October 27, 2016

Recognizing Teachable Moments
We need to practice using the language of virtues when facing daily challenges. This help us rise above the situation and recognize the gift it offers, the opportunity to hone our virtues and become lifelong learners. We can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, by take into responsibility to amend mistakes and by being open to learning from tests/difficulties. Recognizing teachable moments allows us to replace shaming and labelling with positive virtues.

Let’s rename and reframe:

1. Think of a person you know whose behaviour challenges you.

2. Rename their basic character trait as a virtue:

E.g. Stubbornness = Determination

Talking back = Honesty

3. Identify the virtue you want to encourage them to practice.

4. Put in a positive sentence.

“Alan, that was very honest when you shared your opinion. How can you say that in a more respectful way?”

Or ” Cinderella, I see your peacefulness and obedience. What will give you the confidence you need to attend the Prince’s ball?”

Please give your example.


  1. purple pom-poms

    Sometimes this happens, mine is: z… can you please be a bit less honest when I’m telling you something?

    • naslithony

      I think you are looking for the virtue of tact to balance honesty.
      You can say Z… can you please be a little more tactful when I am telling you something?
      Remember, we talked about what tact means during class…

    • naslithony

      Purple Pom-poms, good try. I think you are trying to balance tact with honesty.
      Perhaps you can say: z… can you please be more tactful when I am telling you something?

  2. the engineer

    Billy, I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but maybe you could share the glory of our project with the rest of the group.

    • naslithony

      Engineer, are you trying to balance enthusiasm with consideration?
      So maybe you can say: Billy, I appreaciate your enthusiasm, can you please be more considerate of the group when you are sharing your feelings?

  3. Sushi Monster

    Impatient=sensitive M****** that was very kind of you to say sorry next time can you please say it in a more respectful and mindful way.

    • naslithony

      Sushi Monster, great example. I guess you are addressing the tone the message was delivered. You can even say: that was very kind of you to say sorry, can you please say it next time in a more sincere way?

    • naslithony

      Lord of the pies 05, good try. You can say: Sam, I appreciate your honesty, can you be more respectful/considerate/tactful (any of them are good) when you speak to me?

  4. Flying Mandarin

    Getting mad=Goodness
    If someone is not listen to what you are trying to teach,you get mad for the goodness of your heart to teach.

    • naslithony

      Flying Mandarin,
      I am not sure which character trait you are trying to name as a virtue?
      Maybe try, I appreciate your detachment but can you please be more mindful and caring when I am trying to teach you something new?

    • naslithony

      Amythest, so what is the the character trait you are trying to name as virtue?
      Maybe try, I appreciate your enthusiasm, can you please show some respect and consideration since I am trying to work?

  5. super cheese cake

    For example my brother J****: You have been very passionate on singing, but could you be more mindful that I’m trying to work here?

  6. French waffles

    Umm… Excuse me next time please be more thoughtful of what your saying next time be more respectful😌

    • naslithony

      French waffles, good job. Don’t forget the first part. It was very honest of you to share your opinion, next time can you be please more thoughtful in what you say?

  7. crazymemeslol123

    Stubborn=patience my sister can be a bit upset when she doesn’t want to respect our mom I hope she finds some love for our mom.

    • naslithony

      For example, you can say to your sister, I appreciate your determination in sticking to the schedule, can you please be more flexible and patient with our mom when things change last minute?

  8. sparkle sloth

    Repetitive = hard working
    I know you are hard working but next time could you maybe be more original and respectful of the people around you?

    • naslithony

      Sparkle Sloth, how about putting it this way? I appreciate your diligence to this project. How can you be more cooperative/considerate/respectful of the group?

  9. Joaquin

    Obnoxious = helpfulness
    I know that you are trying to be helpful but maybe you can ask in a nicer way next time.

    • naslithony

      Great, maybe you are looking for the virtue of tact or respect… How about this….
      I know that you are trying to be helpful but maybe next time how can you be more tactful or respectful?

  10. The Time Traveler

    Rude –confident
    I have a freind who calles people mean words he seems to think he’s better then everyone but he also seems to be confident so that would be his virtue.i will use a fake name . John you seem to be very confident it would be nice if you used that confidence to bring people up instead of down.

    • naslithony

      Great try Time Traveler – how about putting it this way,
      John, I appreciate your confidence, how can you show caring, friendliness or kindness to bring people up?

  11. Touchdown

    Not very rushed=Peacefulness

    Tom, I know that you are very peaceful but maybe next time you could know when you need to hurry.

    • naslithony

      Good try Touchdown, you are very close,,,
      How about this…
      Tom, I know that you are very peaceful but maybe next time can you be more considerate about the time factor?

  12. Soccerboy123ABC

    Imagination = creativity
    Sandra I know you love to be creative but you need to know when you have to be realistic.

    • naslithony

      Soccer boy, how about soften it up like this….

      Sandra, I know you love being creative, how can you be more open and diligent about the set timelines and criteria to finish the work?

  13. S.P.E.W

    Chooses times after they should be done=Flexible
    F******* I see that you would like this to be more flexible for you but that doesn’t fit the needs of everyone else.

    • naslithony

      SPEW, I am not sure what character trait you are trying to rename as a virtue?
      How about? I appreciate your honesty about your needs, can you also be mindful of the needs of the group?

  14. Pink Pickle

    When G*** and I argue, G*** I appreciate your Determination towards highways being a Canadian version of freeway but if we could be a little less Determined we could come to an agreement. (a long version of lets agree to disagree).

    • naslithony

      Pink Pickle, you almost have it.
      How about? G… I appreciate your commitment to your definition of a highway, how can you be more flexible and be open to other points of view?

  15. SKOULE

    “D……” I tell you my secrets, can you please be Trustful and not tell anyone, “C…..” came up to me and said “I know your secret of where you eat” “now I don’t know if I can trust you any more. Just please be mindful, what if I told someone your secrets? How would you feel?”

  16. Spamlington

    Restlessness = zeal
    Jeffery, I understand that you have zeal for this activity, but you need to have patience when waiting in line.

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