October 24, 2016

Dear Division 16,

I found an article this weekend about the way that Atlanta is dealing with food waste and poverty.  It got me thinking about some of the things Powys was talking about in his presentation.

For your assignment this week, please read the article about Atlanta and then peruse Powys’ “Launch Box” website.



In your response, please describe ONE or more difference and ONE or more similarity between Powys’ plan and the actions of the folks in Atlanta.

Please be specific and include detail.  Please try to find unique ways of sharing this information.

I look forward toy our responses,



  1. The Baconator

    In this article they give the food that is wasted away and Powys talked about how he wanted to reduce food waste. But both the article and Powys talked about how they wanted food waste stopped and that it is destroying the environment and is becoming a big issue. I think that their actions are both a huge step closer to raising awareness around the world.

  2. Joaquin

    One of the difference between to two organisations is that the launch box is more focus on kids and Atlanta is more focused on everyone. One of the similarity is that they don’t like food waste and they want to stop it.

  3. purple pom-poms

    The similarity between them is that they are both trying to stop food waste from happening. The group in Atlanta is more focused on everyone, and the launch box is more focused on kids and how much sugar is in things and peoples health. I like the launch box crew because it’s not experts that are doing it, it was just a group of people who got together and are talking about food waste and trying to play a part in stopping it.

  4. the Time traveler

    They are similar because they are both trying to help the food waste situation. They are different because in Atlanta they are actually out putting the waste food in the hands of needy people while in Powys’ program they are just talking about the problem. One difference between them is that Powys’ group does comic books and lunch programs and the Atlanta program actually takes the food to the people who need it.

  5. the engineer

    One similarity is that they are both trying to make good food accessible to everyone. Here are the things that they do differently: Powys is trying to prevent people from eating packaged foods; he wants us to eat more natural foods like apples and fruit. But Atlanta folks are trying to get homeless people to eat good food by using the food that other people won’t eat.

  6. super cheese cake

    The difference between the two article is that one article is about how to reuse the food waste (not picking food out of the trash can) but trying to get people to donate fresh foods in their house that they might not need. In launch box mainly they’re trying to stop people from dumping the perfect vegetables and fruits with ugly looking. The similarity is that both of the articles are that they’re trying to minimize the food waste.

  7. lordofthepies05

    A difference in the two organizations is that it seems that the launch box is focusing in on mainly children, but the other place is really just trying to get rid of food waste in general. Something that is the same is that they both give away all the food that has been wasted.

  8. Flying Mandarin

    These two articles have lots of interesting informations.
    Powys’ talked about how much they want to stop the food waste.
    But Atlanta folks are trying to get poor home less people to eat fresh and healthy food that other people don’t eat and ending in the garbage can or in the compost.


    I find that second helpings Atlanta focuses more on feeding everyone possible and feeds as many people as possible which means a lot. I find that Powys just works on helping and educating kids but doesn’t help as many adults. The one upside with Powys is that because they specialize on helping kids they are able to branch out to kids in many different ways.

  10. Amythest

    They both focus on influencing healthy eating habits because it’s very important for everyone’s health and just in general it’s a very important thing to keep in mind. Powys really educates people on wasting food and how it really damages the earth and environment. When Atlanta is really focusing on everyone having access to fresh fruits and vegetables, also just making sure that no one is starving.

  11. S.P.E.W

    The difference between the two is that in Atlanta they are getting food and giving them to others who are in need, and on the launch box.com there was more about how children are getting effected and how these big bad companies are using them as targets. What they have in common is that they are both trying to save food from being wasted, because there is so much food that’s being thrown out and they both want to stop all of that.

  12. Pink Pickle

    A similarity between them is that they both are volunteer, another similarity is that they both rescue food from being wasted. A difference is that the launch box is aimed more at feeding children where as the Atlanta food group feeds entire families, the launch box is based in Canada and the Atlanta food group is located in the United States, and Atlanta sends their food to food banks and stuff whereas the launch box has their own thing going there.

  13. smeagaleater10

    I think that one similarity between the plans is the people in both of the organizations are committed and interested in their organization’s plan of action. Another similarity is that the leaders of both organizations are doing what they do out of the goodness of their hearts.
    I think that the difference between Powys’ plan and the people in Atlanta’s plan is that Powys’ plan is more like ‘Eat healthy because you have the choice” and the people in Atlanta’s plan is more like “giving the people who can’t afford to eat healthy a choice”.

  14. sparkle sloth

    One similarity is they both got stores and other people to donate food to their programs. One difference is Launch Box wants to get farms to donate and the Atlanta story talked about grocery stores donating.

  15. french waffles

    well I think both article are intresting so about Powys launch box it was easy to understand because its seems 2 of them are about saving wasted food so about Powys it was easy to understand so for example if there was a town and half of them were rich and half of them were poor if there was a charity that makes food for poor ones they will have a same amount of food and people would eat healthy! 🙂

  16. crazymemeslol123

    Well in both of the articles say they want to find a way to not waste food so they can into markets and restaurants to find leftovers so they can give to the people who need the food. In Powys website he talked about the how the art attracted children into buying them because the artwork looked good and cartoonish but some aren’t as healthy as you think they are.

  17. Sushi Monster

    These two articles had a lot of interesting information . Launch box was trying to tell you how bad food waste is for our environment and how we need to watch what we buy is it healthy and will we eat it. The Atlanta group talked about taking food that restaurants and grocery stores are going to throw out and giving them to people who need food. I think they’re similar because we all know how bad food waste is for our world. They’re trying to find ways to save food from getting wasted and giving food to people who need it.

  18. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that in that launch box it was talking a lot about how much we are wasking and how much we buy but don’t use but in the Atlanta article it was talking alot about how they do things there and we’re they get the food . Both of the organizations started by one small thing and then grew to make a bigger more resourceful organization.

  19. Touchdown

    Both people gave info on how food wast is bad and how it hurts the world but the second link tells you how we can stop it and Powys said the heath benefits of food.

  20. Arcticfox

    Powes was talking more about how stores are rejecting food and trying to stop that. Where as the others are more trying to raise awareness about food waste and how children and adults are not getting enough food. They both want to tackle food waste and help to raise awareness about the folks who don’t have enough food to supply them.

  21. Spamlington

    The similarity between Powys and the group in Atlanta is that they both recognize and care about food waste. The difference is their approach. While Powys try’s more to inform younger people, I think the group in Atlanta is taking a more straightforward path and giving out food, which kills two birds with one stone. Either way you do it, it works.

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