October 17

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

Today for Theme we got into groups and talked about our process identifying unmet needs for our school and community.

In your group, you developed a list of 5 priorities for school and for community.  You and your group may have also narrowed your list down to one or two priorities.  For your blog post today, please note the unmet need you have chosen and answer the following question:

What other factors affect this problem (who/what else might be impacted, who/what else can have an impact on this problem?)

Remember to identify the unmet need you will be looking more deeply at and THEN answer the question.

We look forward to your responses!



  1. Helga

    One of my group’s unmmet needs was having toilets, sinks and hand dryers not break every ten minutes. Part of that is student’s faults, like flushing stuff down the toilet that is not meant to be. I think this could impact everyone if we only have two sinks and one of them is broken. Also, if your friend can’t wash their hands and then you touch their hands,then you touch someone else’s hand and so on, then everyone is sick!

  2. Blue snowflake

    An unmet need that my group thought of for the school was to have a updated multipurpose room so then when it’s raining outside the students will have a place to hang out and the they can be supervised in one place instead of people having to walk everywhere. The weather is one reason why we need a better multipurpose room , but it’s also that the students don’t listen and stay in classrooms when they are asked to be either in the multipurpose room or outside. If we had a updated multipurpose room than the teachers and staff members would probably have a better lunch or recess break instead of having to contain the students every few minutes.

    • dickensdiv16

      Communal space is an important part of our school for sure! I wonder if the rains this week has made it more challenging for everyone in addition to the increased focus on students in the hallways!

  3. smeagaleater10

    The unmet need my group identified was better school supplies. A factor that affects the state of the school supplied is the students. For example with the dodge balls, some of the divisions ripped some of them up ergo rendering them useless for other students. Ironically, the students have less supplies to use because of their own actions. The difference is dodge balls are used by the whole school and the classroom supplies is used by the divisions, so in a way you could get an estimate of what the class was like by observing their materials. On the flip side students could have an impact on this problem by using the equipment appropriately and telling others to do so too.

  4. lordofthepies05

    One of ours was having efficient, fast internet.
    I think this can effect anyone in the school wheather it be teacher or student, because is the wifi doesn’t work then you can’t do much online. Also it makes printing things hard sometimes, and makes it so that students need to do stuff like research, at home.

  5. Amythest

    The one priority for me is accessibility in all buildings, schools, apartment buildings, stores, and etc. because having accessible buildings allows anyone who would like to or needs to get in that building. If it is a building where someone who needs a ramp or can’t go up or down stairs and it was an emergency they would need to have the option to get in that building. I would also say that having accessible buildings gives everyone the opportunity to go anywhere they want.

  6. black circle

    The unmet need I chose is for community is traffic roads. by community I am talking about Vancouver (not mount pleasant / ceder cottage) The problem is that traffic effects is everyone trying to get to downtown to go to work and most of the time this causes accidents which slows traffic even more. the other side of the story is the roads, the roads effect the traffic which impacts the workers trying to get to work in the morning.

  7. Arty-choke

    One of the unmet needs that our group came up with for community was, having more big parks, like Trout Lake or Stanley Park, for wildlife to live in. Which will also help our community of humans, because with more dense tree population we will have more strong and clean oxogen to live off of.

  8. electroe05

    The unmet need I found was most important was parks. The reason why was because as much as we have lots of them for such a large city we do lack parks. If we could atlas try to keep the parks we do have clean that would also make a massive impact on this community. I believe parks are one of the most important things we have in this city. I have placed a link to google maps if you want to have a look for yourself: https://www.google.ca/maps/search/how+many+parks+are+in+the+city+vancouver+bc/@49.2643569,-123.1174169,13z/data=!3m1!4b1?dcr=0

  9. Awesomeness

    I chose affordable housing as the unmet need that I think should be met. Now, the prices of houses are high, witch makes the level of homelessness higher because the prices are so high, it also affects big family’s because they need a big house to fit there whole family in and at the same time provide food and other stuff that is a priority to survive It is also hard to find a house that allows pets to live in the apartment too, and have a resonable price that is not to high.

  10. Day Dreamer

    An unmet need I think is one of the most important is efficient washroom sinks, blow drier and toilets. I think that’s important because if you don’t wash your hands you could get really, really sick you also could get other people really, really sick. I think this effects every one who works at the school and everyone who learns at the school. The school should have more then one bathroom so it would not be that bad for most schools.

  11. Flying pinguin

    One of the unmet needs that my group thought of is having faster internet at school. Here are some of the reasons why I think that faster internet is important. People that have computer trouble can do there homework such as blogs and projects at school, so many students do not have to wait. If students prefer faster internet than other students can quickly finish their homework and others can go on the computer to do their homework too.

  12. chiefblobfish

    one of the unmet needs that my group thought of was that polution is not really happening. Like when I go outside for receces an lunch.I see garbage and more garbage and even more garbage so then I walk inside the lunch room and there’s garage by the garbage can! that’s why we should encourage more people to help clean up.

  13. the engineer

    My group’s priority for schools was more classrooms and less students in each classroom. The reason we chose this was because the rooms were kind of crammed specifically on the carpet. Even though we have two rooms, when we sit on the carpet we all go to one room because the teacher is going to say something so it’s like having two classes in one room. Even though we have one room at these times we are confined to the carpet which is approximately 1/5 of the room. Our solution, having fewer kids in a classroom, would work because there would still be enough space even if combining classes.

    • TamTam

      That’s interesting and I’d like to hear more about your group’s thoughts on that. Do you think there’s a way we can all meet as a group that would be more comfortable?

  14. Dark-type_trainer🖤

    One of the unmet things in my group is about faster wifi for some reason it takes about 5 minutes to get the wifi on 📱 💻and then it was on for 5 seconds I’m pretty sure that we’re pretty annoyed by that. Another thing is about hot lunch people or kids often complain about how much grease or how much amount of food they have to eat especially the k 1 and 2s 🌭🍕🥘😒 so they might have size or portion of food for the littleler kids and more for the bigger ones

  15. game-master 2017

    one of the things my group was working on was clean working bathrooms. with… 550+/6= about 100 students going threw those bathrooms every day and that is some generous rounding. kids are part… fine… most of the problem and the problem effects everybody: the kids who have to go in there and the janitors who have to clean them. another thing that can effect the problem is that we use the equipment in there a lot so it breaks a lot. so yeah clean working bathrooms are in unmet need in most schools.
    which is why where doing are project on it.

    • TamTam

      Our growing population definitely has an impact on the state of our washrooms. I would say that’s true for staff washrooms as well.

  16. 008rayray800

    One of my groups unmet needs is that we don’t have is that we don’t have a music room. I think this affects all the students when we have music because of the distracting sound of other classes and the janitor and engineer I assume it also distracts Paul when he’s teaching for the same reasons. It distracts Miranda and the people in the library and also classrooms nearby because the sound travels the through the walls,interrupting their learning. I think it would be much better if we had a music room. Im not sure who could impact it, maybe the teachers and school board?

  17. domoking101

    One of my group’s problems is that we don’t have a place to put our scooters and skateboards. one of the things leading up to this problem is that the teachers aren’t letting us take the scooters into the classroom. another thing that is a problem is that on rainy days the scooters/skateboards bring in a lot of dirt witch could result in slippery floors and entrances.

  18. Do it for da Hwin

    One of the problems that our group came up with was working bathrooms. I believe that its mostly the kids fault because last year in the bathrooms people were drawing inappropriate things on the walls. I’m sure that flushing things down the toilet will break them and that will impact us because if we down have working bathrooms kids will probably do more vandalizing and damage the bathroom even more, for an example the boys bathroom stall has a broken lock that is very easy to open when the stall is locked. I think that we need to do more repairs and clean the bathroom more.

  19. Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769

    One of the unmet needs my group came up with there is not enough space to park bicycles or scooters since we cant put it in a classroom and the school doesn’t have enough money. So then the bikes/scooters get wet and rusted while also risking the chance of getting stolen which would be bad if their parents were too busy to pick up their kids.

    • TamTam

      Not only might parents be too busy to pick their kids up but we want to encourage kids to be active and independent!

  20. mistacheeseman

    One of the unmet needs my group talked about is having more sanitary bathrooms in our school.
    For example I’ve noticed that people are flushing toys down the urinals, people are using to much soap and people are using to much toilet paper and put what they didn’t use on the ground.
    Seeing these things shows me some kids aren’t responsible or they don’t feel responsible because they don’t think its their job or they know their not going to get caught.

  21. what the what!

    One of my group’s unmet needs are cleaner bathrooms. But this can be the students fault,because if you put something down the drain that isn’t soap or water it gets clogged. This could be a problem,if we only have two sinks and they are clogged then you don’t wash your hands and you will get sick, sickness could spread. That Will impact a lot of people.

  22. sleepingsquirrel64

    I think that one of the top five unmet needs in the school was faster internet, this is a big problem because lets say we have a ten minute work space to do a project most of that time would be seen t logging on the computers!
    this makes it a given that if we are using computers/iPads we can’t be as efficient as we are at home.

  23. ChickenGod

    One of my groups unmet needs was cleaner bathrooms why because our bathrooms have these wet tissue balls on our walls and it’s disgusting sometimes people puke in the bathrooms and just leave it there without letting the custodian know.

  24. Spirit Heart

    Poor Internet access was one of the things we discussed in my group. I chose this topic because it takes ten to twenty minutes for something to load.

  25. ThePlatypusLife

    One of our unmet needs was faster internet, because it always takes about 50 years to get onto a computer, which is the reason I’m not doing this at school. it is also important for both teachers and students, because it will take a long time to get on to the computer to teach something.

  26. hockey101

    I think that there are a lot of different unmet needs in our community and schools. In our community, I think we could have special places for skateboards and scooters. For example, a special box inside or outside of the school next to Blake and David’s class so it’s covered. People who are impacted by this unmet need are maybe Blake and David, if they need that space ever, and other school classes and families in the community because if someone were to ever break into the box it could affect the families that owned those things. The principal and vice-principal could help with this and also the municipal government, like Gregor Robertson.

  27. magicalnesses

    One of my groups unmet needs in our school was a music room. Right now music is happening in the multi-purpose room. This is a problem because without having a REAL room to contain the sound in, it can get pretty distracting for the surrounding classes and staff. Another problem with this is that we don’t have a place to store the Marimbas, I’m pretty sure we all miss them. We could solve this by having less students, but unfortunately we need the old music room for class space. I think VSB needs to work on creating less crowded schools so that schools like ours don’t have to end up without a music room.

    • TamTam

      The Marimba program was really something special at Dickens! I know I miss dropping into Music to hear you all playing.

  28. Lightning Bolt

    Lower Housing Prices are one of the priorities Vancouver needs to cover, hence why its one of the 10 unmet needs our group decided. This causes homelessness for people which will eventually lead to starvation, dehydration, and even danger. If this becomes worse then it will not only affect the citizen’s opinion on the place, it will raise the percentage of homelessness in Vancouver, which is not a good reputation for our city.

  29. bow tie 12

    One of are choices was park but more specific dog park. Some owners don’t have a big yard with a place for there dog’s to run around. Dogs need lots for exercise. There are big park’s here in vancouver but not all of them are off leach dog park’s. Off leach dog park’s are park’s dogs can run around off leach but you can get fined if your dog is off leach in a not off leach park. I think the people who have dog allergies it might have a harder time finding a quite place in the park where there aren’t a lot of dogs. But I think it will save a lot of the owners money and they can spend the money they staved on stuff like dog food! And it will be more convenient for the owners.

  30. Joaquin

    One of the things that my group came up with was bigger and better water bottle refill stations around our school. It might encourage more people to bring reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles because there would be an easier and faster way to fill them up. I know for sure I would be impacted because of my large water bottle Impacts on this problem might be that people will break the water bottle refill stations and that would be bad and they would have to be repaired.

    • TamTam

      I’ve seen those at the high school and they’re pretty great, but I imagine they wouldn’t be cheap to repair. I wonder how often there are issues.

  31. DairyKing07

    One of my unmet needs in the school is a good bathroom. Why? Because most of the time the hand dryer has something in it like food. Or the urinals\toilets have something in them also. A good way to fix this problem is to clean the bathrooms more.

  32. Mouk

    One of the unmet needs in our community that came up for me was lowering housing prices, because one of my sister’s really good friend had to move to Victoria because her family couldn’t afford a house to live in Vancouver . Another friend also had to move to Courtney because her family also couldn’t afford it neither the rent. Now my sister misses them and face times them so she doesn’t lose touch. And so I think lowering housing prices would help everyone even the people who already can afford the houses because they probably miss their friends a lot too.

  33. Lam

    The one idea our group chose to be the most important in our school are clean washrooms. a lot of other people in the class chose clean washrooms, here is why we think it is important: Having clean washrooms is important because if they are dirty than kids wont want to go witch isn’t very good for you.

  34. Mystery

    One of my groups unmet need was wifi. I think that most people think that we have really bad wifi in our school. Do you know how that when you log into your account it takes really long and then eventually it switches off. Well for me that has been a situation that needs to be fixed.

  35. crum

    Our idea was bigger cloakroom space. Our classrooms cloakroom is very messy and there is not enough hooks so lots of stuff are lying on the ground. Also if your things are on the ground people usually step on it and there could be important stuff in your backpack. More hooks would help a lot.

  36. Catzrule

    One of our groups problems was that we need better working and cleaner washrooms because in the upstairs girls washroom only ONE of everything works including the (sinks, hand dryers, and soap dispensers) I think I speak for everyone when I say that a long sink lineup is NOT enjoyable when you have to get back to class!

  37. Snort

    One of our groups unmet needs is housing prices. I think that the housing prices are a little to much for some people cause some families can’t afford houses because they are way to expensive for them. I think that if we lower housing prices it would make an impact into our community.

  38. aqua ant

    One of my groups unmet needs are more disaster proof buildings because as unfortunate as it is anything can happen. This will unsure less people are hurt which will bring down medical costs. Having to fix damaged buildings that were not safe is expensive. I believe by fixing them now before we have any disasters, will unsure less people get hurt. By fixing our buildings now rather than fixing them after their already wrecked, will be cheaper and we can use the left over money for other important things.

  39. The phantome blade

    My groups unmet need was prices for public transportation for students in school hours,some of the factors of this problem are the elderly,people with mental/physical illness,people who are poor.

  40. Jet

    Since i’m answering this later on we’ve decided on one Problem. Homelessness in our community this effects the city itself. Having people without homes is harsh on family’s and the city because if someone mentally unstable is living outside they might be yelling at family’s with little children which could be scary for them also having people living in the city is sometimes illegal but of course there’s no place for them to go. Homelessness is a simple concept yet its difficult to go at.Its even harder while we go into winter, donating jackets,socks or shoes could help out a homeless person.

  41. SC30

    One of our unmet needs is a better WiFi in school,We choice this because in our school we kinda have a slow WiFi and it kinda take’s time and kinda waste our and sometimes it’s really hard to log on the computer because of the WiFi

  42. hippodude2005

    My groups unmet need was having no music room and i think this impacts everybody because its annoying when you can hear the people in the gym screaming and there is not that much storage space for the instruments and people keep just walking through the multi purpose room when a lesson is going on.

  43. Snapshot1178

    In our group we are looking at better tech in our school (computers and WiFi mostly). this effects everyone in our school because it is hard to finish typing assignments on time.

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