October 1, 2015

Dear Division 16,

The closer we get to election day, the more we learn about the platforms of the political parties.

Please take a look at the link below:


On this page, you will find that for each party, there is a list of election promises or statements of their platform and a video.  Please follow the links for each party and read the summary in each.  Watch the video if you like.

Once you have read each party’s promises, Choose a party to focus on. 

For your reflection today, write about what that party’s promises tell you about their beliefs and values.

You will need at least 3-4 sentences to do this well.

I look forward to your responses!



  1. crazymemeslol123

    My comment is on Tom mulcair he promises that when he’s prime minister he’s going to use the tax money to build new daycare centers for Vancouver so the parents can go do there jobs and it’s only 15$ a day and Tom also said that in small business in every hour the people who have small jobs get 15$ each hour that’s good to know so parents do not have to always get 5 or 4$ each hour it’s a good deal to vote for Tom mulcair.

  2. dancing porcupine

    The party that I chose is the Conservative party. They promise to lower taxes and balance the budget to keep the economy on track. This tells me that they really care about the economy and making things more affordable for the middle class. I think that one of their beliefs is that everyone should be able to pay for their necessities. I think that the economy is a big issue in this election so I think that it is good that the Conservative party is taking that and trying to deal with it.

  3. Amythest

    I chose the Green Party and their promise is to provide affordable housing. I think that having houses that everyone can afford is really important because then everyone is safe, they have a prober bed and somewhere where they can make food. It doesn’t matter if it is a big house or a small house it just matters that you aren’t living on the streets or somewhere else.

  4. Crazychicken lover

    My comment is also for Tom mulcair because he promises to help veterans who are suffering stress from wars and other post-traumatic order things.Because our veterans are suffering because of their service in battle. So i agree with tom mulcair that he will use 10 million dollars to help vetarans and also benefiting healthcare so that both parents can go to work and they can be happy. I think these values and belifs reflect on how tom mulcair wants to help vetarans and people who cant afford to take care of their child and how tom mulcair understands that as a grand father and father.

  5. Rouge

    My post is on Elizabeth May and the Green Party. The green Party has lots of values some of which are honesty, responsibility and determination to make our country a greener, and better place. Elizabeth May promises to legislate a ban on oil tankers which includes drilling for oil and gases in Canada. She also wants to restore door-to-door mailing and keep Canada Post in service. She wants to invest more in affordable and greener housing for families and youth. The way she wants to do that is invest in co-op housing and introduce affordable elements to make your house energy efficient and greener (like using solar panels, composts and ext.) She also wants to provide better veteran benefits such as money or seeing eye dogs.I believe that if we elect Elizabeth May for prime minister that we will live in a greener, happier, and safer country.

  6. den10@sea43

    I will be doing mine on NDP or Tom Mulcair.
    Environment issues are strong for me so like how NDP is trying to reduce greenhouse gasses and save the environment. also I like what NDP is doing with affordable and safe child care because this has been a problem with Canada for years and my mom and dad have struggled with this when I was young and how both parent can work full time so I like where he is going with this. and I like how he is helping people a lot like how he is spending $300 million to make 200 more health care clinics.
    so over all I really like what Tom Mulcair is doing and I might vote for him.

    • dickensdiv16

      Thank you for making a personal connection to the NDP position, den10@sea43, I’m wondering if you can say more about what beliefs you think the party’s support for childcare represents?

  7. xaxo6 04

    I will be doing my post on the NDP and Tom Mulcair. I think that the NDP’s promises are not related to the military or security instead a lot of the promises are about infrastructure, child care and youth. This says that the NDP are looking at the next generation of children in Canada. Also the NDP are looking out for the middle class and the economy. Their platform is to help out all the people they can.But might they be spending a bit to much?

    • dickensdiv16

      I like how you put your response together, xaxo6 04 It’s very measured and thoughtful. I appreciate that you worked your understanding of the values and beliefs of the party into your post.

  8. super cheese cake

    Tom Maicair has promised to balance the federal budget in the first year of a New Democratic mandate while investing billions in infrastructure and he wants to give $28 million for Sport Canada to help the poor and disadvantaged kids to play sports. I remember that NDP Don Davis had mentioned before that he wanted to raise the money to 15$ a day. And for those small companies he said he will lower the taxes for them. These reflected that he wanted to help the economy and the employment. At the same time he also said that he wanted to help the poor Canadians and education.

  9. TechNerd

    I have chosen to do my reflection today on the Liberal Party. The Liberals would like to invest in infrastructure which means that they would like to repair and build roads, create new bridges and invest more money into transit. The estimated cost for investing in all of the Infrastructure needs that they would like to fulfill will be around $10 billion dollars. My opinion is that I feel that this is something that needs to be done, it’s something that Mr. Stephen Harper has not done, instead he has been busy making ads. I totally agree with this idea but not just this but all of Justin Trudeau’s plans, Do you know what time it is? Time for #RealChange. Stephen Harper could not fulfill these basic needs of Canada, Justin Trudeau can bring change and it’s time for change in Canada. Its time to invest in Canada so that the next generation has communities that fulfill their needs. I %100 support Justin Trudeau’s plan and support it.

    • dickensdiv16

      TechNerd, I appreciate you taking a strong position about the party platform! I hear you saying that infrastructure is important to both you and the Liberal party, but can you say more about what this tells you about their values and beliefs?

  10. Koshka2

    i really love that Tom Maicair promised has that children, He would the help one in need that they would need like food and what not and the money for the family. Also Tom Maicair has promised that he would make a day care for the family that only have very little money(some people how have good money too) would have day care where the price would be $15 dollar a day. Now that whats i like to call : Safe home for kids!

  11. balloongirl123

    Tom Mulcair has promises to balance the federal budget in the first year of a new Democratic mandate while investing billions in infrastructure.

  12. smeagaleater10

    I am chosing Tom Mulcair and his party to focus on for this post. I think that Tom’s party values senior and child care. He will take care of seniors by providing more home care, nursing beds and improved palliative care. This approach will offer seniors more independence and privacy. He and his party wants to invest in child care by creating more child care spaces and lowering price to an affordable rate of $15/day.

  13. iron lanturn

    I chose the liberals. I think their platform is based on spending money on infrastructure and programs.they want to spend more money then there going to get in. they believe in getting clean energy technology. i agree with that because they’re using alternatives to oil like solar.

    • dickensdiv16

      Good work making a connection between clean energy and the actions that they plan to take. I wonder if you could say more about what you think that tells you about the party?

  14. the DUDE

    I choose the Liberals because, first they want want speed up the process for all the members of immigrant families to meet up quicker in Canada. Also they say they will give back $380 million to the Arts. I think that’s a good idea because my Dad works in that industry as a playwright. It’s nice to know he has that kind of backup..
    Also, I think it’s very important not to spend too much money on military usage, so I think its a good idea the Liberals have not to buy expensive fighter planes but instead buy cheaper ones.

    • dickensdiv16

      the DUDE, thank you for sharing your thought processes and explaining your decision-making process. Can you tell more about what values or beliefs you think the Liberal party holds?

  15. Arctic owl

    I chose the conservative . I think there main promise is to create 1.3 Million new net jobs by 2020 which I don’t think there going to do . another one of there promises is Stephen Harper does not want to lower or raise taxes at all . Stephen should raise taxes for rich and lower it for the poor that’s just what i think .

    • dickensdiv16

      Thank you for combining your opinions and some facts from the campaign. What do you think the Conservative Party’s position on taxes tells you about their values or beliefs?

  16. The Baconator

    I am talking about the NDP and Tom Mulcair.
    Tom Mulcair said that the NDP are going to lower the middle class taxes in one year. He also said that he has a very well thought out plan and we will see changes right away. He didn’t talk about any of the issues that Don Davies said when he came to our school, such as housing and bombing in Syria and Iraq. Tom Mulcair said that he will focus on child care and helping to raise families. I love how the NDP will focus more on jobs and child care because people need good jobs to give their kids good education and be able to buy what they need to live. I wonder if the NDP will actually follow through with their promises because they said they are going to spend a lot of money to accomplish that. I mostly love their platform and I will probably vote for them.

    • dickensdiv16

      The Baconator, I like how you’ve joined your opinion and some facts together in this post. I also like how you commented on the results of the policy, which I think goes some way to explaining the values of the party.

  17. vid30 g@m3r

    I am going to talk about The Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau.
    They have promised to raise taxes for the very wealthy and emphasized on lower taxes for the “middle class”.
    According to Trudeau, the budget will balance itself (to the horror of the conservatives).
    I think that the Liberals has a really good plan but everybody thinks that the budget won’t balance itself.

  18. Soccerboy123ABC

    i am choosing the New Democratic Party and tom Mulcair .
    Tom Mulcair has promised to balance the federal in the first of a New Democratic Mandate and investing billions of dollars in infrastructure . When Don Davies came into our class to talk i remember him saying that he would raise the minimum wage to $15 a day . he also said the NDP would lower the taxes for the small companies so that they can expand and make more jobs for people who are looking for them and raise the taxes for bigger businesses so they can spend money on child care. they believe a lot in infrastructure and i think that it will really help our community. The NDP is really trying to help the next generation of people and that means a lot for me because it means that my life might get a little easier in the future . I hope that they win this Federal election i am going to vote for them

  19. Purple Pickle

    My comment is focusing on the platform of the green party. I really agree with there idea of creating new green technology because the biggest problem we have as a country in my perspective is global warming and pollution. I really think Elizebeth May’s ideas are good and can help us become a greener country. I also like how she wants to have more affordable housing… all the parties want that except I bet not all of them will keep there promises.

  20. Joaquin

    I agree with with NDP`s plans because they believe in helping the economy and the environment. They also want to lower the unemployment rate which would mean more Canadians would be working, and by taxing the big corporations and giving smaller businesses tax break,it would give small. Canadians businesses a chance to succeed in this country

  21. baconguy

    Liberals. The Liberals seem to believe in keeping everything safe and secure. Most of the promises Justin Trudeau said seemed to be based around family and being Eco-friendly, such as his promise to speed up reunification for immigrants, giving EI benefits for people who are caring for majorly ill family members and stopping tanker traffic in northern B.C. He also seems to be looking for votes from the middle class with his promise to reduce the middle class taxes.

  22. The Bean

    In my eyes the Green party seems to have two big focuses for their campaign, The environment and and Health&Welfare. The Green party has always been an environmentally focused party. They want to do things like stop hydro-fracking and pipelines and create stronger assessment laws. They also promised things like improved healthcare, veteran benefits and affordable and energy efficient housing.

  23. PandaTush

    I decided to focus on the liberal party. I was looking through all the promises that the liberal party made and what really caught my eye was that they wanted to spend 1.5 billion dollars on youth employment for youths. I find this important because I think it gives a chance for teens and young adults to work and be able to take responsibility. Youth are our future!

  24. Sr.Fruitcake

    I will be focusing on the liberals and Justin Trudeau
    I think what the liberals are saying with their promises is that they want to strengthen where we are not strong and weaken the parts where we are stronger so that they meet in the middle of that scale and then make all parts of Canada stronger.
    I think that they want to make Canada have one class. They have made a lot of promises about cutting and increasing spending in different areas to fit the middle class’s strengthening.
    I’m not sure what he plans to do in the immediate future, In the Video he talked a lot about a clearer plan to change spending but not much else.
    I am interested to see how the election turns out with a lot of the parties having similar ideas that vary slightly in the important factors.

  25. ginger

    I am going to focus on the New Democratic Party (NDP) because I think that they have some very good ideas and a very strong platform. Tom Mulcair seems to believe that the health and wellbeing of others is a very important thing. I feel this way because the NDP wants to spend 300 million dollars on additional health clinics and work with provinces to create universal prescription drug coverage. Mr. Mulcair also wants to provide treatment for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. After reading his platform I have realized that that the NDP doesn’t care what age, religion or financial situation you are in, they want to help everyone they can, so that each individual can have their own beliefs and values, become active, involved citizens, and contribute to society.

  26. Shadow145

    I am going for Stephen Harper because he promises to have low taxes, balanced budgets, 1.3 million net new jobs by 2020, 100 million manufacturing technology demonstration fund and 2000 tax credits for a single senior and other ideas to help Canada I think these of some great ideas when Stephen Harper is elected for Prime Minister.

  27. THEMANGO404

    #1: The NDP (New Democratic party) are accepting 10,000 refugees from Syria which goes to show that they think that people from other countries should be safe from the horror and trauma of war. I think they should also think that they should accept refugees from Sudan and South Sudan.
    #2: The NDP also wants to spend $454,000,000 to help veterans suffering post-traumatic stress disorder I think the NDP believes that this is good because they want to support the people that fought for our country, shot at other people and watched people die for us.
    #3: The NDP wants to provide childcare for only $15/day. They also want to open one million day care spots nationwide and 110,000 spots in BC where the cost of childcare can be only $500/month. I think the NDP are trying to make available affordable childcare because they believe children should be supervised so they are safe. I also think they believe childcare should be cheap because it won’t take so much out of peoples’ income.


    I chose the Liberal party. What there promises showed me was that they want to have a safe and healthy workplace and be able to ask there boss for things without fear. They also want to have environment in the workplace where the employes can take some time off if they need to help a ill family member. What that tells me is that they want everyone in the workplace to have a say in things and to make sure that everyone is in a safe and a friendly environment.

  29. PG Dinosaur

    NDP leader Tom Mulcair promises 15 quality daycare for children, as well as less taxes for small and medium businesses. They also promise to change our immigration policies, and “to fix the damage that Stephen Harper has done.” The NDP values our children, which is important because they are the future. This shows us that the NDP cares about family. The reduction in taxes show that they are trying to make more and more jobs for people. This shows their belief in everyone having a chance to get a job, or having opportunities. They want to make our culture more diverse by letting people from every country and religion in (especially Syria). They value diversity.

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