October 3, 2016

Dear Division 16,

Feast your eyes on this

What do you think about those pictures?

In your response, please answer this question:

How does looking at things up close change your perception of them? You can answer about the pictures on the website specifically, or about another time you saw something magnified.

I look forward to your responses,



  1. Xaxo045

    I think that with perspective it is mainly size but also their are a lot of differences that you wouldn’t be able to see without the magnifying glass such the hair on a bees legs you wouldn’t be able to see that if you were watching it fly

  2. Amythest

    With a different perspective you can see every single detail that you never would’ve seen just looking at it then eating it. Also you can see every single micro detail that you are eating. A different perspective is very helpful for food scientists to see what fibres fruits and vegetables are made out of.

  3. The Baconator

    When I was in grade 4, I brought a crystal to show and tell. We looked at it under a microscope and saw all of the little crystals it took to make one big one. I connect this to the activity we did with the large fish and all the little fish forming a larger one. Lots of little ones creating a big one. This changes how I see rocks and crystals because I used to see them as one but now I see them as many different pieces.

  4. Sushi Monster

    with a different perspective of food and we can see everything way clearer. food can be exciting,Like when i saw the strawberries close up the seeds looked so different than I imaged they would. It makes me want to learn more. I think not only is it cool to look at the food but it can help scientists learn what our food is made of so we can know a bit more about what were eating. and scientists can study food easier to see how it grows and what the fiber is. I think it also would be cool for an artist to draw a picture of the inside of food.

  5. supercheeecake

    Every thing seemed really interesting when you look at it with a microscope because it never seemed like the things that u look at every day. All the details just pop out. It looks special. For example the magnified peach skin looks kind of gross because it’s super hairy. I mean it’s already hairy but all the hairs looked like rope and there were some brown peices ( I think its dirt…or something else) Next time when I’m eating peach, I might think about this web page. The picture will pop out in my head. A food was supposed to be juicy and delicious became like a carpet with a lot of ropes sticking in it. And I’m gonna rethink if I’m eating it or not.

  6. lordofthepies05

    Mainly when you look at things close up then you will see more detail. You see much, much, much more detail in the photos on the website because it is showing microscopic details in the food (and frankly… it looks really gross up close).

  7. the Time traveler

    I thought this was very interesting to see because you never really get to see fruit up close. The picture of the peach actually kind of freaked me out. I don’t think I will be able to have a peach ever again! Looking at pictures this way changes your perspective because when you look at things up close they are a lot different and even cute things can look a bit frightening because they could be hairy or weedy. I can learn from this that whenever I look at my smallish cat or a piece of paper or a pumpkin, I know I would be surprised to see what this thing looks like up close.

  8. the engineer

    Before I went to France I put some milk in a test tube then I forgot about it. The milk was in that test tube for a whole year. Later, after I came back from France, I put some of it on to a slit that you put under a microscope and I checked it out. It was moving! It looked like a bunch of white worms. That was one of my great experiences.

  9. crazymemeslol123

    Well wow I didn’t know peaches have more then 1000 micro hairs on them it’s interesting to see things human eyes can’t see but we need to use a machine called a microscope to see things so small they can’t be seen to other creatures and there are creatures that are small like ants they are small but we can see them but things like let’s say a virus or something and no one could see so we need to get a microscope to see and they see little things that’s why we need scientists to research on everything.

  10. purple pom-poms

    I think the fruits and veggies look a lot different when they are magnified because when you, say, pick up an apple you know it’s an apple because you’ve seen them so many times in your life.Then when its magnified it’s not as familiar to you because you don’t see all the small details on the food you pick up. For example if an alien came down to earth and saw a pear they would probably think it’s really weird looking but to you they would seem normal because you’re used to them. The strawberry looked pretty cool to me and the peach looked kind of strange because it looked like it had hair growing out of it and bumps all over it, but they where still cool to look at.

  11. flying giraffe

    I think the fruits and veggies looked really different when they were close up then when they are far away because when they were close up on the strawberry you could see all of the teeny weeny red lines that might be hairs or vanes on the seeds? And those small hairs that you think are really small look pretty big close up. And on almost all of the pictures you could see layers of something that looks like it’s so thin from far away but when it’s close up it look like a quarter of the size of what it looks like from far away.

  12. smeagaleater10

    I think that looking up close to food can change your perception of things. First of all, I could only see a part of the fruit/vegetable but that really helped me realize that I probably would never have eaten the food if it was magnified in that fashion. The reason why I probably wouldn’t have eaten is because they looked unappetizing magnified. Secondly, I noticed that I saw a lot of detail when I looked at it up close and I thought that it looked cool. So, my question to anyone who responds to my comment is, would you rather eat food in the magnified version or regular version?

  13. Touchdown

    I think many things look different under a microscope but the one thing that really surprised me was is a spier under a microscope because when you are super far away you can’t see all the little details that it has.


    I think people see themselves as bigger than a major portion of life on earth so when they see something that is normally small close up people sot of alienate it and call it unusual. But, to most insects that is how they always see things. Also, some people (including me), probably instead of seeing for example a raspberry close up, guess that it would be some sort of elaborate chandelier. insect up close look terrifiying and this makes me think about what it would like to be insect.

  15. Arcticfox

    To be honest when i saw the strawberry i went, What is this?! then i saw that it was a strawberry. I still don’t believe it. Its crazy! How close we can actually look at fruit and vegetables they are so weird, disgusting and interesting at the same time! its so crazy how we can look so closely at something and notice all the detail. I really think we as humans skip over detail a ton. Like the mona lisa everyones so focused on the whole thing the forget that theres so much detail. i looked closely at it and did you notice that her eyes show a hint of brightness? See! You have to look so closely at something to tell exactly what it it is really is and means.

  16. The Random Student

    It’s cool that you can see every single detail that you wouldn’t normally see.But also sometimes it’s kind of gross when you look things up with a microscope,you can see weird little things in fruits and veggies.

  17. S.P.E.W

    I never realized how many things that you can miss. Without microscopes we would never be able to see any of the amazing things we don’t get to see in plain sight. These pictures really show how much people can miss. They also show that everyone should take some time to really carefully look at things, instead of just rushing past and not even taking a single second to look.

  18. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think it changes my perspective to that if you look at something up close you really get to see how complicated these fruits and vegetables are and you are able to connect to the same object but in a further away perspective because with the strawberry you were able to see all the little seeds.

  19. sparkle sloth

    I think it was very interesting I have never seen food so up close before. I think it is important for people to see these things because it shows you what things that we eat looks like close up which is cool because when your just looking at food you don’t really see what they look like.

  20. Joaquin

    Looking at things up close changes my perception by making me think how different thing look when there under Microscopes and when you are just looking at them .what if we had a Microscopic eye. imagine all the every day things that would look different.

  21. grass

    I think for a different perspective the picture really different when i see it up close i see a lot of detail in it which is really cool how u see most of the things u don’t normally see in real life.

  22. Pink Pickle

    To me looking at things close up in perspective makes them look like there not from our world but are otherwise something somebody drew using a computer,I think this because they are so close in perspective the texture of all of it looks very C.G.I. they should use certain things under a microscope to make some animated movies!

  23. Kreator16

    It depends on what you look at close up. For the fruits and vegetables, it makes them seem less appealing because of the odd textures. you can never really see the hairs and bumps on fruits and vegetables, so when you see them enlarged, you find it odd, or unusual. When I see it I think of genetically modified foods. It scares me a bit too. To see it grow in a way like that makes me queasy.

  24. Flying Mandarin

    I think that it is a interesting way of looking at something magnified because looking at something close up looks different than what you see with your own eyes.

  25. Spamlington

    It changes my perspective because when I look at fruits or vegetables I see food. To be honest, I don’t think much about it, but when I see them, I see things that are edible. When I saw those close ups, I thought the exact opposite. When I see those photos, I think of unwanted mold growing on unattended plants in the backyard. I definitely don’t think of things that could be eaten.

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