October 10

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

Today we had a visit from our new UBC partners, Engineers Without Borders to kick off part of our first term project.

Here is the link to the website for the Youth Venture program. 

For your assignment tonight, please think back to the thinking work we did Tuesday afternoon and post your response to the following question:

Whose role is it to think about and work on solutions to the problems in our community?  Explain your thinking.

We look forward to your responses!




  1. The Baconator

    I believe that everyone should be working on solving problems but that people rely on political figures for guidance and leadership because of their reputation. I believe this because our society has votes for a leader because we need them.

  2. Helga

    I think mostly it’s everyones responsibility to think about and help our community in every was possible because it’s everyone’s community so even if it’s something as small as picking up litter it is still helpful.

  3. 008rayray800

    I think it is everyone’s responsibility to help out in solving problems that affect not only you but everyone else in the world especially, because if we don’t the world won’t get better. We also need to work together and combine ideas to solve the problem quicker and more efficiently.

  4. Amythest

    I think that it every single person has the role of helping out our community, but someone who is in charge has a big role (for example, prime minister, teacher, principal, etc.) as well because they have chosen that job and they need to take that role in and help out the community no matter what it is that have to help out with.

  5. Lightning Bolt

    I think that it’s everybody’s responsibility to contribute to how to think about and fix the problems in our community and even inspire others. But we need leaders to help guide us and be our mentors and inspiration. We can not only make our community healthier and stronger but we can also guide others to make strong choices like we did.

  6. black circle

    I think its ever ones responsibility to work on our community’s problems and to fix them.though if its a big problem you can reach out to the city council.

  7. Day Dreamer

    I think its every ones role to think about and work on solutions to help the community. (every one how lives in the community.) I think that’s important because if every one is working on a solution it might be faster to come up with something but if only one person or two people do it, it wont be fair. I also think if you want to be part of a community you also need to help out.

  8. purple pom-poms

    I saw that a lot of people wrote that they thought that everyone had a responsibility in our community, and I 100% agree. Everyone plays a part in our community, whether it’s improving something personal or helping your community succeed in making it a better place.Though there is sometimes certain people who help our community at times. For example, depending on the type of community it is, types of government (municipal, provincial and federal), or other services can also help out with our community.

  9. electroe05

    I believe everyone in our community should give a helping hand and help engage in things like that. I believe if we don’t, we won’t be able to continue on. I found this quote painted in my neborhood and found it fit the topic perfectly “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margret Mead
    I believe It fits I because we need more than one person to achieve anything in the end. In the end we need youth to come out and look at local issues and help change/fix them. I really believe that we ready to get out and help.

    • dickensdiv16

      That’s a great quote, electroe05! When we work together it’s powerful, but groups require lots of single people who care enough to get involved, discuss, compromise and take action!

  10. smeagaleater10

    I think that it’s is everyone’s job to think about and work on the solutions to the problems in our community. I think this because everyone makes those everyday decisions that are vital to are community when piled up. The government can’t force us to recycle and compost, we do this because we want to make our community and our world a better place. We not only work on solving these problems but we indentify new ones all the time to improve our community, we hope that these solutions will be used in other places around the world.

  11. Timbit

    I think that, everyone in our community must lend a hand and help others get focused on things like that. I believe this because, when everybody contributes it can make changes to our community. For an example, more gardens so we can get our fresh veggies and food instead of wasting more gas to go to the supermarket.

  12. Lam

    I think that you as an individual can make a difference by using tupperware instead of plastic wrap to put food in or only take 1 minute showers instead of a bath, but if you want to make a big public change than, either get a big group together (engineers without borders) or talk to someone with political power.

  13. Awesomeness

    I believe that everyone in our community has a role to help slove problems in our community because everyone has something that they can do to help, even if it is a little thing, that still helps if everyone does a little thing to help, like, making sure our streets and sidewalks are clean, having places for wildlife life to live in, having more houses at lower prices so not so many people are living without a house and treating people more respectfully so everyone gets along with each other and our community would be more harmonious.

  14. crum

    I think that everyone should try to make a difference in our community, if its taking shorter showers or creating composting apps everyone should try to make a change. Sometimes people don’t realize that if a lot of people start with little changes they can make our community a much cleaner and healthier place.

  15. lordofthepies05

    I think that everyone in a community should try their best to solve problems, but that people who know they are community leaders or impact the community more than others, should help find solutions to inspire others in the community.

  16. Flying pinguin

    I beileve that every body should find the solution to a problem. If they can’t solve the problem then you can get help from the community. Because some times it may not be able to solve the problem on your own. That is why you migh need to get help from the community.

  17. Snort

    I believe that everyone should try and find a solution for these problems. If everyone puts effort into trying to solve these problems it would make a big impact in our community. For everyone to help with our community would make a big change and would inspire people to help out more in our community. I also think that everybody has a role to play in our community because in order to build and grow our community we all need to be a part of it. If our community has problems we all need to work together and build our ideas to create a central idea of how we can fix this problem as a whole.

  18. game-master 2017

    I agree with… well everyone else. Everyone plays an important role in our community: by paying taxes and planting gardens and cleaning up garbage and recycling and doing there jobs. Everyone has a special role in our community. Everyone has a social role as well. by connecting and caring for each other. which helps connect our community.
    PS Speaking of witch i enjoyed bowling yesterday it was real fun and I am looking foreword to doing it again next Thursday.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thank you for this post – even when we agree, we find new and important things to add to the conversation. Your points about contributing through taxes and jobs as well as the role of caring for one another in our community are very relevant and expand our thinking.

  19. Pug_life

    I think that everyone has a special role that helps the community, and helps other people in ways like saving someone’s job,and people need care for the community like stop litter and waste of food. And need to save money .Not just buy to much and lose, money so you can on the future of the community.

  20. lizard man

    Every one has a role to take on this world to help make this world a better place. Some people save live, some build homes for people and more like food.Try not to litter to make the world a better place.and you can raise money for the poor so they can have a home,clean water and food.

  21. Dark-type_trainer👻

    I Think everyone has a role in this community even if you stay inside and play video games… .And everyone should help solve the problem after all it’s our community 🏔🛣🏘🏦🏛🏨🏔 and everyone has a job to do. And homeless people need money 💰 so we should all solve this problem it would be a BIG impact in our city or community and we should not litter . And help our community as hard as we CAN!😊

  22. Narwhalz

    I think that it is everyone’s job to identify and solve problems but mostly only the government(s) are (mostly) the only one to get around to actually solving them. We help like picking up litter but the big changes are made by them.

    • TamTam

      It’s true that we rely on our government to solve the big problems we identify, which is why our vote is such an important decision!

  23. chiefblobfish

    I think it should be all of are responsibility like to stop littering and recycling plus composting witch is not happening in our community

  24. chiefblobfish

    I think it should be all of are responsibility like to stop littering and recycling plus composting witch is not happening in our community for now but that can change

    • TamTam

      I agree that those are important responsibilities that we must all share chiefblobfish, but don’t you think that many people in our community take them seriously and work hard to do their part?

  25. bow tie 12

    I think it’s are responsibility. It’s are community so we should take action. But sometimes if it’s a big thing we can’t do, or we need help so then I think a part of it is the government or someone in charge to help and sport us. Or give us ideas on how to deal with it. But their should never be on person helping for the whole community every on should be pitching in there time!

    • TamTam

      I love that you suggest it’s the government’s responsibility to give us ideas about how to deal with big problems. I agree that sometimes people are really keen to step up but just need a bit of direction or guidance.

    • TamTam

      I love that you suggest that the government could give us ideas about how to deal with problems bow tie 12. I think that often people are keen to step up but may just need some direction or guidance.

  26. mouk

    I don’t think its just one person’s job to solve all of everyone’s problems, what I do think is that everyone should try to put their say in their own problem that their in. but, that there could definitely people who should help others with their problems and I know there already is so I feel fine with that, but I do most strongly feel that its everyone’s job to solves their own problems as well as helping others if their in a really tough situation.

    • TamTam

      It is true that we all have a responsibility to work towards solving our own problems, but there are definitely times when everyone needs some help. Our communities are stronger when we look out for each other!

  27. ThePlatypusLife

    I think that it is everyone’s job, because if it is only 1 or 2 people, they will not be able to think of problems and solutions so easily. plus, if everyone is helping, then you will be able to finish faster and work on other things and different problems

  28. Blue snowflake

    I think that there wouldn’t be anyone who wouldn’t think or work for solutions to the problems in the community because the problems effect everyone. Every person in the community should take the resonsibility to make a solution that may be different from others. Although people with a higher position may think of a solution that will benefit themselves more than others, eventually, everyone will gather the solutions together that can form a very effective and reasonable solution that could be able to solve many things. Some things that can probably help solve many problems is to close the sink when your not using it, save unfinished food for the next day, and to compost and recycle instead of randomly throwing everything in the trash.

    • TamTam

      Wow, I completely agree that when everyone is responsible we encourage the possibility of unique and different solutions to problems that will benefit a greater range of people. Also, Blue Snowflakes, thanks for including important reminders for all of us!

  29. Do it for da Hwin

    I think that the community should do this and not a single person because one idea compared to multiple ideas will probably be not as good. If the community tries to solve their own problem we wouldn’t even need someone to do this. I think that it would be very stressful and time communing because if you have one person trying to do this or one hundred people trying to do this you would come up with a faster and better solution.

  30. hockey 101

    I think we all need to take part in helping our community.I also think local businesses can take part. Even one single person can make a big difference in our community.

  31. Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769

    I think it’s everybody’s role to improve our community because if everyone contributed the society would be a much better place and it would be a long-term fix. Although we have governments they just put actions into place and inspire the community to help out but mainly suggest us the root of ideas.

  32. the engineer

    I think it should be the government’s job to take on these issues. After all they run the country. But if the government won’t take care of things then I believe that it is up to the community and individual people to speak up or even deal with these problems themselves. This way problems will be taken care of and solutions will be found.

  33. Joaquin

    I think that its everyone in your community’s responsibility to to come up with solutions for problems in your community because if you give the Job to just one person that is a lot of responsibility for just one person so its best to have everyone making the decisions

  34. Mr Blog

    I think that everyone should be responsible for our community working on solutions and problems in our community because if everyone works on those our community even if they’re not affecting them than we will be a great community.

  35. DairyKing07

    Everyone in our community has a job to do. From tiny things like taking out the trash, to doctors. We cant trust on people to do things for us its easier to push together as a species its harder, alone.

  36. Spirit Heart

    It’s everyone’s responsibility to think about and work on solutions for our community.
    Even if you are a kid you can make a big difference.
    Everyone is focused on wants instead of needs and needs are more important than wants.
    Needs are things that we need to survive and help us live healthier lives.

  37. hippodude2005

    I think everyone should get together and all try and help solve these problems but if its a big problem they should get the government to pitch in.

  38. magicalnesses

    I think it is everyone’s role. If only the government made decisions I don’t think we would live in a very good community. With only the government working things, any job would happen a lot more slow because things get done faster when you have more people. I think that everyone can come up with good solutions rather than just city or government officials.

  39. what the what!

    I believe that it’s important that everyone solve their problems. You cannot rely on other people to solve it for you. But for the bigger target to make a sustainable community, we could all pitch in to make all our problems turn into Solutions.

  40. Catzrule

    I honestly think that it’s EVERYONES role to make decisions in our community. For example, even though teachers make most of the decisions, the class also participates in many things that affect them. (us) So that means that even though the government or community counsel make most of the decisions, everyone plays a part in decisions that affect them. It wouldn’t be fair if a small group of people made all the decisions, but if everyone’s thinking is involved, the decisions usually end up being unanimous and there is a lot less conflict.

  41. mistacheeseman

    When there is a problem in a community I think it is everyone in the communities role to help find a solution.

    If people ask Justin Trudeau for help he might not know what is going on and might make the wrong choice if he doesn’t talk to the community.

    The people that live in the community know the community best so they will know what to do. The government’s part in problems in our communities is they will buy what the community

  42. YourBroZeke

    I think that its everybody in the community’s job to work on that problem but if its a problem we don’t have the resource’s for than we need to have help from the government to spot us and do it for us or give us funding. Therefore it should be both the government and the community the government. The government is here for us and we are here for ourselves too.

  43. Mystery

    I think that everybody in our community should help work on problems because we kids and adults should have a voice in our community

  44. domoking101

    I think that it is all of our responsibility to work on problems in our community, we all help, even if it is only a piece of garbage here, a piece of garbage there.

  45. sleepingsquirrel64

    I think that this is everybody’s job. there are rules in place to prove this like petitions and the fact that you can do what ever you want if you really wanted you could make the community trash or you could make it treasure

  46. ChickenGod

    I think its everybody’s job to help out with the problems in our community and if we help enough we could stop our biggest problems in our community even if we just need to help by just picking up after ourselves.

  47. aqua ant

    I believe everyone should have a part in helping out our community because the more effort everyone puts in the better outcome it will be for everyone. I believe if you’re someone that many people look up to it is your job as a leader to inspire people to give back to their community. Also helping out in your community is also an amazing learning experience and it also helps you to get to know your community better and have fun with one another.

  48. The phantome blade

    I think that everyone has a role of thinking and solving problems in our community but that being said some people like lawyers have to do a bit more thinking because their jobs require a lot of thinking about law and if this is true and that’s not

  49. Jet

    Well, it depends on the size of the problem . I would usually say that its everyone’s responsibility but in some cases it isn’t. sometimes there’s problems we can’t fix. Government level problems, such as homelessness or housing crisis. We can’t stop homelessness but slowly if we all work out we could if we really tried

  50. SC30

    I think it be a good idea to solve the problem then making it more bigger and specially for family that has kids it be not good for the family and kids

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