October 13, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Great work this week with the Virtues Project!

Here is your first blog assignment from Naslishah:

For your post this week, please answer one of the following questions:

Name someone you admire.  This person may be a figure in history or a person in your life.  What is the core virtue this person practices? What attracts you to this core virtue?

Name one of your own core virtues, one which is strong and well-developed in you.  Write a few sentences about how you live or exhibit it.

If you would like, you can look at the list of virtues and their definitions on www.virtuesproject.com

We look forward to your responses!
Jody & Naslishah


  1. Arcticfox

    I actually admire my cousin. Her name is J*** she just got married a while ago. Her core virtue is Kindness. I know why I admire her its cause she just has so much love and kindness for everyone in her heart she’s a great cousin. She doesn’t practice it she just is and always has been like this. That’s why I admire her so much.

  2. supercheeecake

    My friend E** and F*** is full of kindness and thoughtfulness. Last year when some new students came into Dickens they showed them around the school and told them who they were supposed to find when the have trouble, got hurt or have a question about something. For myself when I first came to Dickens they showed me around, I felt really warm inside because they treated me as their friend when I don’t have any friends yet.They also introduced me to some of the friends I have now, for example V****** so I can get included faster in this community.

  3. Amythest

    I really admire my parents but if I were to choose anyone else, it would be my cousin. She is so kind, thoughtful and just such a heartful person and she can the the best in everyone. She is so supportive and always believes in everyone. Her virtues is thoughtful. I admire her just because of all the things I listed about her.

  4. Sushi Monster

    I really admire my cousin E**** she is always so thoughtful and flexible. She thinks of others before herself and she never complains about anything she is just happy to be spending precious time with others. She is open minded to everything because she is always excited to try new things.

  5. S.P.E.W

    I admire my grandfather because he is the most patient person I have ever met. He has always been patient with me and others. He is also very gentle in they way he talks and acts. I think that his core virtue is patient and I’m drown to it because this is something that I have but I don’t have a enough of it.

  6. Pink Pickle

    My auntie D****** I admire a lot because my grandma has been sick for about 3 years now and my family on my dads side have been doing a lot to help her, but my auntie D****** has been helping the most by visiting her at the old folks home almost Daily and buys her clothing and sets up all of her appointments even though she lives 2 hours away! I could name dozens upon dozens of Virues about her but one that stands out most for me is “Caring” because she cares and looks after my Grandma even though other people in my family could do it more easily.

  7. the engineer

    My best friend is smeagaleater10 who also participates in this blog. In this case, his virtue is friendliness for inviting me to his house pretty much every day and much more. He also likes the things I like, which is great for a friendly relationship.

  8. Flying Mandarin

    I admire my friend because of her kindness. When I forgotten about my homework project,she would help me during recess to finish it, She would always makes me calm down and figure it out with me.

  9. smeagaleater10

    One of my core virtues is tactfulness. Tactfulness is speaking considerately to both sides while using non violent communication. I can be tactful when I choose to but when I try hard I can be very good at it. When there is an argument in the house between family members, I try to make sure that both of them consider the other side’s point of view and they are being mindful to not offend either person.

  10. Sparkle sloth

    I admire my best friend M*** because she is always so supportive and helpful. I think her virtue is definitely kindness. She is always trying to help people out and she is also very generous!

  11. purple pom-poms

    I admire my aunt because she aways hugs me when I see her and she really looks out for me. She’s very loving and kind, and you can tell all her love truly comes from her heart. She loves me, and I love her very much too.

  12. Slapshot18

    A person I admire in my life is my mom. Her core virtue is caring. She cares so much about her family, and her culture. When she has an idea or a plan, she cares so much about it. She’s determined to stick to the idea she cares so much about. Her heart is bigger than of anyone else’s. Everyday, she cares for me, and it inspires me to care for others too. Maybe that’s why I care about my passions and my friends so much. Having her as a mom, makes me feel safe. I can depend on her because I know that no matter the situation, she’ll always be there to care for me. Even if it means sacrificing something. I love her, and I’m so glad she loves me back.

  13. Soccerboy123ABC

    I admire my soccer couch l****I think his coremail virtue is determination. I admire homy because I he is a really nice guy and he is so fun to be with because he works so hard.I think that my core virtue is reliability because when ever my friends depend on me on doing something I always get it done.

  14. Time Traveler

    The person I most admire is Albert Einstein. Because he became a scientist when everyone told. her he couldn’t and that he didn’t have the mental capability. Despite this he carried on and became one of the most famous mathematician of all and a professor. Even though every one thought he was dumb, he came up with the Theory of Relativity. So I think he is a really great example of the virtue of believing in yourself. I think he is a pretty great inspiration to me just because he was kind of the underdog but did really well in life.

  15. Touchdown

    I admire Eric Berry very much who is a strong safety in the NFL. I admire him very much because because he just overcame Hodgkin’s lymphoma Cancer and is now playing in the NFL. He is strong and fast and he preservers through everything!

  16. Joaquin

    I admire my grandparents because they have perseverance. They did not grow up here and have had to work really hard to learn the language, the culture and how to live here without their extended families. No matter what obstacles happen in our family they are always strong, loving and caring. They hold our family together; they are always here for us, they help us, the comfort us, they guide us, they spend time with us, they teach us. Family comes first no matter what and it makes me feel safe knowing that I always have someone there for me, for us. .

  17. crazymemeslol123

    Who I admire is my dad because he is so determined to take care of our family until he retires I want to be determined as him when I grow up I’ll be be thankful to what I will get in life and I will be honest to my family and friends.

  18. dickensdiv16

    I really admire our Teacher-Librarian, M******. She is always trying new things and doing her best to embrace our school, the students and the teachers. She shows the virtues of courage, flexibility and commitment – she has taught everything from K to Grade 6 and now she is working in our library. I love working with her and she inspires me every day.

  19. The Baconator

    My mom’s core virtue is generosity. She is always sharing, thinking of others and putting my sister and my needs before hers. I think that it makes you more likeable and a better person if you are generous and you share. As my mom always says, treat people how you want to be treated.

  20. Spamlington

    I admire my parents because they show a lot of patience with me, my brother and a whole lot more. I am attracted to this virtue because without patience you get restless, and when you’re restless you can’t enjoy anything. My parents having patience means I can enjoy my time with them.

  21. balloongirl123

    I admire my cousins for supporting me with everything taking care of me helping me with sports homework and more and I’m thinking that there virtues would be thoughtful caring and helpful.

  22. random student

    I admire my friend A*** she is always helpful and supportive. I think her virtue is kindness she also very nice.

  23. naslithony

    Dear Division 16,
    I applaud your diligence in getting completing this week’s virtues blog entry. I enjoyed reading your virtues acknowledgements. I admire your thoughtful and creative responses. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrrow….


    His name is D**** O**** and he is a pro baseball player for the Red Sox. The reason why he is my idol is he shows uber amounts leadership and team commitment. I think if anyone had as much leadership and commitment as him, all they would have to do is know politics and have good ideas to be able to run for president. I think these virtues are great because you can use them in almost any circumstance. Commitment is one of my strongest virtues because I always try to go to as many games and practices of both of the sports I play.

  25. flying giraffe

    The person I admire is a loyal friend to me, and is honest to me, and has humor and helps me be happy when I’m sad.But I think that her key virtue is humor because she can be silly and respectful at the same time she also has a great sportsmanship while playing games and sports. I think my virtue is humor as well because I also really like to be silly as well as being respectful.

  26. French waffles

    I admire my parents because they’re helpful and sometimes help me with stuff like help me with my homework and helps me when I was little to now.

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