Reconciliation Poems


R is for Reconciliation

E is for Expert Apologies

S is for Silencing Languages

I is for Insults Exchanged

D is for Discrimination at Maximum

E is for Ending the Sadness

N is for Negative Effect

T is for Taking Care of the Sick

I is for Imagination Eliminated

A is for Almost Alright

L is for Laws for Discrimination

“A Breath of Residential School”

Breathe in abusive behaviour

Breathe out Dance and Song

Breathe in the Indian Act

Breathe out Celebration of Culture

Breathe in Removal from Community

Breathe out Traditional Clothes

Breathe in the first Residential School

Breathe out apology on all levels

Breathe in torn Generations

Breathe out everyone being who they were born to be

Breathe in Residential School

Breathe out First Nations


*The Truth* something we have hidden for too long.

We all wish it was gone

Once we found the land

We were too Scared to stand

So we took the country by fear

and the religion was lost with more than one tear

We have tried to make good and we know that we should

but we are just trying to make ourselves feel better for the wrong that we have littered.


Before the School

we lived in peace

we were never harmed

but our culture deceased

when strange men came armed

They tore many families apart

they treated us like tools

then they broke my Mother’s heart

when they took me to their schools

10 years later…

After the School

I have endured much pain

to see the ones I lost

Now I’ve been freed again

but not without that cost

Now they try to apologize

they say they know how we feel

and though they can’t see through our eyes

the pain has started to heal



End of Sadness

Everybody is Equal

Love Everybody



Good People



Hurt is being separated from your family

Hurt is bad health

Hurt is loneliness

Hurt is Pain

Hurt is no hope

Hurt is loss

Hurt is no light.

“Feelings about the past”

Unkind to others

Noticing the damage we did

Disgraceful of the past

Embracing our mistakes

Realizing the pain we gave

Sympathizing the pain we gave

Taking in all the bad things we did

Apologetic for what we did

Neglecting others traditions

Dangering the young

Ignoring others’ feelings

Not knowing what we did

Grievous in the past.


Time for change

Residential School

Unfair Treatment

Torturing First Nations people

Healing Residential School


Beaten and Whipped

The scars on their backs

they are forever marked

and plunged into dark

the culture inside them

leaving ever so slowly

a new language new culture new ways new words

then must beat the Aboriginal child inside

and grow a new child within

to grow to learn to a new culture a new people

but home at last

But those scars will forever be on their backs.

“Loving and Accepting”

Knowing something this deep makes a big impact to your life.

Makes you open your eyes and look at things differently, feel differently.

Understanding and accepting others.

Everyone has a story, it’s just depends if you are willing to listen.

loving and accepting

one another

understanding everyone’s


but still accepting

one another

for who they are,

and what they

believe in.


Abusing First Nations people

Residential Schools

Brainwashing First Nations culture

Healing First Nations loss

“The Healing”

First Nations we killed many

and infected many more

with our language and our

ways on Thursday 19 2013

we tried to heal that

but you can never heal

something that big

they accepted us and we didn’t accept them

in fact, they accepted us, we embraced them then changed them to us.

“No One”

No one should have had to leave home

No one should have been left with no family

But they were

So the only thing we can do is say sorry,

we tell the truth, we listen and understand.

Hopefully we will be forgiven and no one will be mad or sad

and we will come together as one and we will accept everyone for who they are


I understand how hard it would be at Residential School

I understand how hurt and child abuse can change someone’s life

I understand how much families miss their kids when they are gone

I understand now that Residential Schools are gone, most First Nations are happy.

“The Venom”

Now that we are free and Residential Schools are no more there is still the venom in our heart of hurt, sadness and broken hearts

After freedom. now they are gone we know to flee across many seas. Now I am home it doesn’t feel right because my language is no more.

“Remember, Don’t Forget”

I was taken from my Home

to be with others but all alone

and now in my heart joy has grown

but I have never ever shown

the pain and sadness I have known

There’s only darkness, no hope no love

there is nothing as pure as a dove

or even as my soul in here, the only thing that shows is fear


We were grabbed and led astray

but all of my heart told me to stay

but I feel no anger, no need for them to pay

I just want them to go away

to leave me be

because I’ll be free

but I can’t forget how they treated me.


Pain is a feeling that we’ve suffered at least once

Pain is what makes us anger to unforgive

Pain is being separated from your family and be alienated.

I feel pain when I hear their stories about Residential Schools

I feel forgiveness from our apology to they who suffered embarrassment

I feel lost when I see the sad faces,

I feel justice in our action

I feel love and happiness within our Nation.


Forgiveness is the wonderful feeling of being relieved

Forgiveness is the sight of two smiles with love

Forgiveness is the touch of a family of all Nations in sync of a rhythm

Forgiveness is the warmth of our hearts glowing in radiance.

“The Poem of What Could Have Happened”


some of the

First Nations people

didn’t have to go to Residential

Schools. Maybe they spoke their language

and stuck to their culture with drums but most

could not most First Nations people

went to Residential Schools and

suffered if they were sick the

Residential School would let

them die and make them

speak English. I feel

bad for them

and I hope

they heal


“Survivors and Teachers”

Feeling Painful

Treated Forceful

English Making

Aboriginal Taking

Kids Hungry

Parents Angry

Hope Showing

Aboriginal Growing

English Stopping

Aboriginal Starting

“Listening to the Past”


Ignites a

Show of



Nerve to





Home sweet Home

Taken away love has been

cut in the families and souls

as they look back, families not there

It has all been pulled apart.


Tears ran down their faces

they are taken, taken from Homes

they are never forgetting the love of their families

Love is Pulled apart, apart from Home


Not well treated

they were hurt

quietly crying, crying cause

of home, missing home and families


I am happy for it to stop

I am happy for their healing

I am happy that they can speak their own language

Hurtful Hating Humans

I am sad that they were taken away when they were five because they are like workers that are in beehives

I am mad a what we did to the First Nations.

We were very bad by forcing them to learn English

Horrible Hurting Humans





Listening to the stories people have told was hurtful for me to hear

because knowing they went through that and being taken away from their families,

I can’t imagine what I would do if I was taken away from my family members.

I know that many people have suicide because of having a hard life.

I feel bad knowing Canada did something like this to First Nations people,

They are still people, they aren’t different from anyone else on this earth.

That’s how I feel about listening to these stories


Fear is a pain that makes your heart scream

Fear is the sight of tears going down my face

Fear feels like the coldness of winter snow

Fear feels like someone breaking your heart with pain



  1. travelhappy

    Wow! These poems are so powerful! They are well written, and really convey a lot of different kinds of emotion.

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