November 28

Dear Division 17 and 18,

We are really getting underway with our Leadership Project and starting to think about how we can help address the unmet needs in our community.

We’re thoughtful about a very famous quote by Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

and another by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

For your homework this week, please think about the work you’ve done on the leadership project, our class discussions, our work with the Engineers Without Borders, Courtney and Simon’s activities about group perspective and the leadership we’ve taken on in the school.

Please think about one or both of the above quotes and reflect in 3-4 sentences about the role of leadership in our school community and what impact this work has had on you or our school.

We look forward to your responses,




  1. smeagaleater10

    My group’s work on the water bottle refill stations for our school is going to be tremendous. We chose this problem to work on because the upper intermediate classes were the most affected. The issue is that the water fountains are too short (the height is the same for the primaries) and there is very little water pressure forcing some students to kiss the fountain. It is very gross and inefficient I hope we can get the stations installed so that way everyone’s happier. So connecting to the quote by Mahatma Ghandi, we wanted a change so we took it upon ourselves to make the change by choosing the refill stations over the other problems.

    • dickensdiv16

      Smeagaleater10, I really like the way you provided so much background detail in your response. I really do think that you and your classmates are going to change the world, and hopefully also the water fountains!

  2. 008rayray800

    “Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    -Margaret Mead

    I love this quote, I find it incredibly inspiring.

    I think being a leader in our school means, not only taking control of a situation, but showing people the way. Creating that small group of committed citizens and turning it into a larger one. In Engineers Without Borders we have to think of something or school community needs, and put it into action. That’s showing the school this need and how to fix it, and leading everyone into doing so.

    Being a leader also means understanding others perspectives in order to make a compelling argument, or to be a good friend, but also to show them they can trust you and are right to follow you with this idea.

    It is great that the class is really showing us these qualities and how to excel in them. I think this will be a very great opportunity and serve me well in future years, I am very greatful to have this chance.

    (Sorry, I did way more than 3-4 sentences.)

    • dickensdiv16

      008rayray800, I absolutely love and agree with your response. I love how you took Mead’s quote and looked at the change within people as well! You’ve given us a lot to think about!

  3. Dark-type_trainer🖤

    Be the change you want to see in the world 🌎
    That quote inspires me. Also my group for wall project used that quote last year the quote means to me is freedom and peace . my eWb group might team up with another group but our main idea is homelessness 🏚.😰 we are doing a jacket drive for da homelessness we predict there are around 3000 homeless people in Vancouver but I think there are most homeless people in gastown so we are doing assembly’s and announcements posters and handout.

  4. Day Dreamer

    When I read the first quote (“never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” by: Margaret Mead) it reminded my of our E.W.B. projects (engineers without border). It reminded me of E.W.B. because it is only a small group of kids that will try to fix a problem in the school or community and that is kind of what the quote is saying or the message it is giving. The second quote (“Be the change you want to see in the world” also by: Margaret Mead) reminded me more of the leader ship work that we are doing with Simon and Cortney but it also reminded me of the E.W.B. projects. It reminded me of the leader ship work because it is like be the change you want to see in the/your group like you should be a leader or step up if no one has all ready.

    • dickensdiv16

      Wow, Day Dreamer! You have an incredible way of putting things together in unexpected ways. I love the connection you made to two parts of our leadership project, and I really appreciate your attention to personal experiences as well!

  5. electroe05

    My group decided to do the big topic of homelessness. When we first saw this topic we thought it would be something we could do but we came to the realization that it would not be that easy. We decided to make every one a task to try to speed up the process and it seemed to work. In my opinion this project has brought our group together and able to speak for each other however we still have more work to do. I think our school has leaders in a form (ie. principal and vice principal) however I fell that every one in the school has power in a way and that is what makes our school so intercut and exciting. This project has much to go and I believe strongly in the path we are taking.

    • dickensdiv16

      Electroe05, I really appreciate that you shared your experience of the school as a community! I feel that way about our school too. Your description of your team feels really true: you’ve come a long way and you have a very clear vision!

  6. game-master 2017

    I agree with the Margret Meed quote: all it takes to change the world is a group of people committed to doing it. well my group Is not exactly changing the world but we are creating a safe space to put scooters and skateboards in the school. We decided on that because skate boards and scooters take up a lot of space in the coat hook/ cubbyholes area and we would like to get are backpacks off the floor. It will make life easier for everyone in the school especially people with scooters and skateboards.

  7. Flying pinguin

    My group is working on How to make more space to store skateboards and scooter in school. My group thought of this problem because we thought that this is important to all students in the school riding their scooters or skateboards to school. So this is what we want to ““Be the change you want to see in the world”, by Mahatma Gandhi and connecting to this quote.

  8. Amythest

    My group is working on how to bring up the population of bees. I think our group can most relate to Margret Meed’s quote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” We are trying to help out with the contestant lowering number of the bee population. If we do end up making a change and this project works, we can make a big change because bees are such a big part of fruit, honey, and much more. This one topic connects to so many different things that making this one thing happen can make a change.

    • dickensdiv16

      I like how you integrated the quote into your response, Amythest! I also really appreciate how you talked about small changes leading into bigger changes. That’s a really nice parallel to the quote!

  9. snapshot10101

    the quote from Margaret mead is one of my favorite quotes in the world.I have seen it many times before including on a crossing in Vancouver.
    for my EWB project me and my group are trying to make a place for scooters and skate boards in the school. we have Identified that this was an important need because people ride to school a lot with scooters and skate boards and they get stolen fairly often.
    we took this on and are going to make a change, just like the quote said!!!!!

  10. The Baconator

    My EWB group is working on creating a place to store scooters and skateboards. I feel like that the first quote related more to the leadership roles in our school that each individual or group plays. In our EWB group I feel that everyone is committed strongly to our project even though we are trying to make a difference in our community not the whole world. I feel like having so many leaders in our community only makes others strive to be like them. In my opinion, that is very positive.

    • dickensdiv16

      Leadership can create and facilitate more leadership, it’s true. The Baconator, your responses are always so clear and thoughtful,, you bring that leadership to our blog community too!

  11. chiefblobfish

    There were two quotes up on the top of the page and one caught my eye that one was Mahatma Gandhi,s quote (”Be the change you want to see in the world”) which really struck me and I feel my E.W.B. group will make a change in our world (transit way) because were planning to work with Dave Lewin to help lower prices and raise the quantity of buses.

  12. Awesomeness

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (By Margaret Mead.) That quote reminds me of our engineers without borders project, because we are trying to make a difference in our community/school. For my E.W.B project my group is working on trying to have more space for scooters and skateboards. My group chose, more space for scooters and skateboards because sometimes people’s bikes, scooters and/or skateboards get stolen from the bike racks and then they usually pay more money to get new ones. We also picked that unmet need because last year the teachers did not let the students to bring our scooters inside because it was a tripping hazard, but scooters are hard to lock up so it would be easier for other people to steel. If we actually get to make the scooters and skateboards project happen then the students will be happier to know that there will be a safe place to keep their scooters and skateboards.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice argument, Awesomeness! I think it’s really great to see you making connections to issues in the world and the history of the problem at our school. I’d love to see your leadership project succeed!

  13. Santiago

    These two quotes above connect with the Engineers with Borders project since you have to work with other people (whom are randomly chosen) to work in a project in the community to make it be safer and a better place to live. Change always starts with an idea.

    • dickensdiv16

      Your last sentence could be a famous quote as well, it’s super inspiring, Santiago! I think it’s really interesting that you focused on group dynamics in relation to the quote – an original and important observation!

  14. Mouk

    My groups problem is to put a space to lock up our scooters and skateboards. The second quote made me think about how my group is doing something like that, exept a change in the school not the world. Because a LOT of people have been thinking of this idea but never really taking it on so we wanted to get on with so it will help and efect all of the people as well as us and make it easier to keep our scooters and skateboards safe.

  15. Joaquin

    I feel like our school and especially our class is built on leadership with all the freedom we get in projects and the trust you guys put in us. I think without leadership in our school the school would be completely different in the teaching style and the way the is run. I feel this work has inpacted my learning because I’m more aware of the subjects we have talked about in class and I notice them in school and in the world.

    • TamTam

      Wow Joaquin you certainly validate our choices as teachers when you make comments like that! The fact that you’re making connections with the world around you is inspiring to hear!

  16. Do it for da Hwin

    My group is doing transportation and we want to reduce the rates and want the month of June free for students during school hours. The seconded quote really connects to our problem because I really want this to happen and it could help in different ways and trans link give four days of October 2-6 free. I think that the roles that people play n our community effects our school everyday because when you see someone try to make our community a better place encourages us to do the same thing!

    • TamTam

      The fact that you and your group are working so hard to make positive changes for your community will truly encourage others. Your hard work and creative thinking are an inspiration for all of us! It’s been exciting for your teachers to watch your journey as your ideas solidify into action.

  17. Lam

    Our group is doing homelessness, We teemed up with another group that was also doing homelessness, and we decided to go with donating to the food bank. I like the first quote because it is the most real thing i have ever read, all the people that end up changing the world are all random citizens that want to do something. Are group shows a lot leadership because there are so many people in it.

    • TamTam

      Your group definitely does show a lot of leadership Lam, but because of personalities not numbers. In, fact as a group gets bigger it’s harder to agree and move forward, but because of the commitment of the individuals that make up your large group, you’ve been able to truly hear each other and compromise to meet your goals.

  18. Snapshot1178

    I thought about the second quote “be the change you want to see in the world”. I think this Means that you have to let the government if you want change not just wait around. It could also mean that you can make a difference if you try.

  19. the engineer

    I think that the leadership role is important because it might encourage older kids and little kids to do things that they might be afraid of on their own. Being a leader is difficult at times, but I think that our class has done a great job with our leadership project. As I said the K/1/2’s might become better at public speaking or leading because they learned from us in various ways. For example, little buddies is a great way to interact with them since we don’t hang out at recess or lunch very often. But also doing things like the assembly are a great way to be a role model to younger kids. Our work with Engineers Without Borders is really important because it educates our class and the whole school about the problems with our community and gets us thinking at an early age about them and how to solve them.

    • TamTam

      Wow you said it the engineer! I am so proud of the work our classes have done this term. You have provided leadership in our school in so many ways and I agree that everyone benefits from that mentorship and modelling. You are inspiring in your words, your thinking, and your actions.

  20. Lightning Bolt

    Our group is working on the problem around the bee’s population in our community. The quote “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” shows that there are more things that need to be changed than just sitting there and do nothing. The role of leadership is a hard job to take on. Every person has stepped foot into this path. Grade 7s have a big role in our schools. They pass down their knowledge of being a leader even if they don’t know they have. It gives them an easier route to walk to. It reminds me of our EWB project. Our mentors are guiding us to be the person who we’re meant to be.

  21. lordofthepies05

    To be a leader in our school and/or community means your willing to risk your ego, or how people might think of you, to do what you think is right. Being a leader is not only about taking a stand in a situation or group project but also about using your leadership to guide others, so that they to can do the right thing and become leaders themselves. When you’re a leader, you are responsible and willing to do what must be done, even if it’s not easy, or if it’s not what you want to do. By leading people, you are taking control of an issue and raising awareness to that issue so that it can be solved, and not stoping or giving up until it’s solved. True leadership is not a task that is handed to you, but is a choice, a sacrifice, that you make for the greater good.

  22. Spirit Heart

    Using the information from Engineers Without Borders (E.W.B.) is showing leadership since my group’s concern is inefficient Wi-Fi at school. We want to finish this project for December 18th so when other kids use the computers, laptops, I pads it will be efficient, unlike before. I think that it has a good impact on me because it’s like I’m a superhero. I can make access to the internet faster, better and more useful for me and other people. Of course my group is working with me on this project. I’m part of a leadership group. Now to the quote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Like this quote, my small leadership group can change the Internet access.

  23. Narwhalz

    I liked the second quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” our group is doing the lack of good laptops in the school. We wanted to raise money for them, but laptops are expensive! Knowing that we are unlikely to succeed is hard, but where doing it anyways because, well, we can try. I think being a leader is about trying even though there’s not much chance of success.

  24. hockey 101

    I feel i am connected to the first quote. Solutions to big problems don’t happen overnight. In my group, we are working on raising awareness and gathering food for the food bank. Even little acts of kindness can make a big difference in our community.

  25. bow tie 12

    I think are group can really connect to both quotes “Be the change you want to see in the world” and “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Our group project is to help homeless people in vancouver in winter and to get people aware about homelessness. Are group is taking on a really big project and it’s a big issue in vancouver. It also takes a lot of leadership but I believe that are group can really make are project big! A lot of all these projects is involving the school. Like speaking at the assembly or something like that. And I’m excited to show the rest of the school are projects. Hopefully they will take on big project like these ones. And maybe people will also have a lot of leadership in there out of school stuff too!!! 🙂

  26. crum

    I think that the second quote really shows what we are doing with the Engineers Without Borders. I always think “hmmm I really hope this happens in the world” or “hmm I wonder if this situation will ever be solved” but after working on this project I realize that you can help the situation if you work hard and believe in yourself. I think we have all became better leaders. I also believe that these quotes are very accurate.

  27. Blue snowflake

    In my group we are working on better technology for our school, i felt that it was somehow connected to the quotes, more to the quote “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” I feel this way because the reasons we want better technology is because we can hand in our printed assignments in on time and we could do research without having to use up almost half of our time to get the computer to log in. Even though showing that we wouldn’t lose patience and wait for computer to turn on would be a good example to younger students, it would take too much time and the assignment probably will probably hit the deadline. Making it seem like it’s okay to do it, and possibly even getting into the habit of it.

    I noticed that our problem, only affects our school, well, we’ve only noticed it from our school, but it doesn’t go with the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I think that because it only helps with our education, which doesn’t affect every single bit of our life, which makes the problem my group is fixing, something that has no affect to the world. But there is this one thing, students and kids that depend on education because they want to do a certain job, will have a lower chance because of our computers. Say for example a student wants to be a teacher when they’re older but the student is very poor. They do not have a electronic or printer at home to print their assignment, and if they do not print it, they won’t meet the criteria. So the student depends on the school’s computers to print their assignment but always runs out of time because the computers are old and they take a long time to log in. Eventually, the student uses all their extra school time on this one assignment and can’t catch up to the rest of the schoolwork. This leads to bad grades and no chance of being a teacher. But if the computers weren’t slow, the students won’t fall behind and get a better chance of being a teacher. Our school has many creative and friendly teachers, so the students may want to be a teacher or want a job that depends on the education they learned when they were younger so that when they grow up they can be what they like. So let’s hope that the computers will be faster and will actually work so they can get a much higher chance of accomplishing that dream.

  28. ThePlatypusLife

    I have heard both of these quotes, but the first a bit more. I think that there is a large impact on our school and community, because it connects well to your leadership project, and that is entirely about changing and helping the community and school. Some of the changes are that we have several groups looking for better internet/computers. if even 1 of them go through and happen, it would be very good to the school.

  29. Naruto fan boy 1769

    My group is working on finding a cheap yet safe place to store bikes and scooter at school, it’s hard work but that is just mere step towards being a leader amongst the school. A real leader sacrifices something valuable to help the community/school, as well as inspiring people around them. I believe that along your path, the amount of quality work you’ve done will unlock different routes and determine whether your project is a bust or not. So far, my group has been brainstorming ideas and sketches of what our PowerPoint is going to be like, yet again this is just a minor step towards a project. PS I had to redo all of this super fast so I’m sorry if their not the best edited or super long.

  30. mistacheeseman

    My groups unmet need is better technology in our school(mainly the computers).
    Connecting to the quotes, anybody can be a leader and

  31. mistacheeseman

    My groups unmet need is better technology (Mainly focused on computers).
    Connecting to the quotes, anybody can be a leader. A kid may not think he can be a leader, he≥¬sjdbhst ewvgbduxq7

  32. aqua ant

    Our groups unmet need is homelessness/poverty we are doing a food drive to do our part as a community in helping others in need. We are aware this is a bigger issue than just food but we want to try to help step by step. I connect to the Quote “be the change you want to see in the world”.I connect to this quote because our group believes we should all do our part in fulfilling our community. The more awareness about what you believe is wrong in our society the more likely theses problems will be addressed.

  33. DairyKing07

    My group’s unmet need is free public transit for students during school hours. We are trying to help student across Britsh Columbia so they don’t have to pay transit especially for Unversity students that have to pay for multiple things. I think the quote means that a few people can impact the world in many ways.

  34. mistacheeseman

    My groups unmet need is better technology (Mainly focused on computers). Connecting to the quotes, anybody can be a leader. A kid may think that only an adult can be a leader, but they are wrong, anybody can be a leader no matter what. However leadership works best in a group. If you want something done, you can’t just sit there, you have to find other people and make it happen.

  35. Snort

    My group’s problem is free transportation for students in school hours for a whole month in July. We are trying to help students and especially university students because as dairyking07 said they have to pay for multiple of things. The quote can inspire people to make an impact in the world.

  36. Jet

    “Be the change you want to see in our world”
    This quote just jumped out at me. Because if you think about it it took one persons mind to look at trees and figure out if we could make houses out of them. Some things in the world are harder to accomplish with just yourself, along the way you might need someone to help you with struggles. Otherwise it only took one mind to make change. So why couldn’t we do the same today?

  37. Mr Blog

    I chose “Be the change that you want to see in the world” I chose this quote because it was the most powerfull one there it means that you can do change somthing if you want to and you dont have to be the government or even an powerfull figure.

  38. Arty-choke

    I chose “Be the change you want to see in the world” When I see students at school stand up for others, take responsibilities, and take risks, It makes me realize that it’s the right thing to do, and once you do that you can set new goals for yourself. Not only does it help you do the right thing, if you do it, it helps others do the right thing as well.

  39. Lam

    The quote that i chose is: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The leader ship gaols that I see in our school are when people are leaders, for example if all your friends vote for something and its not what you think is right instead of voting for the answer that your friends voted for, vote for what you think you think is the right answer.

  40. SC30

    I chose “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” because my group can relate to this great poem because we never doubt about our group

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