November 30, 2015

Dear Division 16,

I know that the issue of supporting Syrian refugees to move to Canada is an important one to many of you.  Last week, some details were announced about the new government’s plan to settle Syrian refugees in Canada.

For this week’s assignment, I want you to recall the work we did on the Canadian Charter of Rights.  You can refresh your memory by reading an overview of the Charter here:

Please watch the video and read the article below about the decisions of the Federal government and answer ONE of the following questions.

  1. Do you think that limiting single male refugees violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by discriminating against male refugees?  Why or why not?
  2. What other Charter rights (besides mobility rights, which are mentioned in the article and video) do you think the government ought to be planning for with regards to these refugees? Explain your thinking.

I look forward to your responses,



  1. TechNerd

    #1 I feel that not allowing single men and not accepting them as refugee’s is quite discriminating, Its quite harsh and really I didn’t see this coming. After a lot of discussion about refugee’s in Canada I don’t think that Canadians really thought that Single men wouldn’t be allowed into the Country, I do know that the Government may think that Single men shouldn’t be allowed in because of security reasons, But really if you think about it not everyone of those single men are guilty, Most of them are innocent and harmless and all they want is a place to live and peace. We shouldn’t be discriminating against single men. How will it help if we just throw the single men back onto the streets in Syria? It will not help anyone, I think that a more thorough security check on these men will be ideal but not completely locking them out of the refugee system just because they are men is going to do anything. #2 Preparing for Education and Educational Rights, Democratic rights Which may mean in the next elections more polls/staff for the polls.

  2. crazymemeslol123

    #1 no because one of the males might be a terriosest we Canadians might never know but I don’t think it volates the charters of rights and freedom because Canada might be full a ready because we have lots of people in our city’s and letting the refugees living in armie camps are cruel even if they were in a statement issued by his family being commanded by doing work by cleaning bathrooms and the tents and other types of milatiry stuff and the government might be wrong by changing the rules about letting men refugees in Canada.

    • dickensdiv16

      I think everyone should have access to safe housing for sure. If you think Canada is full already, what other way could we help those in crisis who need to leave their home country?

  3. Rouge

    2. I think that equality rights will have a big impact on the refugees coming to Canada. Some other places in Canada have people that aren’t so open to diverse cultures and ethnics like we are. I think that the refugees will find it hard (if this happens) when people are judging and/or disrespecting their culture. To ensure that the moving in of the refugees goes well I think that the government could set up public speakings about respecting and treating the refugees equally to the native Canadians and vice versa. That way everyone respects and shows compassion and equality to each other and the refugees can have an easier time moving to Canada (which is already stressful, and challenging.) Also democratic rights. I think that the government may have to re-evaluate the voting/citizenship system because a lot of new people are coming to Canada that should eventually or immediately be able to vote. The new refugees may protest or write letters asking to get citizenship to Canada so they can have equal rights to vote and impact their new home country.

  4. Amythest

    1. I think that they ARE discriminating against single male refugees well on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms there are equality rights and that is something that is a very important right that everyone should have. Only really caring for women, children and families the kids could be males and in family’s there could be a male, so equality rights is caring for anyone based on their gender, age and their appearance so that is discriminating against their gender and in a way appearance. I think that is kind of their appearance because females and males don’t look the same(but they could look similar). I think that they should change that rule because it is just saying that they don’t care about single males which even if you don’t like someone we’re all human and we should all be cared for the same. Like I’ve already said on every line I just think that it is wrong and everyone should be treated the same and it’s just mean in general and I DON’T support that rule at all.

  5. Crazychicken lover

    1# I think that it does not violate the charter because in the mobility rights it said that any person or canadian citizen can leave the country when they want to unless they are deprived of that because of a crime or something else or etc. But in my opinion i dont think it is right that they will not let people into canada just because of the previous issues of terrosim and other things.

  6. DancingPorcupine

    1. I think that this does violate the charter because it says that no one can be discriminated againt for age, size, gender and other things that I can’t remember and by doing this you are discriminating against gender because if only women, children and families can get into Canada that means that there will still be a lot of men there that might have to go to war just because Canada did not let them in.

  7. super cheese cake

    #1 I think that really violates the charter of rights and freedom because everyone is a human being even for single males. Why isn’t single female banded so that obviously discriminate male refugees. There will be lots of lots of male refugees in Syria and might been forced into war or being a slave for the army. Or even worse they could be angry about been abandoned and join the ISIS!!!! All the people should be the same even male refugees.

  8. xaxo6 04

    #1 Yes because it is discriminatory by not letting males into Canada and we have ourselves worked up by the Paris attacks except I think about 1in 100000 refugees mean harm to other countries and are supported by ISIS. Also ISIS could take advantage of this and send some harmful refugees our way that are female. The families will either be separated or if they stay together they are coming back to the danger they were running from. My solution to this would be to just let in more refugees so we can accomadate both males and females.

  9. The Baconator

    I think that the government will have some problems with the right to seek employment because if the refugees don’t make money then this transfer will be even worse. They will become homeless and this could cause problems with their health. More people will be freezing. The government has to take in all of the rights and make sure that bringing them here was not a big mistake. If the government can’t solve all the things that could go wrong then there WILL be consequences. Also there are a lot coming to Canada I am wondering if they can fit them all in.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thanks for your post, baconator. Do you think employment is an issue in Canada? I agree that homelessness is a real concern in our country and we will have to work hard to ensure that all people living in Canada have shelter. How do you think we can make this happen?

      • The Baconator

        We could give up some of the prairies and let the refugees have their own place to live. Of course they would be supervised. That might work if the government put their minds to it and don’t give up.

  10. Pandatush

    1. I think this violates the charter of rights because the charter says no one can be discriminated for size,age and especially gender. I feel terrible for those men who are stuck in war because we chose not to let them in to a safe country where they could live a better life. If male refugees were let into Canada, I don’t think they will harm anyone because they want to start a new life here where they chose to come to a place to forget about violence. I feel this is unfair for a lot of people and not just men but a lot of others might feel hurt too because they feel bad or mad that we would do such a thing. Everyone deserves a happy life.

    • dickensdiv16

      You’re right, Pandatush, it is a choice that our country has made, and we could also make a different choice. Do you think our Charter rights apply to people before they have come to Canada?


    #1 I think that this is defiantly a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the single male refugees. I think that everyone should be able to come into Canada. If they do let more males in they will be reaching there goal sooner which means that the government could get a bit more focused on other things that are also just as important as the crisis but could just need a bit more attention.

  12. den10@sea43

    #1 Well yes I do. I think that it is wrong to do this because to me it is almost like saying that you are not good enough to be on this boat because you are single witch I would find vary hurtful because they probable don’t want to be. Also if you want to be single your hole life that might be hurtful to you because you might think that they don’t like your choice and you maybe feel discriminated. But also there is only so much room in a boat and boats there isn’t that many boats in Canada so they are doing the best they can to get the most amount of people.

    • dickensdiv16

      Interesting point, den10@sea43. You’re the first to point out the different treatment of single people. I wonder if by association this would affect LGBT people who may not be able to be married in their country!

  13. Joaquin

    #1 I think limiting single male refugee will say that we are a discriminating country and i know we are not. And most likely because of the Paris attacks there are not allowing a lot of males news flash females where probably involved to. yes it probably does violate the charter of right. It says you have the right to live and to seek employment anywhere in Canada they broke the it right there.

  14. Shadow145

    #1 I think this does violates the charter of rights and freedoms because single men are not allowed to come to Canada, but can only come to Canada if there in families. Some men that come to Canada might be innocent and may not cause any harm to anyone. I think that some single men should be able to come to Canada.

  15. The Bean

    #1 Personally I think this is a huge violation of our charter of rights even if there is some logic behind it. Right off the bat there is the right to equality between men and women. People come to Canada because it’s an equal and diverse country, but what this decision is saying is that we don’t trust men as much as women and we consider them irresponsible. That we think men are more violent and dangerous then women, and that men don’t deserve to live here. I think they are making this decision because they believe men are more likely to be linked to terrorism then women which is sexist but at the same time true interns of the amount of people linked to those organizations.

  16. smeagaleater10

    #1 I think limiting single male refugees violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because if they are on Canadian soil the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms apply to them. As a matter of fact, I know that one of the rights is is equality so the males should not be denied because of their gender. Male refugees should be admitted after major screening to prevent any threats to the public.

  17. THEMANGO404 mmmuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

    #1 I think that not allowing single male refugees is violating democratic rights, legal rights, and mobility rights. But I did figure out that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms only applies to citizens of Canada. The male refugees that are being denied entry to Canada are not terrorists. If they’ve worked so hard to get away from war, then they don’t want any more of it. Plus, there is a screening process that women, children, families and MEN have to go through that is long. First the UN has to recommend them. Then they go through interviews and tests and then they have to wait a long time to see if they get permission. On top of that, they wait even more they have to wait for a place. And that is only if they make it through the screening process. SO WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE TERRORISTS!!! The idea that all male refugees are terrorists is rubbish.

    • dickensdiv16

      It’s surprising how strong prejudices can be, isn’t it, THEMANGO404? Thank you for bringing your extensive knowledge about the screening process and your passion about setting the record straight.

  18. baconguy

    #1. I think that not letting single men into Canada is definitely defying the charter of rights and freedoms because I looked and under equality rights it said “everyone has to be treated the same no matter sex, age, race ect.”. If you don’t let single males into Canada that is counted as discriminating a specific sex, which obviously defies the charter.

  19. iron lanturn

    #1 I think discriminating agents male refuges is a bad idea1 the children will not have a dad there whole life and dads are awesome!!!!2 mothers will need to make lots of money to sustain there life as a good one.
    3 mothers will have to do a lot of work so the child will be left alone.
    4 children refuges will have to get a job very young.
    5women are as guilty as men are for doing dangerous stuff in Canada.

  20. Ginger

    I think that a very important part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Section 14. In this section, the government ensures that all Canadian citizens have the right to an interpreter in a court proceeding. This is important because many Syrian refugees will not speak English when they arrive in Canada and some might unfortunately end up in court. I think that the Canadian government should plan on hiring Syrian translators across Canada to work with refugees who have ended up in a court. Section 7 of the Charter says, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person”. Security of the person refers to personal health and safety; I think that this is something that will be very important to Syrian refugees because they likely have had poor healthcare in refugee camps. There is a possibility that the refugees might be at risks of diseases and infections that are not common to Canadians and these could be transmitted. If the government hires health care specialists to care for these immigrants it will be more efficient and safer for the rest of Canada.

  21. The Dude

    I believe that it’s good that we are letting so many refugees into Canada. But I think that unaccompanied Male refugees, should be allowed to come as well. In a way, think it’s wrong because f you are gong t let refugees into Canada – everyone should have the opportunity to come in, not just women and children. Its like having a of blue Elephant in your zoo, but not allowing any yellow ones. So, I do think it violates the charter of rights.

    2) I thikn the government should be thinking about when the refugees do come to Canada, they may safe, but they might be very discriminated against by the people of Canada.. So the Government needs to protect Syrian refugees from people who are prejudice and might think they are terrorists, just because they are from Syria.

  22. Sr.Fruitcake

    #2 I think that government may want to look out for the refugee’s democratic rights because they will have to adapt to our system and I think that if the Syrian refugee’s don’t know how to vote the way we do than they dint really have a choice weather or not to. I also think that the government will have to watch out for the housing prices because this article mentions that the refugees will be expected to be mobile and because of how expensive Canada is I don’t know if many of the refugees will have the money to buy or rent housing. Refugee Caps do not sound like a good term and I believe that the Government is right there but I think they should be given housing for more than a month and then once their financial situation settles down they should be able to leave where they are staying. There are a lot potential things that could restrict the refugee’s rights that we need to be careful of so I think the government is going to have to take it in their stride. I think that overall the Syrian refugees will be treated well here as long as we stay with our goals and see them through.

  23. Soccerboy123ABC

    #1 i think that it is violating the charter because it says that no one can be discriminated against for your age ,size,weight,color, gender or your height .Also the Canadian government or anyone can not force you into getting married or staying single and that means that men still might need to fight in wars and i seems like women and children are more important than men.If you are going to let refugees into Canada i think you should let everyone in or no one at all because then it will be fair for everyone.Also if this keeps up for a decade where we are still not letting men in we might have a bed reputation for refugees .

  24. balloongirl123

    1 I think that males should do whatever they want because sometimes males no rights to do what they want. I think that Canada should let everyone to have there own business males have there own free times so they can be fair with everything.

  25. Arctic owl

    1# I think that it is violates the charter of rights and freedoms . Because then its mostly woman and children and the charter of rights and freedoms is saying that woman are not more important than men or the other way around . I think it is very unfair to the single men if they let woman without children on then why are they not letting single men on . I think they should let any gender go to Canada no matter single men or woman .

  26. Purple Pickle

    #1 I think that not allowing male refugees violates the charter but it’s a safety protocol so theres not much we can do… The reason it violates the charter is because there letting in families women and children in but not single men, so the men have to try and survive in syria because I’m pretty sure that other countries won’t let them in either. and one of the rights in the charter is gender rights or something like that and that violates that right because there letting in females and children and not letting in adult males.

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