October 20, 2016

Dear Division 16,

For the blog assignment this week, reflect back on Naslishah’s lesson on “Speaking the Language of Virtues.”

Remember that there are usually three elements of a virtue statement:

1) an opening phrase 2) virtue 3) how the virtue is being shown or needs to be shown.

For example, to acknowledge and thank someone, one might say “It was courageous of you to face that challenge”. To guide, you might say, “How can we show courtesy when our visitor comes?” And to correct, you might say something like, “What would help you to be tactful, even when you are irritated?”

For your blog homework this week, please describe a situation and give an example where you are acknowledged, guided or corrected someone by speaking the language of virtues. Remember to use the three elements of a virtues statement.

I look forward to your thoughtful responses.


  1. smeagaleater10

    Around a year ago I was doing a group project and one of my group members did a lot more research than the others so I acknowledged him by saying ” S** I appreciate your devotion to this project”.

  2. super cheese cake

    Yesterday my brother was stressed out about his homework, later he started to scream, so I told him ” could you be mindful that there are other people around you trying to work?”

  3. random student

    When I’m doing homework and my brother started playing the guitar noisily, I told him ” Please be respectful of other people around you who are trying to work.”

  4. Amythest

    My mom was helping me because I felt sick, I responded with “Thank you for your generosity and helpfulness to help me when I’m not feeling my best.”

    • naslithony

      You showed your love and appreciation for your mom when you complimented her for taking care of you.
      I am sure your mom felt like a million bucks after your comment.

  5. the engineer

    Yesterday my mom was a wee bit angry at me for not doing my blog on the first day. I said maybe you could tell me this in a more tactful way.

  6. crazymemeslol123

    So around a week ago my sister was jumping on the bed loudly while my baby sister was sleep to I whispered “can you be more peaceful because baby sister is sleeping.

  7. Joaquin

    Today my dad was sleeping because he worked at night and my sisters where being loud so i said ” can you please be mindful that dad needs to sleep.

  8. Soccerboy123ABC

    Yesturday my sister yelled at me for going into her room and I told her ” how can you talk to me more thoughtfully .

  9. Flying Mandarin

    When I was in Japan,my cousin intrupted me when I was doing my homework.
    So I told him to be a little mindful when I am working on my homework.


    My sister E***** is very messy so I sometimes remind her “You need to have cleanliness in order to have a neat room.

  11. S.P.E.W

    Today my dad wasn’t feeling well and he still went out with me and bought something I needed for my Halloween costume and things for dinner. I said dad I appreciate your reliability for taking me to Steveston.

  12. Pink Pickle

    My mom previously got laid off about 2 years ago and at the beginning of September she has gotten a new job as a letter carrier and it has been very hard for her to walk for 12 hours a day 5 days a week even though she has a problem with her Achilles tendon, so I told her “I really appreciate your commitment towards your new job”

    • naslithony

      Pink Pickle, I applaud your thankfulness and appreciation of your mom by acknowledging her perseverance and commitment to her new job. I am sure she felt very valued and loved after your comment.

  13. the Time traveler

    My dad took me to the movies. I said, “Thank you, Dad, for taking me to the movies. You showed kindness when you did so.”

  14. Sushi Monster

    When i had a five am hockey practice my dad dose not really like waking up early but he did so i can go to my hockey practice.And i said thank you dad for your generosity in not being able to sleep very long for me to go to practice.

    • naslithony

      I admire your thankfulness and appreciation of your dad by acknowledging him for missing sleep and taking you to hockey. I am sure he became joyful when he heard your compliment.

  15. grass

    My mom yelled at me for not listening and I want her to be more gentle to me instead of yelling she can just say turn the ipad off please.

  16. Touchdown

    When one of my teammates took a big hit to score a game winning touchdown I said It was so braves of you to take a hit like that!

  17. purple pom-poms

    When my brother jumped out and scared me I told him can you please be respectful and not scare me next time?

  18. Arcticfox

    When I was at a camp someone was shoving people and being rude ” Please be mindful of others we only have One cabin”

  19. flying giraffe

    At one of my games one of my teammates had a shot on goal and scored and she was super proud of it and we congratulated her but it wasn’t the first time she scored but she kept bragging on and on about her goal and the other team wasn’t looking very happy. So I think she could have had more respect for the other team and had better sportsmanship.

  20. Spamlington

    A couple of days ago, me and my brother c******* were down stairs and I wanted to play the piano while he was watching YouTube on his phone, and he said to me “please be mindful that I am in the room and what you want to do will disrupt what I am doing.”

  21. grass

    when my brother plays video games and he gets mad sometimes I would tell be mindful and respectful to others around you.

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