October 3

Dear Divisions 17 and 18,

In class we have been talking about important roles that people take on in our communities, as well as looking at the Seven Sacred (Grandfather) Teachings.

Vancouver was the first school district in British Columbia to have a student trustee at School Board Meetings.  This role has been an important part of decision-making for Vancouver’s schools.

Please read this article  and then post your response to the question below.

BC schools are also being asked to include more Aboriginal learning into our classrooms.  What impact do you think this will have on our community?

For this assignment, please make sure you are specific, using giving one or more impact and explaining your thinking.

We look forward to your responses!





  1. Day Dreamer

    I think the impact will be good because it might make people see that they took over there land so they might give them back some land. I think it will make some schools more open to who they pick to be a trusty or who they pick to be on the school bored, and the more people they pick that are different culture the more the schools will be learning different stuff like the teacher may learn something new so he or she might want to teach that to his or her students. I think its a good idea to include more Aboriginal people to the schools around the world.

  2. Awesomeness

    I think the impact will be great to our community because if people did not know about Aboriginal people then they would know lots about them. I also think that with learning about them we learn that they are dfferent and being different is ok because everyone is different, and that we don’t have to treat them like they are different in a bad way, in a way they are just like you and me. I think learning about them will make a change and change is good.

  3. smeagaleater10

    I think that there will be a positive impact on our community. The first impact I think it would have is our realization that the European settlers unrightfully took the land from Aboriginal and the inherited guilt we carry by living on their lands. The second impact would be the increase of respect for the First Nations people and their traditions. The students would realize that the First Nations were here way before us and at least have some respect for the way they lived their lives.

  4. Amythest

    I think that that adding in more aboriginal learning into our community will have a very very positive impact on our community because there are many aboriginal kids and families at schools in British Columbia, and learning about aboriginal people will inform anyone that is or isn’t aboriginal. Also I think it will help out with teaching aboriginal kids about their ansestors and of course it will help non – aboriginal kids with learning about the aboriginal community. With learning about The Seven Sacred Teachings I feel like that has taught me more about the aboriginal community and what they believe in.

  5. Timbit

    I think that, having Aboriginal culture in the class room is a good idea, because we get to learn the history of Aboriginal ways of living. The impact on this will be great, because we are able to learn and beware, that this land use to be theirs not the European settlers. Also I think that, it will help people that are not Aboriginal learn about, their beliefs.

  6. Flying pinguin

    I think that it is important to have aboriginal students as a trustee because they are part of the Canadians culture. Having an aboriginal student as a student trustees will help schools incorporate Indigenous culture to the school.

  7. Do it for da Hwin

    I think its very cool to learn about aboriginal cultures and teachings because what they bring for us. I think that the impact on our community would be great because as a community we need to grab out and encourage others cultures. Also its great learning for others because its really important to know what happened and learn from it.

  8. chiefblobfish

    I think this will have good impact in our community because there culture is very cool because of there drawings,language and background. And to learn those ways are amazing for are community.

  9. The Baconator

    I think that the impact will be great because the more students are exposed to the more they will be able to understand and connect to. I also think that it will encourage aboriginal cultures to learn our ways creating a more diverse community. I do believe that if people are interested in different cultures as kids maybe it could lead their study in a new direction such as an environmentalist rather than a garbage collector because they found their passion early.

  10. game-master 2017

    i think its good to add aboriginal culture to are school system. it ll help people learn more about aboriginal culture and prevent racism over the next generation. i enjoyed the seven teachings project and i think a lot of us did. they taught us good character and we can all learn from them. and we will enjoy any other aboriginal based projects you can give us.

  11. Arty-choke

    I think its a great idea to have more Aboriginal teaching in schools, because it will help everyones knowledge grow about different Aboriginal cultures lifestyle. Not only for the students, but also their friends or guardians the students may talk about it with. We learn so much from their lifestyle, different diverse teachings, art and more. I think the more opportunities to have knowledge about that, the better.

  12. snapshot1178

    I think that learning about aboriginal culture is impotent because it teaches us the ways things used to be before the Europeans came here and will help us through reconsecration.

  13. ThePlatypusLife

    I think that this will have a positive effect for both aboriginal and non, because it will help everybody be more informed about Canada’s history before the europeans came and settled. I think it will also help the aboriginal people because everyone will be more informed about there cultures so that they will not have a hard time with following them. And if the students know more about
    this, they will tell other people about them, so eventually, everybody will be informed.

  14. YourBroZeke

    i think that having more aboriginal teachings in BC’s classrooms would have a positive effect on all our lives we will now more about the history of aboriginals and do more Amazing projects such as seven sacred teachings that i know we would all love it.

  15. Blue snowflake

    I think that the impact that it will bring to the community will be good because we will be able to learn how the aboriginal people had to do in order to learn and survive. Learning about aboriginal people might effect us by making them think things through and try to change the community for the better.

  16. the engineer

    I think aboriginal learning is a great idea because it educates kids on what happened to aboriginals (residential schools) and it teaches them about first Canadian culture. I think we should make sure that kids see residential schools as a bad thing. It’s a way to make sure that the cruelty doesn’t get repeated.

  17. Jet

    Its an amazing idea! To learn about what was going on in our local community is very important. Its not just about what did happen with the aboriginal peoples its whats currently happening. Yes, we learnt about the English Settlers. Although lots of other schools only know that about aboriginal peoples. If everyone learnt about aboriginal peoples we’d have a much better community, the few aboriginals left would feel much better and safer knowing more people supported them.

  18. Dark_heart

    Our aboriginal community is important it sort of reminds me of orange shirt 🍊👚 day and residential schools they seem very brutal they force you to cut your hair bath in baking soda and we don’t want any of those things to happen again NEVER so I think aboriginal communities are important and special after all canada 🇨🇦 comes from aboriginal people and aboriginal schools are important too

  19. Lam

    Studying more aboriginal teachings is a good idea because I think it will help aboriginal students to reconnect to their past and for other kids to learn the teachings like:Hunting, games and cooking.

  20. Spirit Heart

    I think it would have a good impact in our community because Aboriginal teachings are so cool and I think that every one should be able to learn it. The teachings are always about being kind and generous. Aboriginal people care a lot about nature. I love nature too!

  21. hockey 101

    I think Including more Aboriginal learning in classrooms will help bond our communities and will help young people learn about the people that were part of founding our country. I also think it is important to be aware go our past.

  22. lizard man

    It’s a good idea to learn about aboriginal because then you can know about history and what happend in the past.

  23. Pug_life

    I think that history helps us learn how things used to be and function. Through different stories of history we learn new things.

  24. mouk

    I think its going to be great to learn more about Aboriginal teachings and learning. we will get to know even more about the people around than we just do so far which i think is great!

  25. DairyKing07

    I think they should teach students more about Aboriginal peoples teachings. We could learn more about there ways of life its also its part of our history.

  26. dark circle

    I think it having more aboriginal learning will help student’s learn more about the culture of the people who once inhabited the land and will help reconciliation.

  27. Joaquin

    I dont think it will have big impact on our community. What will most likely happen is that people will be more educated about aboriginal teachings, there ways and be more aware about things

  28. electroe05

    I think this could be very important because if we have a student learning about some of the issues aboriginals suffer that could mean a lot helping younger people like us realize those issues and as millennial’s help carry that on in the future.

  29. Narwhalz

    I think it might not have an immediate effect on our community, but if we do it for a long enough, we’ll have been taught about
    it will help history not repeating itself.

  30. magicalnesses

    I think it will have a good impact on our overall community. I think that when us kids get older and get into politics, we will give better and equal rights to the Aboriginal peoples. If we don’t learn about this, who knows what the future could be like. I’m excited to learn more about the Aboriginal teachings, and culture!

  31. Catzrule

    I like what Tsista said about this: “id like to see more land-based learning, because I feel that being connected with the land is a big part of our culture. So to incorporate that would improve our cultural learning a lot,” I really agree with this comment because its true that learning about something that’s right in front of us is more important than learning about something that’s happening overseas or on the other side of the world so having a student trustee can help us to learn about first nations, their heritage, past, and whats going on in the present. And technically this will make life easier because if we’ve learned about first nations we wont be living our life wondering about the who, what, when, where and whys about them.

  32. bow tie 12

    I think it will have a good impact in are community! I think kid’s learning more about aboriginal people and culture, the kid will end up sharing what they learned with family. And I hope that that will make are community more welcoming! Aboriginal people have some interesting stories, and that will help us appreciate are community!

  33. Naruto Shippuden fan boy 1769

    Some of the impacts would be people learning to respect aboriginal cultures and getting to understand more about them as well as there sacred traditions. Although it doesn’t seem much of an impact it is because people won’t discriminate them or their traditions and students will learn the horrible things we did and give financial help. Also, it might change political party platforms since there will be more of an awareness of aboriginal ideas.

  34. Helga

    I think it will have an impact on our community because we will have a better idea of who came before us and we will have a good idea about our history.

  35. 008rayray800

    I think it would be very beneficial to not only our community but to others as well because learning about them will help our community understand that, as others have said, that the land was originally first nations, and that we put them through alot and hopefully that will help us understand them and we can also learn that everyone is equal and hopefully preventing racism. It will help other communities by seeing us bring that respect into there area will hopefully encourage them to start a program similar to us, and even if they don’t we can teach them what we’ve learned.

  36. Lightning Bolt

    The Impact I believe is a good idea, those aboriginal students mixed in with non-aboriginal will get to know each other equally. Most of the students in our communities are not aboriginal. Whether their aboriginal or not, they don’t know the important parts of aboriginal culture. The lack of aboriginal education has affected not only the students but our communties. The more education, the more our communities can have a more strong foundation in their relationships and know what they’ve done in the past to be an inspiration to what to do from that moment forward.

  37. ChickenGod

    I think this will leave a great impact on our community because learning more about aboriginal learnings is really important because it teaches you more about people and it can let non aboriginal people and aboriginal people get along even more than ever before.

  38. Snort

    I think the impact is a good idea so kids would get to know more about aboriginal people/students who came here before us. I think kids would love to learn about aboriginal people,especially the kids who like learning about the past,they’d really look forward to it. I also think that students would have fun learning about residential schools and it teaches them about the first Canadian culture.

  39. crum

    I think that it is a good idea for students to learn about the past and about how aboriginal people lived here before us. Aboriginal education is very important and I think that our community should learn more about it.

  40. sleepingsquirrel64

    I think the impact of learning more about aboriginal things will be that the community will more tightly night and people will respect
    that this land we stand on today is not ours

  41. Mystery

    By bringing in more aboriginals learnings into our classroom it will help our community by opening new doors to understand the cultures of the aboriginal people. Understanding their culture helps us make connections to one another e.g different types of food that they eat.

  42. Mr Blog

    if we learned about indigenous people would impact our learning in so many ways because we would learn so much more and could affect us when we’re older because we would maybe vote for someone else in the election. I found it really cool when that indigenous man came to tell us about his culture I wish we could learn more.

  43. domoking101

    I think the impact would be that we see them in a different light. I also think that we would understand each other better than before

  44. aqua ant

    I believe our community would benefit for the better by adding more Aboriginal learning in our schools. I believe that its’s important to learn about all of the diverse cultures in our community to help us to be more aware of our surroundings. I personally find learning about different cultures really exciting it gives me a unique source of knowledge that helps me in so many different ways.

  45. The phantome blade

    I think that they will either feel the same as when we made their relatives go to the white people school or they will feel the same as their old school. I don’t think it will make a difference than everyday life because we are all learning the same things.

  46. SC30

    I think adding Aboriginal learning In our class will be a greet idea because we get to learn a little about whats good for our community and we would learn how to protect our community and kid like us would respect our community

  47. hippodude2005

    I think it would be a good idea to ad more aboriginal learning in our schools because it would help us look more in to all of the different cultures in Vancouver and i also think it would the same for the aboriginal kids to. over all i think it will help us understand our two different ways of living much better.

  48. Spongebob

    I think that will be a good idea because we could learn more about the culture and understand their traditions. I also thought that it would be nice to learn more about the background stories since they’re so many aboriginal artwork around the city.

  49. what the what!

    I think the impact will have a good outcome in are comity, because we can learn more about Aboriginal peoples history that we don’t really look at today.

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