October 31

Dear Division 16,

As we approach the end of Lions of Little Rock, we’d like you to start thinking about some of the themes within the book and how they connect to our larger project on leadership.

For your homework this week, please think carefully about the themes that have emerged from this Read Aloud novel for you and answer at least ONE of the following questions in your response.

Remember that powerful responses will be written in full sentences, make specific references to events in the book and connect to our larger study on leadership.

  1. Do you think that if the book took place in current times that Marlee would have had different choices in how she responded to the situation in Little Rock?
  2. Do you think it’s ever right to do something wrong?
  3. Which character in the novel do you think best exemplifies leadership qualities?

Please specify which question you are answering by beginning with the number.

We look forward to your responses!



  1. BananA

    I think Liz best exemplifies leadership because she helped
    Marlee find her voice. Also she helped Marlee become brave enough to stop Red and finally stand up for herself.

  2. Naruto fan boy 1769

    2. It can be right to do something wrong because when black people were discriminated, Marley did the supposed wrong thing and became Liz friend. If nobody did that, I think the world today would just be like that and there would be segregation.

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