November 7

Dear Division 17 and 18,

We are continuing on in our Leadership project, and it’s really interesting to see how much deeper your learning and understanding is becoming!

For your assignment this week, please take a look at this image below and think about your own kind of leadership.

Then answer one of the following two questions.

leadership focus

  1. Which kind of Leadership focus do you think is your strongest focus?  Give examples of how it is your strength and a goal you have for yourself.
  2. Describe one thing that you think is missing from this image.  What would you add? Tell where it would go in the image and what words and pictures you would use.

We look forward to your responses!



  1. Narwhalz

    I that I am the best at the “other Focus” I like to work together in groups, even if i don’t know that person very well. I try to feel and understand others points of view and relate to them.

  2. black circle

    My strength is outer focus because I am good at cooking. cooking is outer focus because you have to think about the bigger picture when putting every thing together. my goal is to ask for help to make sure I have added and prepared everything properly.

    • TamTam

      That’s a great example, black circle, and knowing when to ask for help is invaluable in group work, and in life!

  3. electroe05

    My core strength is outer focus because I love to camp and you need to know your surroundings very well to do that not only to check for danger but also for things that could help you.The goal I want is to be more aware of my surroundings sometimes.

    • TamTam

      Another great example! Knowing your surrounding is an excellent goal, not only for camping, but in most aspects of life!

  4. Awesomeness

    I think that my strongest focus is inner focus because I know how I’m feeling. For example, when I am feeling down I like to be alone and read a book or some other calm and quiet activities, but when I am gleeful, most of the time I talk a lot and I also like to spend time with my family and/or friends. Even though my strongest focus is inner focus I still have things that I need to work on, my goal for inner focus is that I need to say what my decision is instead of letting other people decide on what we are going to do or what the topic is going to be. I need to actually say what my idea is and bring it to the table so I get a say on the decision we or I are trying to decide.

    • TamTam

      Recognizing how you’re feeling and knowing what you need is truly a strength, Awesomeness! I really appreciate that you will try to bring your thoughts or decisions to the table. That’s a great goal, but not always easy to do, especially when you’re in a group with “big” personalities. I’d love to hear how you do with that.

  5. crum

    #1.I think that I’m best at inner focus because I can control my emotions and and I know when to say things and I know when I should keep it to my self.

  6. Dark-type_trainer🖤

    My inner focus is really special to me. It is confidence I don’t like to show to the outside for some reason and it’s like I have 2 side one side makes me want to spill all my confidence out like a waterfall of words 😮🌊 and the other side make me want to shut my mouth like a zipper 🤐 But I feel comfortable with my EWB group my friend strangers (sometimes) and my family.

    My outer focus is also really special to me. Because it has the passion of art🔖✂️, designing👘👢,reading📖📚,video games📱💻 , baking 🍪🍰,and of course laziness😒😑 and some more I maybe not know so all my focus are important and I also don’t want to change it but I like to add some more to my inner and outer focus

    My other focus is my family I love them and their really kind and caring I love them very much❤️👩🏻👨🏻👧🏻👦🏻❤️ So their in my other focus.

  7. Flying pinguin

    I think that my strongest focus is outer focus because I learn from others and how they lead. Next year I want to lead the younger students like this years older students did.

  8. Amythest

    1. I think that my strongest focus is inner because I try to only say words that are thoughtful and that won’t hurt someone’s feelings. I also just monitor my actions in order for all of them to be respectful and kind.

  9. Lam

    1. My strongest focus is other focus because I think that I can socialise with others, I can also tell when someone is sad, mad or happy. If someone is sad I’ll try to cheer them up.

  10. Mouk

    1. I think I’m best at outer focus because I like strategic thinking and just something that I also like to do at home
    I also like to do puzzles in numbers and words so I felt connected to this leadership.

  11. Snort

    I think that my strongest focus is inner focus because I know how I feel everyday. For example when I’m happy I like being around my friends and family but when I’m feeling disappointed I like to keep that to myself and just be alone or just talk with my friends about it. A goal that I have for myself is to see what others are feeling and not just myself for example if they look like there feeling down then go talk to them and if we can’t solve their problem than we would tell an adult if we need.

  12. Lightning Bolt

    I believe I’m more of an “Other Focus.” I love working with people even if I don’t know them really well. Sometimes I get nervous who I get grouped with. If I’m paired up with younger students or students who are new to this kind of stuff, I like to encourage them and make them self-feel involved, even if I have to be the one who gives the main ideas and examples but that’s part of being a grade 7. I would like to be more open to my group mates like ask more of my own questions rather than keeping it to myself.

  13. game-master 2017

    I would say my strength is outer focus because I am very aware of my environment and I am very good with initiating my ideas on most occasions, though I could improve on acknowledging other peoples ideas.

  14. hockey 101

    1. I think I fit in Inner focus because if I am trying a new skateboard trick, I think of the risks and the accomplishments I can get out of the trick.

    2. factors you can’t control and how you adapt.

  15. Day Dreamre

    I think that my strongest focus is Other focus because I think I am good at organising things with friends and I like to do it, I also think that I am good at sympathizing and understanding what other people feel like. My goal is to listen more to learn more about that person and under stand what they are going throe.

  16. smeagaleater10

    #1 I think the leadership focus that I am the strongest in is inner focus. I think I am strongest in inner focus because I try to say stuff in a way that won’t hurt other people’s feelings and still make sense. I also have a good sense of when to say things and when not to, this also helps not hurting other people’s feelings. There is the rare occasion when I say something careless or hurtful and my goal is to try to cut down on those occasions until they won’t happen anymore.

  17. Blue snowflake

    1. Inner focus would be my strongest focus out of all 3. It helps me when I’m doing individual work and when my group depends on me for ideas. Sometimes, thoughts swarm inside my head until my mind gets off topic and I get distracted, but it’s a really good strength to me because it lets me concentrate on my schoolwork and homework. A goal I have for myself is sharing my ideas with my classmates and friends because I have bad communication skills. Not only will this goal help me connect to my friends and classmates, it will also improve my leadership abilities.

  18. 008rayray800

    I used to think of myself as a leader but reading this made me think otherwise. I think i am best at outer thinking, mostly because im not very good at the other ones. I’m not very good at monitoring my emotions. I’m pretty good at empathising with my friends but when it comes to other people i should probably work on that some more. Also, im not sure how i thought of myself as a leader because I don’t like to work in groups. Outer thinking is my strength also because i think i am pretty good at understanding peoples feelings and strategies to make thins work, and I enjoy figuring out how things work. A goal for me is to work on other thinking and inner thinking and get better at them.

  19. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that I’m better at other focus because I love working with people that like to share a cooperate with what we are doing. I my opinion one mind against two or more minds against one may be better that one. The reason that I like to work with others is because one of my goals are to try my best to work with other people that I don’t work with.

  20. mistacheeseman

    I really am not sure what my strength is. I think I’m pretty good at outer focus, for example, I read a lot and I can bring ideas, facts or information to conversations with family members, but I don’t feel like I can do this in class yet. Something i’d like to work on is being more mindful at listening.

  21. the engineer

    #1 I think that inner focus is my strength because I don’t get stressed to easily. For example one of my fish died a few days ago and I think that I handled it pretty well. I think that is is important to monitor your emotions and not let them get to you too much.

  22. bow tie 12

    I think I can really relate to all them but I think that inner focus is my strongest focus. I play hockey and well I play it a lot. Are coaches all ways say “we are here to coach you and teach you new things but the only person that can in prove your game is you.” And if everyone dose that then it will make are team better and that goes back to other and outer focus. My goal for this year is to try to look at the big project then see how will I get there. Like the time lines we did when making are “perfect school ” last time when we did the engineers without borders group came in! Something I would add to the picture is that even though there is team work but putting working well with your group or team!!! 🙂

  23. what the what!

    I think i’m best at other focus, because I like being in a group of people that I wouldn’t usually work with. It gives me a chance to mix things up and it gives me an opportunity to get to know other people in my class.

  24. Joaquin

    #1.I think that the leadership focus that best represents me is outer focus usually when I’m faced with a problem I will come up with a strategy to solve it and a goal for my self is to get better at the other forms of leadership.

  25. Helga

    2. I would add to how to improve other focus that when you are working in a group projects you could ask people who are not contributing to the conversation to answer the question you are being asked.

  26. Catzrule

    I think my leadership focus would be “other focus” because in my old class i was always a leader, and i liked it, not so i could control other people but because i felt i had a place. My goal is to not always be shy and try and act like a leader again, since when i get older i will probably have to be one anyway, but hey, that’s what this schools all about!

  27. Spirit Heart

    I think that outer focus is my strongest focus because in team sports I can think about the play and how it’s going to go. For example, I know how important it is for players to know the responsibilities of each position they are playing. I try to always be in the best position to help my team. I’m not thinking about my self or hogging the puck/soccer ball but focusing on the play so my team can score the winning goal.

  28. snapshot10101

    I think that other focus is my most concentrated focus because I love to work in groups and when it gets urgent, I pull the team together

  29. The phantome blade

    It think my best one is other focuse because I like to include everyone and ask questions to make sure that they are on the same page as the rest of the group.

  30. Jet

    2# in “other focus” I think they’ve missed being able to have flexible thoughts. You may be like me and have a very strong opinion so a think I have. To work on is being able to come together and combine both ideas or choose one based on vote. This would go near the end on, how to improve

  31. chiefblobfish

    Other focus I think is mine because I like to get into groups and do activities so I can learn more about people and how they think.

  32. ThePlatypusLife

    My greatest strength is other focus because I work well wth others and enjoy doing group projects with people who I have not worked together with.

  33. patrick star

    My greatest strength is that I like to look outside the box and try new thing, by sometimes it’s not possible to do the things but I look outside the image.

  34. hippodude2005

    I am the best at the other focus because i work well in groups even with people i do not know that well and i also love doing things in teams it makes it more fun and the whole team helping makes it much more easy.

  35. DairyKing07

    1. I’m good with inner focus because a can do the things myself or independently like doing chores or doing my homework on time.

  36. magicalnesses

    I think my strongest ability is inner focus. I always know what is happening with my mind by doing meditations like Yoga. My goal is to work on outer focus because I’m not very good with working with other people, like in group projects.

  37. BananA

    I think that I fit in inner focus because I’m really good at monitoring my emotions. I hardly ever am to angry or exited. At least on the outside.

  38. Spongebob

    I think my strongest focus is “other focus” because I ask for feedback a lot and I pay attention to peoples emotions.

  39. Arty-choke

    #1 My strongest focus out of those three is “Inner Focus”. I am able to control and monitor my own thoughts, emotions and feelings. With these qualities I am able to (most of the time) make decisions fast, but at the same time keep them appropriate and thought-through. Recently we’ve started doing the Virtue Project with a Parent Educator from outside of school, and from my education for it from both this year and last year, I’ve really enjoyed starting of our lessons by doing a bit of mindfulness and going to our ‘Special Place”. So for my goal for myself I might try doing the “Special Place” activity at home or out of school as well, so I can practise controlling my mind and connecting to my feelings.

  40. Timbit

    Outer focus is my chose because, I play a lot of strategy games and I like stuff that challenges my mind like finding the deeper cause to problems instead of root ones.

  41. The Baconator

    I feel like that a better way to practice inner focus is to not only practice mindfulness but also open mindedness and developing a good listening ability so that you actually develop this inner ability

  42. Naruto fan boy 1769

    I identify as inner because every time when I’m playing a heated game, whether it is sports or video games when I lose I don’t rage. Although I think I can improve in controlling my voice level when I’m talking?

  43. aqua ant

    #1 I believe my strongest focus is inner because i like to say things that come from the heart. I make sure that I am positive no matter the outcome anything.

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