October 11, 2016

Dear Division 16,

We have been starting to talk about ways to reduce the food waste in our society through our new Food Project.

I found this interesting infographic on the weekend.  Take a look:

banana peel uses

You can read the whole article here.

For your assignment tonight, please answer ONE of the following questions:

  1. Please give an example of a different unusual way to make use of a kind of food waste.  The example above lists how banana peels can provide benefits before being composted.  In your response, describe the food and then share how you make use of something that might otherwise be considered waste.
  2. Evaluate the uses for banana skins in this infographic.  Which of these uses do you think is the most likely to be used by people and whether you think it will make a difference to the user or to the problem of food waste.

I look forward to your responses!


  1. Touchdown

    One thing my parents do is they use old cereal boxes for storage. Like my vector cereal boxes have some old acton fingers in them. Also I used to use the cardboard to make all sorts playing toys and ships.

      • Touchdown

        What we did this weekend is we did is we used the left over turkey from thanksgiving dinner and turned it into a sandwich. So like today I had a sandwich with turkey cranberry sauce and lettuce. It was SO GOOD!


    #1 Another food that can helps out even after you have eaten the edible part is the pit of the avocado because putting it in unfinished guacamole, will help preserve the guacamole. I infer that the seed is what helps the avocado stay good while growing. In the spirit of Halloween I also know some people use part of the pumpkin after Halloween to make a ingredient to start a pumpkin pie.

  3. smeagaleater10

    2# Out of all the interesting ways to use banana peels, I think that using them as a slimming aid would be the most desirable. I think it would be wanted because I find that a majority of people are at least a bit self conscious about their body and/or weight. It can also be popular because green banana peels can be added into a smoothie to make it more filling, as result, it can be used as a sports drink. It might make a difference to some users because it might be very effective so they could sell it or it might make a difference in their weight or athletic performance. It might make a difference in food waste if some people used the banana peels but it would definitely make a difference if it was majorly publicized.

  4. the engineer

    I think that although all these cool banana peel tricks may be true, in reality people will usually just compost the banana peels. Some people try to use these new tricks now and then but not many people have the time or they just keep postponing them and they never even gets started. After all compost is the easiest way to use them economically.

  5. purple pom-poms

    Most people throw away peels of fruits and veggies, but little do they know that some are edible and some you can use for more meals. For example orange peels are edible, a little bitter but its still food. When people shave carrots they throw the shavings in their compost, but they could have cooked them in a soup or had them as a topping on a salad. I think this blog is cool because many followers or other people who look on our blog can think about this information and maybe do them them-selves.

  6. Flying Mandarin

    When you wash the rice, the water will turn white. People will drain this down the sink that is wasting water, but my parents use it for the garden. Using this water in the garden will giving the plants nutrients.

  7. Amythest

    2. There are many interesting ways to use banana peels that I never knew. Most people wouldn’t have heard about how many different ways you could use banana peels, so most of the time people just compost their banana peels. The second most common one used would probably be to help your plants grow because you could be growing you favourite food and you want it to be healthy, without spraying any pesticides on your plants.

  8. Slapshot18

    #2 I think that composting the banana peels would be the most popular and used idea on the list. I think a lot of people will also use the gardening trick. Many of the ideas on the list, such as drinking them, burning them, eating them, and using them to polish things won’t really appeel (see what I did there) to some people and some aren’t necessary now because there seems to be a tool or a solution for everything. The polishing one and the scar blemish, I can assume some people may use it. But consuming them and burning them seems but over the top, and other options are open in the world then being left to eat rotting banana peels and setting them on fire.

  9. Time Traveler

    One thing that you can eat is a cucumber but you can also use it as a facial treatment in a spa – cucumber slices that is. Apparently it refreshes the skin, that’s why they put them on people’s eyes. Another thing that is used as food is vinegar. It can also be used to clean windows and mirrors. Put it on a cloth and you’re ready to go.

  10. Joaquin

    In my family we use lemon scraps to clean coffee pots and tea kettle it act as a disinfecting component to take out grime.

  11. Pink Pickle

    #1 The zest of an Orange can be used as a room refresher, I think it’s better than those store bought car refreshers even if it does go bad after a few days!

  12. crazymemeslol123

    #2 I think people would use #3 or #1 so they can be much cleaner and look nicer it’s a good use for banana peels because they are used for more then nothing but garbage so I think they should have a use around the world most people would use these ideas to make themselves look more fit or make them look clean or cleaning some places there are worts and nobody like worts so if you hate worts go use tip #9 to get rid of them for yah.

  13. super cheese cake

    #1 In my family we used to dry up all the orange peels and put them in our bath tubs and bath in it, It was believed to prevent skin cancer and it makes your bath tub smell really good. Also if you burn it, it can be used for repellent like what you can do with pomelo peel.

  14. S.P.E.W

    1. Something that is mostly thrown away into the compost but is actually really good for your eyes is black tea bags. If you were going swimming and you didn’t have goggles and we’re opening your eyes under the water, black tea bags are really good for your eyes if they are stinging and itchy. The black tea bags also help if you are having an allergic reaction and it is making your eyes itchy. The black tea bags also reducing the swelling in your eyes.

  15. Soccerboy123ABC

    1# if we have just zested lemons or oranges in our house we use the rest of the fruit and put it in our juicer with some other fruits and vegetables to make it into a drink .

  16. Arcticfox

    Kiwis. Everyone always cuts them in half and eats the with a spoon. Witch isn’t bad it’s just that you don’t have to eat them with a spoon or cut them in half. You can actually eat the hole kiwi. I know this sounds gross but if you just bite into it you won’t taste the out side! Most people throw the peel away with this its doing to things! Not throwing the peel away AND not wasting water to clean the spoon.

  17. Sushi Monster

    #1 we use egg shells to protect or plants in our garden. You just sprinkle some egg shells around your plants and snails and slugs wont eat your plants cause the shells will cut them.

  18. grass

    What my family dose is whenever we cut up fruits and we don’t really eat it all instead of wasting good fruits we make it into some fresh smoothies.

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