November 7, 2016

Dear Division 16,

As we start thinking about how our food is grown, we also need to consider how it is processed, packaged and sold.  Check out this graphic:


To learn more about what this means, read the article here.

In your response today, please answer one of the following questions:

  1. What do you think the effect of a small number of companies producing a majority of our processed food might have on farmers and families?  Explain your thinking.
  2. Do you see a benefit to this?  If so, what is it?  Explain clearly.

I look forward to your responses!





  1. S.P.E.W

    1. I think that this is not a good thing because most of these companies are all doing the same thing and taking advantage of smaller businesses then buying them out. Like what I said before they are taking advantage of things like farms, businesses and if they have just started out they probably won’t know to much about all these bad companies and how they do these awful things. These companies also take other resources from places that need it way more (water from small communities etc) and like in the Itditadakimasu project how these big corporations take the big bites out of the money chain leaving nothing left for the little guy.

    • dickensdiv16

      Nice connections to the Itadakimasu project, S.P.E.W. I like how you considered the effect on small businesses and also communities. This is a very thoughtful response!

  2. The Baconator

    I think that it has a big impact on farmers because if there more of different stores than they can have their products sold in multiple different stores and can sell to multiple owners. The impact that this would have on families is that they might have to drive a long way to buy the food that they like or prefer.

  3. crazymemeslol123

    #1 well the fact that only 10 companies control so much thing we eat is ridiculous it will not be good for the small organic farms because they might get bankrupt because of these companies that sell junk food we almost eat everyday like a bag of chips or candy it might not be very healthy for families because the foods they sell can be filled with sugar or something worst the farmers would not be able to make enough money for their families if nobody buys any fruits or vegetables.

  4. super cheese cake

    Sometimes there are some really big companies they can force all the farmers to sell the food to them in a really low price or else they won’t buy them. Also if some random people wants to start a new brand of company but they can’t afford a huge supermarket and they wanted to rent a place in, say Safe Way. All those big companies could fill up the supermarket so there won’t be any space for them to sell their food. The impact about the families are that one big company was selling lots and lots of different brands of foods, all the families could go into the supermarket and thought they were picking foods from different company. But they are actually picking foods that are produced in the same company. So all those small company couldn’t survive. And all those families’ choices are limited.

  5. Amythest

    1. I agree with S.P.E.W. about how bigger companies take advantage of smaller companies because they are all kind of trying to make selling food or products a competition, plus the bigger companies can just sell the exact same foods as smaller companies but sell the food to better known stores because everyone knows their company. It affects families because popular grocery stores or any stores are normally located in higher populated areas of the city, so for people who don’t have a car and live to far away to walk won’t be able to get to the grocery store that has delisious fresh foods. So that means they might have to go to the smaller store that has a ton of processed foods, which isn’t healthy at all.

  6. Flying Mandarin

    1.I think that it isn’t a good idea because small companies cannot compete with the larger companies.
    Large companies take away from smaller business.

  7. the engineer

    I think the big companies like Coca Cola, Kelloggs, etc. would be very bad for farmers because they are making the farmers sell them their products for very low prices. They are affecting families by giving them too much junk food and when I say junk food, I mean sugar.

  8. Slapshot18

    #1 I think it’s bad. I think it’s horrible. it affects farmers and families a lot. Farmers are affected by this processed and unhealthy food because it’s cheap!!! The food farmers make are genuine and healthy, but it’s not their faults they can’t lower the price down to the same as a bottle of pop. It’s their job and it takes a lot more money, time, labour, and a lot more thought. It’s affects families because that unhealthy food is there. It’s cheap and it tastes good for a lot of people. Plus the fact that it’s processed means that it’s the same all year round, unlike fruits and vegetables which a few are in season at the time. It defiantly affects everyone, including my own personal life as well. The processed food can save my butt sometimes because I have a very busy schedule. I can immediately get food to eat and be full of energy for my next activity. But it doesn’t mean that the food is still my favourite. And it defiantly doesn’t mean it’s good for me. If there was a way to mass produce healthy foods instead of sugar filled pieces of what you might call food, it would defiantly be a more positive outcome for EVERYONE.

  9. Pink Pickle

    2. I do see a benefit to a handful of companies producing all of the processed food we eat because then it won’t be so controversial as if there were thousands of companies because they would all be fighting for money and that area of the food market might fall apart whereas if there were only a few (like there is now) then the fighting would be kept to a minimum because all of those companies are selling food in different aspects of the pressed food industry so there would be no reason to have pity disputes. (of course there will be because humans are the worst!)

  10. Soccerboy123ABC

    1 I think that when there are very little companies getting food from the farmers doesnt give the families a lot of choice,variety and different sales for different companies.for the farmers I think that it gives the them not many companies to sell to which might get them less money for there food.with a lot of small buisseneses try to start up it makes it really easy for the big companies to just buy them out like some IGA s getting bought by SAVE ON FOODS .


    I think the benefit of big companies controlling what we eat is better because the food is lower priced. The companies have a large scale operation so they know they can have low prices and still make a lot of money. They can also spread out their business to lots of places. Lower prices mean that consumers won’t have to pay so much and the companies will get more
    business. What’s possibly lost for the company is their profit margin. My answer doesn’t exactly hit on nutritional values and environmental problems from big box companies, but I am sure companies like Nestle are more focused on making money.

  12. purple pom-poms

    I’m doing #1. I think that when a store throws out food its effecting farmers or the people who made it, because all that hard work they put into it is basically thrown into the trash can when it could have been feeding hungry families. Not only is it effecting the people who made, it but its also effecting the people throwing it out because they had to pay for getting that food and then they throw it out cause it has a tiny bruise on it or something. I think grocery stores should work harder getting the food to a food bank or to someone who needs it.

  13. smeagaleater10

    1# I think that the companies could have a tremendous affect on families because the parents might buy and give a food product, that they think is healthy, to their kids. The reason why the parents might think that the food product is healthy is because it is a “Healthy and/or organic brand”. However, there is a reasonable chance that it is just a brand that was bought by one of the big ten. It could also have a big impact on farmers because of general population’s lack of information and laziness. Some people might not notice that there is a farm nearby or search about healthy diets or foods. Some people might know about a farm nearby but most of them would think that the supermarket is nearer and that the farm might be too far away.

  14. Arcticfox

    1# I think this has a huge effect on mainly farmers. If you think of how many times you see bigger company names like Kellogg’s compared to a tiny company. I was thinking about this and it’s just like a chain, The companies buying from the farms take over the farms name. Then the other larger companies buy the products after being made cover up the other company name. It goes on until the bigger companies own it. Until families could ever know any of the other companies that helped to make the final product. So just talking about famers kind of circled around families as well.

  15. Joaquin

    #2 I do see a benefit to having big and well known company’s ruing a lot of smaller company’s. It mite make you feel better knowing that a name brand you trust owns a smaller name brand that do know that well.

  16. the Time Traveler

    I think the effect that this will have, is that small businesses and farmers for small businesses, will probably go bankrupt. Because with the major corporations taking all the money, no one will buy from the actual local growers. If all the food is produced by companies like Coca cola, then the food’s not probably going to be very healthy.

  17. Sushi Monster

    1) You think there is a whole bunch of different brands when you go into the grocery store but really there just a whole bunch of
    brand names that big companies own. We just buy the big companies food because its cheaper, prettier and looks better. That is a main reason why not a lot of people buy the farmers food because the other food is cheaper and more attractive.This is not good for farmers they need the money while the big company’s are taking over everything. We are buying their food which is full of salt and sugar while we could be buying fresh local produce.Big company’s food is shipped from really far away so it uses more gas which makes more gas emissions.We have to reduce the amount of gas we are using.Fresh local food is also better for you because it has not been in a truck or a plane for a few days. Over all fresh food is better for your health plus it tastes better.

  18. French waffles

    1# I thinking about companys like comparing big ones like nestles and small ones like General Mills. It’s sort of like a chain. Like the big one are more popular than the small ones. Like the small one breeds the plant or grains the big one pick and make the product. So the big one has more attention than the small ones.

  19. Spamlington

    #1. I think that having all those smaller products being ruled over by the big companies will effect farmers because the bigger a company is, the easier it is to make products and when the companies are making so many products, it’s hard for the farmers to keep up. This affects family’s because they’re not getting the quality food made by the farmers.

  20. Sparkle sloth

    1. I think it impacts lots of people, because lots of people probably might not have jobs because bigger companies are buying these smaller companies, so there might not be as many jobs. Also you might think you were choosing from two different granola bars, but they could be made by the exact same people, so if you think one company is bad so you choose a different brand of food, you might be getting the exact same company.

  21. Touchdown

    1. I think the impact is huge because little companies can’t get the resources they need to grow because all the farmes are a part of Nèstle and others.

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