November 2, 2015

Please read the following article in the Vancouver Sun about the tree canopy in Vancouver.

Here is the page from the city of Vancouver website with information about cutting down trees on private property:

Thinking back to what we learned last week about the Carbon Cycle in class and in Michelle’s talk, do you agree that additional tree cover is important for Vancouver? Comment on whether you think the laws for cutting down trees on private property should be made stronger or relaxed and why. How can the city encourage a greater number of trees on private property? What other things can the city do to improve our participation in the carbon cycle?

CCfor real

You can watch the short video about the carbon cycle we watched last week here:

I look forward to your responses,



  1. xaxo6 04

    I think that Vancouver could encourage more trees on private property by giving a reward such as money or something like that. But the rules would be at least five trees for 25 dollars and 10 trees for 50 dollars. There should be a penalty for cutting down trees to maximise the number of trees on private property. We should strengthen the law on cutting down trees because if we want to be the greenest city by 2020 we need to increase the number of trees hence there would be less carbon dioxide and cleaner air. Also we could increase our participation in the carbon cycle by placing a heavy tax on factories and on the amount of cars one household has.

  2. PG Dinosaur

    Vancouver should change the law and make it stronger so that people closest to the tree have to vote on whether or not it can be cut down. This way, not as many trees will be destroyed. Another law we might implement is that if you cut down a tree, you have to plant at least one other somewhere else. For example, we could take a place that is empty and dedicate it to a new forest. Like in China, we could also ask our citizens to plant at least one tree each per year, and we’d be able to increase our green space. Charities could be encouraged to provide saplings, and citizens could participate. This might make some people angry, but most things will make at least one person angry. This would improve our participation in the carbon cycle by taking more carbon out of the atmosphere. Thank you.

  3. The Baconator

    I think that if we tried to stop cutting down trees recourse’s would be removed from or lives. I think that trees should still be cut down but not as much. Also if we tried to stop it people would not follow the rules, police can’t cover the whole world. If more trees were cut down people would grow angry about the environment and there would be protests and we would find a solution.

  4. Rouge

    I think that the rules on cutting down trees on private property should be stronger. I think that there should be a rule that you have to have a minmum of 2 trees or something like that to achieve our goal of the greenest city by 2020. I also disagree that people can cut down their trees when that have been growing and living there for a long time. I think that when building a garage or house you should work around the nature and build around the tree instead of cutting it down. Our city can always have more trees and so there should be stronger rules around cutting down trees and removing plants from their home. I think that our city can also enforce more rules around oil tankers and pollution to keep our waters clean and healthy for the ocean uptake in the carbon cycle.

  5. crazymemeslol123

    I think they should not change the laws because if Vancouver does change the law of cutting down trees the bear population will grow more so it’s dangerous if we had a whole fest of bears which is very hungry for human flesh what would you do call the cops if you don’t have a lot of trees then the bear population will stay the same I hope because the Bears will think the city is part of the forest if we have lots of trees but if we don’t have trees we won’t have oxygen and air so we will die without air if there is a way to balance the limit of trees that we have in our city then none of the things I said will happen it can be a good idea if one person counts all the trees our city haves and keeps the same limit for all the years then we will be fine.

  6. Amethyst

    I think that the law should feel stronger about cutting down trees in public, but if its on your property like in your front yard or back yard then you should be able to just cut it down. If you live in a duplex and you share a front or a back yard with someone then you should have to make sure that the other people is fine with the tree getting cut down. I think that the law should feel stronger about cutting down trees first of all trees are very important because they do a lot they, soak up water, make shade on warm summer days and lots more. Just from the things that I listed if there were no trees there would be so much extra water on the ground and when it is really really warm on a summers day mostly everyone would be inside they’re houses with a fan or their air conditioning which is using up a lot of electricity. Well people will just plant as many trees as they want but to engorage people to plant more you could make it a law that you have to have a certain amount of trees on your property. You could not hurt the plants as in don’t pull of leaves or try not to step on plants because the plants need to stay healthy and alive for animals so the animals can eat the leaves and grow bigger and get energy.

  7. Crazychicken lover

    I think that they should like make a ad on every tv show in canada for private property to encourage people to not cut down trees
    because then it will make the air better if we dont cut trees and u can do alot of things on your tree and it will make everyone wanna get trees and u could get paid 10 dollars for every tree u plant. I think that the law should be stronger because we need trees becasue they give us the feeling of nature and oxygen and make a better world. Like look at china or hong kong and u feel sick when u look at that. But if u make a stronger law on protecting trees doent mean everyone will listen to it. Its not like their
    Is a police at every corner of the block to make sure your not doing something illegal. If u convince them maybe it will work better to stop people from cutting trees.

  8. super cheese cake

    I think that the best way to keep the CO2 balanced is to burn less fossil fuel, use more electricity car but not using that much thermal power to make electricity, Second is to cut less trees and for the penalty I think we should add more for cutting trees without permission. We should make less place that we could plant trees and cut them for companies using and add more forest for peoples to walk, Actually China is probably the country who really needs to change because in China there is lots of lots of CO2 making and the air was all foggy. I think they are improving because they are planting on the rooftop but some of the people just painted their rooftop green so I hope they can improve.

  9. xaxo6 04

    I think that the laws for cutting down trees should be strengthened because if our plan is to be the greenest city by the year 2020 and we don’t have good air quality in our city we won’t tick that box. Also it is important that we balance out the carbon dioxide and oxygen in our atmosphere so we don’t have to worry about breathing in bad air.
    We could place a penalty on chopping down trees and a reward for planting them. Such as a 15 dollar penalty for chopping down trees and 5 trees planted is 25 dollars. We could also increase our participation in the carbon cycle by placing a penalty for a household owning more than 1 or 2 vehicles or not letting factories pollute higher or more than a set number. We could also educate youth about the importance of nature and how we can protect it.

    • dickensdiv16

      Which do you think is a bigger issue for Vancouver – the cutting of trees on private property or people not planting new ones? I do like that your approach deals with both, though!

  10. the DUDE

    I agree that additional tree cover is important in Vancouver because if you cut down trees, you are releasing more carbon than we can take. We need to take as much carbon as we give. I think that we should replant a new tree for each tree that gets cut down. To encourage people, we could show them that we don’t need so many new houses. Quite frankly, I don’t know why we are knocking down so many old houses to build new ones. Old houses can be more amazing than houses that have just been built. In addition, the laws for cutting down trees should be a lot stronger. If we destroy our ecosystem to build a couple of houses, I just think that is not very good. This reminds me of that book “The Lorax”. The main character starts trimming the trees,and cutting down the trees, and the Lorax says “you can’t do this.” The character kept cutting trees and getting rich, but in the end he destroyed the ecosystem.

  11. smeagaleater10

    #1 I agree that additional tree cover is important for Vancouver because more trees help the environment. Trees play an important part in the environment by trapping carbon from the atmosphere and provide food and oxygen for animals. They also help with erosion.
    #2 I think that the restriction for cutting down trees in private property should be stronger to protect the trees so that the trees could soak up more carbon and fight global warming.
    #3 I think that a way the city can promote less lumber is by giving the owners of the property a tax break. Another way would be to lower the prices of the trees so that more people would buy them.

  12. Shadow145

    I think that cutting trees down from private property should be relaxed because it would release carbon people should replant new trees if too many were cut down because we need a green environment. people should stop polluting to much in factorys.

    I also think that cutting trees down on private property should be stronger because wild animals would think Vancouver would be some kind of huge forest if there would be too many tree and live there for the rest of their lives until it gets caught or killed by something.

  13. THEMANGO404 mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

    I think that the laws of cutting down trees on private property should be tighter in Vancouver. I think that the city of Vancouver should make a law that if you own X (say, 1500 square feet) amount of property then you have to have Y (say 4) many trees on your property. With more trees in urban areas, the amount of photosynthesis in the area will increase which will reduce the amount of carbon emissions. I think that the government should make it so trees are cheap and supplies for building greenways are also cheap and available. This would help our environment without paying a lot of money. I think that people that make up the government should make it so people can’t log without tighter restrictions like a signed contract.

    • dickensdiv16

      A very interesting proposal, THEMANGO404, I really like the idea of a ratio of minimum trees to land size! I also appreciate you bringing up the issue of logging contracts – this has a significant effect on our carbon levels. Do you think logging is currently happening in BC without contracts?


    I think that the city could make the trees cheaper and make sure that when houses are being built that the city planner makes sure that a tree or more are planted on to the property so that even for a little while they a have a tree or trees. I thing that the city could do is make sure that every house hold had one tree on its property. They could also make sure that if they didn’t have the space for a tree they would have to have a little garden with maybe some bushes or something.

    • dickensdiv16

      Great response, DLTMGYD, the city did hold a sale on trees earlier this fall, with proof of residency. I wonder how many trees were sold! I also like that you considered smaller properties and suggested gardens. Good thinking!

  15. vide0 g@m3r

    I think that putting trees on private properties is a great idea. Trees provide shelter and shade for birds and other animals.
    I agree that there shouldn’t be too many trees on one lawn because the last thing you need is a gust of wind that knocks over a tree and crushes your car. Even if you can’t plant a tree, if you have a small bit of space, you could place a bonsai tree because they don’t grow too big.

  16. den10@sea43

    what I think is that carbon dioxide if a green house gas. Like the video said so if we make more trees are town will look better and we will stoping climate change and Gregor Roberson will achieve his goal of being the greenest city in 2020. The only down side is that there won’t be enough room for other things like businesses, schools, etc. but I don’t think that that is what Vancouver is looking for right now. so I think that they should not be cutting down trees on privet property. Also I am not even sure if that is legal to do this without talking to the owner because since it is there privet property then they have to talk to the owner first.

    • dickensdiv16

      den10@sea43 I agree, I think only the folks who own the land can cut down the trees. I hope that city planners are thinking ahead like you are to ensure there is space for other important aspects of communities without putting our environment at risk. It’s a challenging problem!

  17. Joaquin

    I think they should make the laws stronger because if someone were to cut down all the trees on their property or if a whole neighborhood did this to make more room for building- then that would release a lot of Co2 which is not good for the environment, which then means it’s not good for us. We are known as a very beautiful because of that fact that we have so many trees throughout the city, unlike other major cities that are called “Concrete Jungles”. When you search an aerial shot of Vancouver you see a lot of green, even though you see buildings there is still a lot of greenery throughout the city. When I looked up downtown NY all I could see was concrete and buildings! But then you see our downtown and we have Stanley Park as well as other parks, there are trees along the streets and rooftop gardens. I think that the city needs to make bylaws and protect trees like endangered species because without trees- there would be no air-without air, there would be no us.

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re right, Joaquin, we are very lucky compared to other large cities, we have so much green space! Looking at aerial photos can tell us much about what cities’ priorities are. Everything IS connected!

  18. balloongirl123

    I think that Vancouver should make the law stronger because if someone were to cut down trees so kids parents and other people should be happy in on a beautiful trees and more green space.

  19. Purple Pickle

    I think the city could strengthen the laws about cutting down trees on private property by giving anybody who does it correctly a reward of like $20 and if they don’t do it correctly a fine of like $40 so people would be encouraged to operate under that law correctly so they don’t get a huge fine. Some things our city can do to help the carbon cycle would be to create more parks and find out a way to influence the electric car dealerships to lower the price on there vehicles.

  20. Soccerboy123ABC

    I think that the Government should strengthen the laws about cutting down trees because if we keep up the rate that we cut trees down it will get warmer and warmer and warmer then the ice caps will melt and the Arctic will melt with it , with all that destroyed habitat there will be a lot less animals and places for people to live . Also i think that you have to have a minimum amount of trees in your yard so that the amount of photosynthesis of trees will raise and the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is taken in and put into the atmosphere are really close to balanced ,if you plant the minimum amount of trees in your yard you get a reward of money,groceries,coupons or something like that so that it encourages you to plant them. there should also be a law on how many trees you are allowed to cut down and if you do cut trees down there will be a fine based on how many trees you cut down, like 20 dollars a tree.

  21. iron lanturn

    I think there should not be a law about cutting down trees on private property because owners can chose what they want to do with their property.
    There could be a law about having at least 2 trees on your property to balance out the greenhouse gases.
    the city could put up posters all around the city to encourage that idea.
    the city should put solar electric power stations in vancover and make electric cars cheaper.
    The city could put more trees in parks and public places.

  22. Sr.Fruitcake

    I think that the laws on weather you can cut down trees should be more forceful and I think that you should have to pay a lot of money to be able to cut down trees. I think that a permit should be put on place to restrict the amount of trees cut down. I think that the city of Vancouver should think about their promise to be the greenest city in the world by 2020. I wonder if the city is paying attention to the complaints made by citizens. If they are they should really get a move on because of the amount of cut down trees that grows noticeably every year. I think that some things the city could do is make it so the Architects must build around the trees and possibly incorporate them into a structure. I think the city can increase the number of trees grown on private property by explaining more publicly why need those trees perhaps if the situation gets more dramatic then you could give a small amount of money for every tree planted in private property. The city could do a lot for our trees it will just take some time and commitment to get back to the kind of cover we had in1996.

  23. ginger

    Adding trees when one is cut down is a very important thing that all Vancouverites should know about and be encouraged to do. If everyone knew about this law more people might get permits to cut down trees in their yard and we might have a better tree landscape in Vancouver. I think that if people don’t understand how the carbon cycle works they won’t think about the importance of replacing trees that are cut down. Trees are a very big source of carbon and if we don’t have enough clean carbon going into the air, our planet will be polluted by greenhouse gases and fossil fuels. I think that if fruit trees were sold to people (or offered for free) more people might be inclined to plant them because they could add more organic food to their daily diet. If the city can plant more trees in public areas like parks and boulevards there would be more clean carbon going into the air and our city would become greener. I think that Vancouver could make the tree bylaw stricter – the city could create a law where, if you replace a single tree with two trees, instead of one, you get your permit fee refunded. This would encourage people to put as many trees as possible on their property.

  24. TechNerd

    Well I think that putting additional trees and then not being able to cut it down may be a good idea but at the same time its not a great idea, I feel that people just be able to have a say about if they want trees on their property or how many trees they want on their property because at the end of the day, The homeowners own the house and they should have the ultimate decision. Also after that houses cost like a million dollars each after that people should be able to think about their own property and have their own say on their own property if they want those additional trees on their property its not like the law owns their property. If the laws were made stronger that you can cut them down that would be a poor law in my mind because it would take away homeowner’s basic rights.

  25. DancingPorcupine

    I think that additional tree cover is important because I dont think that the government has the right to take peoples property without their permission. I think that the law should be made stronger because like I said I think that people should have the right to their property. I think the city can encourage more trees on private property by making this issue more known because then the people that own private property might be more willing to plant trees on their property. I think that the city needs to advertise more about the problems with the environment so that people are more aware.

  26. baconguy

    I think that the law about only being able to cut down a tree if you have a permit should be made much much stronger because now you have to get a permit, but you don’t have a limit of permits you can get, which means that you can cut down as many trees as you want as long as you have that many permits. With everybody having that freedom Vancouver will lose a lot of trees. I think that the city could encourage more people planting trees by maybe cutting a bit off their property taxes for every tree that they plant. Some other things that the city could do for the carbon cycle could be investing in research to find a substitute for fossil fuels.

  27. Arctic owl

    I think laws for cutting down trees on privet property should be made stronger because other people cant go into someones yard and just chop down there trees or go near someones yard and chop down all the trees around them . The city can encourage other people to put more trees on privet property by saying to people who are building a hotel that plating trees with make it greener and will make the air really clean and more people will come because of all the nice big trees that they planted.

  28. The Bean

    In all BC there is almost 65% forest coverage, and less then a third of a percent is forested every year. The tree canopy In Vancouver is a HUGE part of the environment especially in such a big city. Our city is massive, there is tons of traffic and pollution which is lots more carbon being put into the atmosphere then there should be. If we keep cutting down trees there will be even more imbalance. People should be more educated in the importance of trees in our atmosphere so that they will realize what they are doing to the environment. Maybe they could bring in a tree tax where you need to have a certain tree to property ratio or there would be a tax?

  29. Koshka2

    What we could do to help the world is to STOP cutting trees. I think that there should be a price for the Trees. Maybe some each tree we cut down should be at least Under $75 for big ones, small ones should be Under 50-25 dollars. We will help the world by cutting least tree 😊

  30. Pandatush

    I think that if we stopped cutting down trees, the carbon cycle would go back to normal. When we cut down trees, it’s like taking a bit of oxygen out of your lungs. Trees produce the air we breathe. It gives us our lives. And cutting them down does not seem fair at all, it’s a terrible way to say thank you. If there was a price for trees, 10 dollars min for a tree. If people really cared for trees, they could add more money. Some people might want to save a tree but maybe they couldn’t afford it. Save your lungs and the earth by not killing trees.

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