November 28

Dear Division 16,

We have studied and practiced using virtues and virtues strategies for the past 7 weeks. I wanted to get a quick feedback on what was most helpful and/or interesting for you? Can you please write few lines about a specific strategy (speaking the language of virtues, learning from teachable moments, setting boundaries, honouring the spirit and companioning) or the tools (virtue cards, virtue shield, virtue gems, virtue vouchers, etc) that you find most useful/helpful/interesting?
Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and cooperation.


Ps: Please remember to put the virtues list on your fridge and encourage your family members to use the virtues language. Don’t forget to give out virtue vouchers to acknowledge your loved ones…


  1. french waffles

    I like it when we did our virtues gems it us learn more about each other. virtues also help us know our inner identity. setting boundary. It seems to set limits and so we won’t go over it I really enjoy learning about virtues and it helps me learn more about new people I now that I know more about virtues I can use it in many sentence. its really fun and intresting and super exiting 🙂

  2. Flying Mandarin

    My friend and I found it really helpful.
    It was interesting that there’s more than 100 virtue.
    Thank you for coming to Div16 NaslishiIah. I really liked the virtues project and I wish you will teach us more virtues again next year too.
    Thank you for your honesty and your helpfulness.

    • naslithony

      Flying Mandarin, I appreciate your enthusiasm about the virtues project. I encourage you to keep on integrating the language of virtues in your daily interactions.

  3. smeagaleater10

    I felt that the most interesting and helpful activities is the guided meditation and the setting boundaries activities. The guided meditation was interesting because it was captivating and original. It was also helpful because it is a good strategy to fall back on when I am angry or sad. The setting boundaries activity was helpful because it made you feel more confident when your are setting boundaries. This is a very important skill and it was also interesting because of it’s importantance that it might plays in relationships.

    • naslithony

      Smeagaleater10, I thank you for your thoughtful comments about the importance of meditation and setting boundaries. I encourage you to practice deep breathing before you go to sleep to help you unwind from your busy day.

  4. the engineer

    I thought that the virtues project was good for us because it helps us in hard times. For example the meditations help you get calm when you just did something really stupid and your afraid about it. In times like that, one just takes two minutes to meditate and think about their special place (we learned about the special place in one of the classes), it will make you feel better. Try it, it works! Setting boundaries helps you keep track of what your limits are and when you should back out of something or tell your friend that what they are doing is not ok. Virtues helped us express ourselves and let each other know what we think is their virtue. These tools can be important and therefore, it was time well spent.

    • naslithony

      Engineer, I admire your wisdom in sharing about your experiences with respect to the Virtues Project. I am glad to hear that these workshops helped you get calmer and learn about your limits. Keep up the great work.

  5. purple pom-poms

    I really enjoyed doing the virtue project, I found it super helpful and interesting. When I talk to a friend or family member I will now include virtues into my sentences. I also found it really good because it helped me get to know people more in our class, like what virtue they do a lot, and also what virtue they want to work on. When I include virtues into my talking I feel more under control of what I’m saying to a person, and I think about what I’m going to say before I say it. Which I find really helpful, because sometimes I say things on accident that I didn’t mean to say, and now I think about it before I say something, Thank you Naslishilah for teaching us about virtues, it has been very helpful and interesting I hope that it was as good of an experience for you as it was for me.

    • naslithony

      Purple pom-poms, I appreciate your excellent and enthusiastic approach to teachings of the Virtues Project. From your thoughtful reflections, I can see that using the virtues language has helped you think before you talk which also helps you interact in a more tactful manner. Keep up the great work.

  6. S.P.E.W

    What I really enjoyed about the virtues project was the virtue shield I think that it really tells you about others just by looking at it. I also enjoyed reading the virtue cards and talking about them, I do wish we could have had one more time to read them though. Another thing that spoke to me was the honouring our spirit I thought that this really made you think about what you do to help yourself.

    • naslithony

      Spew, I am glad to hear you enjoyed learning about the strategies of the Virtues Project specifically, the virtues shields and virtues cards. I appreciate your perceptiveness about the importance of honouring the spirit is for you.

  7. Pink Pickle

    I found the meditation helpful because if I was grumpy or if I was having a bad day we could do the meditation and all the stress from the day would be relieved and I would feel better, and I also found the virtues vouchers very helpful because my mom is always frustrated when she gets home because she works like 12 hours a day and get’s up at 3:00 in the morning to go to work and her supervisor says she’s doing bad and should just quit, so I gave her a virtue voucher on how I appreciate how determined she is to her job it made her feel a little bit better.

    • naslithony

      Pink Pickle, I admire how you used the virtues vouchers to recognize your mom’s determination and perseverance in her new job. I am sure she appreciated your thankfulness for doing her best.

  8. super cheese cake

    Virtues are very helpful and interesting to learn about. Virtues helps people when they are afraid, sad or angry. They guild them through their difficulties and bring them joy and tell people what they have done wrong and to know how to improve themselves. It is also important to let other people know what their virtues are and what virtue they need to improve. So they could be a better person.

    • naslithony

      Super cheese cake, I see that you have a good understanding of the virtues project. The teachings can definitely help you improve your character. Keep up the good work.

  9. Amythest

    I thought that the Virtues project was very helpful to all of the students, because we are almost in high school and we will have so many different teachers and many new students, plus it’s helpful to build our vocabulary. The meditation was very helpful with calming us down, plus Naslishah was talking and trying to get us to think about curtain topics, while we were calming down. I also like how Naslishah incorporated so many different things. So thank you Naslishah for taking your time to come to our class and teach us so many new things.

    • naslithony

      Amythest, I am glad to hear that you found the Virtues Project helpful to building vocabulary and interacting with different types of people. I appreciate your honest feedback.

  10. The Baconator

    My favourite activity that we did with Naslishah was learning from teachable moments. I found it interesting and I realized, in some scenarios it can help you make good decisions about your behavior.
    I also really enjoyed making my virtue shield. It helped show me my strengths and the things I need to work on.
    I would like to thank Naslishah for sharing her time with us and helping our class learn the language of virtues.

    • naslithony

      Baconator, I admire your enthusiastic interest in Virtues Project. I hope that you use the teachings of these workshops to help you make some good decisions in life. Keep up the good work.


    What helped me most was the virtues shield because I got to express myself with different symbols I thought important to me. Another part of virtues that I liked participating in was the poems that we did on the last day. That was my favorite part. A way that I will use virtues in the future is use the virtues language before using critizism.

    • naslithony

      Kilimanjaro, I appreciate your purposefulness in using the virtues language instead resorting to criticism. I really enjoyed listening to your Virtues Poem, it was very colourful. Keep up the good work

  12. Spamlington

    I think that the most helpful strategy for me was setting boundaries because I think that its really important that you recognize when someone or something breaks the boundaries you set. If someone or something makes you feel pressured to do something and you don’t know that it is crossing one of your personal boundaries, it can lead to things that make you feel uncomfortable and uncertain, which I know is just a not very good feeling.

    • naslithony

      Spamlington, I appreciate your self respect and personal strength in setting boundaries. It is important to know your self and your boundaries to feel safe and secure. I think you have a great understanding of that. Keep up the good work.

  13. Sushi Monster

    my favorite part was the meditation because it helped me clear my mind when having problems or a stressful day.Thinking about my favorite place made me feel peaceful, relaxed and calm. Even if I couldn’t go to sleep at night or my family had A busy day A meditation would always help me feel better and move on through out the day much easier. Thank you for coming to div 16.

    • naslithony

      Sushi Monster, I appreciate your honest feedback and am glad to hear that you experienced peacefulness when you meditated. You can do take few cleansing breaths whenever you are feeling stressed. Keep up the great work.

  14. the Time traveler

    i found the virtues voucher most helpful because it makes the person that you’re giving it to feel like they have done something good. I think the companioning tool that we used was helpful because when talking to someone, you can really get to know how their life is going and what their problems are.

    • naslithony

      Time Traveler, I appreciate your devotion to the teachings of the Virtues Project specially honouring the spirit strategy which is a very helpful tool in getting to the heart of the matter. Keep up the good work.

  15. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that it is always good to have a reminder and it is no different now I really enjoyed your presence in the classroom and it was so wonderful for you to be there with us . My favourite session was when you talked about our own special place and you had to picture it in your mind.I think that if you were able to put more art or acting into it ,it might give the message out stronger and people might enjoy it .

    • naslithony

      Soccerboy, I appreciate your honest feedback. Integrating more art and drama into the these sessions is a great idea to get the message across. I am glad you enjoyed discovering your special place.

  16. crazymemeslol123

    i think the whole project was great for load of people my favourite one was when we did the virtue gem because we can learn how people think who we are by telling us our personalty.

  17. Touchdown

    I really liked this! I think that it is a great life skill to learn and that you taught us a lot about how too be kind to one another.

  18. Arcticfox

    I most liked the Virtues gems. Because you got to tell your friends and other classmates what you think their virtues are. Even though every one of them had zeal on them at least once it was still fun and connected us together. Also you could learn what other people though your virtues are. Overall they were just great to see and think about others capabilities not about their flaws.

  19. Joaquin

    I think the virtue shield was the most interesting because you had to be honest about what you where saying. Like the virtues that you need to work on or what you think is your strength virtue is and that you had to draw a picture that resembled your virtue.

  20. SKOULE

    I found the virtue gems the most helpful. (aside from the virtue shield) I was able to see what people think of me. It was mostly all nice ones, until I found out some people just wrote “Zeal” on all of them… but I still found it amazing. My family doesn’t always know what’s happening at school, like the virtue project cause there always at works, but I explained to them. They found it a nice way of how to apologize or say your great full for something.

    For the moments where we had to tell what happen today, or a story where you felt sad, I couldn’t say anything. Most of them are really personal or they’re something my classmates has done. But I was able to say the one that weren’t so personal. But it helped me to see what other people thought and if it happens next time I’ll know how to deal with it.
    Over all I kinda liked it :3

  21. GamingPickle84

    I relly liked the virtues gems they made us think very hard about what kind of virtues they have and don’t have. Then we got to see what they are. It was good to see two of the same virtues on one gem because it means people agree on somones virtues.

  22. sparkle sloth

    I liked when we meditated because we usually did it right after we were doing an energetic activity and the meditation helped everyone calm down and get focused again. It helps me feel more grounded and centered.

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