe a group of Aboriginal people could be almost “judges” of the names and they could make more detailed rules under the big umbrella of the governments sports team name rules. Because it is the Aboriginal peoples name and culture so I think that they should get to decide which names are ok and which are rude and exclusive to the Aboriginals past. For example if I were in the federal government I would make a rule that said ” no names that include a particular skin colour are allowed to be locally or nationally used or phrased”.


    #1 I think if there was a stereotypical sports team logo that offended me or people in my community, I would organize a boycot that would make it so their buissness was not as good. I also think this could create protests and some people could get very angry. If I was really offended I would probably also write a letter to the provincial or federal government complaining that they should make a law banning racist sports teams logos.

  6. PointyHedgehog11

    You have strong points of view on this. I think that these teams should change there names because it is blatantly offensive to everyone.
    These people should realize its 2015 and we need to consider the feelings of others.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice to see you back, PointyHedgehog11! Your perspectives are always welcome here. Does your last comment mean that you think things have changed over time? I’d like to hear more about that!

  7. Shadow145

    #1 People should Stop using inappropriate names or logos about cultures. That would offend that culture and many of that culture would be really shocked and very angry if they found out there was a team name or logo that offends them. Any level of government should enforce that there should be no inappropriate name of a culture or logo.

  8. super cheese cake

    #1 I think it depends on how it makes that cultural group feel. If a sports team has a name related to some cultural group, they should ask them if they could accept that name or if they feel that name is offensive to them. If possible, they can change the name in some way that doesn’t sound offensive to them.

  9. crazymemeslol123

    #2 I think I would go with no because there’s nothing wrong with team names even though they are aboriginal people I think it’s because other people don’t like aboriginals at all so that’s why they are being very careful to get rid of the aboriginals I don’t know there story line but they maybe just hate aboriginals because maybe it used to be there home land and the rich people and popular people work together and the government should stop the madness of a baseball team name redskin I mean it’s kinda racist but I think it’s a cool name and I think the government should add a rule don’t try to be mean try to be nice to aboriginal people and the level of government should be democracy because they want to think how they should do with the idea so team work is awesome.

  10. xaxo6 04

    #1 I was shocked when I first saw the teams crest because the aboriginal culture is being displayed as something which is another groups culture not theirs. Also the stereotypes are quite offensive to some aboriginals. I want to make the teams change their crest as I would if I was a person of aboriginal descent. I would get people to stop or at least lower the teams financial balance because we need to realise that it is time for change. After all like what PointyHedgehog11 and Justin Trudeau said its 2015 bring on the change!

  11. TechNerd

    #2 I think that the government really should do something about this issue, I am sure the Government even knows that this is a serious issue that concerns our aboriginals and that it is very offensive. I think that the Government really doesn’t care because these teams have to pay taxes which means that the Government is actually making money off of these teams. It is just that the Government needs to act and tell these teams to change their names and stop using names that are offensive to aboriginals. And as the Truth and Reconcilliation says, “There is no place for these offensive team names in Canada” and really there isn’t. That time is over when Canada did bad things to Aboriginals lets not repeat that, Lets help them and make sure that they are treated just like us and not having these teams which are offensive to the Aborginals.

  12. smeagaleater10

    2# Yes, I think the government should make a decision about this problem. I see two choices: either to completely restrict the stereotypical names or make strict rules with big consequences. Although I would not expect government to respond right away because of the new Prime Minister. I think that the municipal government should deal with it because it will be too overwhelming for the Provincial or Federal government.

  13. baconguy

    #2. I think that team names for sport team names should be checked with the government. Some names are fine, but if the name gets too stario typical or racist than they should be banned for sure. I think that the level of government should be municipal, (assuming that the rule I proposed earlier is in place) because it would be hard to contact the provincial government and federal government has bigger problems.

  14. DancingPorcupine

    2. I think that this is a big problem so the government should do domething about it. I think that the law should be that teams should be able to make stereotypes about race or any other thing that could offend anyone. I think that the provincial government should deal with this because they are supposed to take care of aboriginal rights. I hope that teams like the redskins will change their name because I know that it is an issue that effects a lot of people.

  15. Ginger

    I think that it is essential that the government has veto power over all sport team names and their mascots. Stereotypes can be very harmful to someone’s self-esteem, so it is extremely important that everyone is sensitive to each others’ differences and unique qualities. I think that this form of racism should be handled by the provincial government, as there wouldn’t be enough resources to deal with it in the federal government. If it was handled by the municipal government, there wouldn’t be enough sport teams to create an official position and these offences might be skimmed over. It would be ideal if there was a provincial sub-committee which included members of the aboriginal community that dealt with the organizers of sports teams to assist those teams with inappropriate names to develop new names. If the committee feels a name is offensive, or could be offensive to someone, they can request a name change. I think that there should be a fine if the teams haven’t changed their names or mascots following one year of a decision being made. The fine should be proportional to the team’s income level.

  16. Joaquin

    Consider how it would feel to have a sports team named after a stereotype about your culture. What effect do you think this would have on your family or your community? Explain your thinking
    #1 I wouldn’t care if a sports team named there team after a stereotype about my culture because there are more important things to worry about in the world than a sports teams name.Although I am Chilean I can laugh at some of the “stereotypes” made about us,because as far as I know there aren’t any really bad stereotypes about us. In the community the effects of this would be mixed I think, some will be offended and some won’t. Maybe the people that are offended are just really hard core Chilenos who would be sensitive to being made fun of or having a team name about a Chilean “stereotype”. But I also think that if the stereotype was about a culture that has had bad things happen to it, has been abused, is always made fun or disrespected then I think that yeah it would cause anger and upset feelings.

  17. The Baconator

    I think that the government should make a rule about team names and mascots because they could be offensive to different cultures as in the article. If I were to make a rule about this I would have a limit to names and mascots and if that team was trying to insult another team about their culture and were proven guilty they would be kicked out of their league and wouldn’t be allowed to play and that way other teams would take note and know not to do that. I think that this is not the biggest issue but I want people to know so I would send it right to the Prime Minister.
    That is how I would solve this problem.

  18. Sr.Fruitcake

    #1 If there were a team that insulted my culture I would be surprised and offended, its not something anybody of any race should have to deal with. I am Canadian for several generations so I have never been discriminated in any way, But that in itself is a point, when I say that most people probably think of the people who have been discriminated against and think about the first nations and people of darker skin and there is no reason for that, people of white skin were never made slaves for their skin colour so why those races? We all wonder that to some to degree but this article has made me think about that more, why on earth were only those people discriminated against I mean there aren’t even that many more white people. It is time to end the racist team names that have mascots that look like cartoons from the 1920’s. That is how far past that we should be.

  19. iron lanturn

    #1 having a sports name after your culture would be horrible because heres some examples the Africans the jewish so people would joke about that and thats not good and it would affect the community in a big way because if there team lost there religion would probably be discriminated.

  20. balloongirl123

    1. I think that if you call a basketball team or any kinds of team like really bad stuff that is pretty much just making fun of how they working hard about there team and also if someone tells your team that your team is the worst team or something that is not right be calling peoples team like that it is just horrible. But i would not mind in any shape of form that a sport name could be named after are culture.

  21. Arctic owl

    I think that if you call a sports team something like the White skins and someone just joined the team and found out that the team name was that well, what i would do is get really mad and just quit . Sport players actually work really hard and lots of the time they get hurt and calling their team something like that just makes it harder . When this happens it might gets hard in a community some people might fell ashamed by you for your team name not knowing that it is not really their choice . some people might even be rude and say you made the wrong choice in life . I think it would be really hard for these people in there life .

  22. the DUDE

    I think that I would feel very insulted having my culture so barbarically shown to be a stereotype. If that were true, my whole family would never want to watch another hockey game. I would feel like I could easily go watch a game and enjoy it, but I would continuously feel that this team, well, they are racists.

  23. Purple Pickle

    #1 I would have mixed feelings about having a sports team named after my culture I would feel fine with the name because it could get my culture noticed and it could get people to donate to my culture. I would also feel insulted that some sports team took my culture without permission and used it as though my culture was nothing more than a name, and using my culture for money gain and the name could reflect poorly on my culture so therefore I would probably feel more poorly about it than happy.

  24. Soccerboy123ABC

    #1 I think it would feel good to have a sports team named after my culture because there would be a lot of attention focused on your culture and it might help if there’s something happening to your culture.i think that if the team didnt do very well it would be very insulting because people might think that your culture is bad also it will be very important for some people but other people will think that whats so good about that word why not some other word.


    #2 I do think that they should have rules against this. I think that this would be a problem for the municipal government. I think that rule should be that they get permission from a fist nations leader or tribe to use the name so instead of offending them they would be honouring them. Like what the Chicago Black Hawks are doing.

  26. Panda Tush

    #1. I would feel a bit offended because I feel that there is an endless list of names yet they choose to make one that they may or may not know offends people and hurts them a bit to. If a team named themselves after my culture, I would feel offended in the terms they intend to use it in. if they didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t blame them. but if they did intend to try and offend this culture, i would want to try and to do something about it because no one should feel offended because of a name, yet some are.

  27. The Bean

    #1 Well I the case of the “Washington Redskins” I would imagine it to be very degrading for anyone who may actually be a member of those tribes. Having an entire franchise and fan base (as small as it may be!) centred around a derogative slur must have a very negative affect on the local native community. In some cases with teams like the UBC Thunderbirds, the name is taken out of respect for surrounding cultures and was approved by them. If my family’s background were to be stereotyped and abused I would find it dishonouring and almost shameful. Because if team is unsuccessful, it then gives a bad name to anyone related to the culture.

  28. PG Dinosaur

    #1 i think we should not have these names on mascots because it is just like telling someone that you don’t believe in there religion and then telling every one you know that you don’t believe in there religion and that can really hurt some people so why do it theres no reason

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